Best Speaker Mounts in 2020

Bushwhacker Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart Railing - Adjustable Strap Fits Most Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Attachment Accessory Holder Bar Rail Review:

Look, we all want to have a good time on the golf course. The last thing you want is your speaker rolling around in the tiny bin in the golf cart, or worse taking up room in one of your precious cup holders for "refreshments".

I got this knowing that due to the design of my speaker (JBL Charge 3) and the single middle strap this has I might have to send it back, however I'm happy to report that the strap doesn't press any of the buttons even during heavy off roading looking for that ball you just sliced off of 12. The grippy material on the spine of the holster and on the straps ensures that it's not going to slide down the cart, and works exceptionally well.

It's stupid simple to put on the cart, and allows you to turn the speaker away from the inside of the cart so you can still carry on a conversation while jamming out and you're not left reaching for the volume every 5 minutes.

If you're an avid golfer who likes to listen to some tunes while you're out on the course, do yourself a favor and nab this. You'll be glad you did!

The Dot Genie | Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Wall Mount | The Original Outlet Hanger | No Muffled Sound | Exposed Speaker Grill, Mics, and Lights | Designed in USA (White, 1-Pack) Review:

I decided to replace my 2nd gen bathroom (don't judge me) Dot with a 3rd gen unit in order to take advantage of the much better sound. I previously used a Dot Genie outlet mount which was perfect, but the new 3rd gen Dot presents new challenges for the mount suppliers, and, other than a few folks marketing mounts that cover the other outlet, there are no choices for me, as the second outlet is crucial to me, as you can see in the photo. That's a power strip plugged into the second outlet.

That said, this mount is close to perfect for what is does. Because of my needs, I had to mount it in a vertical position, and although I had to turn the Dot upside down due to the power connection requirement, the unit is tight, flush, and looks great.

I'm very happy with the setup and will be buying more, since I'm going to replace all of my Dots with new ones. This is a no brainer purchase if you need to make a little room.

VideoSecu One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket with Swivel and Tilt for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers MS56B 3LH Review:

In my ideal setup I would not be mounting speakers (or use bookshelf speakers for that matter), but due to the limited space I recently moved into, mounting was the only solution. I've been looking at mounts for a while and narrowed my selection down to the particular offerings from Pinpoint and Rocelco. I almost pulled the trigger on one of those mounts until I stumbled upon these, which seems to be a new item since it never came up in search results before. I ultimately bought these because of the price and that they look identical to the ones from the previous mentioned brands. When I opened the box I immediately noticed the excellent quality of these mounts. Now the speakers I'm using weigh 20 pounds each and I absolutely did not want to drill and put screws into them and was afraid the foam pads wouldn't cut it. The only feasible solution was to use something called Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive. I've used this stuff before when I had my speakers mounted on stands and it works real well, so well that it took a good amount to effort to separate the speakers from the stands.

After finding the studs in the wall and screwing the mounts in (they come with a plastic cover to hide the scews), I tugged on it with a good amount of force; they're not going anywhere. Next was to mount the speakers. I put blu tack on the sides and the surface the of mounting plates and placed the speakers on top; tightened the clamping screws and adjusted the position of the speakers. My speakers are 12" deep and there's enough clearance for them to pivot 180 degrees. These mounts aren't designed to tilt much, the photo I posted shows the speaker in it's max tilt position. I've only had the speakers mounted for a day, not enough to determine stability which only time will tell. So far I can say I'm pretty content with the way are and will keep a close eye on them; I am after all taking a risk with some expensive speakers. If you can, secure your speakers with screws, unfortunately it's not something I want to do on something with such a nice finish. Besides that, this is an excellent purchase with tremendous amount of value and installation was simple and straight forward.

UPDATE 02/14/2013: So it's been nearly 3 months since I mounted them and they're holding strong. My speakers have not creeped forward or moved at all for that matter. I have complete confidence in these mounts and still think they are the best for the price.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: It's been a year now and the mounts are still in the same place. Speakers haven't moved a millimeter. Truly an excellent purchase.

UPDATE 03/24/2016: Two years ago I moved the speakers into an office setting. Overall they've been mounted on the stands for about 3-1/2 years and have never given me any doubts about its ability to do its job.

Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts, Pair of Universal Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Brackets, Large or Small Speakers, 2 Mounts, 55 Lbs Capacity, Black (MI-SB37) Review:

Use Case
I got these wall mounts to have a cheap way to use some old JBL S26 speakers in my garage. I needed a mount that could handle the weight, could angle the speakers somewhat downward, was inexpensive, and wasn't too unattractive.

