Best Towing Hitch Wiring in 2020

Fastway ZIP 4 Foot Breakaway Cable 80-01-2140 Review:

This cable looks so much neater that traditional wire breakaway cables and you never have to worry about it dragging on the ground. Don't bother with the 4 foot version, since it's coiled the 6 foot will work just as well and only costs a few cents more but it gives you a lot more flexibility and reach.

My one concern is that the "cable" appears to be made of plastic with no wire or anything inside it, so I'm worried that it might become brittle with age. On the other hand, wire cables always end up fraying as they get older, so maybe it's a good idea to replace them occasionally either way. This cable is very easy to replace, with a split ring that is relatively simple to attach or remove from the breakaway pin. Most wire cables I've seen have to be cut to remove them, or you have to replace the cable and pin together.

Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Review:

My '98 F150 has the factory 7 pin outlet. I wired a 7 pin male plug for my 4 pin trailer lights. All was well for a couple of years. Recently, I plugged in the trailer and NO LIGHTS! I didn't know if it was my truck's wiring or if it was the trailer. I decided to order new PREWIRED lights from Amazon which had magnetic bases for the lights so that I could easily remove when not towing. This got the light OFF the sides of the trailer where they could be easily bumped and broken. The wires on these lights are substantial and should never be a problem and it lets me attach to any other trailer quickly, if needed. The 7 pin to 4 pin adapter showed me very quickly that the truck's wiring was perfect. It had, indeed, been faulty trailer wiring. I tested the new trailer lights before installation on the trailer. All is well in towingland! This adapter certainly beats having to wire a 4 pin unit to a 7 pin plug, plus you get the truck tester, too.

Hopkins 40975 Multi-Tow Plug-In Simple Wiring Kit Review:

See pictures so this all makes sense!!

I just purchased a new Nissan Titan (2018 Model) and it didn't come with a hitch or wiring kit. After I purchased this wiring kit, I realized the bracket that is included wasn't going to mount easily to the under side of the bumper so I climbed under the truck to find an alternate location to mount it. To my surprise, I found the factory wiring mount on the Titan is the exact same as this one but it's covered with plastic. I drilled a few holes and cut out around the metal mounting bracket and this thing basically slid right in. I had to adjust the clips slightly but that was easy enough. If you own a Titan don't use the included bracket, use the factory one and it will look much more professional. It's basically the factory wiring kit now at a small fraction of what the tow package would have cost. $160 for a Class III hitch and $30 for this wiring kit and I'm in business for far less than it would have cost from the dealer!

CURT 56040 Vehicle-Side Custom 4-Pin Trailer Wiring Harness for Select Subaru Forester, Outback, Sport, XV Crosstrek Review:

Installed this morning in about 30 minutes. Would have been quicker but I watched the wrong video on YouTube, and was confused by how to remove one interior panel. Once I got the right video, wrapped it up in a few minutes. Simple installation, though the printed instructions alone aren't likely to help. Watch the Curt or eTrailer video for the year of, or nearest your vehicle.

Only takes a couple of tools; a socket or wrench to remove the positive lead on your battery (the black one), I recommend a panel removal tool so the push pins holding the interior panels on aren't damaged, and a drill or driver to sink the ground wire into the body metal. Everything else is included in the packaging.

I also recommend the Curt 58261 4-Way Flat LED Connector Tester to test your work, and for down-the-road trouble shooting. Especially if you don't own a trailer to test it with. It's only a few bucks more.

Real happy with the harness, the ease of installation, and the options it affords.

ABN Electrical Wire Connector Junction Box 1-Pack Trailer, Camper, RV Light 7 Gang/Pole Automotive Wiring Rewiring Review:

I bought this box with other associated components to upgrade the wiring on a horse trailer. First the good. The box came with seven studs for the wires,and plenty of rubber boots and two built in cable connectors which were a great help in securing the 7 pin connector cable I used. Second, the not so good. The seven studs which are 10-32 thread, came with only one nut per stud. The studs are mounted into the plastic base of the box and had a little wobble, I felt it best to use the factory nuts supplied to tighten down and secure the studs. So I went to the hardware store and bought seven 10-32 nuts and flat washers. I also bought ringed terminal connectors for my wires. Blue ones for 16 and 14 AWG wires and Yellow for 12 AWG wires. The ring terminals provide a good clean professional look and prevents wires from touching each other and shorting out. So I put the washer on the factory nut, followed by the ring terminal connector and finally the 10-32 nut.and tightened. You may think the washers were over kill but I wanted maximum contact surface area for my wires as possible. And lastly, The two screws that hold the lid on the box are recessed slightly below the top. So I used duct seal. Its a grey clay like material used by electricians to seal around electrical service entrance components and holds up to all types of weather hot or cold. So in conclusion, I liked the box, but for what the asking price was I think eight more nuts and washers could have been included. Ring terminal connectors would have got you 6 stars!

CURT 58030 Trailer Side 4-Way Trailer Wiring Harness with 12-Inch Wires, 4-Pin Trailer Wiring Review:

I bought this pigtail only in case the old trailer plug didn't work. I bought my utility trailer used and the old plug on it had seen better days. Even so, when I installed the trailer light kit to my car and tested the trailer connector plug from the trailer, it worked, so I'll keep this pigtail as a backup for this trailer or another one in the future.

