Best Vacuum & Dust Collector Hoses in 2022

Last update: November 24, 2022

Can a dust collector be used as a vacuum?

A dust collector is a machine used to remove dust and other particulates from the air, often used in manufacturing and industrial settings. A vacuum is a device that sucks up dust and other small particles from surfaces. While a dust collector and a vacuum both have the ability to remove dust from surfaces, they are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably.

Can a shop vac handle drywall dust?

A shop vac can handle drywall dust if the proper filter is used. Drywall dust is very fine and can easily clog a vacuum. A shop vac with a HEPA filter will do a good job of collecting the dust without clogging.

Can vacuums pick up sawdust?

Yes, vacuums can pick up sawdust. Sawdust is small pieces of wood that are created when you cut or sand wood. A regular vacuum cleaner can pick up sawdust, but you may need to empty the vacuum more often.

Does a smaller hose increase suction?

A smaller hose does not necessarily increase suction, but it can make it more powerful. This is because the smaller the hose, the less air is able to travel through it, making the suction more concentrated.

CRAFTSMAN CMXZVBE38759 2-1/2 in. by 20 ft. POS-I-LOCK Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Hose Kit Review:

I got this to replace some shorter hoses that had gone missing for an old Craftsman 6 gallon shop vac.This one hose is as least as long as my previous arrangement.The main difference I've noticed is how much simpler dealing with clogs is when utilizing a single solid line instead of a coupler.Before installation on the hose, have a look at the included ends to see what will work best with your existing attachments.I'm currently rebuilding/renovating a camper/motorhome.The length is quite useful.enables me to keep the vacuum outdoors while I work, which quiets and cools the environment!

2-1/2" x 10' Ultra-Flex Clear Vue PVC Hose - MADE IN USA! Review:

I've been expanding my dust collection system over the past year, and it seems like I always need additional hose. Although I believe that everything is finally in place. (crosses fingers)I have a larger shop vac with a 2" PVC system. This hose is just as resilient as any other that I own. It has a strong wire core and is a study. It requires some strength to cut the hose's wire, but I believe that's a good thing because it results in a hose that is stiff and sturdy.I'm at a loss for words because it's a straightforward product that does what it should.Was a good purchase, and I wouldn't think twice about making another one.


The cost was extremely reasonable. This 20-foot hose is a part of my DIY dust collection setup. My only worry is that as you separate and rejoin the hose, dust can accumulate in the ribs and occasionally leak out. That only seems like a minor problem to me because I believe my system could be drawing too much air. This hose is really well-made and can be attached to 2" PVC pipe and shop vacs using common hose clamps. I also came up with a straightforward method of hanging the hose from plumbing J-hooks in the ceiling of my workshop. That's great because I like to move the hose around for various uses. For various tools, I have also created several improvised connections. lovely hose

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Accessories WS25021A 13-Foot Wet Dry Vacuum Hose, Extra Long 2-1/2-Inch x 13-Feet Locking Wet Dry Vac Hose for Wet Dry Shop Vacuums Review:

My 12 gallon, 6hp SS Shop Vac had lost a significant amount of vacuum. My initial hypothesis was that the motor was failing. I had done all the internet had recommended, including changing the filter and cleaning the air intake and hose. At that point, I realized my error and visited the Shop Vac website to review their list of 10 vacuum-related advice. I was curious about replacing the hose with a bigger one.The entrance hole on my vacuum was 2 3/8 inches, despite the fact that this hose's specified size is 2 1/2 inches. The old vacuum hose (why Shop Vac?) is just 1 1/2 inches long.The hose adapters for the brush and the vacuum inlet function well. Try twisting while removing the old hose connector from the brush if yours is like mine. Mine broke down in that manner.Suction power is night and day different. It's just like getting a new vacuum. I used it to chase the cat around, and I even managed to trap two of his legs in the hose, but he was able to escape when his claws acquired traction in the carpet. Yes, the cat weighs only 4 pounds, but even so... I tried using my dog, but the vacuum simply doesn't have the power at 90 pounds. For what it is intended for, I'm confident it will work well. removing dust and trash.BLUF- Purchase this to enhance your Shop Vac if it has the meager hose. You won't be sorry.


Products were received in excellent condition and used right away. Everything went as planned.This is what I bought to ventilate my crawl space. I could have used dryer vent tubing that was opaque or made of metal. Metal would have taken longer to deal with and been more opaque. A hose in the style of a dryer vent would have been opaque but also flimsier. This product is flexible, transparent, and incredibly strong. Why must I look inside the tube? I was curious to find out if any particular area collected dust or if animals like mice decided to settle there. It turned out that 50' was the ideal length as well.

FULTON 4" x 10' Ultra Flex Clear-Vue Heavy Duty PVC Hose - MADE IN USA! Review:

I have to increase the range of my present 4 "I use a hose to connect my dust collector to my table saw. Using a Powertec 4 and this new hose "I can stretch the pipe to my Dewalt planer using a splicer. I detach my old hose from the table saw, splice on the new one, and then secure the extended hose to the planer. It only takes a few minutes. The chips were correctly sucked after turning on the collector and testing it on a few test boards. So it functions. This setup was necessary for my new, smaller shop setup. appears to be strong enough. This new hose expands readily, is rather flexible, and does not collapse as some have claimed. It should last okay because I don't intend to mistreat it by trampling all over it. I'm content so far. It accomplishes the desired result.

