Best Surf, Skate & Street Walking Shoes in 2022

Last update: November 25, 2022

Keds Men's Pro Royal Lo Indigo Woven Review:

Since the colors back then were either white or black, we are now living in a world where pretty much anything goes, thus the idea of matching was abandoned when I first started wearing these low-cut sneakers as a high school student.As was to be expected, the fit was accurate to the ordered shoe size, which in my case was 7 1/2. If you like them, you may get them in a variety of colors.

Globe Men's Yes Apres Boot Fashion Review:

Not a "fashion boot," as the description claims. These can withstand almost any weather because they are waterproof. I discovered a solution using the speed laces because the side zip does not allow you to remove the boot if it is knotted up (or whatever they are called at the top). I did experience a problem with the dye fading when some oxyclean (used to do the carpet) got on them. No major concern; this was easily rectified with some black shoe polish.

Globe Men's Nomad Sneaker Boot Review:

I bought these shoes when they were under $40 and I have to say, these are the most comfy sneakers I have ever owned. I've never worn shoes like this before; when you walk, they feel like clouds! If you wear these shoes frequently, they will wear out very rapidly. However, these are among the most durable shoes I have ever owned. They have lasted me for approximately a month and a half and are still in good condition. Highly suggested!

Lugz Men's Arbor Mid T.S. Walking Shoe Review:

This was a great purchase for the price I paid. They were only received yesterday and were worn for a few hours. The arch is good; now I'll see how they stand up in the workplace. I adore the hue.So, three days later. Still, I think it was a good investment. But the left shoe gave me a severe blister on the back of my heel. The next time I wear these, I'll use some Moleskin or a heel protector.I continue to adore them. The vent holes are quite clever!I have a physically demanding profession and am 60 years old. I placed an order for a size 7 men's to fit my size 9 ladies' foot. The breadth is also excellent.

Lugz Men's Warfare Mid WR Walking Shoe Review:

Lugz and I are in love. I purchased this lovely beast, and I wore it right away. I immediately put them on at work after opening the delivery, lol. I'm eager to get my other 4 pairs of different colored and flavored items.

Fox Men's Motion Scrub Fresh Walking Shoe Review:

I've never owned a better pair of comfortable, casual sneakers. At my job at the Home Depot, I wore these for more than a year. I spend a lot of time on my feet at work lifting, twisting, walking, and occasionally dropping items. They still function well as work shoes even though the cushioning is somewhat worn out and the upper has a few holes in it. I did not anticipate them to last this long. Well done, Fox!

Globe Men's Daley Boot Lifestyle Shoe Review:

lovely boot Although well-made and extremely lightweight, Globe should provide this boot in half sizes. I purchased a 9, but it felt tight because I'm a 9 1/2. A size 10 had to be reordered.Produced in China:

Globe Men's Avante Casual Athletic Review:

Compared to other brands, they look fantastic and are incredibly cheap (on sale), but they also feel fantastic! Unlike some other mesh shoes, the material is of fairly high quality. These shoes are incredibly comfy, and they have great breathability. I frequently walk to work and back.- When I suddenly go "AH!" I look down to see if my shoes are wet, but they aren't—I simply forget that they are so well vented because it feels cold.- My shoes now resemble summer loafers because I inserted no-tie shoe laces (not provided). They appear nice BA AF