Hopkins Towing Solutions 47185 EMW8134058 Review:

My installation was a little different than the normal hookup since I wanted to do four things: 1) tow a small trailer w/o brakes, 2) be able to tow a trailer with brakes using a brake controller, 3) provide power to operate a macerater pump for transferring black water, and 4) provide power to operate a power lift to help load and unload the back of the minivan. Therefore, I needed a little heavier wire to the back of the minivan, but otherwise the hookup was the same. The only thing I did differently than suggested in the package was to mount the plugs on the bumper rather than on the hitch - that was a mistake, since the angle bracket has taken some damage that it would not have experienced had it been attached to the hitch.

My requirements 1) and 2) were very well taken care of by the adapter package. I run a separate black wire for ground rather than use the frame of the vehicle and, like I said, due to my load requirements, I needed heavier wire. I used the black wire from the adapter as my 'blue' wire for the electric brake support. Unfortunately, my macerater pump uses the center wire (the one marked backup lights - purple) as an auxiliary power. If I get time, I will switch that to use the black wire (aux) which seems to be more suitable, but for now that is is how it is.

The heaviest user of power is the power lift. It uses 30 amps of 12 vdc, so the wires (red for positive and black for negative battery were run to it first and then T'd to the other operations (one for the power brakes (2) and one for the macerater (3). Since the lift does not operate during travel and would not be in use while the macerater is running, the power is shared among them as well as the lights for the trailers (both 1) and 2) ). I had installed the standard 4-wire small trailer package which is a prerequisite for this product's installation.

It all works like a charm.

ONLINE LED STORE 4-Way Flat Wishbone-Style Trailer Wiring Harness Kit [25' Male & 4' Female] [18 AWG Color Coded Wires] [SAE J1128 Rated] with 4 Flat Connector for Under or Over 80" Wide Trailers Review:

Good solid wiring harness. It has separate left and right brake lines from the plug so that you don't have to run one wire to one taillight, and then run a separate wire from that one, across the trailer, to the other taillight. It made the job of running the wires much easier. The instructions looked clear as well. It would have been nice to have a cover for the trailer male plug included. But it sort of does, if you do what I did. The smaller harness which comes with it meant to be wired to your car has the female connector on it. I didn't need that harness, since my car already has its own harness meant to supply the trailer signals. So I cut off that female plug from the unneeded cable. I use that female connector as a cover for the trailer's male connector.

CURT 58270 Vehicle Socket RV Blade 7-Way Towing Tester 7-Pin Trailer Wiring Review:

I used this to resolve a problem with brake lights on a 2015 Audi Q5. Running lights and turn signals worked on the trailer but not brake lights. This tester was very handy to prove to Audi service techs that the issue was with the car (they wanted to blame the trailer). Turns out the computer in the car needed a software update. After the update the tester showed correct light behavior and service techs agreed, the software update resolved the issue. Now trailer brake lights work.

TIP: When someone steps on the brake of pedal of the car, the Right and Left lights are lit at the same time on the tester. But the brake light indicator on this tester does not light up if you do not have a brake controller attached inside the car. I believe the brake light indicator on the tester is for situations when you have a brake controller attached. It would make sense that this tester can test for trailers with no brakes (by lighting up the left and right lights at the same time) which is what the trailer actually does AND ALSO when you have a trailer with brakes. In that case it should light up the brake light indicator on the tester to confirm brake action will be invoked on the trailer.

Hopkins 41157 Endurance 5th Wheel Wiring Kit Review:

It's the little things that get a product to 5 stars. This works. Install was as provided in the directions. No splicing into existing wires required is great, plenty of cord to install the connection where you would want, etc. The little things . . . The wires aren't well wrapped where they connect to the ends. I ended up taping them to help ensure dirt and water didn't get in and follow the wires into the connectors. I didn't have connection/dielectric grease on hand, so just plugged them together without that added protection. It wasn't mentioned in the directions, and when I was all done I found connection grease in the the parts package - wish I'd seen the grease earlier or it was mentioned in the the directions. One of the connectors on the "Y" splice didn't really have a "click" connection with the existing connection, so I taped it up well. On the 7-way connector that gets installed in the the bed, there is an OEM type strain reliever. Unfortunately it was oriented to the side rather than down, and it pushed a bit into a metal part adjacent to the hole I drilled. I was able to bend it a bit and it shouldn't pinch anything, but it seems a straight down orientation would have been better. Also on the new 7-way connector, for some reason the screw holes are molded to hold a hex head bolt, which makes no sense since the installation used a screw from that side and the screw hex head would "hit" the molding and stop driving/seating the screw. They solved this by providing washers that keep the screw from seating down into the molding - but that is a work around for a better designed mounting.

So I'd buy it again for another truck/5th wheel installation, but having worked with this one I'd also hunt around to see if maybe there was a better product out there that gets the little things right.

Now - waiting for the RV to get back from the shop to ensure it all works properly. If anything doesn't work as it should I'll update the review.