Best Toddler Dollhouse Sets in 2020

Fisher-Price Little People the Helpful Neighbor's Garage Review:

Its small and compact but lots of fun if you have garage and elevator obsessed kiddos.

Real bell chime is nice.

Some people complained about this on the reviews. I've played with this. No issues. Keeps kids engaged and happy. I love that its not electronic with silly sounds and flashing lights. I would not hesitate to buy again. Its high quality, good price and keeps kids engaged. They seem to market to younger kids but older kids like it also!

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home Review:

I searched for a long time for a dollhouse that was gender neutral and age appropriate for my 2.5yr old son. I ended up buying the Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home (with the teal roof) and am so glad I did! My son LOVES this doll house. He uses it mainly with his animal figures and calls it his "dog house." He really enjoys having his animals go up and down the stairs and all the extra rooms to fit his toys in. I enjoy that it encourages basic living skills such as washing hands, using the toilet, and cleaning up.
My only issue is that the stickers on the outside of the house came partially missing, but I'm sure I'm the only one who notices!
This set pairs great with the other Fisher Price Little People play sets.

LIRS TOYS 30-pcs: Magnetic Blocks, Magnetic Tiles, Building Blocks Set for Kids/Toddlers Age 3+.Creativity & Educational Toys for Boys/Girls.Premium 3D Review:

Lirs TOYS 30-pcs: Magnetic Blocks, Magnetic Tiles, Building Blocks Set For Kids/Toddlers age 3+.Creativity & Educational Toys for Boys/Girls.Premium 3D
I bought these for my grandson's 4th birthday. This is the best money I have ever spent on him. He loves them and plays with them for hours at a time. I have never found anything that could hold his attention for any length of time until he received these magnetic blocks.
The magnetic force is strong enough to hold up to almost anything. I am wheel chair bound and when I accidentally ran over one instead of it breaking to a million pieces, it attracted to the medal of the chair and flipped itself to safety. I was never so pleased with any toy that I have gotten him.
I love all of the learning aspects these blocks bring to the table too. Shape, colors, science, and 3D design are just a few things that we have been working on with the magnets. Then there is the endless hours of play with them that he so enjoys.
My only thought that could improve the product is that there be more than 2 different shapes of them designed and that there be more of them in the packaging.

Green Toys House Playset Review:

I cannot say enough about how incredible these toys are and how much I love this company! I've been buying those toys for years and have always taken good care of them, but for the first time we lost a piece. I asked green toys customer service if I could buy a replacement and instead they offered to replace it for free. It made my three year old cry with joy! I love how extremely sturdy these toys are, they are played with in the water, sand, dirt, and taken everywhere. Easy to clean and will outlast most other toys. I hope to keep handing these toys down for generations to come! This doll house is the best so far! Plenty of play space and adorable furniture and car. The stair design is the only drawback because it falls off easy, so we easily found a solution by using those new velcro like strips you buy at home depot. Now it sticks on easy with no problem. My child didn't like that the car only fits one mouse, but we fixed that by just pulling out a green toys car from another set. It keeps my 3 and 6 year old occupied for hours now. Thank you Green Toys, keep the new ideas coming!

Simba 109301632 Masha Bear's House Playset, Multicolor Review:

The house is nice and my 4 year old and 2 year old are having fun playing with it. However, the pieces are very small and the house comes apart too easily. I am constantly having to reattach parts! Young children are oftentimes too rough with delicate things and this toy requires gentle handling from small fingers trying to manipulate even smaller parts so it doesn't work out too well. At least it's plastic so the tot isn't ruined. It would be nice if all the pieces were larger so my boys were able to touch it without the house falling apart

Costzon Dollhouse, Toy Family House with 13 pcs Furniture, Play Accessories, Cottage Uptown Doll House, Doll Playhouse Cottage Set Review:

 I love this dollhouse and it fits my girl’s Barbie perfectly. Her Barbie is half size than the regular size one. The whole thing took me about 2.5 hours to assemble it. It will take less time if you have more hands working on it. I think the instructional manual is very straight forward. However, you will need a short screwdriver for some parts. I am so glad that I didn’t have to assemble any of the tiny furnitures. My girl is very happy to play with it. Even though she is only 2 and half.

