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TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna with Over 70 Mile Range - Attic or Roof Mount TV Antenna, Long Range Digital OTA Antenna for Clear Reception, 4K 1080P Review:

OK gang here's the story:
Tried a few antennas before settling on the RCA.

Background: 40+ years Broadcast Engineer. Radio, TV, Ham, Radar.
Havana FL Terrain: Hilly in a slight valley and trees surrounding the property.

The Story.
Cut the cord a few years ago with DirecTV.
Prices constantly rising every month. You know, nickle and dime stuff until the bill was close to $100.00.
Bye, Bye satellite.

I then went exclusively with Amazon Prime, been an Amazon customer some 15 years now, also went with Netflix.
These 2 gave me the best bang for my buck. Movies and TV shows streamed via my DSL and my DVD collection helped.

Recently I decided to try a converter box on my TV, it's an oldie but goodie HD 1080i DLP. ( I keep stuff forever).
I purchased a View-TV AT-163 ATSC box with a 50 mile antenna, well so they say.
You know the antenna I'm talking about, the one that looks like a mouse pad.
I used my old satellite RG6 cable and hooked the antenna to it and laid it on the patio rail. Sort of aimed it to see what I'd get. 7 channels - not bad for where I am. 30+ miles from the antennas in a valley with trees all around and yes the signal was breaking up - I expected that.
Decided to see if I could do better so......

Antenna number 1 was a Winegard Omni-directional 40 mile MS 2002 and a Winegard DS3000 J-Pole mount for side of the house. This antenna was 30' AGL. Reception was terrible and this antenna was supposed to be amplified also. The same 7 channels with break up. Back it went.

Antenna number 2 was a 1byOne 60 mile Amplified Omni-directional. Up the pole it went - 30' AGL. 8 channels some usable the others constantly breaking up. Back it went.

Antenna number 3 was the RCA Yagi Directional ANT751R antenna UHF/VHF. It boasts about a 40 mile range.
I also decided to pick up a Windgard XT LNA-200 Boost preamp since this antenna is not amplified at all.
The RCA comes with everything you need for mounting on the side of the house. (now I have an extra pole, thanks RCA, love ya's)
Up the pole it went. 30' AGL. I placed the LNA on the pole right under the antenna, hooked everything up and aimed the Yagi to 94 degrees magnetic. Had the converter box re-scan for channels and got 12 channels with almost constant signal strengths of 57 to 75%.
Terrific. I now have view-able television.

This RCA ANT751R is a keeper.
Construction is of high quality aluminum, stainless, and plastic/nylon parts and I have no doubt it will last for years to come.

Networks received - ABC CBS NBC FOX and a few piggyback stations that transmit from the networks including a channel that plays old B&W movies, love 'em, and a local weather channel so I can tune into MY area for up to date weather feeds.
All of these networks are approximately 27 to 30 miles from me as the crow flies as calculated by

All the other antennas I tried only got signal strengths fluctuating of around 49 - 55% amplified - that was unacceptable to this engineer.

The RCA ANT751R and the Wingard LNA Preamp are a perfect combo if you live in an area like mine.

There are other stations to the South of me as well and I see another RCA Yagi in my future.
It has proven itself completely reliable - Oh! By the way, I put this antenna up under very cloudy skies with intermittent rain.
Signals should increase slightly when the weather clears.


Update on OTA TV Box, 02-10-2016:

Was using a View-TV AT-163 ATSC box.
Box has since failed and I went to a Mediasonic HW-150PVR HomeWorx ATSC Digital TV Converter Box.
I've reviewed this box and find it to be superior to the View-TV and iView boxes that I've tried.


Update: 04-04-2017

The antenna reviewed above with it's Wineguard Preamp are still functioning perfectly.
Absolutely no adjustments have been needed as of this date.
Very happy with this combination and recommend both.


Update: 08-30-2017

Tweaked the antenna a bit and signal strength is 75 to 95%


Update 01-01-2019

Still standing even after Hurricane Michael came through.


