Best Teaspoons in 2020

Most complete Moscow mule kit – Do not overpay, 7 extra items come with the mugs. 2x16OZ Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with Jigger, Spoons, Coasters and Copper straws in a gift box. Moscow mule gift set. Review:

The seller was shocked that my glasses showed up in the condition they did. They were immediately responsive and not only refunded my entire purchase price, but offered to let me keep the unbroken glass and send me two new glasses as well! Unfortunately, I had already returned the original glasses, but the new glasses are gourgeous and perfect! The seller did an amazing job of keeping me informed and of fixing the problem with no hesitation. I am very pleased and now I own two beautiful martini glasses.
Original review:
These glasses are beautiful. I've been really excited about them coming. However, they should at least be centered. As you can see in the photos, the glass on the left is significantly lopsided.
This makes it incredibly difficult to pour or drink a good martini without spilling a good portion of it. I'm very dissatisfied.
I'm surprised, considering the amazing quality of these hand crafted glasses. I hope others don't have the same experience. I'm wishing I'd saved a few bucks and just purchased the glass ones.

AnSaw 8 Pcs Flower Spoon Set, Stainless Steel Reusable Tea Scoops Stirring Spoon Coffee Spoon Mixing Spoon Sugar Dessert Cake Spoon Ice Cream Spoons Tableware for Tea Partie (length:4.9 inch, Rainbow) Review:

Very cute and pretty well made flower spoon set that has many uses! This is s a fun set that gives you enough pretty flower spoons with four different flowers to use as gifts or party favors for your next gathering of friends! The spoons stir and also are great for adding sugar or other flavors to any cup of tea or coffee. They are fancy enough to go with china or used for everyday. I washed mine in the dishwasher without any of the rainbow coloring being affected. So wonderful! They would also may cute ice cream or dessert spoons. They are lightweight and very portable too! So I highly recommend this cute flower spoon 8 piece set. They are a nice addition to any house warming kitchen!

Hiware 12-piece Good Stainless Steel Teaspoons, 6.1 Inches Review:

The bowls in these teaspoons are larger than the teaspoons we use now but I like that they are. They are a good replacement for the "everyday" spoons we constantly destroy in the garbage disposal. A bit too big for a "tea cup" or demitasse but just right for a mug of coffee. They are quite substantial and they don't bend under normal use. I noticed another review mentioning they did not have sharp edges but with the ones I received some of the edges feel a bit "sharp", not so sharp that they cut your fingers but I can definitely feel the difference between them and some more expensive ones. Some of them also had machine marked/scratched edges, from a stamping press and sanding I assume, not overly noticeable unless you are looking for it. They're not a replacement for the "good" flatware but work great for everyday use. Fewer stars if they were being compared to some other, more expensive, teaspoons but at under a dollar each that I paid, definitely 5 stars and well worth the money. I'll buy more when it's time.

Artaste 59311 Rain 18/10 Stainless Steel Teaspoon, 6.25-Inch, Set of 12 Review:

I bought the spoons and they are really very nice. Simple, elegant design, very high shine. All the edges are smooth and polished. These are extremely nice and the price is appealing too. I read reviews on lower priced pieces and decided to put out the extra money for a more quality piece. I needed to replace some of my teaspoons from my Reed and Barton set that were missing. The pattern of the handle is nowhere close to a match but I like the simplicity of these. My only complaint, and it is a very minor one, is that the bowl of the spoon doesn't seem to be quite as deep as my other teaspoons. I say it's a minor complaint because I don't use them for measuring when baking/cooking so it doesn't need to be accurate....that's what measuring spoons are for.

These spoons came beautifully packaged in a nice sturdy, elegant box. Inside, a printed card with info on the manufacturer, a thin foam insert covering the spoons which were each placed in a plastic sleeve and banded together inside a larger plastic sleeve. They're 18/10 mirror finish stainless steel. I recommend these if you're looking for flatware.

