Best Television Replacement Parts in 2020

Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting - USB LED TV Backlight with Color, Adhesive RGB Strip Lights with Wireless Remote & Built-in Controller - XX-Large (60"-80" TV) Review:

At first I wasn't sure this was a good purchase. Didn't see the usual usb connector though it wasn't gonna work. Man, was I was wrong! It has a flat blade connector that plugs right in the usb slot. You will need ample access to at least 75% of the back of the tv for installation. If it's on a stationary mount installation could be difficult. I have my 75" on a extendable swivel type mount abouve my fireplace. Pro tip: plug into the usb and power check the lumidoodle. Turn off the tv and begin the installation. I went down from the usb connection to where the lighting would start illuminating, and went clockwise around the TV. my lumidoodle is 2" in from the bottom and top, and 3" in from both sides.
when it comes to the corners you will need to route and flip the light stip into a bend not a 90 degree, but close. Lumidoodle light stip ended exactly where I began. So, it FIT PERFECTLY around the TV. The Adheasive is 3M type double sidded tape. It'll stay real good for a long time.
Lumidoodle powers on and off with the TV. When TV is tuned off the lumidoodle stays on for about 5 seconds and then shutts off.
Remote is great to have but not needed on a regualr basis. I use about 2-3 colors total, out of 15. Green/Red for Football Blue for most everything else and maybe purple once in a while. Dimming is also a great feature.
My only complaint is the play mode button on the remote. When pushed it cyles through all colors constantly. I don't think anyone uses that while watching tv. Maybe it's there for DEMO purposes.
Friends give me compliments on how cool it makes a big tv look in the room on the wall. Check it out, I highly recommend it.

New Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip 1910-6143W Review:

I have a Samsung HLT6187SAX 61-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV (Old Version) that I purchased on January of 2008. This TV has been great for all these years and has lasted longer than I could have ever imagined. During these years I've only had to replace a cooling fan. However about three months ago, I noticed a white dot on the screen while watching TV. It was annoying, but bearable. However over time more white dots appeared on the screen. Depending on the picture on the screen, these dots would be either white or black. (White on a dark background, Black on a light background) Also while watching TV I could literally see pixels flickering only to see it turn into another white/black dot in a few days. I went from one dot to about 30 in a few weeks. I ended up buying this chip two months ago, but never got around to installing it until today. The chip came well packaged in a small compact cardboard box, and the chip itself was in an anti-static bag.

Watching a very helpful Youtube video I was able to get the failing DLP chip replaced with very little issue. The process was long and tedious, but there was nothing terribly difficult about the install. All I needed was a good Philips head screwdriver, arctic silver thermal paste, and quite a bit of patience. When working with an expensive piece of equipment its always best to take your time, check, double check, and triple check, before proceeding to the next step. Also I have found that taking pictures before disconnecting things and marking wires are very helpful when having to put things back together.

About an hour later I got everything back together and was finally able to see if the replacement worked. I'm happy to report that replacing the DLP Chip completely fixed the white dot issue. My picture looks flawless and seems to look as good as when I first took it out the box over six years ago.

When I first got these dots I dreaded calling a repairman knowing I would be charged hundreds of dollars, but when I saw that all I needed was this chip and how relatively simple the install was I decided to do it myself. Now I have a fixed TV and kept $300 - $600 in my pocket by not having to pay a repairman's ripoff labor fees.

If you have a white dot issue that so many are reporting as their TV's age, I am highly confident replacing the DLP chip will resolve your issue. Just make sure you verify in the product description that it will work for your TV.

Note: There are multiple sellers for this item. I got mine from ShopJimmy, they may cost a little more, but they also have a great warranty (180 days).

Note about installation on Samsung TV's
My install was done on a Samsung HLT6187S, but this note may apply to other Samsung models as well. After you expose the board where you will install your new DLP Chip, you may see three screws behind the board. Do not turn these screws, as they adjust the Horizontal, Vertical, and sharpness of your picture. If your picture is already properly adjusted, then you do not need to even touch these screws. I have added a picture of the board to further illustrate what I am talking about.

Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting, USB TV and Monitor Backlight LED Strip Lights Kit with Dimmer, Remote - 6.6 ft for 24" to 60" TV - Medium Review:

I've had this for a little over a week and have played around with all the different colors. I gotta say the orange/yellow is my go to backlight. The white is beautiful but I have some insomnia issues and the white tended to keep me more awake prior to bedtime. I bought the medium with the wireless remote and 15 colors for my 55" and it covers about 3/4 of the back installed about 4" inside the exterior edge. My tv is on a stand so the size is perfect. My tv has 2 USB ports. When I used port 1 the remote wouldn't work. Port 2 works great but neither of them power on/off with the tv so I'm really glad I got the unit with the multiple color options and remote. I also tried tucking the remote transmitter tight to the tv and found the remote had difficulty communicating but when I let it hang naturally it works perfectly. If you are on the fence about purchasing go for it, you'll be glad you did. The photos show some of the available colors (which are also dimable) my walls aren't white so the white leds come across slightly green in the photos but they really are white.

Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting - USB LED TV Backlight with Color, Adhesive RGB Strip Lights with Wireless Remote & Built-in Controller - X-Large (41"-59" TV) Review:

- I bought the XL size (13.1 feet) for my 55" TCL 55P605 (2017 Best Buy version of the TV) and holy wow did it fit perfectly. I tried not to get my hopes up that it would be complete coverage until I had completely laid it out and taped it to the back of my TV with painter's tape, then I got stoked. It was so perfect, see pictures.
- Squiggly ribbon geometry on the LED strip makes folding those perfect 90 deg corners much easier if you fold it at the biggest squiggliest part.
- Brightness is good enough for me and color choices are also good enough. I plan to leave it on the soft white preset color, top right color on the remote. Next best color is the light orange color. I kind of wish there was another, darker orange between the light orange and the deep red.
- Remote is RF so you don't need line-of-sight to make it work and your IR TV remote won't mess with it. Pro tip, keep the little plastic strip that blocks the battery contact and put it back in when you're not using the remote so the battery doesn't drain. Color the end of it red with a sharpie so you don't lose it when it's out.
- In-line controls are a bit fiddly to get to on the back of the TV but it helps if you stick the controller in place with some 3M VHB tape. Read the instructions to figure out how to control all the modes and brightness with just the 3 buttons.
- Gets 5 stars for now, hopefully this product lasts a long time since the fit and appearance is basically perfect on my TV. If it fails prematurely I will update this review.

- This product has the 5050 LED chips, which are the larger combined elements that each contain smaller R/G/B LEDs, opposed to the older 3528 style which has separate elements on the strip for each color. The 5050 chips on this strip give nice uniform colors and none of that annoying color shadow effect. The strip itself is white and the elements are bare (i.e. NO silicone covering) but that allows you to fold the corners neatly into 90 deg angles.
- There are a few different folding options for making 90-deg corners. If you are careful to fold the correct direction you can make sure that the nearest LED element to the corner ends up on TOP of the stack and therefore avoids casting shadows on the wall. I got really lucky and all 4 corners of my TV ended up with an LED almost exactly in the corner so the backlight coverage is amazing and a complete border. I didn't stick the strip all the way down in 2 corners so that the LED would face straight back instead of angled in towards the middle of the TV (see pics).
- For installation, this TCL 55P605 had a border along both sides and the top that was perfectly the width of this LED strip... like they were made for each other. Along the bottom was less perfect and required some bridging up and over a few protruding sections but it came out fine (see pics).
- The strip ends overlapped by about one 3" section, which I decided to leave on instead of cutting off. Can't notice any brighter spot from the front so I will leave it.
- Use some double-sided tape to hold the in-line controller to the back of the TV and keep it from drooping and twisting off the LED strip.
- If you are curious about whether this TCL TV can power this strip, which claims to need 5V/1A in the setup sheet (although it clearly says 5V/0.8A on the packaging), it absolutely can. TCL does NOT give a max power rating to their USB ports, but it powers this XL LED strip just as bright as plugging it into a USB wall adapter.
- I also use a chromecast (original 720p version, I know it's old) that came with a wall adapter that outputs a max of 850mA (although it probably doesn't draw much more than like 500-600mA). I previously had this plugged into the TV's only USB port so that it turns off with the TV and doesn't stay on all the time, heating the electronics 24/7. I experimented with using a USB splitter to allow both the Luminoodle LED strip and the chromecast to draw power from my TV's single USB port and... it worked. Lights don't seem any dimmer with the Chromecast plugged in and streaming, and the chromecast works fine with no issues.
- At max I am drawing 1.85A through that single USB port, which seems like a lot for a TV port unless it's rated to run a HDD or something in which case it might be rated to 1.5-2.0A, but again TCL doesn't specify the power rating. I'm guessing the LED strip is only drawing 0.8A per the packaging (they say you need a 1.0A rated port, but most products only draw ~80% of the rated port for safety) and the chromecast is probably drawing about 0.6A max when streaming for a total of 1.4A, which seems like a reasonable load the TV should be able to handle. I don't use the chromecast all that often since the TV has a Roku built in but I will leave them both plugged in and see if any issues arise. Hopefully that only USB port doesn't get fried...

