Best Utility Pumps in 2020

Square D 9013 FSG2 30/50 Schneider Electric FSG2J21CP 30-50 PSI Pumptrol Water Pressure Switch Review:

My shallow well pump plus tank came with a foreign brand knockoff pressure switch. The switch eventually failed and the resulting over pressure blew out the main gasket and other parts. Since the pressure switch is the “brain” of the pump system, I decided to replace with the known best, the SqD switch. Working fine now.

King Innovation 48072 King siphon pump, 72 inch, Red Review:

I am from Rochester NY where we had an insane wind storm which knocked out power for most residents for more than 3 days. My house unfortunately is at a low point in our track which includes an added bonus that our sump pump runs about 10-20 seconds every hour during wet days.

During the power outtage I was hand bailing 20 gallons of water every hour on the hour using an old empty paint can and a 5 gallon bucket. Not surprisingly every big box hardware store in Rochester and surrounding area's sold out of any equipment that could help alleviate my plight including this exact siphon pump. In comes Amazon... where I found this same siphon pump for $10 less than the box stores. I ordered this up and this with 1 day shipping.

This pump saved me from insanity and sleepless nights. I was able to completely drain my sump pump well in about 50 full pumps giving me 2.5 hours to sleep until the well filled again because it was able to suck the well completely dry where my bucket method wasn't able to get all the way to the bottom.

As others mentioned, depending on how hard you're pumping some water does drip out of the top of the pump, but compared to a flooded basement it was an absolutely acceptable trade off. I will add that I've never purchased or used an item like this before, so I do not know if there are better ones out there. Either way thank you King Innovation and Amazon!!!!

Superior Pump 91570 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord Review:

I bought this pump to make a 'hillbilly' hot tub in my yard. It worked out great and this little thing really pumps out some water! I spent about $500 total and propane is about $16 and lasts a few weeks. The only other cost is the electricity while running the pump and the cost of the water, (which can be used for a few days without chemicals).

You'll need:
- Metal stock tank (I used a round 5ft diameter/2 ft deep tank which holds about 300 gallons of water
PowerFit PF31089 Garden Hose Inlet Filter (MUST HAVE)
- (2) Camco 22763 TastePURE Drinking Water Hose (1/2"ID x 4') - Lead Free
- Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower
- (2) Gilmour 7FHS7FH Double Female Swivel Brass Connector, 3/4-Inch by 3/4-Inch
- Regular garden hose
- Propane tank and batteries for the water heater

1. You really need the inlet filter. The water heater has a tiny mesh screen that gets clogged up even with just tiny clothing fibers. The inlet filter saves the day. You'll also need to get two of the short hoses to connect the inlet filter.
2. Take the time to securely connect all hoses to/from the water heater. If anything is leaking, the heater stops working.
3. I haven't addressed the 15 min heater cut-off. I just set a timer and turn it back on after a few minutes.
4. The inlet assembly has been leaking a little, even after I adjusted it, so I just put the inlet filter in the water instead of letting it hang outside. Problem solved.
5. You can be in the tub with the pump running. It's built to be submerged and is totally fine.

When filling the tub:
1. Set up and connect the heater per instructions. Water hose from house goes into the heater, outlet hose goes in the tub, gas hose goes to the propane tank. Follow instructions on how to tighten each hose! If anything is off the heater won't stay lit.
2. Turn on the gas, turn the heater power switch on, and turn the water hose on. When the water is running through the heater it'll click and light. HOT water will start flowing from the outlet hose into the tub. Adjust the temp to your needs.

It takes about 45 minutes to fill my ~300 gallon tub.

