Best Steering Wheel Spinners in 2020

Steering Wheel Suicide Knob - Universal AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Fits Steering wheels up to 3/4" (All 3 sizes) Review:

This product was clearly well thought out and designed to last. It fit perfectly, and has worked very well so far. In fact, this one is better than the one that came on my boat! Don’t spend the incredibly high prices for ones at some marine stores. This is equal to if not better than those for a fraction fo the price. Job well done!

Grant Products 3196 Installation Kit Review:

Relatively easy to follow information, as long as you carefully read each step. If you try to skip around or don't read completely, it can get confusing if you are not familiar with these. Looks good. The only issue I had was that because I have an airbag car, which this kit is not technically designed for, I had fitment issues when the kit meets the column. To remedy, you must either trim the ring on the kit, or your steering column. Not the fault of Grant, so I believe this product still warranted 5 stars.

Hypersonic Vehicle Power Handle Car Steering Wheel Spinner Accessory Knob Universal Fit for Car (Silver) Review:

Broke my arm but still needed to drive so I got this. I could not install myself, however...2 hands required. It has little "spikes" that go i to a type of insulation that touches the steering wheel, however the insulation was not enough to go all the way around my wheel...I have been scared to pull it off because it may have poked little holes in my leather wheel. But I liked it so much I just left it on and still use it. Love it! Wish it was a bit more premium, though. It is not metal, but metal-look plastic. Still strong and Im not worried about it breaking or being dangerous, just not the premium feel I would have liked from real metal.

Bl Silicon Black Platinum Power Handle Car Steering Wheel Suicide Spinner Accessory Knob for Car Vehicle Review:

My wife suffers from MS and I have multiple health issues that make steering difficult for both of us at times. We have owned a number of steering knobs in the past. They were each satisfactory, but this is far better than any of those.
The gripping surface is textured and rubberised making for a very secure and comfortable feel. The bearings are very smooth and operate with very little resistance. The look is very straightforward yet appealing without the hot rod look that is so common in most steering knobs.
The only complaint is that the written directions for installation were solely in Japanese. That really wasn't a problem, however, as the accompanying graphics were more than sufficient for a quick, easy and secure installation.
As our vehicle comes with a slightly padded leather steering wheel, I was concerned about possible damage. While I'm certain there will be a permanent impression once the knob is removed, the set of included pads ensure as much as is possible that will be the only issue resulting from the use of this product.
I really am very happy with this particular steering knob and wish it had been the first I ever bought. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in need of such a device, and if we ever need another steering knob I will definitely purchase this again.

Woodgrain Steering Wheel Spinner Knob | Universal Fit for All Cars, Trucks, Semis, Tractors, Boats, Golf Carts | Suicide Power Handle Accessory Review:

I got this for our golf cart that we use here at home around the property. It works fine, though I'm going to have to add some more mass under the clamp to keep it in place. There is a slight flaw in the otherwise beautiful knob finish like maybe it was touched by machine or something before it was totally dry, but no big deal. It didn't go on a '56 Caddy. The very small flaw can be seen here....maybe.

United Pacific 70108 Metallic Steering Spinner Review:

This spinner is just what I was looking for and works perfectly. The axis of the spinner on almost all of the units at Amazon are offset from center and stick out beyond the steering wheel. This is much better with a centered axis. Fine quality metal and spins nicely. I think there are ball bearings supporting the handle, but not sure. The attachment hardware is extremely versatile. The only thing you would possibly have to change is to substitute longer attachment bolts if you had a very fat steering wheel, but these are easily obtained and may already be in your garage.

Zento Deals Classic Black Universal Fit Vehicle Steering Wheel Suicide Spinner Premium Quality Power Handles Review:

I installed this on a 1999 Ford Ranger steering wheel.
I had to do a bit of forming of the clamp to make it fit on my steering wheel. I didn't use it on the more rounded part of the wheel. It's was more if an oval shape where I installed mine.
The metal clamp is soft metal so it was easy to mold. Once I got it where I wanted it I used the hardware that came with it to tighten it down.
You won't be able to use a steering wheel cover if you install this on the outside of the wheel. Make sure you don't block the airbag deployment area when installing...
Overall, I enjoy the spinner. It reminders me of the forklifts I used once. It makes it easier when you go into reverse to park or when you need to make a u turn.
There is a lot of up and down movement on the spinner once installed. A few plastic washers will help close that gap. There is no bearing to help it spin, just spins on the bolt itself. Not smooth spinning but still works good. I wish it was a flat black color not a glossy black but it still looks good.

VaygWay Steering Wheel Spinner Knob- Car Suicide Handle Knob Ball- Universal Tractor Vehicle Boat Black- Wheel Accessories Arthritis Handicap Spinners Review:

Works great. Love it on my riding mower. Way easier to get around curvy areas or turning around trees. Makes backing up a lot easier too. Clamps tight. I didn't need the added rubber strip on the clamp because my steering wheel is rubbery and thick already. Makes driving with one hand very comfortable. I put mine at 8 o'clock position and it works for me.

Steering Wheel Spinner, by AutoMuko Silicone Power Handle, steering wheel knob, Easy installation No tools required (Black) Review:

This knob is a lifesaver for those that drive with one hand (either by necessity or choice). My wife is disabled and requires the use of hand controls. I've learned to drive with the hand controls myself out of convenience and safety purposes. I have to say, I love using this knob when I'm driving with or without the hand controls. It forces you to use your palm in a much more comfortable position than traditional suicide knobs, plus there's less likelihood of the actual suicide part.

As a software engineer, I am on the computer all day so arthritis or carpal tunnel is an inevitability. I try to postpone that with ergonomics as much as possible. This knob is designed well enough that I am not worried about it on longer drives. I used the supplied double-sided tape and have had no issues with the knob moving either. No screws!

Just buy it!

UPDATE 2018-12-26:

The knob came detached from the base after about 6 months. I've still been using it, but it's a little unsafe as the knob could pop off with just a little tug. I'm sure I'll be able to reattach it with some glue, though I've docked a star for the durability.

UPDATE 2019-09-12:

I did end up reattaching the knob with Gorilla Glue and it has been holding steady for a few months with no signs of further detachment. Still, love it!

Fasmov 2 Pack Classic Universal Fit Vehicle Steering Wheel Suicide Spinner with Power Handles (Silver, Black) Review:

I didn’t realize these were plastic when I ordered them but I guess for the price they are good so far they are holding up good !really help with my hands I have arthritis in my hands . Really hurts to hold steering wheel for long time so this helps me a lot .