Best Wheelchair Bags & Baskets in 2020

Oxygen Backpack Holder Wheelchair Walker Carrier Portable Oxygen Tank Bag"D" and"E" Cylinders Bottle for Medical, Home, Hospital Review:

I absolutely love this........the duo backpack oxygen tank holder is awesome! This saves time and energy by having two tanks instead of one at a time. I have this on my electric wheelchair and it helps when I go to the Dr.s I don’t have to carry an extra tank. The one thing that I see and would suggest for improvement is to have extra support in the middle and separate the holders just a bit more. It is a bit of a struggle to get both tanks into both holders without needing two people to do this.

Pembrook Wheelchair Pouch Bag - Walker Accessories Storage Bags for Back Strap, Side Armrest, Scooter Seat, Manual & Motorized Electric Scooter, Wheelchairs Rollators, Other Mobility Devices Review:

You could use this for a lot of different things. Its dimensions are pretty much exactly sized forthe arms of wheelchairs, power chairs, or the sides of walkers, but it's basically just a zippered, nylon pouch about the size of a fanny-pack but not as deep front-to-back, with extra long velcro straps for fastening just about anywhere. Expect to trim those to fit, but they're definitely long enough to attach to just about anything (like, at least 18 inches each, if not more). Fits and works well on any side of any arm of pretty much any chair that you could wrap the velcro around, as the description says. The zipper appears to be of good quality, though I haven't tested it by stuffing the bag over-full. And of course, the price is pretty good.

AdirMed Oxygen Cylinder Bag for Wheelchairs (D & E Cylinders) Review:

I needed sling and bag for an "E" sized (25.5" tall) oxygen cylinder to attach to a wheel chair. This AdirMed bag was highly rated, inexpensive, and I could get it quickly with Amazon Prime. The 4 bag straps, two on the top straps and two on the bottom straps adjust easily and seem to hold the cylinder securely. The bag is made from pretty light weight material, but I think it will work adequately. There were no installation instructions, but really, none are needed. I read on other reviews to be sure and mount the bag either on the right or left rather than in the middle of the chair so that it is more comfortable for the person in the wheel chair. My dad says he can't tell the cylinder is there. So now we can use the larger "E" cylinders rather than the tiny cylinders that last less than 30 minutes.

Pembrook Wheelchair Side Bag with Pouches - Great for Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Scooter, Walker Accessories, Other Mobility Devices - Lightweight Nurse Bag and Organizer for Medical Chairs Review:

Good quality and washable..bag doesn't fit on wheel chair the right way.. even though Velcro straps are exceptionally long to fit any size, no matter how much you adjust or cut off the bag still hangs on the wheels. My husband cant find anything in it when we put the bag on the inside closer to seat. Hard to manipulate zipper part where things are more secure .the other little compartments let things fall out..not secure in the pouches. Unfortunately this product is not returnable so $22.00 not very well spent. so sad since handicapped people usually live on a fixed income. What makes this so special that is not returnable is a mystery to me. Sorry I didn't read the return police first. ..Update...the company did give us a refund..changed my mind to nice to see compassion and helpfulness.

Vaunn Medical Oxygen Cylinder Tank Backpack Bag with Adjustable Straps M6/M9 Cylinders Review:

UPDATE: I sent an email to customer service explaining my situation and asking about their refund/exchange policy. The woman who responded was incredibly nice and the email contained a tracking number for a new backpack that was already on it’s way to me. I had the new backpack a couple of days later and I’ve had no problems with it so far. I am very impressed with the customer service and will be doing business with them again!

I loved this backpack. It made carrying oxygen so much easier, I could just put it on and forget it. When I got the bag I immediately noticed that the elastic string on the front was damaged, and that it felt thin and kind of flimsy, but I decided to keep it and give it a shot. I used it a few times a week and was always careful with it, but unfortunately after less than a month I was unzipping it and the teeth of the zipper got messed up and the entire zipper is now useless. That of course makes the bag unusable. I loved the idea of the backpack and I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but for $30 I expect longer than a few weeks. Very disappointed.

Pembrook Wheelchair Side Bag with Pouches - Great for Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Scooter, Walker Accessories, Other Mobility Devices - Lightweight Nurse Bag and Organizer for Medical Chairs Review:

I am very pleased with the Pembrook Wheelchair Side Bag I purchased to use on my power wheelchair. While at home, there's enough room for my home phone, my cell phone and also my 7" tablet! When I go out, there is plenty of room for my cell phone, lipstick, compact and a few other small items. There's even a lined section for glasses/sunglasses. Most of the sections are on the located on the inside edge of the chair arm, but two discreet mesh sections are on the outside of the arm. The wheelchair that I use is a Jazzy Quantum 6 power chair. I had been concerned that the attachment straps would not be adequate to hold the bag in place; however, they worked quite nicely and held very securely! I would definitely recommend this bag as a very helpful accessory to any wheelchair! 🙂

Walker Bag Wheelchair Electric Scooter Bag Travel Carry Bag Pouch Armrest Side Organizer Mesh Storage Cover - Fits Most Bed Rail, Scooters, Walker, Power & Manual Electric Wheelchair (Dark Blue) Review:

The twin strap model works great for my Permobil M300 power wheelchair, under the right armrest there is a thin utility pole for one strap, and the other strap can loop through the armrest’s angle adjustment bracket. Having it fully under the armrest is nice, without straps going over the top. I use it to hold a 16oz bottle of water and wallet+keys.

DMI Wheelchair Bag Provides Storage Area with Easy Access Pouch and Pockets, Flexible Straps Allow for Easy Install, Black Review:

Very handy. Made well enough. I have no complaints. I'm very happy with this product. I can keep necessities inside, and we are off and ready for any emergency. It is roomy enough for our needs. The flap has velcro that fastens easily, but the velcro isn't so extensive or sticky that it becomes a problem. They used just enough to do the job nicely. I'm happy with this item. I only wish I'd gotten this product decades ago. Its very helpful.

EZ-ACCESS EZ-ACCESSORIES Scooter Arm Tote, Small Review:

I love this product. I bought it for my sister who had a stroke and now in a motorized wheelchair and man! (or woman) she loves this tote and everyone who see it loves it too. She is so proud of it. It is the exact size and holds all her stuff she need to carry.......get this one if u buy one....I and my sis recommends it!