POWERTEC 70143 PVC Dust Collection Hose (4 Inch x 20 Feet) | Flexible Clear Vue Heavy Duty PVC Hose Review:

I considered a few hoses before deciding on this. I really enjoy it, and when I need additional hose, I'll buy it again. really difficult (as witnessed by me shutting the garage door on it). Every connection I've made so far fits it perfectly. Make careful to acquire enough length, though. I purchased two quantities with the idea that I would largely use one and use the other for specialized machine connections. When the vac is turned on (I'm using a 2 horse, 1700 CFM vac), it will start to get a little tighter. It's difficult to estimate by how much, but they are considerably better than "collapsing" hoses that contract to a length that can be stored since no matter how much you stretch them, you are constantly battling them (at least in my experience).In addition, someone questioned if this hose requires right- or left-handed bridge connectors. I always use straight clamps and am unsure, but I have included an image of the hose on a fitting (the twists go up and to the left).

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Accessories WS25022A Extra Long Wet Dry Vacuum Hose, 2-1/2-Inch x 20-Feet Locking Wet Dry Vac Hose for Wet Dry Shop Vacuums Review:

Superb hose.If you own a Shop-Vac, however, this CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT MODIFICATION.My Dad, who is devoted to vacuuming the front driveway and walkways, is the reason I bought him this hose. It is 20 feet longer than the typical Shop-Vac hose (10ft). The issue is that none of the fittings will engage.The hose must be severed at the end, where the collar is thicker. All I did was use a box cutter. The Shop-Vac hose tab is then easily removed with a flat screwdriver. The OEM Shop-Vac collar can now be attached to the hose and used with a Shop-Vac.I apologize that the hose doesn't have a before photo because it has already been finished.However, a 20-foot hose makes vacuuming considerably simpler than a 10-foot hose.

Hyde Tools 09165 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander with 6-Foot Hose, 6' Review:

No dust was produced at all when using my shopvac. In order to move the sander on the wall and reduce friction, there is a suction arrangement that is designed to lessen suction. But even with the suction turned all the way down, it was still difficult to move the sander properly since I had too much suction.Regarding the suction setup, there is no mark that I could discover, and it is not really intuitive. Therefore, how much of a clear opening I could see through the rings when setting up was dependant on that.In addition, there was just one adapter available rather than the two in the picture. Not a problem for me, but it's important to note.TL;DR: I would definitely buy this product again. I was able to completely sand a room without making any dust. If you don't want your filter to clog up too quickly, just make sure to also have a bag in your shop vacuum!

Dust Right Universal Small Port Hose Kit Review:

Although I couldn't easily convert this tool to my sanders or shop vac, it was still a wonderful addition to my toolkit. I used screw clamps to make it operate (otherwise known as radiator hose clamps). Although many people have noted that the hose is hefty, this is not an insurmountable challenge. To sand a hardwood floor in my home that would have been very challenging to transport a rental floor sander into was my main motivation for purchasing this. Some others have said that the hose's propensity to retract, which causes it to pull tools off a bench, really worked in my favor because it tends to draw out of the way. The parts do appear to be sturdy, as other reviewers have mentioned, and appear to be a fair value for the money. If I go by how often I had to empty the shop vac, it actually does a terrific job of clearing the dust. Highly advised.

Does a vacuum lose suction with longer hose?

A vacuum's suction power is determined by its ability to move air through the vacuum's hose. The longer the hose, the more air resistance the vacuum has to overcome. This can lead to a decrease in suction power.

Does pipe size affect vacuum?

Yes, pipe size does affect vacuum. A larger pipe will allow more air to flow through it, which will create a stronger vacuum.

How do you make a dust collector more efficient?

There are a few things you can do to make your dust collector more efficient: -Use an airtight lid on your collector. This will help to contain the dust and prevent it from escaping. -Make sure that the inlet and outlet are the proper size. If the inlet is too small, the dust will not be able to enter the collector. If the outlet is too small, the dust will not be able to exit the collector. -Clean the filters regularly. This will help to prevent the build-up of dust and ensure that the

How long can dust collector hose be?

Different types of hoses are available for different types of applications and industries. The length of the hose will depend on the application. For example, a hose for a home workshop may be 10 feet long, while a hose for an industrial dust collector may be 50 feet long.

How many CFM do I need for a 10x10 room?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as the type of room, the size of the room, and the level of activity in the room. For example, a small, unoccupied room will need far fewer CFM than a large, active room. In general, however, a room that is 10x10 feet will require approximately 1,000 CFM.

How many CFM do I need for dust collection?

A typical woodworking shop produces a lot of dust, which can quickly become a health hazard if not properly collected. The amount of airflow required to properly collect this dust is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The general rule of thumb is that you need 1 CFM of airflow for every 1” of hose diameter. So, for example, if you have a 4” hose, you need a minimum of 400 CFM.