- I went back and forth between this product and one of the others with 4 pre-cut strips but eventually decided to get this one with the one long strip that would require corner folding and/or end cutting with hopes that I could buy a larger size and get full edge coverage on my 55" TV. The chances of getting an absolutely perfect corner-to-corner coverage with any pre-cut strip package seemed quite low, and those kits had several wires to deal with instead of just the one with this kit. Long story short, this Luminoodle product worked out perfectly for my 55" TV.
- If you have a TV larger than a 55", you might be able to get a full rectangle of coverage with the XL size of this product but you will definitely need to offset the lights in from the edge of the TV by several inches, which will give you a dimmer backlight appearance. For any 55" TV this should be able to give you pretty much perfect edge coverage, depending on how thick the bezels are, but make sure to lay it out and fold it gently before actually sticking it on for keeps. This product still seems like it's the most flexible and will give you the best chance of making a custom setup for your TV, regardless of size, opposed to any pre-cut package.
- The one benefit of the pre-cut strips featured on some other products is that they can be the waterproof version of the LED strip encased in a continuous silicone bead which is not necessarily beneficial for waterproofness when mounted on a TV but those strips also tend to be more durable since you can't break off any of the electronic components (I've knocked off LEDs from the non-sealed strips so be careful). These waterproof strips CANNOT be bent into nice 90 degree corners, however, so you don't really have a good option for getting perfect edge coverage with one long, continuous strip like you do with this Luminoodle product.

Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting - 15 Color LED TV Backlight with Remote - USB Light Strip Kit for Home Theater Ambient Lighting - Large (30" - 40" TV) Review:

I was so excited to install this onto my TV. I’ve seen TVs with these installed and they do make a big difference. Came packaged nicely and was really easy to install since my tv is on a pull out wall mount. I made one mistake and didn’t test it out first. (As it instructs you to do) I just very carefully mapped it out, stuck it to my tv, plugged it in and.....I only got the first 4 lights to work. After further inspection I found a small tear in the tape circuit after the 4th light. I understand things like this happen and I am currently contacting Power Partical to see what they can do. I’m going to be very sad if they try to blame me. I will update my review once I get my issue resolved.

Wow! Power Practical really got on the ball, they are already sending me a new one without argument. All I did was send them a simple Email with the problem description and order number from amazon and they responded to me the next day with a shipment confirmation for the replacement. That’s a fine example of Great customer service, didn’t even have to speak to anyone. I will be sure to post an update.

Got the replacement fast! And this one works 100% makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Thanks so much Power Practical for making this all an easy process!!

Goodman PCBBF112S Control Board Review:

I was receiving an error code of three blinks and noticed that if I applied pressure to the wiring harness the heater would work properly. I looked up the board and notice several of the reviewers were having the same problem I had. I ordered the board which came well packaged. I was a little apprehensive because of the differences in the boards and the fact that here in Oklahoma the weather had began to warm up. However when I plugged the board up the red light was solid, the heater fired up, and the unit worked like a charm. Since the installation we have had a couple of extremely cold weather weeks and all is well. Hopefully this board will last longer than the five years the original board lasted.

New Remote Controller XRT122 fit for VIZIO Smart TV D32-D1 D32H-D1 D32X-D1 D39H-D0 D40-D1 D40U-D1 D55U-D1 D58U-D3 D60-D3 E32H-C1 E40-C2 E40X-C2 E43-C2 E48-C2 E50-C1 E55-C1 E65-C3 E65X-C2 E70-C3 Review:

I needed a replacement remote for my D-40 vizio 40" smartTV in my bedroom. While doing laundry my original remote somehow ended up in the washer machine. Without the remote I was unable to access my amazon video or Netflix services through my smart TV without the remote. So I decided to purchase this replacement which is the exact same model that came with the TV. It worked perfectly right out the box (didnt come with batteries). No programming was needed. I'm pleased with my purchase.

Samsung BN39-01154W CBF Signal Review:

I needed a way to hook up a Nintendo WII to my Samsung UN46D7000 smart tv. This cable was perfect. To play the WII I also needed this part, "Fosmon Component HD AV Cable to HDTV-EDTV," which has 5 conjoined cables (1 blue, 1 green, 2 red, and one white). When you connect the 2 component cable components together just match up the colors and voila you can use your WII on your smart tv. From the tv brochure I believe this part will also work for the UN60D7000 and UN55D7000 sized tvs in the same Samsung D7000 series.

Samsung BN39-01154P Cbf Signal-Rf Ntsc Review:

The adapter fit a Samsung LED tv but unfortunately the tv was purchased overseas and it won't pick up any channels in the USA. I was hopeful I could use the antenna to pick up free HD channels avoid having to get cable, but am now returning the adapter as it has no use to me if the tv doesn't work using an antenna. Generally annoyed with Samsung but it's not the fault of the adapter. :-)

Samsung BN96-35817G Assy Board P-One Connect Mini Review:

Ordered Thursday. Got it Saturday. And so far it's working perfectly. Thanks. Model # on my tv is UN65JU7100F for buyers that's curious. Its working.