Best Stage Lighting Accessories in 2020

4PCS 1m long dmx 512 Cable dmx 3.2t 3 Pin True Dmx Cable male to female for dmx stage lights Review:

Everything came perfectly packaged as described. Only reason for the four stars is the connections are a little too tight. They all have fit though and I was surprised by the quality of wire.

10 ft Flexible DMX Cable, JLPOW Gold-Plated 3 Pin Signal XLR Male to Female DMX Cable Wire, Best for DJ Stage Lighting Moving Head Lights Par Light (4 Pack) Review:

Very nice fittings fit quickly and securely. Extremely flexible yet very high quality.
I was very impressed while setting up my lights with these new JLpow 10 foot DMX cables, the flexibility allows the cables to be easily tucked out of the way for safety. The ends of the cables are strong with flexible rubber reinforcement and fit well into the sockets.
I was also pleased with the packaging each cable came in an individual zip lock bag all four of which were in a single larger zip lock bag. Breaking down was easier just to quickly roll up the cables and replace into original packaging to pack away with the other gear.
I will definitely be purchasing more of these DMX cables in the future as I expand my light show.

25 ft Flexible DMX Cable, JLPOW Gold-Plated 3 Pin Signal XLR Male to Female DMX Cable Wire, Best for DJ Stage Lighting Moving Head Lights Par Light (4 Pack) Review:

I used this flexible DMX cable as a microphone cord and patched live speakers. These cables are not that bad at all. I tested a few of them with a microphone. There is no humming sound at all. Of course, it is not flexible as the real microphone cable but it can be used for light-duty job. Good cable for the price!

Donner 4pcs DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ 2.4G Wireless 3 Receiver with Tricolor LED Indicators & 1 Transmitter LED Lighting Control Review:

I am in a couple of bands, and I handle the PA and lights. The lights can be 2 or 3 trees worth of spots and fixtures, a fixture on one of the speaker stands, maybe a couple of uplights, all depending on the venue. It could be a bit of a challenge to daisy chain everything together, starting on a front corner of the stage, going back and across the back, and coming back up to the other front corner. I decided to give this Donner system a try, but honestly, my luck with wireless hasn't been that great and I didn't have high expectations.

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. The only downside is that I have two very old Geni Mojo Moon III lights that just don't like the Donner system, but I don't believe it's the Donner system's fault, I think it's because of how old the Mojo Moons are (I bought them something like 18 years ago). All my other lights work great with the Donner system, so if I use the Moons, I put them first in the chain, go wired from the DMX controller to the Moons, put the Donner xmitter on the last moon, and put Donner receivers on everything else.

I have noticed maybe twice in 24 total hours of gigging where a tree went black for a second, apparently the receiver lost communication with the xmitter, but it immediately reconnected. In the meantime, it has been really nice being able to put any tree or lighting fixture anywhere I want it and not have to worry about how I'm going to run XLR cables to and from it.

mountain ark 10 Pack 3-Pin Signal XLR Connection DMX Stage Light Cable Wire 6.5ft/2m for Moving Head Light Par Light Review:

Purchased this set of DMX cables for a church Christmas program. We borrowed 12 Chauvet lights (8 SlimPar LEDs and 4 Intimidator LED Spot 150s) for the program. All we had available were XLR cables to start with. Also purchased a Chauvet Obey 70 to control the lghts. There were issues with the XLR cables, such as delays with the PAR's responding and issues with controlling the pan/tilt on the Intimidators. The XLR cables were traded out with these DMX cables and it made a big difference in performance. The improvement in performance was very noticeable. This small investment for this set of cables was well worth the cost. Sure, you can use XLR cables in a pinch, but be aware of the issues which will appear during use.

CHAUVET DJ CH06 Lightweight Lighting Stand w/T-Bar (50lb Capacity) Review:

As long as you don't overload it, this thing is awesome. Lightweight and stable even with the stuff I have on it. Picture included

HitLights LED Strip Light Mini Dial Dimmer, White Review:

combine with (niceEshop 10 Pcs 2.1x5.5mm Male Jack DC Power Adapter for CCTV Camera) and (12PCS Pack 2.1mm x 5.5mm Female CCTV Power Jack Adapter for 5050 3528 Flexible led strip use BY ZITRADES) for a 12volt battery Led system. The male plug adapters have to stretch the tubing on the female end on this dimmer switch, but all 3 together work great.

