Best Stage Lighting Accessories in 2022

Last update: December 17, 2022

How are lights placed throughout the performance space?

The performance space is generally quite dark, with only a few spotlights placed around the stage. These spotlights are used to highlight certain performers or objects during the show.

What are the 3 categories of rigging systems?

There are three categories of rigging systems: 1. Static 2. Dynamic 3. Semi-static Static rigging systems are used to support loads that do not change over time, such as the support structure of a building. Dynamic rigging systems are used to support loads that change over time, such as a crane lifting a heavy object. Semi-static rigging systems are used to support loads that change over time, but not as rapidly as in a dynamic system, such as a flagpole or a person climbing a rope.

What are the 3 qualities of light?

There are three primary qualities of light: intensity, color, and direction. Intensity is a measure of how bright or dim a light source is. The higher the intensity, the brighter the light. Color is determined by the wavelength of light. Wavelengths determine the colors we see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Direction is how light travels from one place to another. It can be reflected, refracted, or absorbed.

What are the 4 parts of a theatrical lighting control system?

A theatrical lighting control system typically consists of four main parts: dimmers, control consoles, distribution boards, and cabling. Dimmers are devices that control the amount of electricity that flows to a light fixture, and thus the intensity of the light. Control consoles, also called light boards or lighting desks, are the devices used by lighting designers or operators to control the lighting during a performance. Distribution boards are devices that distribute electricity to the dimmers. Cabling is used to connect the dimmers, consoles, and distribution boards

4PCS 1m long dmx 512 Cable dmx 3.2t 3 Pin True Dmx Cable male to female for dmx stage lights Review:

Everything arrived in its original, flawless packaging. The connections are a touch too tight, which is the only reason for the four stars. However, they all fit, and the wire quality shocked me.

10 ft Flexible DMX Cable, JLPOW Gold-Plated 3 Pin Signal XLR Male to Female DMX Cable Wire, Best for DJ Stage Lighting Moving Head Lights Par Light (4 Pack) Review:

Fast and secure fits are quite great. High quality while still being incredibly flexible.I was really happy with these new JLpow 10 foot DMX cables when I was setting up my lights because of how easily the lines can be tucked away for safety. The cable ends are well-fitting into the sockets and have flexible rubber reinforcement for strength.I was happy with the packing as well. Each cable arrived in its own zip-top bag, and all four were contained in a single, bigger zip-top bag. It was simpler to disassemble by simply rolling the wires up fast and repackaging them in their original containers to be stored with the other equipment.As my light show grows, I'll surely buy more of these DMX wires.

25 ft Flexible DMX Cable, JLPOW Gold-Plated 3 Pin Signal XLR Male to Female DMX Cable Wire, Best for DJ Stage Lighting Moving Head Lights Par Light (4 Pack) Review:

I patched live speakers and used this pliable DMX cable as a microphone cord. These cables are actually not all that horrible. I used a microphone to test a few of them. There isn't even a hint of humming. Although it cannot be utilized for heavy-duty work, the cord is not as flexible as a real microphone. decent cable for the money!

Donner 4pcs DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ 2.4G Wireless 3 Receiver with Tricolor LED Indicators & 1 Transmitter LED Lighting Control Review:

I manage the PA and lights for a few bands that I play in. Depending on the space, the lighting may consist of two or three trees' worth of spots and fixtures, a fixture on one of the speaker stands, or even a few uplights. Starting on one front corner of the stage, moving back and across the back, and then coming back up to the other front corner could prove to be a bit of a problem. Since I haven't had much success with wireless and didn't have high expectations, I decided to give the Donner system a try.I must admit that I'm quite impressed. The one drawback is that I have two really outdated Geni Mojo Moon III lights that just do not work well with the Donner system. However, I don't think this is the fault of the Donner system; rather, I think it is due to how outdated the Mojo Moons are (I bought them something like 18 years ago). If I use the Moons, I wire them from the DMX controller to the Moons first, place the Donner xmitter on the last moon, and place Donner receivers on everything else. All of my other lights operate well with the Donner system.In the 24 hours I've spent gigging, I've only seen a tree briefly go black; presumably, the receiver and transmitter lost contact, but it quickly reconnected. Since I don't have to worry about how I'm going to run XLR wires to and from any tree or lighting fixture, it has been extremely pleasant to be able to place them anywhere I want.

mountain ark 10 Pack 3-Pin Signal XLR Connection DMX Stage Light Cable Wire 6.5ft/2m for Moving Head Light Par Light Review:

DMX cables were bought for a church Christmas program. For the program, we utilized 12 Chauvet lights (8 SlimPar LEDs and 4 Intimidator LED Spot 150s). At first, we were limited to using XLR cables. Additionally, a Chauvet Obey 70 was bought to control the lights. There were problems with the XLR cords, including delays in the PARs reacting and difficulties with the Intimidators' pan/tilt controls. Performance improved significantly after the XLR wires were replaced with these DMX cables. It was clear that the performance had improved. This set of wires was a minor purchase, but it was money well spent. XLR cables can be used in a pinch, but you should be aware of the problems that may arise.

