Best Table Salts in 2020

Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Seasonings Variety Pack of 3 - Mixed-Up Salt Pepper and Garlic Review:

We have used Jane’s Krazy salt for years so I was excited to try the others in this trio. The pepper is my favorite and my friends are now using it and the salt as well. We love to make avocado toast using Dave’s Killer Bread 21 grains and Jane’s salt and pepper. The pepper has the right blend of spices in it and I can’t get enough of it. I use it on everything! The garlic is good too but can be crunchy if it doesn’t have a chance to soften in a sauce or on hot foods. I wish the pepper was in the same sized shaker as the others!

Hoosier Hill Farm Prague Powder No.1 Pink Curing Salt, 2.5 Pound Review:

Advice to anyone using this product: do some math and use a gram scale. It is better to use less than more. Some of the more popular books actually have some ratios off, so just figure it out yourself. It's right on the package: 1 pound does 400 pounds of meat.

So considering their are 454 grams in a US pound, that translates to 1.135 grams per pound of food you are curing.

If you have a 5 pound slab 'o bacon you want to cure, then multiply (1.135 x 5) to come up with 5.11 grams, or simply 5 grams when rounded down.

Add that 5 grams to your kosher salt and sugar, and rub in good. Seal in ziplock bag (big 2 gallon bags on Amazon are easy to find) and cure for about a week or so, turning every other day to get all the sloshy stuff over the meat. Rinse real well, and optionally soak if you think it's too salty. Air dry for a bit (until tacky) and then smoke it at 300 until the internal temp is about 150. Done.

Work out the proportions for the salt/sugar "flavoring" part of the mixture to your own liking, but I think most books are way too salty. YMMV.

I've bought both the 1 and 2.5 pound version of this curing salt. Chemically it's the same as other curing salts, so nothing special there. The advantages of this brand are price and the convenience of the plastic tub with screw-on lid. I have gone through the 1 pound version already, using maybe 20-30 grams at a time, so the lid holds up to some usage. Sure beats the heck out of plastic bags that tear and spill.

As for product quality: nobody complains about our hams, bacon or other cured meats. As a matter of fact, they always ask for more. The pink color in this brand is quite visible and distinct, if that matters to you. It has not stained anything we've had, including a towel that mopped up some spilled salt.

MORTON Table Salt, Bulk Salt, Foodservice, Great for Restaurants, Excellent for Cooking, Baking and Seasoning, Non Iodized Salt, Iodide Free, 25 Pound Review:

This is Great for Curing your Own Bacon. I Buy it By the Case (12 Bags) and usually go through about 10-12 cases per year. I have never been disappointed with Morton Tender Quick. I have my own Spices that I add to it and it makes the best bacon that I have ever Tasted. I have been making Bacon for about 45-50 years and Used Morton Sugar Cure until the Morton Salt company Quit Making it about a year ago. I was disappointed but decided to give the Tender Quick a try and now I wish I had tried it sooner. I Cure and Smoke about 250 Pork Bellies per year and they always turn out great, (and the flavor/taste is always consistent. I will definitely recommend Morton Tender Quick.

Morton Lite Salt, With Half The Sodium Of Table Salt, 11 oz Review:

Coming from a family who all had high blood pressure problems I learned in my my 30's I was going to have problems. Blood pressure fine for years but then problems with feet swelling and so I cut out the salt and all was fine but food very boring. I tried Morton's Lite Salt when my husband had a stroke and was advised to reduce his salt intake. It didn't seem to help him (he cheated) but it did help me. I used Morton's Lite Salt in cooking and it must have help because I had very little swelling in my feet and my blood pressure is at normal amounts for my age. It doesn't taste fake, just lighter than regular salt. Use common sense; use some lite salt and add other seasonings to make foods taste better and to keep your blood pressure down. 'You are what you eat' and of course genetics play in to it, but you are in control.

Morton Salt Regular Salt, 26 Oz (4 Pack) Review:

This is the most technologically-advanced salt you will ever purchase. Just kidding, it's salt. But seriously not just any salt. It is very fine grain popcorn salt. As the name suggests, it is perfect for it's intended use as well as anything else that requires salt. Unlike standard Morton table salt or any other standard grains, this salt blends into the food much more easily and won't overpower the food . No iodine in this salt so be sure you're getting it in a multivitamin or some other source as it is a necessary nutrient . This product is a great value.

Morton Iodized Salt, 26 oz, Pack of 2 Review:

I only use prime sea salt for my cooking needs, I just bought this as ammo for my bug blaster pump salt shotgun. You pump it once, and fire it at a sitting fly/moth/etc and it knocks them out! It's so much fun. Doesn't work on hard skinned bugs (crickets, june bugs, roaches) though it will with a head shot really stun them!

Morton Iodized Table Salt - 4lb. Box Review:

Ordinary salt that comes in bigger size, not easy to find in supermarket. Bit pricey.