All-New 2019 Indoor HDTV Digital Antenna 4K HD Freeview Life Local Channels All Type Television Switch Amplifier Signal Booster to 150 Mile, Professional Round Shape Review:

I live in a valley and I'm about 20 miles out of town, in Birmingham, AL. I installed this antenna and was satisfied, but thought I could try some more expensive brands and get more channels. So, I went to Walmart and bought two different RCA brand antennas = combined cost of $85. Neither of these would pick up more than two channels. I plugged back in the Setek and was back up to 18. I think it is really great for the cost, compared to the competition.

pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna with Mounting Pole & 40FT RG6 Coax Cable--150 Miles Range--360 Degree Rotation Wireless Remote--Snap-On Installation Support 2 TVs Review:

If you're looking for an affordable OTA antenna, then you've probably seen A LOT of them over the course of your research. I went back & forth on a few, but finally pulled the trigger & went with this unit. And I'm glad I did! After using for almost one month, it has exceeded my expectations.

The unit came well packed from the vendor with all of the parts needed for the installation. You will need a few tools for the mounting portion of your install, but these will be determined by where you mount (indoors or outdoors). The manual will explain further. The documentation is OK (not great), but you will be able to complete the project from what is provided.

This kit ships with a mounting pole, 40' RG6 coax, a rotor control (to remotely turn the antenna), a pre-amp, the antenna & mounting hardware. Some light assembly is required, but it's very straightforward.

**There is a model of this antenna that is cheaper, but DOES NOT SHIP with a mounting pole. So make sure you select the correct version for your application.**

Also, some OTA antennas DO NOT included coax, a mounting pole or a pre-amp. These will be additional expenses on top of the purchase of your antenna. So make sure you read the details on any antenna that you consider purchasing. This model includes all of these items.

Of course, for the price, you're not receiving a top of the line pre-amp, or for that matter high quality RG6, but for most applications it should suffice just fine. Especially if you install indoors (mine was an attic install) where it will be protected from the elements.

And for anyone wondering, the pre-amp IS powered by the rotor control box (not by the coax feed). So if you opt not to use the rotor (to turn the antenna on demand) then you will not be able to use the pre-amp.

So if you need the pre-amp, you will have to connect up the rotor control even if it won't be used. However, if neither are needed, then they can be bypassed entirely.

Also, you can run this antenna directly into a signal booster (drop amplifier) like a PCT (PCT-VC-9U). These can be found on Amazon for around $50.00 - $100.00 depending on size & features you need. So if you already have coax jacks in your house that are in place from previous cable or satellite TV, then you can repurpose those jacks for your new antenna. This way you can distribute your antenna signal to all (or most) of the TV's in your house!

Please note that your location, proximity to your broadcast towers, potential points of interference (trees, building, mountains, etc..) & height of your mount are a HUGE DEAL when using ANY OTA antenna.

I'm located in FL, so it's pretty flat. However, most of the broadcast towers are 30-45 miles away. As well, the antenna was mounted indoors & at the most 15' to 16' in the air. So it is fairly low. However, even with an indoor installation (and not using the pre-amp) , this antenna easily picked up 57 OTA channels!

So while some people blame the antenna when they can only pick up a few stations, there are many other moving parts involved to get this all to work.

If this is your first time installing an OTA antenna, then PLEASE use a free site like "tvfool" or "antennaweb" (Google these) to determine what direction your broadcast towers are in relation to where you will be mounting your antenna. These services will also tell you what channels are going to be achievable with the antenna of your choosing. All you do is plug in your address & the site will serve up all of the info that you need. Do this BEFORE you buy any antenna to make sure it's even worth your time.

One last thing, be sure to re-scan your channels on your TV every now & again. Channels get repacked (put under different channel assignments) & new channels get added. So if a channel that was coming in suddenly disappears, it may not be your antenna, but the broadcast signal itself.