This dimmer is even better for Led strip lights. lowest setting I could get it down to was about an average of 0.10 amps per hour at about 1watt 12 volt. (Triangle Bulbs 3528-IP65-White-60L Pure White LED Strip Light, Waterproof LED Flexible Light Strip 12V with 300 SMD LED)

While the lights are in waterproof tubing, this dimmer I would subject to an area that could get wet or moisture, keep it inside, or in a airtight box if you plan to use it outside. Maybe for Outside you can use a longer cord that is waterproof with this being kept inside, with the power source.

Either way this thing works great. If you plan to use this with a amp meter for best test results put the meter b4 this device, as this lowers the voltage as you dim the led lights. Putting it b4 the dimmer will give more accurate results as it remains 12volts.

Lixada DC 12V-24V 3 Channel DMX Decorder LED Controller for RGB 5050 3528 LED Strip Light Review:

Whoever wrote the user manual for this product had a very poor grasp of English. I have read through the reviews and questions and there is a fair amount of misinformation and misunderstanding of the subjects related to the operation of this device. I purchased one of these DMX decoders to test an LED lighting controller that I have been developing over the past several months. Its target customer base is filmmakers. Because I will be using this device in my development I would like to provide a mini user manual for this product since the one that came with the device was so poorly written. I will add to this review as I learn more about it.

On the back of the unit is a 6-position termination block. Proceeding from left to right, the 1st contact is Ground (labeled V-) and the 2nd is Power (labeled V+). This powers both the unit and provides power to the LEDs via the other four terminals. This unit can use DC power from +12V to +24V so make sure that you supply the voltage that is needed by the LED load you intend to connect to the unit. The 3rd terminal position is labeled COM and it is presumably internally connected to the V+ terminal. The last three pins labeled CH1, CH2 and CH3 are drain pins for each of three lines of LEDs. Standard RGB LED strands have a flaw in the design of their connectors in that all of the channels share the power pin while each color has its own ground pin. Since each contact in the terminal block has a limited current rating, the amount of power that this unit can supply will be limited by the COM pin since it must supply all power that is drained by the combined channel pins CH1, CH2 and CH3.

On the left side of the "front" of the unit is a 10-position bank of DIP switches. In all of these switches, the DOWN position is considered to be ON while the UP position is considered to be OFF. The position of switch 10 determines the meaning of the other nine switches. When OFF the positions 1~9 are used to specify the device's DMX bus address. The value that each position contributes to the bus address is 2 ^ (N-1) where N is the switch position.

ALITOVE WS2812B WS2811 Addressable LED Bluetooth Controller iOS Android App Wireless Remote Control DC 5V~12V for SK6812 SK6812-RGBW WS2812 SM16703 Dream Color Programmable RGB LED Strip Pixel Review:

 There are several products listed under one heading, and all the reviews are therefore clumped together. To be clear, this is for the SP103E 5-Volt RF controller that doesn’t do Bluetooth.

This is the second one of these I’ve purchased. Since the first one I bought about two years ago the price has almost doubled... but it’s just within the range of pain that I bought the second one after a bit of hesitation. I’m controlling Alitove LED strips and strands so I can’t speak to compatibility with others, but it also works well with an 8x8 panel from another vendor.

This does exactly what I want which is throw a bunch of data down the line and make some interesting patterns. I’m using it for ambient party lighting, and my guests have all been fascinated, especially when they are stoned (now legal in California). Some of the patterns are really interesting indeed.

As another reviewer mentioned there’s not a lot going on with color variations. Red, Green, Blue, “White”, but also Yellow, Cyan, and Purple/Magenta. There are some patterns where the brightness is varied but the steps are really noticeable and it seems to be about 16 levels. Not a huge programming effort on their part but if you want better, do it yourself!

So a really weird thing that cost this product a star, and caused me a bit of confusion at first, is that when “dimming” the patterns, the LEDs go white instead of dark, and turning the LEDs off does seemingly nothing. At first I thought I somehow locked up the controller but no, two controllers did the same thing. Freaking bizarre. I attached a video to show this where I didn’t go full dim, so you can see the pattern running a little in the background of the brightness.

One nice thing is that when power is reapplied the controller remembers your settings, so if you had a specific pattern selected it will still be there. Otherwise it starts at the beginning of its default sequence.