Best Storage Crates in 2020

Pine Storage Crate for LP's/Albums Review:

Major bonus for me: they are a US company and the crates are real wood, and made in the USA (my dad worked in the timber industry for nearly 20 years, until his company was outsourced).

But beyond that, the crate came already built, unlike a lot of the ones advertised, and they are sturdy made with real, natural wood. And they hold a LOT of records (over 80!), with a little room to spare for carrying. I will be ordering a second of these as I located another large box of records in my late parents’ house.

I think my only “negative” would be that they don’t offer a dark stained version of the box, but that’s purely an aesthetic preference and nothing to do with the functionality.

Muscle Rack MK131311-B2PK 11" x 13" x 13" Black Milk Crate (Pack of 2) Review:

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 We love these crates, they make life much easier when using it as a container for recycling things indoors. Once they are filled to the top, we bring them to the garage to be placed in our bigger recycle bin for the garbagemen.

These can be cleaned easily, are durable, and very light!

Jekiyo 16-Liter Folding Crates Storage, Collapsible Container Plastic, Set of 3 Review:

We bought these to use on trips with our 28 ft travel trailer. We use them to transport groceries and dry goods from the house to the trailer when preparing for a road trip. We love them. My only complaint is that the side walls can collapse inward when picking up an empty crate because the latch mechanism that keeps the crate open is easily released. Once the crates are loaded with stuff, they work fine. They also fold up easily and occupy very little space. If we needed more collapsible crates, we would buy these again.

Muscle Rack HD5G-4PK 5 gal. Heavy Duty Storage Tote (4-Pack), 8.75" Height, 12.25" Width, 16" Length, (Pack of 4) Review:

I needed small totes to pack my extremely fragile things in for moving. While taking the totes out of the box I noticed that two of the lids were broken, and one of the totes was broken. Thankfully they are still useable, but they will now be going with me instead of the movers. Overall they look a little flimsy, but only time will truly tell. I'll update how well they hold up to being full and moving.

Victrola Wooden Record Crate Review:

Goes together like an easy puzzle. If you follow the instructions all will go great. It will come apart if not lifted by the handles which is explained in the instructions but this like any puzzle is easily solved by just adding a drop of gorilla glue in the corners making it able to be picked up any way you like. Did have a slight odor but it was the slight smell of wood stain mixed with wood. It is the perfect size for my 10” 78rpm collection with plenty room left over for my 12” holiday L.Ps. Looks awesome. I am ordering another.

Doryh 16-Liter Collapsible Storage Crates/Stackable Storage Container Basket, Set of 2 Review:

I love these small crates. I have used in the past (larger size) and found these smaller one’s perfect for (1) the back of my small car and the second one I use when I have my baby in the other car. I put this crate on the floor in front of his car seat and put his little toys and blanket in when not in use, when he’s in the car, I put my purse in it so that I know I have to get him out in order to get my purse out.

Pendaflex File Crate, Black, 1 Crate (27570) Review:

This is a sturdy piece of plastic and does what I needed it for. Just wish it was a little bigger.

Walnut Hollow 23873 6.5 by 5.3 by 4.25-Inch Crate, Mini Review:

Needed something to raise an indoor plant to window level from a table. Had to be sturdy enough to hold a ceramic pot full of soil, (12"pot). This little crate is built a lot better than I would have imagined. Well made and not cheap looking. Its taking good care of the plant, being very sturdy and stable. For this applecation I would reccomend this little crate to anyone.