UniHobby DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Time Apartment DIY Dollhouse Kit with Wooden Furniture Light Gift House Toy Review:

 Very impressed with this house, its a harder than what I expected! I used half a month to complete it. But I'm really enjoy it and make a lot fun to me. Every part of it is too tiny, must be according the instructions. I print my tiny photo hang on the wall of the bedroom. But I messed up the color of the pool lights and the room lights. This is a challenge for my big hands. I used all my patience. But when I finish it the feeling is awesome. I will recommend it to my friends.

ROBOTIME Dollhouse DIY Kit Miniature Studio with Light DIY House Toy Gifts for Adults and Teens Review:

I just finished building this and it turned out great. I got “Cathy’s Flower House” and I plan on ordering more. The directions were overall very clear and easy to follow, and very precise. Every single teeny tiny piece was accounted for and the directions even tell you which bag to find them in. The sheet showing the outline of each wooden piece labeled with the part number is so smart and makes assembling everything worry free. I only took off one star because there were 1 or 2 steps for building the little flowers and other interior accessories that were slightly unclear, or where they forgot to include the precise dimensions that pieces needed to be cut. Everything still turned out fine because I was able to use common sense and the previous directions to fill in the gaps. There were even extras of many of the flower-making materials, so I was able to create a few little plants and bouquets of my own design to add in. They include some simple tools (a tweezer and a paint brush) and give you a list of suggested additional tools that you supply yourself, such as a small ruler (everything is in metric), scissors, needle-nose pliers, a pencil, small binder clips (to hold little pieces together while they dry), and a utility knife. The only thing I would add to that list is an x-acto knife and plenty of refill blades; it made cutting all the small paper pieces easy and much more accurate. I used an old kitchen cutting board underneath to protect my table. I would also suggest having some small, cheap paint brushes on hand to spread a thin and even layer of glue on the paper and wooden pieces. They include two kinds of glue, but I bought a variety sampler pack of Aleene’s craft glues and used those as well because I didn’t really feel like the amount they provided was enough. I honestly loved this kit, and now I’m debating which one I want to try next!

Flever Dollhouse Miniature DIY House Kit Creative Room with Furniture for Romantic Valentine's Gift-Shinning Star Review:

This is my third kit and my plan is to buzz through every kit they make. These are so very intricate and you need a lot of patience. I have a few suggestions:
1. Get a stand alone magnifying glass. You will be able to see much better since these kits are half the size of normal kits (which are 1:12)
2. Get a really sharp exacto knife. You need this to cut out the paper items, which are very small.
3. They can't ship glue overseas, and I've read a few reviews complaining about that. Suck it up. Go buy your own. Get Elmer's for regular gluing and Alene's tacky glue for when you glue fabric. Use small brushes to brush the glue on. I don't recommend wood glue, as it dries very intact and if you need to gently take the item apart and reset, you run the risk of breaking the item pieces apart and ruining the pieces.
4. This is the one thing I wish I would have figured out earlier: some of the items are also printed on paper. This means if you have, say, fabric that is labeled C23, there is also a section of paper labeled C23 and you need to find the tracer on that paper and use that tracer for the fabric (or picture frame, etc) in the next step. Download the Google translate app on your phone and you can easily decipher what each tracer says on the paper.
I love these kits and the amount of enjoyment I get from them far outweighs the amount of time it takes to make the kits. In fact, that's what makes it so much fun.

I have also found missing parts and the company has always been responsive in getting back to me to send the parts. So don't worry about that.
All in all, these are so worth the money and if you enjoy miniatures and a challenge, these are for you.

UniHobby DIY Dollhouse Kit with Dust Proof Cover 1:24 Scale Wooden DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Toy Gift Review:

Attic Dream is a great kit that is in the style of a modern apartment. It is a fun kit for older children and adults and contains everything you need to complete the project. All you need is a pair of scissors, a ruler and glue. Tweezers are helpful for small items. I always glue each finished item in place as you would in a diorama.

I have put together quite a few kits, and this is a high quality kit. The wall covering and other paper items are printed on good, thick, glossy paper. The paper templates help to cut fabric items to the right size. The dust cover pieces are included. The instruction book is in English and has good, clear photos for each step. There is a photo and ID for each item in the kit at the beginning of the instruction book so that in the instruction section you can find the proper piece for each step. These kits are relaxing, fun, creative, and produce a beautiful finished display!