Best Walking Canes in 2020

DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane with Soft Foam Offset Hand Grip, For Men and Women, Black Review:

Face it, a stick from the woodpile can be used as an effective cane. Falling is a major source of injury in older people. And finally, older people (and everyone else!) tend to forget things like canes and glasses when they are out and about. So buying a heavy, expensive cane is a waste of money. It's better to buy one of these lightweight canes with comfortable grips and secure tips at the bottom to keep them from sliding around. And because of the memory issue, it is better to buy several at a time. These are cheap enough to get half a dozen at a time and keep as backups, and to keep in various places where they might be needed, like the car, a bathroom, the bedroom, where getting out of bed can be the most dangerous part of one's day if they have balance issues. They do not feel "sturdy" but I've never seen a broken or even a bent cane, so it's not really a criteria when buying a cane unless you want to use it to hit someone. That's a joke, but a cane really is useful on walks for warding off too-friendly dogs who want to jump up on you, or act aggressive And the weight of a cane doesn't matter there, either. They adjust to about 40 inches for taller people. It only makes sense to pay less and buy more for a metal stick that keeps people from falling down and hurting themselves.

Drive Medical Aluminum Round Handle Cane with Foam Grip, Silver Review:

This wonderful cane outperfoms a heavy duty cane that was straining my fingers and hand. The classic round handle, with padding is the kindest to my small hand, as well as the arm I hold my cane in. It has fantastic support and takes more pressure off my arthritic knee with chondromalacia than the heavy duty cane. I believe the straight shaft gives me better support than an offset handle, or even a quad cane, and I am able to walk again without pain. You can spend a lot or a little on a cane, I have learned, but it does not necessarily reflect on the quality. This inexpensive cane is exactly what I needed for long-term use. No clicking when walking, easy to adjust buttons, and a sturdy, wide rubber cane tip. I am able to offset quite a bit of my 204 lbs onto this cane while walking. I am so glad I found this cane. Thank you!

Vive Folding Cane - Foldable Walking Cane for Men, Women - Fold-up, Collapsible, Lightweight, Adjustable, Portable Hand Walking Stick - Balancing Mobility Aid - Sleek, Comfortable T Handles (Black) Review:

I bought this folding cane for a trip next month to San Francisco. I recently had knee replacement surgery, and although I am walking most of the time without a cane on flat surfaces, my physical therapist recommended taking a cane on this trip because SF is so hilly. I didn't want to lug along the regular cane, so I searched for a foldable one and found this one on Amazon. I unpacked it and removed the hard plastic that keeps it folded during shipping (had to use sharp scissors to cut through the plastic). It was easy to unfold and it clicked solidly into place without much effort on my part. I walked around the house with it and was very pleased with how sturdy it seems. I then re-folded it without a problem, using a sturdy elastic band to keep it folded, as an earlier reviewer recommended. I will carry it on the plane with me in my hand luggage and use as needed on the trip. Earlier reviews talked about the handle not being cushy enough. I think it will be fine. Earlier reviews, as well as Q and A, talked about whether it would work for a short person. I am 5'3" and I adjusted it to the shortest height so it would reach where my regular cane does, as set by my PT. I don't think it would work for someone shorter than that. i will update this review after the trip if my opinion changes.

Carex Solid Wood Walking Cane - Wooden Canes for Men & Women with 250 lb Weight Capacity - 36” Long, 1" Diameter, Wood Canes with Walnut Finish - Rubber Tip Single Point Cane Review:

I’m very happy with this cane. I was looking for a cane with a shepard hook handle and this works great. I’m only 5 ft so I had to saw off a couple of inches and had no problem doing so. It’s not made of a solid hardwood but some kind of composite I think. But it is solid and sturdy and for the price it’s a great cane.

HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane with T Handle, Original Black Review:

I’m very happy with this cane. I was looking for a cane with a shepard hook handle and this works great. I’m only 5 ft so I had to saw off a couple of inches and had no problem doing so. It’s not made of a solid hardwood but some kind of composite I think. But it is solid and sturdy and for the price it’s a great cane.

Campbell Posture Cane Foldable Walking Cane for Men and Women - FSA/HSA Eligible - Editorial Recommended Review:

I walk with two canes or with a walker. I have had two spinal surgeries, fused lumbar area, scoliosis, and much more.
Since I have about 20 canes, I was hesitant to order another, but the ad said that it would help my posture. I tend to walk hunched over with regular canes or my walker. Much to my surprise, these canes do make me stand up straight. Not only does it look much better (less like a little old lady) but it is so much more comfortable because my body is aligned and I am really walking up straight. Normally have extreme pain with walking with regular canes, but no pain with the Campbell Posture Canes. I am amazed at the change that simply standing up straight could make. I use two canes as I said before, but even walking with one I can see an incredible difference. I ordered through Amazon since the Campbell site with their TV Ad price, added on other charges. It was almost equal to Amazon and I love the convenience of returning items through Amazon, besides the free shipping.