When reheating a cold tub:
1. Connect the inlet filter to both small hoses referenced above so that it's in the middle.
2. Disconnect the house water hose from the heater and connect the hose/filter assembly. Connect the other side of the hose to the pump.
3. Put the pump and inlet filter in the tub.
4. You should have the pump connected to a short hose, to the inlet filter, to another short hose, to the water hose inlet on the heater. The rest of the connections aren't changed.
5. . Turn on the gas, turn the heater power switch on, and plug in the pump. When the water is running through the heater it'll click and light. HOT water will start flowing from the outlet hose into the tub. I leave the heater temp and water pressure on the highest setting when reheating the water.

It takes about 1.5 hours to reheat ~300 gallons of water in the tub.

Other stuff:
1. I often sit in the tub alone after work and I've decided it's pretty big for just one person. I'm going to get an oval 2.5 ft wide/2 ft deep/6 ft long for when I'm relaxing alone and keep this one for when friends come over.
2. The water stays fresh for a few days without any chemicals if it's covered. You can add a small amount of chlorine if you wanted to.
3. Please use a cover. Squirrels can jump in but they can't get out. I learned the hard way.


Taco 009-BF5-J Circulating Pump Cast Iron with Bronze Cartridge for longer life then standard 009-F5. Review:

The pump worked great! However, it was not the correct pump for a re-circulation pump, which was my application. Since it was cast iron, it corroded big-time and turned our water yellow. I have the correct stainless steel one on order. I did ask the vendor if this was a good pump and he steered me wrong.

Little Giant 554530 VCMX-20ULS 115-volt Condensate Pump, blue Review:

There's really no installation at all. You just take the drain pipes and outlet hose out of the old one and remove it, being careful not to spill water over everything. Put the same pipes into the new one in the same places and plug it in. There you are.

Condensate pumps go bad after a while. Ours lasted more than 20 years before it started sticking and wouldn't pump water out. After a few days of jiggling it several times a day to get the float to fall and start it pumping, I decided it was time for a new one. Easy fix.

The old pump was the older model, .Little Giant 554401 VCMA-15UL 1/50 horsepower 115 volts VCMA Series Automatic Condensate Removal Pump This is the new model. It's better, I think, and a direct replacement.

Now I keep a squeeze bottle by the AC and squirt a little fungus retardant in the pump when I change the HVAC filter. I use this stuff Sunbeam Humidifier Bacteriostat Solution 32 oz, SOL2015B-U, but household bleach works too.

Wayne 66059-WYN3 Utility Pump PC1 / PC2 Impeller Kit Review:

I use the Wayne Utility pump to pump water out of my rain catchment system. Water is pumped either to a hose I use to water shrubs, flowers and trees or a small rotating sprinkler. I find one impeller set lasts about 2 years which I find acceptable. I make sure there is a screen on the inlet side to filter larger debris which may damage the impeller. Changing impellers is straightforward and takes only several minutes. My first, and original, impeller was damaged when it ingested some “mosquito bits” I had put in the rain water tanks to make sure mosquitos did not find a way in and breed. Hence the use of a finer mesh on the inlet hose.

Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump 3.0 Gallons/min (11.3 Lpm) 45 PSI New Rv/Marine 12 Volt Dc / 12 V Demand Fresh Review:

I'm really loving this thing. I'm not a plumber or adept at plumbing related things at all, but this thing has made life so much more easy.
I own an undeveloped piece of land. No water. No power.
I've spent months building up a "tent city" of sorts, but camping gets old without running water.
This guy is the backbone of my water supply.
I run a short (garden, everything is garden) hose from a 275 gallon tote (which I supply from a submersible pump in a nearby creek), then into and out of this pump with the use of this Anderson Metals Brass Garden Hose Fitting, Connector, 3/4" Male Hose ID x 1/2" Female Pipe and this Gilmour 1/2-Inch Brass Double Female Swivel Hose Connector 5FPS7FH and then another short hose that splits to a shower Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower and a table/faucet Tricam MT-2 Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Table with Quick-Connect Stainless Steel Faucet, 150-Pound Load Capacity. The system has worked very well. I use a small 22AH battery to power the pump which I charge from a main solar system on the other side of camp when it gets low. I don't let it die but it has gone 3 trips with multiple hand/dish washings and showers without going out (the draw is like 3 Amps so that would theoretically be (slightly under) 4 hours of constant running before the battery is at 50 percent). At which point I'll run an extension cord/small charger across the camp and give it some more juice. It gives me plenty of pressure to do either the faucet or the shower (I've never tried both at the same time). But it blows me away it's just as much pressure as turning on a house faucet. It's quiet enough to where I need to be within 6 feet to hear it and I can never hear it from the tent at night. But it also rarely cycles on except for when I'm running water obviously. I haven't found a need for a holding tank or anything at least in my situation. It doesn't exactly look professional with all the hoses strewn around and what not, but it makes multi day camping trips so much more fun!

