Best Towing Hub Conversion Kits in 2020

Mile Marker Premium Locking Hubs (104) Review:

Installation took about 5 minutes per side. Very nice quality with the castings and machining and they look nice and clean in stainless steel. I used these to replace non-selectable hubs on the Dana 44 front axle on my 1975 Jeep Wagoneer that came equipped with a full time 4 wheel drive system. I am swapping the original Borg-Warner 1339 quadratrac transfer case for a part time Dana 20. I have had my front drive shaft removed for a few hundred miles (with the t-case in emergency lockout). For anyone else out there doing this (driving around in 2 wheel drive) with their quadratrac equipped rig; being able to unlock the front axle shafts from the hubs will help out your steering a lot. My front end is all brand new and has a fresh spring over conversion. Still had very sensitive steering after all this brand new work and a good alignment; added these hubs and the steering feels much tighter, as in less reactive to steering inputs. Only reason I can think of is that the axle shafts while spinning helped to amplify steering inputs.

Mile Marker 95-32721 Conversion Nut Kit Review:

The parts looked to be we'll made and matched the factory parts on my truck but were not needed. Every thing says they are needed when replacing the factory auto locking hubs on a 1994 F250, but these parts were already installed from the factory. There are apparently two different auto hubs, one with three screw securing the cap and one with 5 screws. The 5 screw parts don't require the conversion kit, or at least mine didn't. Hope this helps, really like the 449SS manual hubs.

Yukon Gear & Axle (YA WU-04) Spin Free Locking Hub Conversion Kit for Dodge SRW Dana 60 AAM Differential Review:

I finally have the kit installed on my 2005 Cummins. I watched a few YouTube videos that walked through installation. Not terribly difficult but important to be detail oriented.

The kit is working great. I also put in a new u joints and ball joints. I have picked up at least 1 mpg but maybe more.

The downside: amazon promised delivery by Friday. It didn’t come Friday. It said ‘out for delivery’ on Saturday. Since it requires a signature I waited all day. It didn’t come. It came Monday. When it came Monday, they included only one of the two boxes... amazon shipped out a replacement.
When the replacement arrived they actually sent out TWO replacements. Fortunately they sent a second set because there was some damage to one of the kits and I actually used the second kit to finish up the job. I could have kept the second kit because amazon had no record they sent me two....honesty is a little more important than the $1600 kit so I sent the duplicate back. They gave me a $25 gift card for the hassle. Long story short, the boxes are heavy, huge, and come in a set. Amazon seemed confused about how to ship them out.

Mile Marker 435 Premium Manual Hub Set Review:

I got these 6 bolt manual hubs for my 2002 Nissan Pathfinder, they fit awesome! The only hard part of the install was taking of the stock flanges, these slid right on.

Mile Marker 95-32720 Conversion Nut Kit Review:

Excellent quality. Mine had these from the factory on a 78 f 150 so I wasn't using them as a conversion from auto hubs. Mine had been damages so I just snagged a kit and it was perfect

Mile Marker 457 Premium Manual Locking Hub Set Review:

I decided against using the included locking tabs and got new grade 8 bolts and lock washers. I made sure to read all the literature and I applied a liberal amount of red grease on the inside of these hubs. They come pre-loaded with some grease but a little more is recommended. I also used a new 1" snap ring on the end of the axle. Funny thing, two bolts on each side seemed offset enough where the thin wall socket I was using didn't want to slide over the new bolts. I managed to use a 9/16 open end wrench with success. They work great and look very nice. These are a regular maintenance item, so take them off to clean and relube them along with your wheel bearings! I chose these because they are a domestic USA made product for my AMC Jeep, and the price was great!

Mile Marker 95-27997 Hub Nut Conversion Kit Review:

Came timely, fit what i bought it for