Best Surveillance NVR Kits in 2020

Security Camera System Wireless, Fyuui 1080P 8 Channel Wireless Surveillance NVR 4pcs 2.0 Megapixel (1920×1080P) WiFi IP Bullet Camera Outdoor Indoor, 2-Way Audio,H.265 NVR, Auto Pair Review:

After using several brands from other suppliers and looking for something as good or better at a reasonable price I was surprised to find this jewel in Amazon. Before purchasing the wireless Fyuui 1080P NVR 8 channel with 4 cameras we studied the specifications being surprised that they matched and surpassed many of the more expensive kits available including the ones we already have in use so we ordered the camera NVR kit without the hard drive. The kit arrived very fast in a very professional package with all items offered accounted for. We already had ordered WD Purple 1TB Surveillance Hard Drive we the help of H-265 technology will triple disk capacity. Used a Samsung 22” HD color display monitor we already had. We proceeded with the installation the software is very user friendly with many automatic settings and very soon after some mistakes the four wireless cameras appeared in the monitor immediately adjusted the cameras for the best view and were very impressed at the high definition of the picture in day time and later at night. We could not believe that we made it work usually we had to call a very expensive technician to do the job. In sum we recommend this security product to anyone as an incredible quality value MVR very rare nowadays.

HeimVision HM241 WiFi Security Camera System, 8CH 1080P NVR 4Pcs 960P Outdoor/Indoor WiFi Surveillance Cameras with Night Vision, Weatherproof, Motion Detection, Remote Monitoring, No Hard Drive Review:

Very happy with this purchase, if you are looking for a home security system this can fit the bill. installation was super easy, just be warned the camera power supplies need to be inside and protected. so be ready to drill holes through your walls. the only recommendations I can give is don't put the cameras too close to your eaves so you won't get glare from the IR lights when using the night vision feature. By the way, the night vision works great. once you have it set up with a screen, it has a handy 4-way split screen feature so you can see all cameras at the same time, or you can double click on one image and have it fill your screen. as I said other than having to drill through walls for the power cables set up is a breeze, just plug your cameras in one at a time, let the receiver pick them up in turn and you're in business. the playback feature is simple and easy to use, just right click on your screen select playback and you can see all four cameras at once or zoom in to each one individually. it has a nice calendar feature for selecting which day, and the hour on the bottom. once you download the app you can check the system on your phone short, this system does everything I wanted and more. plus the night vision cameras, work very well with good range for an IR system. I highly recommend this product.

[Expandable 8CH]Wireless Security Camera System with 1TB Hard drive with Audio, Hiseeu 8 Channel NVR 4Pcs 1080P 2.0MP Night Vision WIFI IP Security Surveillance Cameras Home,Outdoor, Easy Remote View Review:

We recently purchased this system to provide some monitoring of our home. The picture quality of the cameras is very good. Even with it dark outside, you can clearly see what is happening. One thing we learned though is that consider how the camera is pointing. The first time I installed a camera, it was angled such that the side of building (white painted siding where it was installed) was in the picture. At night, the fact that the side of the house was in the camera picture, prevented us from being to monitor our front door. Once I moved the angle of the camera so the adjacent siding was "not" in the picture, we got a perfect night view.

I do recommend that you figure out which camera is #1 through #4 so you set them up around your house in the order you want. Not a big deal, but as the cameras show up on the screen in order, it just makes monitoring make more sense. I powered up all four cameras on my dining room table so I knew which one was which.

Setup of the system was easy, although the instructions can use improvement. The video included via Amazon is better than the Youtube video. The system does need a hardwired Ethernet cable run from your modem. There is no way to connect it via wifi which would be an improvement. So you need to plan on "where" you want to setup the base station/monitor so you can run the cable the way you want. The cable provided is only 6' long. The cameras connection to the base is wireless , but they need power to operate, so again, you need to think about "where" you want to put the cameras and be prepared to either run extension cords or wire in new receptacles. The quality of the included screws are not the best, but if you pre-drillthe hole, they will insert fine (what any good person should do anyway).

You can setup the system to alert you of movement. We activated this feature, but quickly realized that we needed to set a reasonable time delay for movement. If you live on a busy street and have a camera that happens to capture car movement, you will be quickly inundated with alerts on your phone. Some experimentation will go a long way to make sure you are getting the alert you want (i.e. delivery, visitor, etc).

So in conclusion, the system works really well. Connecting cameras to the base works very well. Plan where your modem is currently located and be prepared to run an Ethernet cable to it. Plan camera locations where you have power available (or plan to provide power), locations you want to monitor and be mindful of what the camera will capture so it does not impact the night vision picture (i.e. siding next to where the camera is mounted. The instructions are okay at best. Overall, we like the system and recommend it.

