Best Sports Fan Outdoor Flags in 2022

Last update: November 23, 2022

Elite Fan Shop NCAA 2 Sided Garden Flags 12.5" x 18" Review:

purchased as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. One of those circumstances where you have to buy something for someone who already buys anything they want. An outside flag is the solution! Love that it's two sided and is a great size. He adored it a lot.

WinCraft Houston Astros Double Sided Garden Flag Review:

The product is of 5-star quality.I gave the product a 4-star rating because of the product description. The photograph, which clearly depicts two distinct flag designs, led me and others (see other reviews) to believe that this single flag actually had two distinct designs, one that was more orange on one side and more blue on the other. Although it has the orange pattern on both sides, this is what I wanted.The flag is expertly constructed from what appears to be high-quality materials. Although I would be sure to note that there is just one design, not two, I would not think twice about recommending this item.

NFL 3-Foot by 5-Foot Single Sided Banner Flag with Grommets Review:

This flag is strong and well-made, and the area where you insert the pole is stitched with a stronger layer to prevent it from tearing during strong gusts (we live in Tornado Alley). The number of "sides" the flag has escaped my notice, but no complaints! There are many Bears fans in my family, and many of them were using the flag to "hint" at their spouses with gifts. While the Bears TRY not to lose every game this season, this will look great floating in the air.

NCAA 2-Sided Garden Flag Review:

I was astonished to find out that many garden flags are only screened on one side while I was shopping for one to celebrate the recent accomplishments of my school. This one has brilliant colors and is printed on both sides. It looks wonderful right out of the box, but I have no idea how long they will last in the Florida sun. To keep it hanging straight and reduce wind movement, it is a suitable weight. Although it is blowing around and blustery today, it settles back into place nicely. I only wish you didn't have to buy a flagpole separately because these flags should come with one.Another benefit is that, if you don't want to keep the flag outside, it comes with a plastic dowel rod and two suction cups so you may put it inside a window. Therefore, if you merely want it window mounted, a separate flagpole stand might not be required.

WinCraft Washington Nationals Double Sided Garden Flag Review:

The design has great colors and is printed on both sides. For our flag pole, the aperture was a little too wide, but it was simple enough to sew a seam such that it now stays out.

NCAA 3' X 5' Flag with Grommets Review:

This flag is of average quality; the cloth is a little transparent, and it appears good from a distance of ten feet but less so up close because of the thin material. Easy to install on my flagpole and nice colors. Today, in advance of the USC-ND rivalry game, my ND flag is flying. This 3x5 flag is a fantastic size for showing your school spirit, and it's a terrific price!

WinCraft NFL Garden Flags Review:

This is a fantastic way to show off your support for the Silver

RongJ- store NFL Super Bowl 3x5 FT Banner Champion Flag with 2 Grommets (Cincinnati Bengals2) Review:

So far, I'm pleased with the flag. Although I generally leave my NFL flags out for the entire season, I believe the green is already beginning to fade in the sunlight. This one has only been available for a little more than a month.