Best Tablet Chargers & Adapters in 2020

Ostrich AC Adapter Charger 24W 12V 2A for Surface RT Surface Pro 1 and Surface 2 1512 Charger Review:

Bought this charger a year ago for my wife's Surface Pro 2 and this second one now for my Surface 1 after the original failed. It has held very well at home and on several round the world trips. Charges as well as OEM and the junction of the cable to the connector works very well. That is the weakest point of the Microsoft charger. Two previous inexpensive chargers stopped working after short periods of time. Also like that it plugs directly to wall without an extra cable. Recommended

AC Charger for Samsung Chromebook 2 3 XE500C13 XE500C13-K03US XE501C13-K01US XE501C13-K02US XE500C12 XE303C12 Laptop PA-1250-98 BA44-00322A AA-PA3N40W AD-2612AUS PA-1250-96 Power Adapter Supply Cord Review:

My original Chromebook charger nib bent and broke, so I needed a replacement. In my opinion, this one is better than the Samsung one that came with the Chromebook. It's less bulky and definitely lighter which makes it easy to take with me wherever I carry my Chromebook. This is how Samsung should have made theirs. It probably wouldn't have been under the weight of that powerpack.

POWERADD Apple Certified iPhone 4 4s 3G 3GS iPad 1 2 3 iPod Touch Nano 30 Pin Charger USB Sync Cable Charging Cord Dock Adapter Data 4 Feet White Review:

After a bit of research I decided upon this particular product for the replacement of the OEM cord now damaged beyond repair. I applied three criterion in making my choice. One, the product needed to be appropriate for its intended application. Two, it needed to be Apple MFi Certified. And three, it needed to represent true value for the dollar. The Poweradd 30 Pin USB sync cord met or exceeded all three criteria. Also, it is of very good quality. Plus its extended length makes it more convenient to sync or recharge the unit. If I were to express one regret it would be that this product is not not Cat proof! Highly recommended brand. [Apple MFi Certified] Poweradd 30 Pin USB Charging and Sync Dock Connector Data Cable for iPhone 4S / 4, iPad 1 / 2 / 3, iPod Touch, iPod Nano - 4.0 Feet / 1.2 Meters (White)

Kindle Fire Fast Charger, (UL Listed) HZONE AC Adapter 2A Rapid Charger with 5.0 Ft Micro-USB Cable for Kindle Fire HD, HDX 6" 7" 8.9" 9.7", Fire 7 8 10 Tablet and Phone, Tab Power Supply Cord Black Review:

I purchased my Kindle for $35 dollars on Woot refurbished. It included a charging cord. I have read over 150 books on the devise until I manhandled the power cord and ordered the replacement. The new cord works as well as the original and I am pleased that I can continue to use the Kindle. Who knew that the most expensive electronic component on a Ki dle was the power cord. The cost for replacement was roughly 1/3 of the amount of my original purchase. I'm glad that it worked.

Surface Pro Charger, 44W 15V 2.58A Power Supply for Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/Surface Laptop 2/Surface Go & Surface Book (New Surface Pro Charger) Review:

So far so good, get the job done, comes with a longer cord that is very convenient, you can also use you old power plug(at your own risk) to have a shorter power cord, quality of construction looks better than the original one that came with the surface pro, would buy again.

PWR+ UL Listed Extra Long 6.5 Ft AC Adapter 2.1A Rapid Charger for Fast Charging Hd Hdx 6" 7" 8.9" 9.7" Tablet and Phone Tab Power Supply Cord - USA 2Y Warranty Review:

