Best Sour Creams in 2020

Daisy Sour Cream, 16 oz Review:

Delicious and a perfect size. Great with tacos or making creamy chicken with dill sauce! Will definitely buy again as we normally always have this around in some capacity. Half the time I dont remember ordering it, it just magically appears in my fridge. Does anyone actually not own this? Does a fridge exist that doesn't automatically have this in it?

Daisy, Squeeze Sour Cream, 14oz Review:

This container is the best thing to ever happen to sour cream. It makes it so simple to evenly disperse the sour cream on nachos or tacos, and no need to get a spoon dirty (hallelujah!). Just one note: When it says to store it upright in the fridge, it means it. If you store it upright, just shake it slightly before you use it and you will never have any of that liquid that tends to form on sour cream. However, if you store it on its side (I was low on fridge space), even if you shake it, you will have a watery sour cream mess. So store it upright and enjoy! Will never buy tub sour cream again!

Daisy, Sour Cream, Light, 16 oz Review:

Let me first say that I didn't order light sour cream, it was put with my order since 'original' sour cream was unavailable, however I didn't hate the Light Sour Cream!
For light sour cream it's yummy! For Sour Cream it's yummy! Ok, it's not Quite as thick as the original but if you need that much thickness just to eat something, you have far more issues than sour cream can fix 🤦🏻‍♀️! Mix some yogurt with it and chill - that's one way to thicken it!😁

Organic Valley, Organic Sour Cream, 16 oz Review:

Best sour cream on the market, in my opinion. Just the exact blend of tangy, creamy, deliciousness. I've gotten so many containers of sour cream where I've ended up throwing most of them away, because I couldn't find any that were as good as I remembered growing up. (Why is that, btw?) This is the stuff you want.

Hoosier Hill Farm EXTRA Tangy Sour Cream Powder, Hormone Free, Made in USA, 2 lb Review:

This great product performs perfectly as a sour cream substitute in most of the recipes I've tried. For a variation, I added it in to a batch of homemade kefir that was not as tart as I prefer and it made a wonderful sour cream replacement for my beef stroganoff recipe. I especially like that I can make fresh batches in the exact quantities needed each day. Honestly, I have been pleased with every product I've tried from Hoosier Hill Farm -- and this one is no exception!

Hoosier Hill Farm Real Sour Cream powder, Hormone free, 2 lbs Review:

This powdered sour cream is so much more convenient than the sour cream in containers from the super market. It's neater, stores more conveniently, can be hydrated when required, but has the same effect when baking as the conventional super marked variety. I purchased this product primarily to use in my sour cream blueberry scones, and it worked perfectly. Adds to the flavor and tenderizes the texture of the finished scone. I love it.