Packaging/Build Quality/Appearance
The mounts arrived in a small white box. The finish of the mounting arms is protected with some cardboard, and everything is bagged. The hardware is in a single bag, with different parts sealed into different compartments (my least favorite packaging method). The welds of the square tubing to the flange were clean enough (though you won't see it if you use the cover plate), and none of the pieces appeared to have any surface finish imperfections or structural issues. The item looks fine... it's not an eyesore, but it's also not attractive. The finish on the metal is nice enough, but the plastic of the valence and end cap don't match it. The offset portions of the speaker clamp mechanism are not particularly nice to look at (when viewed from the bottom).

Installation/Assembly (see special note!)
I opted to mount my speakers into my wall studs. The JBL S26s are about 24 pounds (each), and with as far out as I was putting them, I didn't really want to trust wall anchors in sheetrock. If that's the route you're going to go, I would really consider buying better piton-style anchors to use instead. With two screws securing each mount plate there's enough play to get the mount level. Once the arm is mounted, you slide the cover over the assembly, and place the cap on the end of the arm. The bolt/cap assembly has a single nut responsible for securing the tilt/swivel position of the speaker - the problem with this is that there are no lock washers provided, and the bolt is not slotted, nor does it have a hex head. While you can certainly use the hardware provided, I definitely would recommend using a lock washer instead of the flat washer. I used them with the nut (because I didn't care how it looked - silver vs. black), but you can use them at the bolt if you care more about the finished aesthetics. The clamping mechanism seems solid enough, but I didn't trust it enough to use it without the accompanying screws THAT GO INTO THE SIDES OF YOUR SPEAKERS. Since I don't really care about my speakers, it wasn't a big deal... you may feel differently about damaging the finish of your speakers. The clamping force may be enough by itself, but I didn't really want to count on it, since I have the mount at the largest downward angle you can set... the last thing I need is a speaker bouncing off of one of the cars.

If I had known that speaker stands like this were this inexpensive, I would have gotten them years ago. Sure, it would be nice if lock washers were included, or if there was a cap to put over the adjusting nut, but what can you really expect at this price point? Definitely recommended.

Mounting Dream Universal Soundbar Mount for SONOS Beam, Sound Bar Bracket for Soundbar with Holes/Without Holes, Non-Slip Base Holder Extends 3.4" to 6.1", Safe and Easy to Install MD5425 Review:

Best and easiest sound bar bracket I’ve ever used. I’ve tried the hockey stick kind and L shaped and they tend to bend or sag down. This bracket is very strong no bending or sagging. I installed it on a mantle mount as well. The L brackets that hold the speaker make it so easy and fast like installing on a shelf.

AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home Mini, A Space-Saving Accessories for Google Home Mini Voice Assistant (White) Review:

I have three Google Home Minis. One hangs by its power cable in front of a bookcase, one is mounted inside my A/V equipment cabinet, and the third one, which gets a lot of use in the kitchen, was either sitting flat on a countertop or balanced on top of the internet radio.
I really wanted to get the kitchen Mini into a safe location where it wouldn't get knocked off by the cats, and with its cord hidden, so I looked at all the available holders which mount the unit to an outlet. I found a number of options. One hid the cable in a fairly large box behind the Mini; another was slimmer, but the cable could still be seen, and a third one looked OK but was considerably more expensive.
This AmorTek mount that I eventually decided on did an excellent job of securely holding the Mini while concealing the cable in a stylish package - see my photo of how it's installed. I also like the way that the mount incorporates the standard power plug for the Mini into its design, so that the appearance is seamless.
Some reviewers have complained that it was difficult to wrap the cable around the back of the Mini, but I found that it was quite easy if I coiled the cable *before* pushing the Mini all the way into place. The mount holds the device securely in the outlet, and there's still plenty of room to plugh in a second device.

WALI Dual Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers, Hold up to 55 lbs. (SWM201), Black Review:

I have a pair of RB – 3 Klipsch bookshelf speakers that are approximately 15” tall by 9” deep and 8” wide. Each speaker weighs approximately 30 pounds and has the Maple wood cabinets.

The last thing I want to do to the speakers is drill holes anywhere on the cabinets for wood screws in order to keep them in place.

My intention was to mount the bookshelf speakers high enough on the wall so that anyone could easily walk under them without hitting their head. In addition, they’d be tilted down approximately 3° and swiveled left or right, (as the case may be), about 30° towards the listening area.

When the speaker mount system arrived, I noticed that the clamping mechanisms work very well designed. The left and right clamps are independent of each other and each clamp has its own fine-threaded screw to extend or retract the individual left and right steel clamp arms.

