Best Towing Winch Fairleads in 2020

YAETEK 10" Winch Roller Fairlead - 8000-17500LB for Recovery Off Road Truck Review:

I had to replace my Warn Winch Roller Fairlead. The first thing I did was go online to see how much another Warn Fairlead cost. It was over $50. I know you pay more for Warn's brand name, but $50+ for a very simple part ? No way Jose. So I got a generic one for half the price. The bolt holes all lined up and it works fine. Problem solved at half the cost.

KFI Products (ATV-RF Fairlead Review:

This fair lead worked and mounted up perfectly with the KFI winch mounting plate for a Kawasaki 360 Prairie 4x4 ATV. Mounted up in about 15 minutes using the supplied hardware. Had to remove the lower roller to allow the winch cable and hook to pass through but no major issue. Very fair price for the quality product from KFI, would definitely recommend this product if your in the market for a new fair lead for your winch.

EAG Black License Plate Mount Bracket Universal for Roller Fairlead Review:

This mounting plate was better than I thought it would be. It is heavy steel and plenty of support for an aluminum licence plate. The clips that mount to the rollers fit well. You can adjust the distance between the side rollers to make a perfect fit. This is easy enough to remove if you ever do get the chance to use your winch. Mine so far is mostly for show. I don't get stuck.

Steel Hawse Winch Fairlead - Standard 10” Mount - by Driver Recovery Products Review:

I used this to replace the roller fairlead on my 9500 steel cable winch. The roller was sticking out in front of the truck and this reduced the overhang by nearly 4 inches. I have used it a few times and I couldn't be happier. It does not wear on the wire rope like aluminum fairleads tend to do. So far, the paint has held up very well.

WARN 87914 Hawse Fairlead Review:

I was looking for a cheap fairlead for my synthetic rope and I am not disappointed. This is a polished cast piece (not billet) but the finish is very good, and is HUGE. I was shocked how big it was when I opened the box, this is one stout piece! I use this on my Toyota Pickup with a Superwinch EPi9. My only gripe is that the very inside of the rope guide is not as smooth as the rest of it, but I would highly recommend this to someone who is running synthetic.

ATV Winch Roller Fairlead - 4 7/8 in. Bolt Pattern - by Driver Recovery Products Review:

I bought this fairlead for the price. I installed it in a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660. I had to drill the mounting holes a little larger and trim the skid plate a little bit but it didn't take more than 15-20 minutes total. I haven't had to use my winch since installing this but I can't foresee any problems as long as it is used excessively. I'm sure other fairleads are more heavy duty but I'm sure this one will work just fine.