Best USB Cables in 2020

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Printer Cable - A-Male to B-Male Cord - 10 Feet (3 Meters) Review:

I have been using this cable for 18 months. I've tried a few Amazon Basics products in the past and have always been impressed. I needed a longer USB cable for my vinyl cutter, so decided to try the 10' Amazon Basics brand. It arrived in 2 days coiled in a plastic bag, inside a smiley face box. When I went to plug it in the vinyl cutter, I noticed how much tighter the connection seemed compared to the shorter cable I was replacing. The same was true with my laptop. The connection seemed much more secure. The cable itself seems to be thicker than others in the same price range. The vinyl cutter I am using this cable with is very picky. Lower quality cables cause errors, and can cost a lot of money due to wasted material. With the Amazon Basics cable I've experienced zero errors. All in all, this cable has exceeded my expectations. I have since replaced multiple USB phone cables with Amazon Basics cables and have been impressed with all of them. Highly recommended.

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Printer Cable - A-Male to B-Male Cord - 6 Feet (1.8 Meters) Review:

Having worked in retail at one time, I learned the valuable lesson that when you buy a piece of equipment, the accessories and add-ons that are helpfully displayed in many cases right next to the equipment have a profit margin considerably larger than the equipment itself. So, customers who are very happy that the "helpful" sales person pointed out that they needed an extra cable don't realize that the sales person just turned a marginal transaction into a profitable one ... for the store. And, unless the customer has super high-end equipment or is doing professional level work with the equipment, in most cases, whatever additional performance benefits the sales person is touting in regard to the accessories won't make a significant difference.

When I replaced my printer recently, I also had to replace the old-style multi-pin cable I had been using to connect it to my computer with a USB A-male to B-male cable. I could have bought one at the retailer in the six-foot length I wanted for $15. Instead, I ordered an AmazonBasics cable for less than one-third that price. For those who might be unaware, AmazonBasics is Amazon’s house generic brand of electronic and computer accessories. I’ve been using this cable for about three months now, and the only place I’ve noticed a difference is in my wallet.

The AmazonBasics printer cable is sold in 6, 10, and 16 foot lengths; I bought the six-foot cable. In all honesty, I hadn’t touched the cable between the time I plugged the printer in and today, when I unplugged it to get a more accurate description for this review. The cable is gold plated on each end (which does give you a better connection). It’s a reasonably thick cable, about 1/8" in diameter. The cable is black, and it’s firmly attached to the plug at both ends. The cable is also reasonably flexible; I could easily bend it to within 0.5” of itself. This means that the Amazon Basics cable is unlikely to get pulled out of the plug, cut, frayed, or broken. In other words, it should be pretty well immune to damage from being yanked out, stepped on, or having some bulky object placed on it.

As far as how well the AmazonBasics cable works, I’ve got no complaints. The printer prints quickly and accurately every time I send it a command to do so. Of course, having only had the cable for a few months, I can’t comment on how long it might last, However, my general experience has been that cables don’t “wear out”; it’s usually some external trauma that puts them out of commission.

The AmazonBasics cable is an inexpensive cable, not a cheap one. It’s solidly constructed and built to last. Although looks can be deceiving, in this case, it has the look and feel of a more expensive cable, and it has worked perfectly for over three months. Basically, the AmazonBasics cable is all you need.

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Printer Type Cable - A-Male to B-Male - 16 Feet (4.8 Meters) Review:

This product came exactly as pictured and was for an amazing price. Something happened to my printer when I moved to my new place and I could no longer connect it to wifi because it was now an unsecured line and anyone could print from it. So, I ordered this USB 2.0 cable because I noticed the back of my printer had a port for the male port to fit into (Canon MX 922). After struggling for a week to get reliable printer access for only myself to use, this worked like a charm! I honestly have no complaints, it fit perfectly into my laptop's USB port and the port on my printer, came in perfect condition, and the cord is very long so I no longer needed to keep my printer anywhere near my laptop. Would highly recommend for someone having similar problems with their printer! Plus, the box it comes in is about 5inchesx4inches so it fit perfectly in my mailbox--making me feel confident that my package would not be taken or lost.

USB Type C Cable,AkoaDa 3-Pack (10ft+6.6ft+3.3ft) USB A to USB-C Fast Charger Nylon Braided Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 8 S8 S9 S10 10 Plus,LG V50 V40 G8 G7 Thinq,Moto Z Z3,Switch(Red) Review:

As someone else said, a lot of thought seems to have gone into this product. I hate flimsy charging cables, so for my new Note 9, I set out to find a really strong set of fast-charging cables, with different lengths, and maybe a catchy color so that my co-workers couldn't steal one and get away with it. This product covered all those bases, so far, with no misgivings!

I like the short one for in the car, and the color matches my red Mazda 6! The 10 foot cable goes next to my bed, of course, for late night facebooking and such. And finally, the medium-length cable is simply perfect for my desk at work.

If this pack came with one more 6-footer for my kitchen/living room, it wouldn't have hurt my feelings, and If these cables were offered in a dark blue color, I might have had a tough decision to make, but I really am quite pleased with the red.

I read a bunch of product reviews before I decided on these cables, and so far, I'm calling this a 5-star purchase! If these cables are half as reliable as they appear to be, I'll be sticking with this company for a long time! I've only had them for a week yet, but you'd better believe I'll update this review if they don't hold up over time! Cheers!

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Charger Cable - A-Male to Mini-B Cord - 3 Feet (0.9 Meters) Review:

My gps stopped recognizing the factory usb charger cable that came with the GPS from two years ago. I don't know why, just one day it said I needed to plug in the cable that came with the unit because the cable plugged into it wouldn't charge it. That's BS because it's the same cable I've always used without issue. Odd. But this Amazon basics cable works perfectly and I didn't have to pay Garmin prices. This new cable is physically thicker than the stock cable. I drive an oil truck that bounces around all night. I don't usually have good luck over time with thick cables because the added weight bounces around and I end up having connection problems with my electronics eventually. Time will tell.

