Best Towing Ball Mounts in 2022

Last update: December 24, 2022

Can a trailer tongue be too long?

A trailer tongue can be too long if it exceeds the maximum length allowed by law. In most states, the maximum length for a trailer tongue is 4 feet. Exceeding this length can result in a fine.

Can I install a trailer hitch myself?

You can absolutely install a trailer hitch yourself! However, it is important to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure that you are installing the hitch correctly and safely. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have a friend or family member help you with the installation process.

Can I turn a tow ball mount upside down for towing?

Yes, you can turn a tow ball mount upside down for towing, but it is not recommended. Doing so can put unnecessary stress on the tow ball mount and cause it to break or come loose.

Can you reverse a ball hitch?

Yes, you can reverse a ball hitch. This is done by first removing the ball from the hitch, then flipping it over and reinserting it into the hitch. This will reverse the direction that the ball is facing, and thus the direction that the trailer will be pulled.

Towever 84180 2 inches Class III/IV Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount with Hook (Hollow Shank, Black&Chrome) Review:

This is a vital necessity if you have many trailers with various ball sizes. No longer necessary to keep two or three receivers in your car. Pull the pin, adjust the size with the flip, and you're done. Very helpful if you need to rent a trailer but are unsure of the ball size.I also adore the hook!The tubing should be constructed of heavier duty/thicker stock, which is the only drawback and the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars.

Black Boar ATV/UTV Mount with Hitch Winch Strap Loop (2" Ball 1 1/4" Shank) (66024) Review:

An excellent heavy duty, high quality hitch that I can use with my trailer, a yard cart, and a tow line in general. received in around 6 weeks. The largest problem might be the 1 1/4's overall size "shank. It wouldn't fit in my ATV receiver, unfortunately. To compare it to Harbor Freight's 1 1/4" receiver, I removed the receiver "shank receivers and hitches. Their size was 1 1/4 "My receiver might be contributing to the issue because I was able to insert an adaptor, but it was very tight and I almost couldn't pull it out. I couldn't find a 1 1/4 "somewhere else to contrast with the Camco hitch as a receiver. Not sure where the problem resides because I couldn't discover any reference standards indicating what the intended size of the shank or receiver should be. If my receiver was the problem, I would give it a 5. With the help of an angle grinder, I was able to repair the damage by rounding off the corners, removing roughly 1/64th of an inch from all sides, and repainting. Works flawlessly now.

CURT 45056 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount with 2-Inch Trailer Ball & Hitch Pin, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 7,500 lbs. GTW, 4-Inch Drop Review:

a good hitch. On my 2009 F150 XLT, which has a front suspension levelling kit (which has bags in the rear), I use this to keep the rear at the proper height. For 90% of the items I've towed out there, I find that this height is appropriate. I'd advise tightening it up before you tow anything. When I got mine, it was a touch slack. Along with this, I used a locking pin. Premium 5/8" Key Receiver Lock Trimax T-3BLACK Rugged BLACK epoxy powder coat

CURT 45070 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 7,500 lbs. GTW, 1-Inch Ball Hole, 6-Inch Drop Review:

I've had to purchase this for a long. I have a lifted Jeep Wrangler with enormous mud tires, one of which is naturally on the back. I recently purchased a trailer that is almost always in use, and I was using a conventional 2 inch ball hitch from Napa, which offered me less than an inch of room when attaching or unhooking the trailer between the ball hitch and my large mud tire on the rear. ever once banged my hand against the trailer's tire. Ouch. Additionally, my trailer ended up tilting quite a bit backward, which looked sort of silly and made me concerned that items would fall out. I then began researching drop hitches, and this one here had good reviews and a reasonable price, so I decided to go with it. happy I did. provides me with enough of space between the Jeep tire and the hitch for much faster and less risky hitching. My trailer is now about level as well. The back tilt is still present, but it has significantly improved. It was a perfect fit and very simple to swap out the ball from my prior hitch (a two inch ball with an inch shaft). To be safe, I even retained my spare hitch, so now I have two.Overall, I heartily endorse. It seems quite sturdy and provided me with almost the perfect drop. Excellent fit, and given the raised structure of my jeep, I'm looking forward to simpler hitching because of the drop. I would buy from Curt again because of the excellent product and price.

