Best Stage Fog Machines & Accessories in 2020

Froggys Fog - Bog Fog - Extreme High Density Fog Fluid - Long 2 Hour Hang Time - For Halloween, Haunted Attractions, White-Out Effects - 1 Gallon Review:

I freely admit I have zero practical, rational reason for owning a fog machine. That said, at that particular time and place that was my order, I said "eh, why not? WHY NOT, EH?"

The fateful day arrived and my wife and I tore open a box and a jug (that being this, obviously) and fired'er up.

It wasn't instant. It took ... maybe 5 seconds before we saw fog. Good, clean, remarkably low-fragrance fog. Okay! It worked! ON TO THE BREAK TESTING!

... we ran the machine for maybe 2 minutes, maybe 3? And we stopped, because we could no longer see across the kitchen (~6 feet).


I ran it a few more minutes. NOW THE ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR OF THE HOUSE (~1000 s/f) WAS INVISIBLE, HIDING IN A BANK OF FOG. Dogs were lost. My wife and I could play Marco Polo. Someone might have tripped over the empty box on the floor trying to open all the windows.

In short... epic. Buy it. As for us... we'll be buying more fog machines and bog fog. ... I hear we may be hosting the holidays this year. The nephews and nieces deserve to wake up one morning and wonder where they are.

FogWorx Fog Juice - 1 Quart of Organic Odorless Fog Fluid (32 oz) - Medium Density, High Output, Long Lasting Fog Machine Fluid for 400 Watt to 1500 Watt Machines Review:

 Bought to use in my new, cheap, import, beginner type fog machine. Since this is my first fog machine I don't have anything to compare it to so I just made a quick video to show the fog in action. Maybe a slight odor but really nothing bad or overpowering. Note that it doesn't say anything anywhere on the label about it being organic. Not sure where they got that or why it's listed as such.

Anyhow it Worx for me.

1 Gallon (128 Oz.) Great Party & DJ Fog Juice for Water Based Fog Machines - American Made - Perfect Fog Fluid for Small 400 Watt to Higher Wattage 1500 Watt Foggers Review:

Froggys Fog produces dense smoke that sticks around for a good amount of time and doesn't have any real off-scent. Just pour some in your fog machine and you're in business. It is meant to be used indoors and quickly fills a room with lingering mist. It is priced reasonably and does the job.

I only drop a star because every time I use it in invariably sets off the smoke alarms in my house. I use it downstairs for less than five minutes and sure enough the alarm on my second floor about as far away as you can get goes off. If you want to use this and have alarms, I recommend turning them off before cranking up your smoke machine. Otherwise, the fog it produces is da bomb!

~ Kort

Froggys Fog - Swamp Juice - Ridiculously Long Lasting Fog Fluid - 2-3 Hour Hand Time - 1 Gallon - For Professional and Home Haunters, Theatrical Effects, DJs Review:

This juice worked really well for me. I only have a 400 watt machine, purchased at the same time as this swamp juice, so I didn't know quite what to expect. I cut the swamp juice 50/50 with water to prevent clogging up my fog machine and had very good success with it. I also built a homemade fog chiller out of an old cooler to produce even better low laying fog. I had it cascading over a small retaining wall and it really produced an amazing effect. People walking through it, or wind, will stir it up though and it won't stay along the ground..., not unexpected. I moved it from under my covered entryway out into the yard halfway through Halloween night, and the fog just crept along the grass. I had a lot of compliments on the setup and the fog definitely had a large part in it. I'll be buying more for next Halloween, and probably a couple more fog machines!!

FogWorx Extreme High Density Fog Juice - Long Lasting, High Output, Odorless Water Based Fog Machine Fluid - 1 Quart, 32 ounces for 400 Watt to 1500 Watt Machines Review:

James here, shared account with Vicky. I don’t usually write reviews. But I do usually use fog.. like 4 days a week. And have been using fog in nightclub environment for 10 yrs. This is some good water based juice. It’s high density but vaporizes at lower temps so it’s good for pro foggers to consumer style. Fog sticks around well and doesn’t leave any residue or funky smell. Not to mention, Prime members can get this delivered Same Day! I’ve used every type of professional juice from Martin to HES to Antari to ADJ, this is is great juice at great price

Froggys Fog - Freezin Fog- Outdoor Low Lying Ground Fog Juice Machine Fluid - 1 Gallon Review:

I bought this for my outdoor graveyard scene. I bought and tested out 3 brands with 3 seperate machines...400 watt 1000 watt halloween store brands and a Hurricane 1800. I tested each with and without a trash can fog chiller..This was by far the best in and out of the chiller...thickest fog...lowest lying and absolutely no did such a good job the police came by to make sure nothing was on fire..and complemented me on the setup etc...and I told him and everyone the brand I used...I will be buying this and some of the other products Froggy's sell...but wow this stuff was just awesome and I am building a new chiller just so I can get even more of an effect!

