Best Storage Drawer Units in 2020

ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers, Fabric Dresser Tower for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - Dark Indigo Review:

Sturdy, easy to setup, great design, spacious, super-easy to use, right size dresser. It’s a standard setup just like other stands. It comes with all the tools and screws necessary to setup along with very clear instructions on how to setup. The setup is very easy and took me 15 mins max to setup everything. The design is very elegant and looks great in any closet or home. It’s sturdy enough to withstand lots of clothes. The design has wooden handle which I really like a lot. The size of the compartment are good enough to fit both towels and clothes of different sizes and is also backed by support on the back. Very clean design and very happy with my purchase. After sometime it starts to become a little not so sturdy though. Like need to use it a bit careful ( might fall off if not secured to the back of the wall )

ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, Hallway, Nursery Room - Dark Indigo Review:

This fabric dresser organizer is not bad looking for the price but the drawers don’t close properly unless I lift them up by their sides and manually push them the last 2 inches to the back. This happens after each time I’ve opened them. If you plan on using it to store items you’ll need every day, it may become rather annoying. I can work with it, since mine only holds paperwork.
8/15/19 UPDATE: the company DaZhi-us contacted me after seeing my review, concerned that I wasn’t as happy with the dresser organizer as they had hoped. They told me another organizer was already on the way and to please keep both. They wanted me to be satisfied and that is outstanding customer service! I indeed received another dresser and it works better because I filled it with lighter items. The customer service of this seller is by far the best I have received in years!

mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Textured Fabric Bins - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - 3 Drawers - Black/Graphite Gray Review:

I noticed a lot of my reviews are negative ones and wanted to make sure I reviewed some items I do like.

I did not want to buy a dresser since all of my clothes mostly fits in my closets. I didn't have anywhere to put my socks, underwear, and bras and didn't want to just leave them in piles in my closet like a weirdo. I found this and it works exactly as I expected it to. It was incredibly easy to put together. Its stable enough to place humidifiers or lamps on top of if desired. No complaints at all. My clothes is now neatly tucked away without the need for a heavy, giant dresser.

STERILITE Organizer Mini 3 Drawer Wht Sm (Pack of 2) Review:

I bought these to organize all of our Dr. Brown's bottle parts. Anyone who uses these bottles knows they're great, but keeping up with all the vent tubes and stoppers, nipples, caps and rings is frustrating. I keep these on the counter next to my bottle drying racks and it makes feeding time so much easier, not to mention keeping the clutter at bay. My only complaint is I wish the drawers were removable for easier sterilizing, but I'm going to guess I'm not using these as most people would.

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top, Black Review:

Very handy cart that holds a bunch of stuff.

I finally got tired of rummaging through a pile of tools on the pantry shelf for around-the-house repairs.
So I got this little cart for common "household" tools, like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, small electric drill & bits...
The top has a shallow multi-compartment organizer which is great to keep smaller items, like screws, nails and such.
Would also work for things like pens/pencils, sewing needles etc.

The size of the cart is great, esp. for people who don't' have much storage space.
Empty, it's pretty light weight, yet overall sturdy construction.
True, the drawers don't come out all the way. But unless you have really large hands, you should easily be able to reach the back 3 or 4 inches of each drawer that won't slide out.

My One Star deduction is for two things:
1. The drawers slide open VERY easily, esp. when empty. Just moving the cart can cause them to open.
Solution: move the cart very gingerly or put a velcro closure on the corner of each drawer.

2. The wheels don't "click" into place. The pins just slide into the holes on the bottom.
I had the cart upside down when installing the wheels. They didn't fall out when I turn the cart right side up but they're definitely not sitting very securely. I might put a drop of superglue into each hole to fix that problem. =)

Sorbus Dresser with 5 Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (Beige) Review:

Things I like:
Very easy assembly (not even 10 mins)
A lot more space than I thought (from the pictures it looks like it doesn't hold much but it's pretty spacious)
The whole dresser takes up very little space

Things I don't like:
Bulges a bit if you overfill a drawer (reasonable as the drawers are fabric, so I'm nit picking)

Months later, love the look and works as intended.

Sterilite Small Weave 3 Drawer Unit - Espresso Review:

This mini 3-drawer unit is exactly as described. Based on the dimensions given, before I decided to order I estimated each drawer would be 7.2x6.2x1.6" inside. They actually are 7.4x5.5x1.6". This is just about the same as a cake mix box, which is 7.3x5.7x1.5.

BTW each drawer CAN be removed, but it has to be tipped to get around the stop on each side. So you probably would want to empty the drawer first.

All in all a fairly good value. The price does tend to change by a few dollars every few days, so if you're not in a big hurry you could wait for a good price. Just in the 11 days since I ordered, the price has varied from $8 to $10 & is now $9. Of course the list price is a joke, even more so than for most items. But that's part of the game that sellers play.

Sterilite 17918004 3 Drawer Unit, White Frame with Clear Drawers, 4-Pack Review:

I purchased this 4-pack set of drawers, thinking I would only use them in my office/craft room. I make handmade cards, books and journals, so I have a lot of supplies, not to mention, normal office supplies.

I quickly filled all the drawers and need to buy more. Super handy. I can fit a ream of standard paper in one drawer, I can fit size A4 paper in a drawer. 8x8 paper, no problem with room left. I don't have a stamp pad tower, so use these drawers. Perfect! I have a lot of smallish wood mounted stamps, another drawer filled. Lace pieces, seam binding pieces, ribbon pieces - contained - another drawer filled.

While filling them (I only purchased in mid July), my problem became, use them all for supplies, or put a set on pantry shelf, one under the bathroom sink in cabinet, etc. My cookie cutters would fill one set real quick. Normal bathroom clutter for girls would fill, well, all 4 sets real quick to be honest! Hair-ties, barrettes, combs, brushes, and so much more. Yes, I thought about using them elsewhere in the house. For 2 seconds, then filled them up with craft supplies. And no, I don't feel guilty either. Ok, maybe a teent-tiny smidge, which is why I came on Amazon this morning to order more. How I got to writing a review for last purchase, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Any typos, sorry -- it's 4 o'clock in the morning, and I'm typing on my Kindle Fire HD!

mDesign Extra Wide Dresser Storage Tower - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closet - Textured Print, 5 Drawers - Black/Graphite Gray Review:

I really love this dresser. It is exactly the right height for the window in my bedroom and is sturdy enough to hold four potted plants next to said window. I also have two of the three drawer stands, one in linen and one in black and gray. I love the look of the linen more than the black, it's so warm and inviting.

pros: sturdy, cheap, beautiful, lightweight, easily assembled/disassembled

Cons: wood is fake which means chipping and breakage more likely and more obvious if it occurs. Which means you should care for it more than you would real wood if you want it to continue looking nice.