Overall, this antenna was easy to install. Since I mounted indoors, I used two 2" wood screws with washers right into a truss to mount the mast. The antenna goes on with 2 bolts (ratchet & socket do well here) & you're done. I can't personally speak to an outdoor installation, but would have to assume that it would be a bit more involved.

I shortened the included RG6 cable (only dual shield not quad shield) to around 15' as my equipment panel was directly below the antenna in the laundry room. If you decide to do this, then you will need to crimp on a new compression connector on one end of the cable. However, you can purchase an entire kit on Amazon (with F connectors, coax stripper & the crimp tool) for under $20.00 (Bestar #3189 (Blue-F) ). It's VERY easy. You can do it!

As well, having a shorter run can only help your signal performance. So if you have excess cable after your install, consider shortening it to the exact length that you need.

The hardest part of the install is dialing in the perfect sweet spot for your broadcast towers. The best thing you can do is use the websites noted above to get the direction of the towers BEFORE you do your install. Then bring a compass (yes, a real compass) or use a compass on your smartphone (this is what I did & it worked perfectly) to help point your antenna in the correct direction. If you have a helper, then have them scan the channels once you lock on to your desired direction. It may take a few attempts, but it's worth it (especially if you don't use the rotor function). Cell phones or walkie talkies do nicely here :-)

And if you ever need it, their support was great. It's only email based, but they responded within 24 hrs. Very willing to help & get any questions answered.

If things change, I will update this review. However, after almost a month of use, I've been very happy with this kit. It feels great not paying the cable company to provide stations that are otherwise floating around us for free -in uncompressed HD!

HDTV Antenna,130+ Miles Long Range Indoor Digital TV Antennas with 2019 Newest Switch Amplifier Signal Booster for Local Free Channels 4k HD 1080P 2016P All Older TV's - 16.5ft Coax Cable Review:

The antenna arrived in two days like it should (in a bubble wrapped envelope which worried me at first) but it was in perfect condition! It's surprisingly light - more than any other antenna I've ever owned before and it helps with installation. Installing it was very easy. Package came with stickers and it held it up on the window easily. Connecting it to the TV was easy to do and doesn't require much effort at all. It gave me more digital channels over the air compared to my last one too. Overall, if I ever had to buy an antenna again or recommend it to someone, it'd definitely be this one.

TV Antenna, Pendoo HD TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor, 90-130 Miles Range Indoor TV Digital HD Antenna Support 4K HD Digital TV Indoor Antenna with Amplifier Signal Booster/USB Power Supply. Review:

 Moved to a new home where there is no antenna on the roof. I tried a fishbone indoor antenna from Fry's and it didn't work very well. Searched Amazon and found this antenna with 5 stars review. Since returning is free so I think it is worth trying. The worst case is shipping it back for refund.
Received the antenna within a week. Plugged it in the back of my TV. After trying a few positions for the flat receiver, I found the best place is the top of a freestanding lamp by the TV. I received more channels with this one than the rooftop antenna at my previous home. I am relieved I don't need to invest in a more expensive outdoor antenna.

GE Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna, Outdoor, Attic, Long Range Antenna, Digital, HDTV Antenna, 4K 1080P VHF UHF, Compact Design, 29884 Review:

I live in a suburb quite far from the city and many of the broadcast station antennas. I purchased the GE 29884 antenna a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. Along with the antenna, I purchased a PCT 4 Port Cable TV/HDTV/Internet amplifier (model PCT-MA2-4P) just in case I need it. I have been trying to "cut the cable" and stop paying expensive cable TV fees for even local basic television stations. In addition to the fees, my cable company switched to a system requiring cable TV boxes that you rent from them for $6/month per box. I have tried other powered indoor antennas and have had miserable experiences with them. Few channels could be scanned and the picture quality was dismal, or heavily pixelated, especially in the daytime hours. The few stations that I could pick up were often unwatchable. So back to cable I went.

