Best Trailer Bearing Kits in 2020

Bearing Buddy (43104) Stainless Steel Bearing Protectors (pair) - 2.328" Diameter Review:

My Ranger trailer uses the Larger 23 so . My mistake was thinking that they only made one size so after learning this lesson hope you can learn from me. also you will need to order the bra covers seperate. these are the best made their is other types and those leak. these dont spend the extra buck and buy the best no regrets.

(Set of 4) Trailer Hub Wheel Bearing Kit WPS (TM) 25580 14125A with Double Lip Grease Seals 10-10 (or 10-36) for 5200-7000 lb. Tandem Axles Review:

Needed to replace original bearings on 1997 trailer. Numbers were worn off and I ordered what I thought I needed. Parts arrived but only 1 set fit. Contacted CS and explained problem and sent them dimension of current bearing. They researched and sent me a replacement set. Fit perfectly and project completed. Customer service kept in contact to assure I got what I needed!! Best customer service experience ever!! Highly recommend this company!

Pair of Trailer Bearing Repair Kits for 1 Inch Straight Spindles Review:

Arrived on time, price was right, and fit my trailer! Trailer is a 1982, made in the mid-west small trailer. It looks much like the one's Harbor Freight sells now... Had to pound out old races, and press the new ones in. These races fit, as did the bearings, and seals. The dust cap circumference needed to be bent in and ground down a bit to made it small enough to pound in, but did. Inner and outer bearings are the same sizes. Inner and outer races are the same size too, making installation more simple, at least on my trailer.

WPS (Pack of 4) (TM) Trailer Hub Wheel Grease Seal 10-19 171255TB 1.719'' X 2.565'' for 3500# E-Z Lube Axles Review:

I bought these as spares. I still use the bath oil hubs on the tapered spindles of the boat trailer. One seal was leaking due to different brand used that was not a tight fit around the spindle. I had one of the greens left put it on and lo leaks, so bought these 4 to always be prepared for any mishaps. The seals were very well packaged. So well that I didn’t want to open them, but wanted to check the stats on the rubber. Very satisfied. Price was good, shipping was quick.

(Set of 4) WPS 3500# Trailer Tandem Axle Bearing Kits L68149 L44649 Grease Seal 10-19 I.D. 1.719'' for #84 Spindle Review:

The kit arrived very quickly and appeared high quality despite low price. Installation on our RV went smoothly. Longevity is still an unknown. I have resorted to replacing our travel trailers bearings annually since Forest River undersized the bearings for our camper. New bearings regularly is a small price to pay. I will order this kit again.

Pair Of Trailer Bearing Repair Kits For 1-1/16 Inch Straight Spindles Review:

Used on a Carry-On trailer bought from TSC using a Dexter straight axle. I didnt want to pay the insane per-side price that Carry-On charges at TSC at around $50 ($100). Local bearing place wanted even more at $78 per side ($156).

This fit right on, bearings felt of good quality, and had all of the parts needed (minus the oil seals, which is a shame because this kit has nice ones). Slapped these in with red hi-temp and immediately took it on a 1100mi fully loaded trip.

Held up great and didnt overheat. Couldnt ask for more. I bought a second set because all of the naysayers had me a bit worried, and will be glad to say I wont need them for another year.

Pair of Trailer Bearing Repair Kits for 3/4 Inch Straight Spindles Review:

This is pretty much the only place I could find such a bearing kit, and everything fits perfectly on my small 3/4 inch straight spindle trailer. Love that it comes with new caps because I had to destroy the old rusty ones getting them off.

My only (pie in the sky) suggestions might be a slightly smaller cotter pin (this one barely fits inside the cap) and a double seal for the inside bearing.

Otherwise this is awesome and my trailer is much better off now!

Also, very fast shipping!

LIBRA Trailer 5 on 4.5" B.C. Hub Drum Kits with 10" x2-1/4 Electric Brakes for 3500 Lbs Axle Review:

Great product, I bought this set to add breaks to the second axel on my 20ft carhauler. The trailer stops so much better when dragging my jeep down the highway. Some things you need to know before buying this product, to add breaks to a axel it must have a backing plate mounting bracket (the backingplate holds the shoes, springs, and the magnet) (mounting bracket is a square plate with four holes welded behind the spindle on the axel). The hubs come with the bearing races already pressed in so you won't need a bearing race driver or have to take them somewhere to get them pressed in. This set does NOT come with the nuts or washers needed to mound the backing plate to the axel (8 7/16x20 nuts, 8 lock washers, and 8 plain washers).