ANNKE 8 Channel Security Camera System 5-in-1 1080P lite H.264+ Wired DVR with 1TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive and 4X 1080P HD Weatherproof Bullet CCTV Cameras with IR-cut Night Vision LEDs Review:

This review is for the Annke 8 channel 1080N/720P system with 4 AHD 720P bullet cameras with 1TB hard drive. I got a lot better system than I expected for the cost of $219.00. My system arrived in perfect shape with everything needed to install and setup included in the boxes, no items missing. The quality of this system is evident right from the beginning. The cameras are made of metal and the cables are of very good quality. The DVR is a very nice unit and looks very nice also. The instructions are easy to follow and easy to understand. This system is truly just plug and play. I ran the camera cables thru the attic and dropped them thru the ceiling in a corner of the room with the DVR. The cables are labeled on each end as being the DVR or camera end, so just pay attention and feed them the right way. When mounting the cameras, do use the included plastic inserts for the mounting screws, even when mounting on wood. These are not wood screws supplied and will be very hard to screw into wood with a risk of stripping the heads. Mark the screw holes where mounting the camera, then drill a 1/4" hole, even in wood, then tap the plastic insert in the predrilled 1/4" hole till flat with the surface. Now the screws will work as designed and be much easier to tighten and will hold the camera extremely tight. After I got all cameras and cables installed, 4 of each in this system, I simply connected the cables to the back of the VCR, connected to my network router with a CAT6 cable (not included), connected VCR to the monitor, (the monitor is not included with the system), plugged all into power and turned everything on. The unit booted up perfectly. I followed the on screen guide to setup my network and a couple other things. Very easy setup with no manual needed. I tweaked the output settings in the DVR to match my monitor and wow, what great pics and video this system has. I downloaded the XMEYE app to my Iphone, made my cloud account using the app, then just hit the search bar near bottom of app, and I now have remote veiwing of my cameras from anywhere. I put the app on another Iphone and an android tablet. Just log in with same username and password on new devices. No need to make new accounts for each device. I used my phone outside to aim and position all cameras while veiwing each live on the phone. I have, and still do, play with the settings for color, contrast, brightness, and so on, but the factory settings are pretty much spot on with maybe a little tweaking needed depending on where you mount the camera. I mounted all mine under the eaves and roof overhang as they look better in these areas and it helps keep them protected from the elements and rain doesn't affect the video. I love IR function that they switch to at night and back to color when enough light returns, all automatically. Your night vision with any camera depends on the camera location and any helper lights that may be around. My cameras have different quality for each during day and night. This is not a fault of the camera, but a fault of what they can and cannot accomplish because of where I have them mounted, and the available light, day or night, from natural or artificial light sources. For instance, my shaded front yard is always a little less quality than the back yard that has no shade during the day. But, the same front yard has better night quality because the IR lights actually reflect off the leaves which provides more light for better video. Color during day, black and white at night. Around my house, the motion detect feature works too well. This is another feature that can be on or off. The default is off. All my cameras are outside, among all the wildlife that we love so much, squirrels, birds, even neighbors pets, that keep motion detect very busy even on low sensitivity. I have motion detect activated only on one camera, but set to record all the time and only mark where it senses motion. I love the grid you get to customize for what spot or area the camera sees motion. This works very well. I have not tried the e-mail notifications yet and probably won't until and if I add an interior camera as that feature requires the use of the motion detect feature and I don't need a pic every 30 seconds of all the wildlife. All the other features of this system are all most people need. There are some finicky network systems out there that may have to be figured out to allow a network connection, but they are few and far between. That is going to happen with anything that needs a network connection. ANNKE customer service is great also. I had 1 camera that sometimes didn't know if it was day or night. It randomly switched back and forth during the middle of the day. Annke had contacted me first to check on my order to make sure I was happy with it, so I informed them that I was happy but had an annoying camera that was not performing as it should. They very promptly responded with an apology and a notice that they were sending me a new camera. I received the new one the next week. It's great to see a company that will stand behind their product like this one does. This is a fantastic system that is high quality from a great company. My daughter lives alone and I am trying to save enough money to get her a system just like mine. We absolutely love the system and the quality of the components and the video. I recommend this to anyone looking for security.

Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 8MP Outdoor PoE IP Cameras, 8MP 8-Channel NVR with 2TB HDD Video Surveillance System for 24/7 Recording, RLK8-800B4 Review:

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 Awesome camera system! Clear picture. Has audio but not 2 way audio. I just plugged it up to make sure everything works right. Have not installed it yet. Exceeds my expectations! Geofencing for motion detection is a great feature. 24/7 recording with motion detection alerts. App runs great for me no issues and its fast, probably bc I have a good internet connection. System is very easy to use and has great features. Ive been recommending to all my family and friends.

ANNKE Wireless Camera System, 8CH 1080P Full HD Wireless NVR Video Surveillance System with 1TB Hard Drive, Plug Play System,(4) 1080P WiFi IP Cameras Outdoor Use, 100ft Night Vision, HDMI Output Review:

I got this camera for my new house. First reason is to monitor my older dog when I at work and second reason is to secure my house when I am away. It come with everything you need to set it up. There are four 1080P waterproof wifi Camera. There are two ports, one is for power and another one is Ethernet(optional). If it used for business and wifi signal is really week in some area, the Ethernet cable will strength the connection. There also come a square box(host) which has build in 1T hard drive. The set up is supper easy, on square box connect HDMI to monitor, connect ethernet cable to my router, can connect the power. For camera side, I just connect four camera with power in my house. On the screen, there will be a quick set up guide if you dont want to make custom set up.Takes me about 1 mins. There is NO need password for login at first time. I can set it up later if I want. For the phone app set up, very straight forward as well. Download the app, register using email address, copy the IP address under Network setup(from host) and manual type in the address. The quality of video is very impressive for day and night. The 1TB hard drive can provide me very long trace video file that I can play back. I can also set up the sensitive alarm which can detect any movement and send a email to me immediately. This is waterproof camera, so will not worry about raining. I can put one in my drive way and monitor my front door as well. With this camera, I can easily monitor my dog and make my home much safer than ever. Thanks

XVIM H.264 Wireless Security Cameras System, 4CH 1080P HD NVR 4pcs 720P Wireless Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Surveillance Cameras 85FT Night Vision (with 1TB HDD) Review:

I like the qualify of this security camera system. It's very clear. Easy setup, plug and play. No need open port on the router or using any type of domain to access from the web/smartphone. All in one system, came with pre-installed !TB Hard drive. The capacity can record up to 1 month with 4 camera 1080P.
Resolution was great with the 1080p(1080P HD NVR + 720P Wireless Cameras)
Its a 4CH 1080P NVR can display the video clearly. 4 720P 1MP wireless IP66 waterproof cameras with 24 LEDS automatic IR-cut filter. Whether the camera is indoors or outdoors at night, it can still be shot clearly. Up to 85ft night vision.
Remote view on PC and mobile devices with Audio Supportive,Motion Detection & email alerts, setup the NVR by mouse or the remote control, IP66 weatherproof cameras.
The IP Pro app on the iPhone very user friendly. User interface was very simple and clean. Easy to operate. I also found the signal repeater was a great function. Each camera can act as repeater and pass the signal back to the NVR.
This way you don't need to put your NVR at the center of the all camera. I also see there was audio icon on each camera screen. Not sure if they are able to record voice or not. Camera come with motion sensor alert. Best part it's wireless so no more installation of long cable. Motion detection can be set in the system to record when there is an object moving in the recording area, and immediately send a video screenshot to you by email. You can also customize the detect area and sensitivity to reduce false alerts.
4CH 1080P Wireless NVR (Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive) ×1
1080P Wireless Camera ×4
Remote Control ×1
12V/2A Power Adapter for NVR ×1
12V/1A Power Adapter for Cameras ×4

GW Security Super HD 8 Channel 4K NVR Security System with 8 IP H.265 5MP (2.5 X 1080P) PoE Security Cameras, 100ft Night Vision, 2 TB HDD Review:

Overall this is a good system. The Camera's are very good, the NVR is OK, and the software, while it leaves something to be desired, is workable. I had a few initial issues, but was able to work through them. One thing to note, and it is reason I adjusted this review from 3 to 4, is that GW diligently followed up and answered my questions and comments in the review fairly well.

Out of the box the cameras are well packaged, feel solid and are very adjustable and tighten down very firm when locked in position. You'll have to use windows software to config the cameras at first. The cameras come with a preassigned IP address that is the same on all cameras, so each one has to be connected individually (using a 192.168.0 class network only) and changed to the correct setting for your network. The NVR appears to allow this, but it doesn't change the camera config. for real, so in a few minutes your new IP address will revert to factory and stop working due to the conflict with the other devices. This is a little frustrating, but is easy to work around once you realize it. The cameras will support DHCP, but if you use this, set them up one at a time, name them appropriately before you connect the next camera.