USB Type C Cable, TAKAGI 3Pack 6ft USB C to USB A Nylon Braid Fast Charging Cord High Speed Data Sync Transfer Charger Cable Compatible with Galaxy S9, Note, LG, Pixel 2 XL, Huawei, ONEPLUS and More Review:

 I bought these wires to use with my laptops c USB slot and my one plus. A lot of previous ones that I bought essentially had two problems 1-fitting and 2-transfer speed. When it comes to both of those things these wires match up with the original one I got with my one plus. The jack end fits in perfectly both with my laptop (as you can see in the attached video) and my phone. The transfer speed has been exactly same as what my original wires gave me (maybe even a shade better). Also, these wires look really sturdy with their coating and do not tangle at all which is a plus when it comes to wires that are 6ft in length (I need longer wires because of the distance between my desk and the plug point). No complains and at 3 wires at less than 8 dollars there is literally nothing to complain about. A full rating for me. Might come back and buy a few extra ones for my work place where I need to attach a lot of things to the USB port.

USB C Cable 3A Fast Charging Charge, JSAUX(2-Pack 6.6ft+6.6ft) USB A to Type C Charger Nylon Braided Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S8 Plus Note 10 9 8,Moto Z,LG G8,Other USB C(Red) Review:

Update 6/13/18
I am happy to report that after contacting the manufacturer for it's promised warranty on the product - all via email , they quickly responded back to me. Within 4 days I received new cords, replacing the 2 original cords I had brought in Jan. 2018 that became faulty. Like I mentioned before very sturdy material, no tears or flares on the actual cord it's self to explain why the cords wouldn't charge. I thought contacting the manufacturer would be a pain - they proved me wrong. I love it. I highly recommend them. Not just because the cords are sturdy but also the companies great attention given to thier customers. Quick to respond back and answer all your questions and the care to quickly replace the faulty corda 5 Star product for sure!

6/10/18 I looking forward to this purchase, the fact that they have warranty encouraged me even more to buy them. So I went ahead and bought them January 2018.
Welll..... R.I.P to my 2 Type C Cables. They only lasted 6 months.
The first cable gave out within 2 months. To top it off - worse timing ever to die out on me, I was in Canada with my family on vacation in March. But fear amd anger was dismissed since my package had 2 cables and I had brought the 2nd cord along for the trip.
Second cable did come in for the rescue......but has now given up on me. I have not reached out to the manufacturer just yet to see about the warranty so I can't say how the customer service may be. Now I find myself once more searching for a reliable cable.

the cord is sturdy, no tears or rips of any kind to explain the failed job so 5 stars there for durability in it's structure however they are no longer charging. For lasting 6 months - longer than others - 2 stars. Maybe fix this issue with the charging giving up and they could easily be a 5 star product. The picture I included is to show that after 6 months they continue to be sturdy just not charging.

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Charger Cable, 3 feet, Black Review:

The Micro B end would not fit into my Fire HD8 (7th generation)? The inside hole in the Micro B end seams to small? The original just slid right in easily, this one wont. I've learned over the years not to force things. I've contacted Amazon for a replacement; I'll update my review if the issue is resolved. Update; Amazon sent me a replacement cable, it works perfect! I recommend the cable! Thank You Amazon!

USB Type C Cable OULUOQI USB C Cable 3 Pack(6ft) Nylon Braided Fast Charger Cord(USB 2.0) Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 Note 9 8 S8 Plus,LG V30 V20 G6 G5,Google Pixel(Grey) Review:

These cables are amazing!!!! I only have 2 in the picture because one is already in my vehicle, so worth that out of the way, let's get into my thoughts!

They come in the bag. This bag claimed to be waterproof, and... Well.. kinda?? It leaks on the seams a little, so don't expect to just Chuck them in water (I hope you're not actually doing that with any cable of any sorts anyway..).

The cables themselves are really nice. Normally with braided cables, they are stiff, and these absolutely are not. They have a silky feel to them (which I sincerely hope dosent get ripped and pulled, but only time will tell), and they easily flex giving me no worries about bending them and snapping them on accident. The usbc side is a little stiff to get in, but it leaves me with a sense that they shouldn't wobble anytime soon.

They come with a little rubber band cable manager that I love! I get way too excited when I can keep stuff organized without multiple other things helping me.

The package comes with a little micro USB to usbc so I'll never have to worry about not getting a charge.

Overall, first thoughts are.. I LOVE THEM!!

Thank you so much!!!!!

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Charger Cable - A-Male to Micro-B - 3 Feet (0.9 Meters) Review:

This cable failed at the one year mark, so why am I giving it 5 stars? I used this cable as my everyday cell phone charging cable, which should tell you that it took a lot of flexing and bending. As an engineering student, I was curious about what was inside. After the failure I performed a teardown to find the point of failure and determine how well the cable was made. Overall this cable was engineered ridiculously well. The point of failure was the negative power wire and it was due to excessive flexing. The heavy gauge tinned copper wire was 7-strand. I think a more finely stranded wire for the power wires would have increased its life. Everything was heavily shielded and all wire was stranded tinned copper. The power wires were a very large gauge (no smaller than 21g). All data lines were twisted pair in individually shielded pairs with a stranded line for reinforcement. The terminals had shielded covers that were soldered to the shielding braid from the cable. I could go on.
The point I'm trying to make is these are wonderful cables for a professional environment that should last forever providing there is minimal flexing in its daily use.