Oneida Flatware Flight Dinner Spoons, Set of 4 (2865004D) Review:

Somehow these spoons are attracted to the garbage disposal. They like to slip down the sink, hide right under the drain flap, and just as soon as I turn on the disposal I hear that horrible metal on metal fight. After giving several of my spoons *character* it was time to replace them. Even those these weren't listed as a Prime item, they were still free shipping (to Hawaii, no less!) I received them faster than the other items in my order, which were Prime. The spoons are wonderfully brand new, scratch free, and a perfect match to the rest of my Flight set. I purchased mine through Finest Flatware, and I'll definitely be ordering any other replacements through them.

Eslite 12-Piece Stainless Steel Teaspoon,6.7-Inches Review:

I needed perhaps as many as 24 teaspoons for my 10-person dinner party for appetizers and dessert. Plastic was not acceptable, nor was washing spoons between courses. I know, of course, that it's unlikely that every guest will choose a spoon for appetizers and dessert, but still, the possible number exceeded my supply of 10 teaspoons. These teaspoons were PERFECT: exactly as described, and a respectable size and weight. Of course the patterns didn't match, but who cares? They blended right in with my own assorted teaspoons, some of which date back to the 1950's. A really good value from Amazon Prime!

Teavana Perfect Tea Spoon Review:

At first I didn't want to spend the money for another teaspoon as I already own a teaspoon on a ring with other measuring spoons. Then I realized that because my teaspoon was kept in the drawer, I tended to just eyeball the loose leaf tea as I placed it in the steamer ball. The taste was perfect everytime! Still, I thought if I had a measuring spoon with my tea stuff in the corner counter I would probably use it. I ordered this one and have been using it for a week now. I can already tell that it is saving me money because I am using less tea leaves and the taste is still perfect. Wish I would have broken down and bought a second teaspoon to go in my tea corner a long time ago, could have saved me a lot of money...

Berglander Flatware Set 20 Piece, Stainless Steel With Titanium Colorful Plated, Multicolor Flatware Set, Silverware, Rainbow Color Cutlery Set Service For 4 Review:

Despite reading previous recent reviews where people had received silverware that was predominantly yellow I took a chance on these as my husband really wanted them. They arrived today and as per the recent posts, they were mostly yellow with a slight hint of blue or purple on the sides or very tips of the forks and spoons. The knives were actually rainbow colored, I'll give them that, and they are gorgeous but sadly the forks and spoons, not so much. I would send these back but my husband is happy with them so we'll keep them but I would have preferred to receive the product pictured in the description photos. Quality wise, they look great and seem sturdy. I have yet to run them through the dishwasher but I don't expect to have any problems there based on previous reviews. I do warn you though, if you are expecting rainbow colors and order around this time (Dec 2018), don't be surprised if you receive mostly yellow colored silverware.

Tramontina Pro Line 36 Teaspoons Commercial Grade Stainless Steel (1, A) Review:

Over time my silverware reserve was being depleted, maybe it was elves, ghosts, or whatever but my utensil situation was growing dire. I went to the store to try and replinish my collection only to find out that your typical mouth shovel runs around $1.20 on average, with an entire set being around $30+. Even the flimsy dollarstore eating devices were costing $1 a piece. Hopefully this glowing review will boost this product higher in the amazon search because it took me forever to find this. When I recieved these spoons I was impressed. Now these spoons aren't going to wow your guests with their looks, but they are very sturdy proper tools. Now you might be thinking 'woah, 36 spoons seems a little excessive...' STOP! 36 spoons is perfectly reasonable. Just imagine never needing to have to buy another spoon ever again (unless you collect spoons then follow your dreams). Anyways, this product gets a solid 5 stars. These are excellent mouth shovels and are well built.

4.9" Stainless Steel Teaspoon,Set of 6,Round Spoons Use for Home, Kitchen or Restaurant Review:

This is a good shape. Some spoons are uncomfortable on the corners of the mouth because they scrape or chafe. This spoon has a good, comfortable bowl shape and has a good handle length as well.
The reason I have knocked off a star and have sent it back is that the metal is very thin. It feels very thin, light and flimsy, and although I didn’t try for fear of damaging the product, it felt like the handle would bend at the part it joins the bowl of the spoon if I pushed down a little hard. If the material had been a little thicker I would definitely have kept the spoons