Best Toy Vehicles in 2020

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck Review:

 Another great toy from VTech! We've had this truck for over a year and haven't had to replace the batteries yet.

The pull string is 22 inches long. It comes with three rocks but if your child happens to misplace one... Or two (like ours) there may be another toy with similar rocks that will fit.
In our video you can see we found one!
Also, the blue lever is a little difficult to push back. You have to hold the truck down and push it, otherwise the truck will move backwards. (demonstrated in the video). Might be easier for toddlers to use the lever.

The voice on this toy is cheerful and encouraging. It teaches names of different tools and counts.

With the three rocks loaded in the truck there's still plenty of room for more toys. Our little guy likes to put his hot wheel cars where you load the rocks and they roll into the truck bucket. He's found this toy to be very entertaining!

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck FFP Review:

Bought Tonka trucks for both my kids, nearly 50 years ago! Always guaranteed to be the best made toys around. So, new 'baby' about 18mos old comes to a reunion party and I remembered the joy my kids had with the BIG truck. This little boy was self entertained for the longest time, having a ball pushing it around, sitting his little diapered bottom in the truck bed and scooting around backwards in it. A big hit, as I knew it would be. I think the product description mentions 'age 3', but my experience in the now (and then) is that Tonka is so well made that they are basically safe for any age.

Green Toys Airplane - BPA Free, Phthalates Free, Red Aero Plane for Improving Aeronautical Knowledge of Children. Toys and Games Review:

I have found from experience that Green Toys make some of the best toys for little kids these days and this airplane is no exception. They are very durable (we bought two) and can withstand lots of play by kids. Our kids have played with these airplanes for about two years now and they are in great shape without any damage.

The plastics used in the manufacture of these airplanes is high quality and has no funny chemical smells whatsoever upon arrival. The design is great with lots of rounded edges, minimizing spots that can hurt a kid. These are well made toys that I can readily recommend. Made in USA.

(I include a small picture of this airplane next to a common half liter water bottle for relative size reference for your view).

Green Toys Fire Truck - BPA Free, Phthalates Free Imaginative Play Toy for Improving Fine Motor, Gross Motor Skills. Toys for Kids Review:

I cannot say enough good things about this toy. We bought this for our daughter for her 3rd birthday because she is obsessed with fire trucks and we are obsessed with keeping harmful chemicals out of our home.

We searched for a fire truck that was lacking the lights and noise makers that are so typical of every single toy these days. We were ecstatic when we found one that is also a green product and made in the USA!

We are very impressed by how simple and durable this toy is. The plastic is of excellent quality; it is thick/heavy gauge and has a nice feel to it. The truck rolls great - speedy and straight.

As a side note, our daughter also received a much larger, very fancy fire truck with many moving parts, flashing lights, sounds, etc. and she actually plays with this little fire truck more! She’s really into using her imagination right now, so I think that’s why she’s favoring the simpler truck. The fancy truck is so realistic that it’s limiting. The Green Toys fire truck allows her the flexibility to play however she wants.

We are so impressed with this toy and this company that we’ve already bought the pink dump truck for our daughter’s 1yr old cousin so we could spread the word to new parents that safe, high quality, durable, well made, non toxic toys are available at a very reasonable price and made in the USA. At under $20 for many of the toys, they are perfect for gifts, toy drives, grab bags or rewards.

We wish we knew about Green Toys sooner. We are actively spreading the word and have already filled the shopping cart with future purchases!

Paw Patrol Ryder's Rescue ATV, Vechicle and Figure Review:

My 4 year old son loves Paw Patrol! We thought that this would be a great gift to add to his Paw Patrol collection. The best part about this toy is that Ryder (the boy character in the Paw Patrol series) actually will stay on his four wheeler! We have a lot of toys where it is very difficult to get the character to stay on or in their vehicle when you drive them around. In this toy, Ryder's hands are formed in a circle shape and they easily attach to the four wheeler's handle bars. My 4 year old can put him on it himself and attach his hands, and he will stay in place as he drives him around. We actually used this as a cake topper on my son's birthday cake. I washed it when I received it from Amazon and we put it onto the side of his cake. It was a great size as a cake decoration and a great size for my son to play with!

Matchbox Garbage Truck Large [Amazon Exclusive] Review:

My 3 year old has nearly all garbage truck toys available and this is one of his favorites. There aren't many side loading garbage truck toys on the market, so that is the big selling point for him.

This garbage truck does make noise, but the button is flesh on the top of the truck and doesn't stand out, so he hasn't noticed that I didn't put batteries in it.

It comes with one trash can that slides onto the hook on the arm, and you use the yellow handle to move the trash can to the top of the truck to dump it into the hole. The doors on the back of the truck open out and the green part of the truck lifts up for easy dumping.

It would be nice if we can buy more trash cans that work with this garbage truck, but my son had managed to make the Bruder trash cans work alright. We have a bunch of those and they are sold separately.

EDITED TO ADD: I just added batteries and it's actually really cool. The noises are not obnoxious and of actually makes noise based on the way you move it. It beeps when backing up, has motor sounds when driving forward, creaks when you lift the arm, and makes a noise when you dump it.

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle (1:16 Scale), Pink Review:

Got two of these, one in pink and the other in purple. My girls were super excited to play with these. They had anticipated putting a Barbie into them and having them race. Unfortunately, you cannot use two at the same time, withing a close distance, because one remote will control both cars! Does this happen with RC cars? I’m not sure! Other than that, they are cute and glittery. My girls are still having some fun with them by using them separately. They do get agitated when then cross each other as their cars are hard to control when two people are controlling them! LOL Maybe this is a “cheap set?” Also, these need 4 AA batteries for the car and one 9V battery (the thick rectangular ones) for the remote 😬

Tech Deck - Sk8shop Bonus Pack (styles vary) Review:

Seller Spin Master sent this SUPER FAST and exactly what we ordered! Kids that got it are excited to have super rare in the box.


Only 3 of the 6 boards can be assembled at a time.

Parts are tiny, may want to assemble in a container/box to catch bolts.

EXCELLENT purchase.

Thank you!

WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy for Boys and Girls (includes 6 cars and 28 slots) Review:

My 4 year old grandson loved this for Christmas. He immediately took all the cars and the parking cones out and put them back in places that he wanted. He was really thrilled with this product. I would highly recommend it, since it has the cars, etc to play with, but then everything can be stored back into the big rig, itself.