Best Staircase Step Treads in 2020

Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape-[2-Inch-by-40-Yard,120 feet!-2X More!]- 5 Stars Professional Grade,Industrial Strength,Heavy Duty Rug Tape.Top Rated Carpet Underlayment Adhesive Review:

I have searched high and low for something to keep my rugs from slipping all over my carpet. We had to get hall runners because our carpet was wearing out (cheaper than replacing the carpet). I tried three different types of anti-slip mats and none of them worked. I found this on Amazon and carefully read the reviews. Because it has so many good reviews I thought I would try it before investing yet more money on expensive anti-slip mats. So glad I did. IT WORKS!! Finally! We put several strips on the back of each rug - three across and four-six down the length of the rug. We have three rugs - 10' x 2' and 8' x 2' (2).

Make sure you measure and map out where you want to place the rugs on the carpet before placing them. We used masking tape. Having said that, even when we did this, the carpet pile must have moved the rug as we were laying it because it was not straight and did not sit within the outline we had made. It wasn't that noticeable so we decided we could live with this. Sure beats having to straighten rugs every 5 minutes!!

We put the tape on in sections, then carefully layed that section of the rug, then added more tape, then layed the next section of rug. We did that until the rug was completely layed. Our rugs were long and heavy and needed two people to maneuver the rug in place section by section.

We put the tape on before Christmas and the rugs have stayed in place the past 3 weeks! They are not going anywhere.

Thank you for this product!

EdenProducts Patent Pending Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads, Set of 15, Rug Non Skid Runner for Grip and Beauty. Safety Slip Resistant for Kids, Elders, and Dogs. 8" X 30", Brown, Pre Applied Adhesive Review:

 I bought these treads because I took a tumble on my wooden stairs recently and really did a number on my back. I wanted something that would be safer than what I currently have, but also something that wouldnt damage my stairs. These treads meet both needs, they make the stairs safer without causing damage to the wood.

The only downside with adding any tread to stairs is that it creats another cleaning chore (the treads trap dirt and need to be washed and vaccumed). However, that is a small price to pay to help insure you, or your family, friends, and pets dont get injured.

Comment to reviews saying there is no adhesive or stick to these: you must peel off a thin plastic film on the back before applying!

Tape King Anti Slip Traction Tape - 4 Inch x 30 Foot - Best Grip, Friction, Abrasive Adhesive for Stairs, Safety, Tread Step, Indoor, Outdoor - Black Review:

I live in the lower Northeast US, we get our fair share of sun, rain, snow, humidity etc..We use the back door entry & rarely the front. The deck area & 10 steps down to driveway which is black top was rebuild 6-7 yrs ago & since then we neglectfully have not sealed or restained the wood. We had a couple harsh winters/scorching summers in that timeframe so you probably know how bad the wood looks. Our steps are dangerous when wet from the elements at this point.I was recently in accident and partially disabled and have almost went down 3x this winter alone, some reason it's mainly me. I sprained my ankle in summer before, going up the steps too fast while raining & down 6 steps I went. So I can't afford to have anymore injuries or permanent disabilities. This summer the deck & steps is getting a makeover before I break my neck and this traction tape will be added to the steps on the edge area for extra safety. While we couldn't clean & resurface the deck yet, it still thinks it's winter here. I did install a strip or two to try this traction anti slip tape out. I didn't want this wide of tape it's 4in I believe, so I cut it in half and it stuck it on the top platform, in middle of winter. The strip is still there today, with 4 x shoveling snow, frigid temps and now rain again. It shows no sign of peeling or lifting away even the corners, the adhesive is that strong. I won't know for another month or two if removal will be a pain but will update/add pictures either way. Anyone who needs sometype of safety traction on flat surface get this tape. I am going to order more and add it to my basement steps & my metal ladder and whatever else I can think of.

EdenProducts Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traction Tape, 4 Inch x 33 Foot Grip Tape Grit Non Slip, for Outdoor/Indoor, Non Skid Treads, High Traction Friction Abrasive Adhesive Stairs Step - Black Review:

I peeled up a big name competitors no slip tape off my deck after it buckled and started peeling after what I thought was too short a time.

I ordered this tape based on the reviews to replace the very high dollar name brand tape and because it was 1/4 the price and the reviews are good. This tape is almost as thick as the other brand that cost 4X as much, it seems to have the same scruffiness as the other and the adhesive is very good quality. Take your time installing it, once it is down you really can't peel it up to redo it. I don't think you can beat the value.

I will add an update after this tape has lived through a winter of snow and ice.