I bought one of these chargers in February and was completely pleased with it--a great cure for the short charger cord that came with my new 10-inch Kindle. I am disabled and order groceries and household items and generally try to keep up with what's going on in the outside world all on my Kindle and I loved this charger. It's fast, has a long cord, and a blue light that guides me like an airport beacon to my bedside in the dark. But after the return period expired so did my cord. The black sheath separated from the plug on the Kindle end exposing the wires and they quickly began to fray. I was pretty disappointed when I had to toss it in the trash. I didn't really expect much when I decided to complain to PWR+ about the problem with the cord, but I complained anyway. I think if you're getting ready to write someone a bad review you should at least let them know in advance that you had a problem, even though most companies nowadays have terrible customer service. To my pleasant surprise, PWR+ jumped right on my complaint immediately. They worked this out with me via Amazon, and zipped a new charger out to me ASAP. I am so pleased with this company's response to a very small customer like me and I can't say enough good about them. They have earned my loyalty and I won't hesitate to order from them again.Good job, PWR+!!!
(By the way, I have been watching the cord I was using as a stopgap measure, and I'm wondering if the fault might lie with my new Kindle. The charger plugs in at the top, and if you're using the Kindle while you're plugged in the angle seems to put a lot of strain on the connection. That can't be good for the cord or the plug-in on the Kindle. I'm going to be worried that my Kindle is gonna develop charging issues. I'm on my fifth one, and they can't seem to decide where the charging cord should plug in. I think the top is a pretty bad place for it. It's a nuisance, and maybe even a design flaw. Amazon needs to address this problem and fix it once and for all. I'm tired of having charging problems!)

Surface Pro 3 Charger Surface Pro 4 Charger, KINGDO 36W 12V 2.58A Power Supply Compatible Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 4 i5 i7 Surface Pro 5 Surface Laptop Include Carrying Pouch Review:

Just received the power supply yesterday for a surface pro 3. Kingdo went out of their way to package this well, leading me to believe there will be high quality in the rest of the product. The power supply has a longer cord to reach to the wall than the original, and also if you remove the power cord to the wall, the Kingdo came with a small adapter connecting right from the power supply to the wall plug directly (in case you do not need the power cord going to the wall) - I liked that. There is an LED to let you know it is connected and powering, there is also the USB connector in case you want to also charge your phone. The 12V line going to the surface from the supply seems to be just a bit better than the original as well. The original unit, after several years had an issue cracking exactly where the 12V line comes out of the power supply. To avoid this with my new KINGDO power supply I am applying a little tape so it can't bend as much at that spot. Very satisfied so far.

Surface 3 Charger 13W 5.2V 2.5A AC Power Adapter Charger Cord Replacement for Microsoft Surface 3, Model 1623 1624 1645 Tablet with USB Charging Port 4.9Ft Cable-1.5m Review:

This was a great price for this kind of cord. I really like the LED light because I know when it is charging and when it's not. I am a teacher and it's important that my students are able to easily plug their cords in without doing it too roughly and causing damage to the port. This cord snaps in easily and shows that it's charging so there's no guessing like the ones without the LED light.

Kindle Fire Charger [UL Listed] Compatible for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HD 8 10 Tablet and Phones Kids Edition Kindle Fire HD HDX 7” 8.9” Fire Stick Fast Rapid Charger Adapter with 5FT Charging Cable Cord Review:

I bought this as present to replace original that went out a long time ago. The third party chargers rarely last for more than a month and I wasn't going that route again. I've been buying Belkin chargers that work for at least 6 months, but decided to go with factory this time instead and thus far we're pleased. So far it has charged fast, stayed in well (some tend to wiggle unless it's device's ports), It has decent length cord and it's like original in case of resell.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) Tablet Adaptive Fast Charger Micro USB 2.0 Cable Kit! True Digital Adaptive Fast Charging uses dual voltages for up to 50% faster charging! Review:

Finally. A cord that will actually reach my tablet from the surge protector on the floor. The primary reason I purchased this one was for the cord length. The charger that came WITH my Samsung 10" tablet was very short. Frustrating. I had to open a drawer on my nightstand and lay the tablet in it (to be closer to the surge protector on the floor into which the other end of the charger was plugged). Would buy this again if I needed another. Wish it came in black but most electronics seem to come in white, which makes me ask WHERE ARE YOU ALL CHARGING YOUR UNITS - in the bathroom or the kitchen lol?!!!!