Carex Wooden Walking Cane - Round Handle Wood Cane With Natural Ash Finish and Rubber Tip - Traditional Style Walking Stick for Men and Women, 36 Inch Height, 7/8 Inch Diameter Review:

Great value for a nice wood cane. The polyurethane coating was a little rough in places (but not too bad ... I'm a woodworker, and I'm picky 😁). However, I was planning to customize it anyway. I sanded off the coating, rubbed in several coats of mineral oil, stained it with ebony minwax, then sanded in several coats of Tru-oil gun stock finish. The grain of the wood is not that nice (very coarse), and it didn't take the stain well ... it ended up sort of splotchy but the unique look is sort of growing on me ... sort of an antique, worn look), but it's smooth as a baby's hiney 😁. I also sanded a slash cut on the end of the hook. I wanted to make a custom cane, and I figured at 15 bucks, no big deal if I messed it up. I may try some carving on it later, but I like it for now.

Carex Round Handle Wood Cane - Wooden Walking Cane With Rubber Tip - Fashionable, Traditional Style Walking Stick for Men and Women, 36 Inch Height, 1 Inch Diameter, Black Review:

About three years ago my VA Primary Health Provider (doctor) told me I needed to start using a cane. I thought she was silly. I could walk with no help. Turns out that walking wasn't the problem. It is my balance. I found out the hard way. After the second bad fall I looked into getting a cane.

As I am cheap I turned to the VA for a cane. They said they would issue me a cane but I first had to go to the regional VA hospital (two hour drive) to attend classes on the use of a cane. I figured this was stupid. There are two things to know: which end to hold (duh) and then point it at the ground (again - duh). I declared the VA to be staffed by idiots (not the last time) and turned to I found this cane rather quickly. I was apprehensive about the length but figured if it was too short I would have to get used to it and if it was too long I could always call on my friend the saw. He has happily helped me in the past.

I really don't know how some reviewers have determined that it is knot free. You can sand anything and cover it with a thick coat of paint and it would be impossible to tell what is under the paint. However, I pulled off the rubber crutch tip (gasp) and found that it is some type of composite material. That is fine with me as composits are usually stronger. If I had wanted some pretty oak or walnut I would have spent more money.

As for the length, it is perfect. It is almost as if someone measured me for a cane. (Maybe my memory is getting bad with age but I don't remember this happening.) I am six feet one inches tall if that helps anyone in determining if it is the right length for them. It is, also, the perfect length for closing my car door or reaching that top shelf at the grocery store if that helps.

It has become my constant companion. I have forgotten it twice and felt as if an appendage was missing until I realized that I had left it behind. I have come to depend on it and it has saved me several times from falling (oh yeah, that's why I have it - duh for the third time), Yeah, yeah, it makes me look old and feeble but I have finally reached the age where I just don't care. One reviewer noted that it would make a good self defense weapon but I hope to never use it as such. That's why I carry a Glock.

-- Update --

I have had this cane for almost a year and the rubber tip had a large piece cut off somehow. has a wide assortment of tips but I don't know what size to order. Can anyone help with this info? Otherwise going strong.

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Blind Cane, Reflective Red Review:

My son has been blind for about 6 months now and has done went through a few canes, he loves this one! He can easily change the tip when needed and he hasn’t broken this one yet and he’s had it over a month. It came with a mushroom tip but he was able to easily change out to the roller tip and he changes back and forth, I’ve bought a cane before that was unable to change the tip. All in all this one is he beat so far I will definitely get again when needed

Ohuhu Folding Walking Cane with LED Light, Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying Bag for Fathers Mothers Gifts Review:

I got this one for my mom after she asked about mine. These are easy to use, sturdy, lightweight canes that fold up easily enough to carry in a backpack, tote bag, or large purse, or store in a car. It's well-supported and balanced by the base with 4 round sections creating a square-ish shape, unlike a brand name competitor which has only 3 and doesn't stay upright as well.

I love that I can let go of it on even surfaces such as the floors of stores and it stays standing next to me. When I try it on uneven surfaces and it falls to the floor, I can easily step on the edge of the base and tilt the cane back up to my hand.

I haven't had any luck with the light on mine working and I don't know if Mom got hers working or not, but we don't do a lot of walking in dark, unlit areas, so that's not really an issue for us.