EdenProducts(15-Pack) Pre Cut Transparent 24" x 4" Non Slip Strips, Safety for Kids, Elders and Pets, Adhesive Stair/Floor Treads, Indoor, Outdoor, Prevents Slipping, PVC Free Review:

The product is as advertised. Placed it on my oak steps to prevent people and dogs from slipping. We take our shoes off when in the house and on a few occasions we had slipped on our stairs with socks. At one point, the dogs were leary in going up and down the stairs, for the same reason. I like the fact that it is clear therefore, the beauty of the oak shows through. The backing is a little difficult to peal off when starting, otherwise no problem. I would recommend gradually pealing it off, while laying it down. If bubble forms and you can’t get rid of it, prick it with a pin and work the air out. To help in placing the strips uniformly on the steps, I cut two spacers from some Masonite I had laying around, one for the width and one for the depth of the step. This eliminated the need to measure each strip when centering. Place the spacers on the step, one to either side and one behind the strip, then butt the strip against them and begin to peal the backing off while gradually applying pressure. The roller came in handy and works very well. Right now, I would have to give the product 5 stars. Only time will tell whether it will continue to adhere as well as it does now. BTW I bought another pack when I saw how well it works. Now 3 sets of steps are covered.

3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Tread, Black, 2-Inch by 180-Inch Roll, 7635NA Review:

It does what it's supposed to, easy to apply (remember to clean the surface), and really, really grippy. My only problem with it is the method used to keep the roll from unraveling. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing chose to use a heavy-duty staple to seal the roll. Works great, but... If you are using this in a high traffic, high visibility area, there are imperfections in the tape that are relatively visible.

I put this stuff on the stairs to my second floor, hoping to keep my wife from slipping down the stairs (again). It works perfectly, but when you consider you've already added something unsightly to your home, having little holes in the tape just makes it worse. C'mon, 3M, what's wrong with a rubber band?

6”x30” Stair Treads Non-Slip Outdoor Tape – (10-Pack) Black Anti-Slip Strips Review:

This is really an excellent product. Great adhesion and it is commercial grade. The only reason it didn't receive a 5 is because the instructions don't warn you not to put these down on a hot day. If the strips are out on a very warm day or lay in the sun too long the glue gets very runny and the strips are difficult to put down because they'll slide around. Don't worry about the curl in the strips when you receive them; it won't affect them going down smooth and they won't curl up. We placed some of the strips in the sun thinking they'll warm up a bit and the curl will flatten; don't do this, there is no need to. We put these strips on our front porch and back porch basically for our large dog to avoid slipping. Great product. Very happy with the results.

Ottomanson SST2611-13 Stair Tread, 9" X 26, Beige Review:

these were the perfect solution to help protect our newly refinish wooden stairs. Our older dog was sliding and falling because the floors were so slippery, and she was making lots of scratches on them in the process. We were having to carry her up and down the stairs to keep her safe and protect the floors :-) I got these as a solution, and they have been the perfect answer. She can now return to going up and down the stairs independently, and our floors are not getting more scratched. They are not the most stylish in the world, but they do stay put, protect the floors, and allow our older dog to continue to be mobile. I recommend these for anyone looking for more traction and/or protection. I only wish they came in packs of 12, because I had to order 2 sets to cover all of our stair treads.

Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip/Skid Rubber Runner Mats or Rug Tread – Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Stair Treads Pads – Non-Slip Stairway Carpet Rugs (Gray) 8” x 30" Includes Adhesive Tape Review:

 I got the stairway treads for my little, older dog Sophie, who had slipped and fallen down the stairs a few times and bumped her head on the floor. It got so I was having to carry her up and down the stairs between the two levels. Well, now that I’m in physical therapy because of stooping to pick her up and carry her up and down the stairway~I just got the stairway treads and used the tape to fasten them down. She just came right up the stairs without any problems At least I won’t have to worry as much. The treads seem to be good quality and I will see how it goes with cleaning the stairway now. It will probably be a little more difficult. My steps are considerably bigger than those shown in the example, so I had to place them towards the front where my two little Jack Russell’s tend to tread. They look pretty good. Much better than dogs falling down the stairs!

Anti Slip Tape, High Traction,Strong Grip Abrasive, Not Easy Leaving Adhesive Residue, Indoor & Outdoor, with Measuring Tape (1" Width x 190" Long, Black) Review:

We use wooden steps on our trailler camper. Hubby made the mistake to use some inappropriate left over glossy stain to protect the wood, on top of that, being in the shade and in the weather year round it became quite slippery, even the dog was afraid of using it. After my husband took an ugly fall (luckly nothing too serious, but very painful) I decided to look for solutions (he wanted to tear everything down and build new and wider steps; I didn't want the steps to take all the space). Bought this based on the reviews. The conditions were not the greatest, but I wiped the dust off the best I could, tried to follow the package instructions and taped those babies on the steps. It's been 4 months now and they're holding strong, 1 roll was just enough to place 1 strip near the edge of each step (don't know the size). It definately made it a lot safer to go up and down. We are in WI, not sure if it will survive being under snow during the never ending winter. If I don't update the review by 2019 Summer, you will know it is still holding strong.