Best Surfboard & Windsurfing Car Racks in 2020

RORAIMA Adjustable No Slide UV Protect Fabric Heavy Duty Areo Car Roof Rack Pads for Crossbar When Hauling Kayak/Canoe/Surf Board/SUP/Snow Board Ski Board/Knee Board Size 17" X13.4X0.8 (43X34X2 cm) Review:

Needed to add a bit of protection to the Aerobar racks of our Honda CRV for canoe trip and was skeptical at first of these due to the low cost. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. Padding provided ample dense cushion, roughly 3/4" on top and bottom of bar. When canoe was strapped snugly down to the bar the pad was still providing cushion and was slip resistant on the canoe surface. Velcro strip runs the length of the pad and there is no way these will blow off going down the road. Pads are made of a very heavy duty material and appear will be very resistant to any wear. We experienced no additional noise from the pads during our 4 hours of travel and are very happy we chose to purchase these. They are wide enough to easily rap around entire Aerobar rack. Our Wenonah canoe made both trips with no issue. Along with the pads come many extras, including straps, tie down points and hood straps. All are fine quality although the hood straps are not as nice as some with the rubber hose style piece that goes under the hood edge verus the sewn padded piece. Believe these would work fine as well but did not yet get the opportunity to try them. Everything came with a nice storage bag as well. These do also fit around the Amp bed extender bars for trucks as well for those looking to use these outside of the normal install. You cant go wrong in my opinion. Good quality and great price.

Dakine Aero Rack Surfboard Pads 34 Inches Review:

So far so good. Seem to be very durable. They fit on my roof racks, which are 1/2”x2 1/2” well and with the additional velcro they could support a variety of racks. They are wide enough to give a couple inches leeway on either side for a 12” BOTE paddle board which gave me peace of mind. Took a 5 hr road trip and cannot say that I heard the loud noises other are claiming. Overall, I’m glad I chose DaKine!

DAKINE Aero Rack Pad Long (2) Review:

I did a lot of research, and these were the best pads I could find that were wide enough for a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board. They fit my Chevrolet factory racks, which are of the aero style, very well. If the loop side of the velcro was a little wider it would be great since on my racks there is a slight overlap when I secure them tightly. The padding inside is very firm, which is what you want since you don't want a lot of play when you strap your board down. They arrived with 2 HUGE staples going through the velcro strap that stapled it to a very stiff piece of cardboard. I HATE that they put staples throught the velcro straps, but it probably doesn't matter in the long run. It's just a really lazy way for them to solve the problem of attaching them to the retail hanger. I was torn between these and the Thule. I saw the Thule on real life this weekend, and am glad I went with the Dakine. Dakine's website and descriptions are terribly lacking, but their products are really nice from what I have seen. If you are looking for a great surfboard or SUP board pad for your aero style racks, these are the best in my opinion. If you have square or round racks, get their standard version, not these. These are designed for Aero/Flat racks.

RORAIMA Universal Folding Lightweight Anti-vibration Roof Rack Pad for Kayak/Canoe/Surfboard/Paddle Board/SUP/Snow Board and Water Sports Accessories 36"X 4.5"X 3.1" (85 x 11.5 x 8 cm) 2 pcs/Set Black Review:

I recently sold my truck and was trying to figure out how to transport a large pop up canopy using my Honda Accord without having to install a roof rack....then I came across this removable option!

It worked perfectly! The ad shows surf boards and ladders etc but I bought it anyway thinking it was worth a try. My pop up canopy is housed in a bag and the whole thing weights roughly 80lbs. Well below the weight limit of 400 recommended on the instructions. I had it strapped on and ready for a road test in about 20 minutes. It will certainly take me much less next time as this was my first time using clamping straps.
I hit the road for a test and it was solid! I rounded a few corners going pretty fast to see if it would slide and it didn’t budge. I also stopped suddenly and accelerated quickly to see if that would make is shift but again it didn’t budge. Lastly I took it on the highway and hit 70 MPH and the only thing that happened was a loose strap end was causing noise. I pulled over, stacked it in the door and the problem was solved.
I totally recommend this!