Reese Towpower 21794 Class III Interlock Ball Mount, Black Review:

Strong, durable drawbar. Although it has a hollow insert, its quality is unaffected. Unless you want a capacity of more than 6000 pounds, you don't need a solid bar, and if you do, you won't be purchasing this one.Buyer beware It has 1 "hole for the ball's shank. Make certain to purchase a ball with a 1 "shank. Amazon included a ball in the package with a 3/4 inch diameter "shank. Don't apply it. Obtaining a 3/4 "You will next need to purchase a $10 bushing from the auto parts store to modify the shank ball. A 3/4" shank in a 1" hole will bang back and forth, eventually causing the shank to break and the ball (and trailer) to come loose from the tow vehicle. Failure to use the bushing might be fatal. I proceeded to Walmart, where the right ball was on the shelf for $7.88, and returned my original ball to Amazon.

Towever 84181 Class 3/4 Trailer Hitch Tri Ball Mount with Hook (Black, Hollow Shank), for Pickup Truck Hitch Receiver Review:

Purchased this to add an appropriate ball hitch to my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 (Hemi-8) vehicle. I purchased a pre-owned Jeep that was in excellent shape and had the tow package, but the ball/draw bar was missing. My 2000 Ford Explorer 4x4 needed to be towed out of a deep yard in the mud with a slight grade upwards as the first order of business. It had a fuel pump problem. I placed this ball hitch on the Jeep with the hook upright after purchasing a suitable 10,000 pound tow strap with hooks on the ends. Keep in mind that this hitch does not come with a drive pin/cotter pin, so make sure to get one separately if you don't already have one. That nearly killed me because the Jeep also lacked the drive/cotter pin. I then went ahead and symmetrically attached the two strap hook ends to the Ford's front frame beneath, and I just draped the strap over the hitch hook loosely to let it find its own center when pulling. Worked perfectly; the hook and strap held, and the Ford was driven away in under ten minutes. There is no need for a locking or keyed drive pin head because it is removed and stored when not in use, thus I am not aware of any rust issues. served my purposes wonderfully, and if I ever needed to haul a trailer, I would have all the standard sizes on one draw bar today. Quite cool!

CURT 45030 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 7,500 lbs. GTW, 1-Inch Ball Hole, 2-Inch Drop, 3/4-Inch Rise Review:

American made.In my 2" Receiver, this ball mount works perfectly. There isn't any slop like the generic brand I use for another use. The 2" ball was securely fastened with just enough room for a simple bolt in. It's not necessary to start the unit rusting by removing the powder coating in order to attach the ball.The 1 1/2" box end and enormous adjustable wrenches I required to properly torque the ball to this mount were lent to me by my helpful neighborhood Autozone.

MaxxHaul 70380 Black/Chrome Adjust Dual Ball Mount Review:

The campus where I work has a variety of trailers with both 2" and 2 5/16" hitch sizes. I grew weary of going to connect a trailer and discovering that the ball I had was the wrong size. With a lot of irritation and little success, I would frequently have to look for the other size and try to determine where my other staff believed the optimum storage location would be. It was easy to remedy this. Both sizes are there and simple to switch between. The issue with the newest Chevy Suburbans having a significantly higher hitch mounting point was also resolved by this. Our trailers can now be carried at a leveler height. The only drawback I can think of right now is that the chrome finish chips off quite readily, and when it does, the ball begins to rust.