I decided to try the GE 29884 antenna based on the reviews I read on Amazon. The antenna comes in a fairly small box labelled as Pro Outdoor/Attic Mount Antenna. The installation booklet is small with tiny "mice" type. So you might need to scan in the booklet in order to be able to zoom in on the text and illustrations. All the parts are nicely packaged and are easily identified in the instruction manual. A count of each part type is also given, Prior to installation it helps to layout all the parts including the nuts and screws, the reflector rods, dipole antenna parts, main mast, mounting parts, etc. The installation can be a bit tricky, if you follow the manual. However is you do a search on "GE 29884 antenna assembly", YouTube videos can be found that simplify the assembly process a great deal. It took me about a half an hour to assemble the antenna. One nice thing is that rubber end caps were provided to cap off the dipole rods. The antenna definitely seems to be a quality product.

I mounted the antenna in the attic, as high as possible using the provided J-mount mounting hardware and supplied M5 bolts and nuts. I disconnected the coaxial cable from the cable TV provider, and connected it to the antenna's connector located on the main mast. Using a bedroom TV, I then selected "antenna" as the input, and performed a channel scan. A total of 106 channels scanned. Most were crystal clear. Perhaps 3 or 4 were pixelated. Sure many of the channels are trash or of no interest to me (shopping channels, religious, languages I don't speak, etc) but many great channels came in beautifully including all the local channels and sub-channels, movie channels, retro, public, etc. A few audio-only channels were picked up. And I didn't have the amplifier connected.

I did wire up the amplifier simply because a signal splitter attenuates the signal from the antenna as you feed the signal to multiple TVs. The 4-port amplifier boosts the signal going to each TV.

So far, I've had the antenna for a week and I have not been disappointed. All I can say is "bye bye cable TV company". It is time to cut the cable. The antenna and amplifier will pay for itself in a month or two.

Update: 6 weeks later: This antenna works like a charm. I have cut the cord, get no more monthly cable bills, and could not be happier.

[2019 Upgraded Version] Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna, 130+Miles Long-Range Reception Indoor HDTV Antenna with Amplifier, Support 4K 1080P VHF UHF TV Channels, Works for Fire tv Stick Review:

 This antenna shipped crazy fast.

I once had a flat “leaf style” antenna that never seemed to work. The coaxial cable was super short so I couldn’t place it by my window.

This new antenna has been incredible. It took about 10 minutes to set up and found 56 channels! I am in a large metropolitan area but that blew me away. I expected half of that at most.

As for the antenna it looks more like a smart home hub - it is very fashionable and features a long cable for easy placement. I was able to run it about 15 feet and place it on my windowsill. The window seems to be the best location for these.

The picture and sound is incredible - it’s definitely HD. The video speaks for itself! I ended up getting lots of public access and local news channels. Great for supplementing my streaming accounts.

On a side note the antenna also included a wall mount. I didn’t need it in my case but a nice gesture nonetheless.

[Upgraded 2019] 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna Up to 80 Miles Range, Amplifier Signal Booster Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF Freeview HDTV Channels with Coax Cable Review:

I'm writing this because, in researching what to buy, there are so many antennas being sold for which you can't tell if the reviews are "real" or not. So many sound preproduced. I went with 1byone after seeing a good review (for a different model) on another site, and after noticing that some of the 1byone reviews on Amazon seemed to be from actual users.

I just received and installed my antenna today. I mounted it in a SE-facing window on the first floor, and used the amplifier. My home is in a low area, and I was a little concerned that some channels might not come in well. I had done a TV signal analysis on, which suggested I might get 15 stations well enough to watch, maybe 6 of those very well. The closest I was to any transmitter was 10 miles, and most were between 15 and 40

I used my TV's automatic channel finder to go through and find channels with good enough signal to save. It saved 40 channels. I'd say about 15 of those were of a poor enough quality signal not to be watchable. But the rest were good to excellent, and the local CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, and CW channels were all of outstanding HD quality -- and the tvfool report had suggested a couple of those would likely be unwatchable. I also discovered some channels I didn't know about, like a local UHF subsidiary that shows the "Me TV" network, which looks fun. There were also several Spanish-language channels.