Each clamp has a unique, 1/16” thick, strip of soft but firm rubber material, which is what makes the actual contact with the speaker cabinet. There’s also a strip of the same kind of rubber on the heel of the swivel base for the speaker to rest on.

Prior to mounting these brackets, I sampled the clamping power and holding capabilities of the system. It left me no doubt that these Wali speaker mounts would be able to easily hold bookshelf speakers that were twice is heavy as mine, (that’s “in my opinion”), but Wali specifies a max weight of 55lbs.

The brackets came with everything needed to mount them on the wall. They are not meant for installation to a ceiling.

Mounting them to the wall was easy and I used a stud finder to make sure I had at least 2 screws in the studs, holding the brackets. The wall mounts come with 8 plastic, wall anchors and that’s where they lost a star with me.

The wall anchors they supplied were definitely heavy-duty. However, the design didn’t include “torque spikes” in the flange, which would be embedded into the sheet rock, (when you hammered the anchor into the drilled hole), to prevent them from spinning as you torqued the screws.

I hang a lot of pictures, lights, and other heavy items and use various kinds of light and heavy-duty wall anchors. Most of the heavy-duty wall anchors I’ve had incorporated these torque spikes in the flange so the anchor doesn’t spin within the wall, (which is most apt to happen as the screw begins for about the first 3rd of its length).

I tried four of them, (and even used undersized drill holes from the size specified in the instructions), before I gave up and used my metal, spiral-styled, heavy-duty, wall anchors as replacements.

Plastic wall anchors aside the fact is, I was very impressed with the Wali Bookshelf Speaker Mounts and not only how well designed they were, (the ability to tilt and swivel along with the high quality steel materials), but also with the ease of installation. The supplied bracket covers make the speaker mounts appear very nice and “easy on the eye” as well.

As I said, had it not been for the poor design in the plastic wall anchors supplied, I would’ve given them 5 stars. I certainly am satisfied and impressed with their capability to hold my speakers in place and would recommend these speaker mounts to anyone.

I’ll probably buy 2 more pairs of these mounts very soon for another set of bookshelf speakers I plan to mount in another room.

Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount Sound Bar TV Bracket for Mounting Above or Under TV Fits Most of Sound Bars Up to 22 Lbs, with Detachable Long and Short Extension Plates MD5420 Review:

This was used to do a top mount for our currently unmounted TV but soon to be wall-mounted TV.

THE GOOD: Allows the option of top or bottom mount which is good if you don't plan on wall mounting your TV and prefer the top mount OR if you have an above mantel TV mounted and you don't want to impede on the mantel surface by doing a bottom mount. The price was a good value. Allows multiple points of angle adjust-ability. Solid thick and substantial steel construction.

THE BAD: Poor instructions-IKEA like only with some words that don't expand at all on the picture instruction or even relate to the figures. Difficult still for one person and my husband ending up requiring my help after attempting solo for a half hour, but this may depend on the soundbar mounting holes as well. Ours were the insert and slot down type of screw holes. If not for the fact that our soundbar was resting on the top of our TV for stability, I'm not sure how confident I would be with this overall hanging off our wall given the amount of sway that occurs otherwise. The screw were short and difficult to adjust which makes us a bit wary about the overall stability of the the soundbar.

"Made for Amazon" Mount for Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Installs in Minutes with Included 3M Strips Or Screws - Black Review:

I initially installed this mount using the 3M strips that were included. I followed the instructions carefully, but it fell off the wall a few hours after I got everything set up. After installing with the screws and drywall anchors, it has stayed up and feels really sturdy. I used this to mount a dot in my bathroom, so the humid environment is probably to blame for adhesion issues with the strips.

Overall, it's a great mount! It looks nice and does what it's supposed to. I would definitely repurchase.

VIVO Universal Sound Bar Bracket Speaker Mount Above or Below Wall Mounted TV | Fits 23 to 65 inches (Mount-SPSB2) Review:

Worked for me and I only ended needing the two small pivoting pieces of the kit. I used the VIVO speaker mount to mount Vizio SB4551-D5 45" 5.1 Channel SmartCast soundbar to Vizio M55-D0. After reading the installation sheet I was not looking forward to unmount my TV and putting this up. I lucked out because M55-D0 series has two stands at each bottom corner which are unoccupied when you mount the tv on the wall so I figured that the two pivoting pieces would do the trick and they worked perfectly even the spacing b/w the TV and Soundbar was almost the same as recommended.

Even though I didn't use the entire system, the mount is strudy and well built and comes with the plenthora or screws and spacers etc. (the screws that I needed for my purposes weren't in there but I am not going to take a star for that since I did a "macgyver" install. ;)