The product is well worth the extra price vs the cheap halloween brands and is thicker so you will need to dilute in the lower volume machine...just give them a call as I did and their service was spot on! Nothing but 5s...and I don't really write reviews that often

JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, DJ LED Smoke Machine(Red,Green,Blue) with Wireless and Wired Remote Control for Holidays Parties Weddings Christmas Halloween, with Fuse Protection Review:

For some reason, the white was a few dollars cheaper than the black one, but otherwise, they appear identical, so we got white. It's well packaged, and easy to assemble the bracket (it seems slightly too large for the machine, but fits ok). Filling and setup was easy. I forgot how to work the wireless remote at first, but once I got the hang of it, it's fine. Machine is tiny, sturdy, lots of metal. Real switches on the back are a plus. LEDs are pretty bright. Removable cords also. A few things to note:
1) The wired remote MUST be attached for the wireless remote to work. I assume it might be possible to fashion a loopback of some sort, but maybe that's where the receiver/antenna is. This isn't a hindrance really, just a little extra work. Pressing the wireless [LOCK] button runs the smoke as constantly as it can (with required heater cooldown of course) till you press [UNlock]. This actually works pretty well.
2) The RGB LEDs are NOT configurable. They are on or off all the time, with no effects, and are NOT a focused beam. What you end up getting is a blend of the three, which in the smoke is effectively just a "white" light (if you remember your elementary science class). I suppose some tape might cover one or more, if you want a specific shade. It's a cute add on, and has its own switch, so you can run the light independent of the smoke.

Otherwise we are pleased with this, kids played with it all night. Vendor sent a message to make sure we were happy and to offer help if needed. Wow!

Halloween Fog Machine - Fansteck Professional Wireless Remote Control Portable Smoke Machine for Holidays Parties Weddings - Quick Generation of Huge Fog 2000 CFM, with Fuse Protection - Metal Black Review:

It's not too bad, I'd give it about 3-4 stars but customer service was nice and offered a replacement so updated my review. Using it for filming, so when using to create haze for a small room it works fine, medium-sized room or small venue takes about 30+ minutes to fill up & break up fog into a light haze. Fogs for about 10-15 seconds at a time before needing to reheat the heating element, but nice that it goes again automatically. The unlock/lock feature on the remote would be better if it worked 100% of the time, but even after turning it off via the remote, sometimes it just came back on in the middle of a take, so if using for filming it's best to have someone next to the fogger just in case the lock/off on the remote didn't work. Also arrived pretty damaged, customer service is sending me a new one but first one was dented in about 7 spots & looked pre-owned so will see how the replacement looks.

All in all, it creates decent fog, it's definitely good for the price, if you want a really good one you can spend a few hundred, but for a fogger under $50 this lil guy is pretty good, especially with a wireless remote. Hopefully they'll improve the remote to make it more reliable with it's auto on/off functions.

Theefun Upgraded 500W Halloween Fog Machine with Lights - 6 Stage LED Lights with 7 Colors & Strobe Effect for Party Wedding Holiday, Portable Wireless Remote Control Smoke Machine Review:

 just right in time for this Halloween. Different lights option is one of the best feature and of course the smoke is awesome. The remote control is cool to have, making it more fun to use.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Halloween and Party Fog Machine with Wireless Remote Control for Holidays, Weddings - impressive output Review:

Lots of fog but much of it spews out of the vents on the top of the machine and not the nozzle in the front, which seems weird to me. It's also a lot noisier than I thought it would be. I have a feeling it's not supposed to do that, but hey, it produces fog.

UPDATE: After using this a couple of times, the problem got worse to the point where I ended up returning the unit to Amazon and having them replace it with an identical unit. I also got an email from the Theefun Company apologizing for the problem and offering to do a free exchange of the unit. They stated that even though each machine is quality-checked individually, on rare occasions a bad unit gets through.
My new fog machine works wonderfully and puts out a ton of fog just from the nozzle as it's supposed to. So I'm a happy camper to have a machine that now works like it is supposed to know that the company is concerned that each of their customers is happy with their product.