MaxxHaul 70067 8-Position Adjustable Ball Mount - 5000 lbs. GTW Capacity Review:

This is by far the greatest hitch I've ever had. It appears to be well-made, looks fantastic on my lifted Jeep, and performs well. I must admit, though, that I detested it when it was first put. Although I did not tow anything with it while it was loose like this, it appeared to be very loose in the receiver, as mentioned in other reviews. It appears that it would have to make some noise, especially for larger trailers. To be fair, it is the exact same size as other hitches I had lying around when I compared the outer dimensions. So how did I change from loving to hating? I made a few additions. The first was a 2 inch Hitch Clamp Heavy Duty from Amazon, which has a one-bolt design and is simple to install or remove. As a result, the hitch is completely immobile and appears to be welded to the truck. Then I purchased two Trimax T-3BLACK Premium 5/8" Key Receiver Locks, one for the Jeep and the other for the adjustable arm. Using at least one 5/8 x 3 1/2 bolt and lock nut would be another choice for the arm movement, however I tow several trailers and needed a quicker way to adjust the height.I do a lot of research before I buy anything since I'm picky about design, use, and durability. This unit's design is fantastic, especially the weld spots, additional steel plate on the top corner, and thick powder coating. Therefore, even if the clamp hitch tightener and locks cost more, I'm really delighted with the device and would definitely suggest it.

Uriah Products UT623410 Adjustable Aluminum Mount with 3 Interchangeable Balls-6" Drop Review:

First off, it's clear that the maker paid attention and made some crucial adjustments. The allen bolts that solely held the hitch balls on one side are no longer present. In order to solve the issue of bolts breaking, there is now a through hole in the ball stem and a larger diameter pin that goes all the way through. Additionally, there is plenty of space today, even with the 2 5/16" ball.This assembly appears to be sturdy and well-built at first glance. I just wish the vertical, movable piece had a solid back as opposed to a C shape. Seems to be a pointless weakness. Everything was expertly done and seamlessly fit together. It requires no special tools to assemble. It worked well in my application, a bagged 1986 C30 Chevy, where I needed to use it as a rise rather than a drop. Without complaining, I pulled my elevated 1990 V2500 suburban in a car carrier (about 7750lbs total). I prefer the locking pins' security (my were keyed alike) and the strength of the adjustable sections' two pins as opposed to other designs that just have one.For the price, it appears quite difficult to top.My only complaints are that it doesn't fit very snugly in my truck's receiver and that the vertical portion indicated above doesn't completely wrap around the main pillar. Despite these issues, I'm still delighted with the purchase and would do it again. If there are any issues, I'll update.

Do you need a ball mount to tow a trailer?

No, you don't need a ball mount to tow a trailer. You can use a trailer hitch without a ball mount, but you'll need to use a trailer hitch with a ball mount if you want to tow a trailer with a trailer hitch.

Does Ball Mount length matter?

No, ball mount length does not matter. As long as the ball mount is the correct size for the trailer hitch receiver, the length of the ball mount will not affect performance.

How can I raise the height of my tow ball?

There are a few ways that you can raise the height of your tow ball. One way is to use a tow ball mount that has an adjustable shank. This will allow you to raise or lower the tow ball to the desired height. Another way is to use a spacer between the tow ball mount and the trailer hitch. This will also raise the tow ball to the desired height.

How do I choose the right ball mount?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right ball mount for your vehicle. First, you need to know the tongue weight (TW) of your trailer, which is the weight pressing down on the hitch. Second, you'll need to know the gross trailer weight (GTW), which is the total weight of your trailer and its contents. Once you have these numbers, you can select a ball mount with a maximum tongue weight that's greater than your TW, and a maximum GTW that's greater than your GTW. In addition to weight capacity, you'll also

How do I know what size ball hitch I need?

If you're towing a trailer, you need to know two things: how much your trailer weighs, and how much weight your vehicle can tow. Once you know those numbers, you can determine the size of ball hitch you need. There are three sizes of ball hitches: 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches, and 2 5/16 inches. The size of hitch you need is based on the weight of your trailer. If your trailer weighs less than 2,000 pounds, you'll need a 1 7/8-inch ball hitch. If

How high should a hitch ball be off the ground?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific vehicle and trailer combination. However, as a general rule of thumb, the hitch ball should be approximately level with the trailer coupler when the trailer is properly hitched. This will ensure proper clearance between the trailer and the ground, and minimize the risk of the trailer becoming disconnected from the hitch.