So I'm very pleased with the 1byone antenna. Even with an online streaming network, I'll use it to watch over-the-air sports because there is almost no delay compared to the lag you get when streaming over the 'net. And PBS isn't on any streaming packages, so that's a bonus too, not to mention the "extra" UHF channels' fare. Cable cutters, buy with confidence!

Indoor HD TV Antenna, 2019 Upgraded Digital Amplified 60-90 Mile Range HDTV Antenna 4K HD VHF UHF Freeview Television Local Channels Detachable Signal Amplifier and 16.5ft Longer Coax Cable Review:

First, this product did what I wanted it to do, which is to give me all my local TV channels, as well as the national ones.
Now, specific details.
I have a TV tuner card in my computer, which I bought quite a while ago. It came running Windows 8 (the latest at that time) which had a feature called Windows Media Center which allowed me to watch regular broadcast TV on my computer. Well, I made the mistake of updating to Windows 10 which eliminated the Media Center. I finally found a program call MediaPortal which once again allows me to use my TV tuner card and watch TV on my computer.
I was using regular rabbit ear antennas to capture the broadcast signal, but with MediaPortal, I was unable to get all the local TV stations I was used to.
I live in NYC. So for those of you who will be familiar with this, my rabbit ears did pick up the national stations CBS (2), NBC (4), ABC (7), (and their decimal point stations), and some local ones like Fox 5 and ION (31). So I had those. I was missing Channels 9.1 (WOR), 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 11.1 (WPIX), 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, and 13 (PBS). These are all local stations, not national ones, but I wanted them.
I first installed this new Vansky antenna without the amplification unit attached and I picked up the four 9s (in addition to all the stations the rabbit ears had picked up). So the Vansky alone gave me four additional channels over the rabbit ears.
Then I decided to try it with the amplification unit attached and it added all the 11s and 13. Therefore, the amplification added five additional channels. (Just an aside: I plugged the amplification unit into a regular outlet; I did not plug the USB into my computer.)
I now have a total of 38 broadcast channels. All the usual NYC channels: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 31 (and their matching decimal point channels), plus a whole lot of other channels I am unfamiliar with.
I am happy with this product because I got what I wanted, which was all the local broadcast stations I ought to be getting.
I have to tell you honestly, that I did not play with trying multiple locations for the antenna. Perhaps if I positioned it on a different wall I might get even more channels. Or perhaps less. I know the direction the antenna faces matters, but I didn't do that. I simply placed the antenna as close to the ceiling as I could and directly above a window. I got all the stations I wanted, so I am more than satisfied.
I hope the information I have provided is helpful to others.

AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range Review:

This really exceeded my expectations. I may be fortunate where I live (Albuquerque, NM, USA) and most TV stations have towers which transmit down to the city from the mountain tops only 5 miles away. With no real antenna, my Samsung TV could receive a few basic broadcast stations, but with variable reception quality and often depending on the time of day.

When I connected the Amazon Basics flat antenna (easy with the supplied coax cable) and auto-tuned my TV, I was amazed that I was suddenly receiving more than 65 stations - CLEARLY. I had no idea there were so many out there! Naturally, half of those were either Spanish language, Religious or Shopping networks. After I quickly weeded the channels down, re-tuning my Favorites list, I now receive nearly 30 preferred TV channels. These includes all the major network affiliates (which will bring me local news and weather) and the rest are several PBS stations, older syndicated TV series, and old movies. I have subscribed to Comcast for 20 years. But, out of literally hundreds of bundled channels, I really only regularly watch a couple dozen of them - at most... and those are typically just playing in the background while I'm up at night working on my PC. I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming, and now with more extensive broadcast TV options, I'm all the more more tempted to drop Cable TV entirely.

For my needs and in my particular location, I can't imagine a better antenna than the Amazon Basics non-amplified model with its modest (35-mile) range rating. With the nearby repeater transmission towers, I'm actually drawing broadcasts from all around this region - even stations technically based many more miles away than I had expected I could receive.