RORAIMA Universal Folding Lightweight Anti-vibration Roof Rack pad for Kayak/Canoe/Surfboard/Paddle Board/SUP/Snow board and Water Sports Accessories 37.8"X 4.5"X 3.1" (96 x11.5 x8 cm) 2 pcs/Set Black Review:

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 I really like this, it's very east to use and keeps my car from getting scratched. Easy to put on and easy to take off and folds up small so it's very easy to install and comes with everything you need.

Block Wrap-Rax Deluxe Double Soft Rack Review:

Yes, you can use this rack on a 2 door car. It depends on the door's width on your car. If you have a VW bug, it will work because there is a 2ft space between each strap. However, if you do have a VW bug you can't roll your windows down because my doors are frameless. I drove with my windows down once and notice the front strap was sliding back. Since my doors are frameless, the windows are what keep the straps in place. I live in the Valley of Los Angeles County and drive out to Orange County to surf (about 1-1.5 hours one way) with an 8ft surfboard. On the freeway: 60 mph is fine, 70 mph is fine, 80 mph is not suggested. The instructions is on the back of the carrying case and is completely useless. The top two illustrations for the instructions look like inkblots and the bottom two looks like a plate tectonic diagram. It's pretty easy to figure the rack by yourself by just doing a pull test. There will extra length from the straps and you need to wrap it around itself several times for security. When I did a poor job or just rely on the clamp hardware the straps loosen on the freeway and I had to pull over to tighten and wrap the strap to be shorten.

Block Surf Surfboard Roof Rack, Universal Fit for Cars and SUVs Review:

Pretty good product for the money. Does the job for now, until I save up enough for a proper roof rack. If it lasts longer than I expect, all the better. It's easy to figure out, but like others have mentioned, the included instructions are not at all helpful. The info graphics are especially confusing. Just google it or check out some videos on YouTube and you'll find it's pretty quick to install. Tip: Make sure it's centered laterally on your roof, or the straps will vibrate loudly like a horrible musical instrument. I have a small hard antenna on my Jetta's roof so I tried to offset the product, but at 40 mph the demon symphony began. Turns out my board (8 ft longboard) cleared the antenna just fine with the racks centered. Perfectly silent now. Also: wax side down, fins forward.

Dorsal Aero Crossbar Roof Rack Pads for Car Surfboard Kayak SUP Snowboard Racks 28 Inch Long [Pair] Review:

Initial impression is very pleased. These have ample padding up top and a nice wide strap to fit wider aero bars. I bought these to transport my kayak. I have the roof mount that holds the kayak on it's side but don't like it at all for higher speeds or windy days as it acts like a sail and I fear my roof rack might end up flying off the top! With these, I can lay the kayak down flat allowing for better aerodynamics at highway speeds. I also like that these allow the kayak to slide over them making it easier to load on my taller SUV.

Installation can be a bit tedious if you don't have removable cross bars. I tried installing them without taking the crossbars off and it worked but I wouldn't trust it to hold for very long without a load. You can basically get one part of it really tight and then the other portions are a bit saggy. However, once I got the bars off, I was able to tighten the fit up and smooth out the Velcro part so that everything lays nice and flat. I installed them with the side that folds over in front as to avoid air drag pulling at the seal. I will be taking a drive today on the interstate without a load (speeds of 75MPH) so if they are still there when I get home...I know I did it right! If they aren't there when I get home, you can expect an update to this review! ;)

As for the fit of them, I have a 2003 Ford Explorer with the factory rack and aero crossbars and these pads fit with about 3 inches of space on either side of them when centered. As stated earlier, the wide bottom fits the aero bars perfectly but I don't know how well they would work on square style bars.