Best Surf, Skate & Street Sandals in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

Reef Mens Sandals Cushion Bounce Phantom | Flip Flops for Men with Cushion Bounce Footbed Review:

I had possessed a pair of the Fanning/bottle opener style shoes, but I thought I required additional cushioning for wearing them out in public on a casual basis. My feet are around 12.5 inches long, so a size 13 is perfect. I have been using these quite frequently for the past week and am extremely satisfied with their comfort and functionality. I have also had no issues while driving a car.

Reef Men's Fanning Flip Flop Review:

Fantastic flips! I have not yet been let down by Reefs! They simply know how to create a pair of flip flops that is both cozy and incredibly sturdy. The fact that these have outstanding traction when wet is what I like most about them. Despite the fact that they might have provided a little bit more arch support than Reefs, I have tested products from other companies. Simply because of how dangerously slick they would get in the rain, it was not worth the risk of falling and breaking my arce or other body parts. I don't like how I feel like I'm hydroplating as I cross the street! However, despite having many pairs of Reefs, I have never experienced this issue, and they also last a very long time. Reefs are very durable flips of good quality with exceptional arch support and traction.

Reef Men's Rover Flip Flop, Black Review:

Once you find the correct size, these are quite comfortable. I went on Amazon to get these because I was going on vacation and my old Reef flip-flops' strap had broken a week earlier. Since they don't come in half sizes, I ordered a pair in size 9 and another pair in size 10. I usually wear a perfect 9.5 size. When they got there, I was too big to fit into the 10s. The strap was far too tight, even if the 10 sole is sufficiently roomy. I had to return both pairs in order to order another pair in a hurry in size 11. The sandals are really comfortable, and the strap on the size 11s exactly fit my foot, which I would estimate to be a "typically proportionate" size 9.5. However, the sole now has lots of additional room around my foot. In any case, what I'm trying to say is that in order to have room for your foot in the strap, you should probably get a size larger than you typically wear. Of course, the strap isn't adjustable. The strap also showed no signs of stretching after a week of using it while on vacation.

Reef Men's Fanning Speed Logo Sandal Review:

I was trying to find a sandal that might help with my plantar fasciitis-related heel pain. I found the relief I needed with the Reef Men's Fanning Sandal. Despite the fact that these shoes are advertised as being for guys, I nonetheless ordered a size that would fit me. I usually wear a size 9, therefore the size 7 in men's was the ideal fit for me. It is smooth and cozy and gives me the support I need to stop experiencing heel pain. I can walk around all day in it without experiencing any soreness on my heel. The upper strap is a little too tight, but that may just be a function of it being new, which is the only problem I have. I'm confident that as I wear it more frequently over time, the straps will get less snug. My son enjoys using the bottle opener on the sandals' bottom to open vintage soda bottles. Excellent sandals all around.

Quiksilver Men's Molokai Flip-Flop Review:

These waterproof flip flops are a great deal for pool and outdoor use. Some others have expressed discomfort with the piece between the toes, but because I am a size 13, I don't feel it. When I know I'll have to leave them outside and don't want to worry about someone stealing my more costly ones, I wear these to the pool. They appear to be sufficiently built to last for a long time. In flip flops, I occasionally discover that I need to get a size larger. In order to have the best fit, choose the larger of the two sizes if you rotate between them.

REEF Men's Sandals Fanning Prints | Bottle Opener Flip Flops with Arch Support for Men Review:

These flip-flops serve as the standard by which all others are compared. Because they were too tiny, I ended up giving a pair I purchased from another company to my son. Although flip-flops are typically small, I am a size 12. These are the appropriate sizes. With time, they'll adapt to your feet and grow to be best friends. I can always pop open a Red Stripe because of the bottle opener on the bottom. And even though I work 16-hour days and never take a vacation, at least I know that if I ever did that, I could open a Red Stripe with my flip-flops.I'm not sure why it's so difficult for most sandal manufacturers to make the strap and thong comfortable and perfectly aligned with the axis of the shoe. The air cushioned heel offers the perfect amount of cushion—enough for comfort, but not too much that you start to wobble on uneven ground or stairs. My third pair came in my most recent order. The strap goes out after about four years, and I struggle to throw away my old pair because I first want to snap a selfie with them.Now that I'm wearing my brand-new Reef Fanning Bottle Openers, I'm prepared to tackle my basement office once more in comfort and flair.

Billabong Men's All Day Impact Sandals Review:

I purchased these in August 2018 and am still sporting them in September 2019—a full year later. I wear them primarily to work, but they have also endured about ten excursions to the beach and twenty or more sessions in the sauna. Based on other evaluations, I believe the Navy colour of these has held up better than some other options. These have just begun to look worn, so I'm getting a new set. I find the foot bed to be really cosy. I really hope they never stop producing these. I might have to purchase several pairs.

Quiksilver Men's Carver Suede 3-Point Flip-Flop Review:

I bought them to replace my brown flip flops from Nike. The quality and fit of this sandal are excellent. I purchased a 9D sandal because I typically wear a size 9 shoe. The fit is fine—my heal is within about 1/8" of the rear of the flip flop—but in retrospect, I definitely should have gone up a size. However, if I did so, they might not fit through the top of my foot as well. Oh well, I'm quite happy with what I have and would suggest them to those seeking for a casual, comfy summer sandal.Sept 30, 2017.... These sandals held up fantastically during the course of a week-long vacation and numerous miles of walking. They might even be cozier than they are now. Overall, I think this was a terrific purchase for me and may even be more comfy than the Nikes I swapped out. Anybody should get these, in my opinion. Aside than that, I haven't had any issues with the blue stains on my feet.

DC Men's Bolsa Slide Sandal Review:

The best sandal I've ever worn at home is this one! Prior to receiving this, I was having a lot of trouble walking around the house because of plantar fasciitis. My weight can be distributed in such a way with this sandal's superb arch support, ergonomic shape, and overall support that it prevents overstretching of my heels or arches.The band was initially tight, but after being worn nonstop for two days, it became the right size, and it hasn't gotten any looser since.

Reef Mens Sandals Smoothy Review:

The Reef Smoothy has been my go-to flip-flop style for the past ten years, and I have previously purchased several pairs from Amazon. (This is why I gave this item 4 stars rather than fewer.) I've noticed that the sole size on these has gradually decreased over the past few years (because my feet are still the same size.) I originally wore a size 9 but subsequently switched to a size 10 when the 9 became too small. My toes were protruding over the front edge of the size 10 shoe that I had just received, and my heel was dangling off the rear, so I assumed that I must be having a mental breakdown. I held my most recent pair of size 10s up next to them and saw that they were a good 3/4" shorter! It's very upsetting that a beautiful, comfy flip-flop style should have such shoddy quality assurance and erratic size. If I hadn't already had so many good encounters, I'd give it fewer stars.