Just an update.. I'm sure this isn't recommended, but I've left this outside in 20 degree weather with no problem. Just make sure you cut off your water supply and pump out all the remaining water you can. and leave any faucets or whatever is hooked up in the "on" position. It's been sitting on the bare ground.. In the sun.. for 2 years.. and still works fine.

Green Expert 203618 1/4HP Submersible Utility Pump Max 1585 GPH High Flow for Quickly Flood Water Removal, Household DIY Drain Pump for Dewatering Application, Suit to Standard Garden Hose, 25ft cord Review:

I used this in my approximately 15,000 gallon play pool (a play pool is just a 5 foot deep pool without any deep end). I live in Phoenix, and we have received well above average rain this year, enough so that my pool was way above the level where the skimmer would work, and was not even letting the edge spray fan (edge as in above the pool, set into the side of the decking, typically used to lower pool temp) work. In the past I had a diatomaceous earth filter with a backflow valve and have used that to drain water. Last year we replaced it with a cartridge filter, and there is no easy way to lower water level (even using the aerator to evaporate water didn't work). I finally gave in and bought this, hooked up my 100 foot garden hose and in less than 3 hours it had dropped the level 6 to 8 inches. Worked for me, was reasonably priced, and (the reason I selected this brand/model) had a 25 foot cord. Plugged it into my GFCI outlet next to the filter, placed it on the second step in the pool, and let it rip. Very satisfied with the performance, I'm sure you could pay more for a higher capacity unit and get it done in less time, but for the price it is very satisfactory and just what I was looking for. I suspect the capacity was reduced by the long garden hose, however the easiest drain to use is in the driveway in the front of the house, so a 100 foot hose barely reaches. The city doesn't like you to drain pools into the street, so I was quite satisfied with the performance even with the extended hose length.

Green Expert 203617 1/6 HP Portable Submersible Utility Pump with Max 1056 GPH Flow Efficiently for Water Removal Basement Flood Drainage Pump, suit to Standard Garden hose, 25 feet Cord Review:

I used this to drain a 23,000 gallon pool and it did the trick. The total rise from the deep end to the drain was about 14 feet and it had no issue raising the water the large of a difference. It is so quiet you aren't always sure it is on and it was able to run constantly for a few days.

One thing to keep in mind is the threads are for a 1" hose as is the supplied adapter. You can get an adapter for a standard hose on Amazon as they aren't commonly stocked at big box stores or you can make your own using some parts they do stock.

Only thing preventing 5 stars is the odd hose diameter mentioned above.

Little Giant 505005 1/6 HP Submersible Hydroponic Pump, 5-MSP, 115V, 1200 GPH Review:

Pumped out the last bit of water from the water feature pool. Pumped it dam fast. This attaches to a hose and SLURP! the water is sucked up in no time. You can pry off the bottom screen for even more water to be sucked out.

BEWARE! DO NOT leave this unattended! This unit was meant to be submerged (which cools the motor) and the motor will fry if all the water is sucked up and you have gone out to will come home to a "fried" lil Giant. Just stay with it, it's very fast and doesn't take long to drain, unless you're draining an Olympic swimming pool. Then and only then can you leave it for dinner...