The motion sensitivity and flexibility on these cameras is also very good, as well as the IR cutover and visibility. Once up and running the system performs well and is very stable. The cameras are POE (I used an 8 port T-Link POE) and they also have a power adapter if you network is not POE equipped.

I'd have to honestly say that installation is a 2 day project (4 cameras, 2 more planned) if you have to wire (picture attached). Further, if you are not fairly technical on both the network side (you'll probably want to segment all this video traffic from your primary network) and the software setup, as well as a reasonably handy person (it takes a lot of wiring and conduit installation to get POE working in all the places you'll want the cameras), get some help, take your time, etc. Plan it in detail before you begin.

You will want to go to great lengths to protect these from weather, the connections *must* be completely water and weather proof, wires shouldn't really be exposed at all, even your network cables. If like me, you have to wire them on the outside of the house, it'll take closed conduit and joint compound, lots of braces, and more ladder time than you might like to get it wires to the best location from a visibility and motion perspective. Plan for this, its the biggest part of the job. I got a double gang outside electrical box and mounted the camera to a hard plastic blank face plate, drilled a hole for the wiring and used plentiful silicone sealant to fill every nook & cranny (pictures attached).

Happy Surveilling!

YI 2pc Smart Home Camera 3, AI-Powered 1080p Security Camera System IP Cam with 24/7 Emergency Response, Human Detection, Sound Analystics, Night Vision, 2.4G Wi-Fi, App for Nanny Monitor Review:

I bought two of these WiFi cameras for remote monitoring. I've never installed this kind camera before and was concerned if I can get them setup properly. It turned out they are fantastic and so easy to setup! Within 15 minutes, both cameras are running properly and exceeded my expectations. You first need to download an App c and register and then connect to WiFi. all it takes for you to connect the camera to your WiFi network is to push the reset button for 2 seconds. It will connect automatically. Once it connected, it will announce "Camera is Ready for Use".

you can choose any place in your room to watch closely. The images are very clear. I have always wanted to be able to see my own home anywhere from my smart phone, this camera helped me to accomplish this. I am very happy.
It worth mentioning that the cameras are well packaged and shipped on time. I received them without any damage.
It is easy to use, and has 360 degree remote controlled viewing, it also has speaker and microphone Overall, it is a very good monitor camera. For the price that comes with two cameras, you can't beat the value. They are smart eyes and ears for your remote monitoring. Love these cameras. I find my self always on the app checking what’s going on in my house when I’m away. I also get to check in on my pets to see how they are. These cameras have many uses. I use for my pets, my kids , my house, and ect. There so light weight and can easily move around to different locations. I’ve attached the app picture this is when adding the first camera. I placed it in my sons room with lights off. And no changes made yet to the steering. As you can see the picture is clear. Next picture is when I already made changes to setting and place this outside. Clear picture during the day! As you can see I know when my packages arrive. I highly recommend these cameras.

YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision on iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available(Home Camera 4pc) Review:

I previously purchased the 1080P unit and now this 4pc 720P set and I couldn't be happier. I myself have 2 Nest Cam set up in my house but I had to pay $150 to have the 7day video capture package ($100 + $50 for each add'l cam per year. OUCH!). These Yi units take micro SD card up to 64GB and it's way sufficient for my use. I purchased these to keep an eye on my aging parents and if I were to start fresh, I would certainly get these over the Nest camera.

The Yi UI was easy to set up. I've configured it a few times, e.g., use my mom's phone as the main source and shared it with me and my dad, I reconfigured it so I'm the main user and shared it with parents, etc., with no error whatsoever, although you do need to reset the cam with a push of a button on the back of the unit, no biggie. The 1080P version has better audio and video, but for my parents' everyday use, the 720P met their expectations. What's nice about the Yi cam is that once I set it up on my phone (with the SD cards installed on the 2 cameras), I can then share all footage with both my parents (separate phones). One of the features I love is that I could also grant them permissions to view all history and allowing them to watch videos from the microSD cards. I also set up hotspot/motion detection so whenever there's movement in certain areas, they'll get notified and could check the Alerts to view the 6sec clip, and also the full on captured video from the SD card. Again, you can do all this without paying a monthly cloud storage fee!!!

The Yi app is very easy to use. One thing that's missing is a web UI, but again, the phone app is more than sufficient for our use. The app is comparable to the Nest app if not better! I bought these on sale at around $96 for 4 units. That's less than the price of 1 Nest cam. *sighs* Again, these cameras have met all my expectations and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.