CHAUVET DJ CH06 Lightweight Lighting Stand w/T-Bar (50lb Capacity) Review:

It's fantastic as long as you don't overload it. Even with the things I have on it, it is lightweight and stable. includes image

HitLights LED Strip Light Mini Dial Dimmer, White Review:

combination with (12PCS Pack 2.1mm x 5.5mm Female CCTV Power Jack Adapter for 5050 3528 Flexible led strip use BY ZITRADES) and (niceEshop 10 Pcs 2.1x5.5mm Male Jack DC Power Adapter for CCTV Camera) to create a 12 volt batteries led system. The tubing on the female end of this dimmer switch must be stretched by the male plug adapters, but all three of them together function well.Even better for LED strip lights is this dimmer. The lowest setting I was able to achieve was an average of 0.10 amps per hour at roughly 1 watt and 12 volt. Using 300 SMD LEDs, the Triangle Bulbs 3528-IP65-White-60L Pure White LED Strip Light is water-resistant LED flexible light strip.While the lights are enclosed in waterproof tubing, I wouldn't leave this dimmer outside or in a place where it might become damp or humid. Instead, I'd keep it indoors or in an airtight box if I intended to use it outside. Perhaps a longer, waterproof connection that is kept inside with the power source can be used outside.In either case, the device is excellent. Put the amp meter before this device for the best test results if you intend to use it with one because dimming the led lights lowers the voltage. Since it stays at 12 volts, placing it before the dimmer will produce more precise results.

Lixada DC 12V-24V 3 Channel DMX Decorder LED Controller for RGB 5050 3528 LED Strip Light Review:

This product's user manual was written by a person with a very limited command of English. There is a considerable amount of misinformation and misunderstanding of the topics related to the use of this device, according to the evaluations and queries I've read. To test an LED lighting controller that I have been creating over the past few months, I bought one of these DMX decoders. Filmmakers are its target market. I'd want to offer a mini-user manual for this product because I'll be utilizing it in my development and the one that came with it was so horribly written. As I learn more about it, I will add to this review.A 6-position termination block is located on the unit's back. The first touch is Ground (designated V-), and the second is Power (labeled V ), moving from left to right. Through the other four terminals, this powers the device as well as the LEDs. Make sure to give the voltage required by the LED load you wish to attach to the device because this device can operate on DC power between 12V and 24V. The V terminal is most likely internally connected to the third terminal slot, which is designated as COM. For each of the three lines of LEDs, the last three pins with the labels CH1, CH2, and CH3 are drain pins. Standard RGB LED strands have a problem in the design of their connectors since each color has its own ground pin although all of the channels use the same power pin. The amount of power that this device can supply will be restricted by the COM pin because it must supply all of the power that is used by the combined channel pins CH1, CH2, and CH3, each of which has a limited current rating.A 10-position bank of DIP switches is located on the unit's left side, at its "front." All of these switches treat the DOWN position as being ON and the UP position as being OFF. The significance of the other nine switches is determined by the placement of switch 10. The DMX bus address of the device is specified using positions 1 through 9 when it is OFF. N is the switch position, and 2 (N-1) is the value that each position adds to the bus address.

ALITOVE WS2812B WS2811 Addressable LED Bluetooth Controller iOS Android App Wireless Remote Control DC 5V~12V for SK6812 SK6812-RGBW WS2812 SM16703 Dream Color Programmable RGB LED Strip Pixel Review:

All the reviews are grouped together because numerous goods are featured under one subject. This is for the SP103E 5-Volt RF controller, which does not support Bluetooth, to be clear.This is the second of them that I've bought. The price of the second one, which I purchased with some hesitation, has nearly risen since I purchased the first one around two years ago. Although I can't comment to compatibility because I'm controlling Alitove LED strands and strips, it also functions fine with an 8x8 panel from a different supplier.This accomplishes exactly what I want, which is to generate some intriguing patterns by flinging a ton of data at the problem. My visitors have all been charmed by it as ambient party lighting, especially when they are high (now legal in California). Some of the patterns are very fascinating.There's not a lot going on with color variations, as another reviewer noted. Yellow, Cyan, Purple/Magenta, Red, Green, Blue, and "White," in addition to Yellow. Although the brightness varies in some designs, the steps are clearly visible and appear to be roughly 16 levels. They didn't put in a lot of programming work, but if you want better, do it yourself!The fact that while "dimming" the patterns, the LEDs turn white rather than dark, and that it seems to do nothing when the LEDs are turned off, is a truly strange issue that lost this product a star and initially confused me. At first, I believed that I had somehow locked the controller, but two controllers actually behaved in the same way. utterly bizarre I've included a video to demonstrate this in which I didn't fully decrease the brightness, allowing you to see the pattern running slightly in the foreground.One convenience is that the controller retains your settings when power is restored, so if you had a certain pattern selected, it will still be there. If not, it begins with the first position in its normal sequence.

What are the 4 qualities of lighting design?

Lighting design is the process of creating a lighting plan for a space. There are four main qualities that are considered when designing lighting: function, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety. Function refers to how the lighting will be used in the space. For example, task lighting is designed to provide light for specific activities such as reading or cooking. General lighting is designed to provide overall illumination for a space. Aesthetics refers to the look and feel of the lighting. For example, some people prefer softer, warmer lighting while others prefer brighter, cooler lighting.

What are the 5 types of lighting control system?

There are five main types of lighting control system: 1. Stand-alone controls 2. Building management systems 3. Dimmable ballasts 4. Lighting control modules 5. Digital addressable lighting interface

What are the main types of stage lighting instruments?

The main types of stage lighting instruments are spotlights, followspots, and floodlights. Spotlights are used to highlight performers or objects on stage. Followspots are used to keep a performer or object in focus as they move around the stage. Floodlights are used to wash an area of the stage with light.

What are the row of lights at the front of a stage called?

The row of lights at the front of a stage is called the footlights.

What are the two most basic types of lighting instruments?

The two most basic types of lighting instruments are the spotlight and the floodlight. Spotlights are used to highlight a particular area or object, while floodlights are used to evenly illuminate a larger area.