Best Sports Fan Earrings in 2022

Last update: January 15, 2023

NFL Swirl Heart Earrings Review:

We are both huge Texans fans, so I ordered these for my girlfriend. As predicted, they are packed quite nicely (small plastic baggy with NFL official tag). Personally, I was concerned that they could be too small, but they're actually a very good size—not tiny, but also not enormous. Considering the cost and quality, five stars. I have no other way to describe the quality, and I believe I paid around $9 for them. This is a very tiny price to pay for the smile my girlfriend gave me, and it matches her jersey perfectly on gameday. You won't regret purchasing them; excellent value. Also a great plus: hypoallergenic. The earrings in the photo appear to be hollow, but they are not hollow; instead, they have a metal-colored background between the team insignia and the heart. They are still very cool, but in my opinion, they would look much better hollowed out. Hope this was useful.

Siskiyou NFL Fan Bead Dangle Earrings Review:

I adore these Rams earrings, and thank God Los Angeles maintained the St. Louis Rams colours! They are well-made, with the ideal length and size. The weight is not excessively light nor excessively heavy. The only thing I would change is having both Rams face forward (not one forward to face, and one facing to back of head). Since the head does not turn around (thumbs up), having only one side painted is functional.

Siskiyou NFL 2-Inch Hoop Earrings Review:

I purchased these as a gift for my wife, who looks lovely in them! These are now her go-to baskets for game days. She claimed they aren't particularly hefty and are the ideal size for her. The cardinal bird is about the correct size to not stand out too much while still being easily recognizable. On the bottom, there are three small balls that are immobile and fixed in place. Please ask any queries you may have.

NFL Dangle Earrings Review:

*Updated. Written on December 10, 2014, the initial review.I looked through reviews but was unable to locate any information about whether these were 925 sterling silver. Despite the fact that they appeared to be high-quality when I received them, I was disappointed to not find a sterling stamp.Even so, I wore them in the hopes that they wouldn't turn my ears green or worse, irritate me painfully, as most costume jewelry usually does. Not fun to have redness and swelling, etc.Thankfully, they had NO IMPACT on my ears! Usually, I can wear costume jewelry for about eight hours before having to remove it and wearing only real gold or silver the next day, if at all.They are either unlabeled or covered. In any case, they sparkle in a refined, understated manner. Every time I've worn them, I've gotten praises and my husband adores them.The little backs were an added benefit. Nice for these earring styles (as I've previously lost one without a back in this design)... I put some images online for you to view.They ought to take alternative paths, according to a different reviewer. I've only just realized that. Although I tend to be a little OCD, I didn't observe or consider this when wearing them. They are not double sided, as you can see in the photo where I have turned one earring around. It's true that these are asymmetrical and hence do not stand correctly.Did I mention that they cost less than $7? And they don't bother my delicate ears at all? Happy shopping, everyone!Purchase with assurance. Smile.WAY TO GO HAWKS!They still look excellent as of 4/5/15! There is no tarnish or anything. I hope this was useful.

Women Rhinestone-studded Teardrop Studs Artificial Crystal with Bling Stone Fashion Drop Earring Jewelry Review:

These are stunning for costume jewelry! In real, they are just as sparkling as in the image. The "dazzle effect" is enhanced by the gold material that covers the backs. They are large and hefty. Not too light, just doesn't feel cheap. I have no idea how long they might last, but I will include a post to discuss how long they lasted if and when they are no longer this attractive. Ideal for my Christmas attire!

NFL Glitter Jersey Earrings Review:

Similar to other Steeler earrings, I also ordered these for my mother because she is a major Steelers fan and I couldn't think of anything better to get her for Christmas because she doesn't have these earrings. I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning when she gets them on Amazon. I do want to thank you once more for the fan merchandise and for helping me stay within my budget for the holidays. I will certainly recommend everything I purchased as well as the website, and you can see everything I purchased because I used my real name, not a phony one. Walmart wants you to provide ratings using a false name; however, I prefer to use my real name since it makes me feel as though my ideas count, so thank you, Amazon.

Siskiyou NFL Stud Earrings Review:

I was astonished by how adorable these turned out, especially given the dirt cheap pricing. really good caliberFor a girls' night out, I put together Steelers goodie bags with items like pajamas, black and yellow hair extensions, t-shirts, and more. When I found these, I was in need of another small, cheap item. Since I could get numerous pairs at such a low price and they had generally positive reviews, I reasoned that I should give them a try. If they turned out to be a waste of money, so be it. I'm so glad they weren't duds!They may be little less than a dime in size. However, the diamonds' vivid and distinctive hue and fine attention to detail are striking. (Or, the "hypocycloids," for the purists/historians of the illustrious logo's genesis). It's quite interesting that despite being small studs, you can easily distinguish them and foster team spirit. If they had been any bigger, you might have run the risk of some of the sports item corniness. Oh, and it's a huge advantage that the post is hypoallergenic.They are inexpensive, cozy, and ideal for any Steelers girl. A last-minute purchase that turned out fantastic. When that takes place, I adore it.

Hicdaw 32 Pairs Stud Earrings for Girls Earring Hypoallergenic Cute Earrings Set Gift for Girls Review:

When my daughter finished wearing the initial studs from her ear piercings, I purchased her these. We examined a lot of possibilities! We selected these due to the abundance of unicorns. I was concerned that they would be cheap and chippy, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality and how adorable they are all. Some of them I might even attempt to "steal"!

Buycitky 18K White Gold Plated Multicolor Black Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings for Women Teen Girls Jewelry Review:

I've owned these earrings for around two years. Still, I adore them. Despite being glittery, they are not garish. They look excellent with your hair up and are made of high-quality stone. Since I adore my family so much, I believe I would give these to them as gifts.