Best Snore Reducing Aids in 2020

Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece-Night Guard-Custom Molded Mouthpiece Review:

I was diagnosed with sleep apnia earlier this year. I've been exhausted after waking up even with 8 hours or more of sleep. In may I purchased a mouth guard from a local drug store for $30 to help me not to snore and to get a better night's sleep. After using it for a month it worked a little but I was still very tired and had no energy. My dog got a hold of the mouth guard and chewed it up, so I was in the market for another one. I decided to order one off of Amazon and look at the reviews. I've used this product for the last 3 days and I have the most energy I've had in years....I mean years!! I'm even singing the old Smurf song, I'm so rested. I have energy, my eyes are clear, and I have more pep in my step. To this product is say "Exhaustion Be Gone!" Thank you.

I'm going to have my mom listen to me sleep so she can tell me the difference in my snoring. She heard me without the mouth guard and got really worried about how badly I snored. I'll write another review when I complete this very scientific Mom Test :-)

Venyn Set of 4 Nose Vents to Ease Breathing – Anti Snoring – No Side Effects - Advanced Design – Reusable - Includes Travel Case Review:

I've heard that there are health benefits to breathing through your nose (both awake and asleep), and I know that I'm a mouth breather at night, so I wanted to try a breathing product like this. I wear them just about every night and they do a decent job, I just have a few complaints: 1. It comes in a set of four, two larger and two smaller ones, but the larger ones are way too big for my nose. 2. Even the two smaller ones are a bit too large to be comfortable. if I take a deep breath while wearing them it feels like it's actually making breathing slightly more difficult. I wish they were softer, shorter, skinnier, or made out of thinner material. 3. I wish the material was clear, or they could be made less noticeable somehow. I'm also a little worried that the strip connecting the two vents will break eventually.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase a month later. I feel the main benefit comes from keeping my nose open consistently throughout the night, whereas before my nose would become congested and/or dry out, so my body would switch to mouth breathing.

Comezy Anti Snoring Devices - 12 Stop Snoring Nose Vents For Travel & Home Sleep Aid - Snore Solution Nasal Dilators,Ease Breathing,Healthy sleeping helper Review:

I am someone that snores pretty much every night. Most nights my husband tells me to roll over in hopes that I stop snoring so that he can get to sleep. I ordered these to see if they could help. It took awhile to figure out how to use them. There wasn't any instructions. However searching through other similar products I was able to get an idea. There are multiple styles and sizes. You need to find the one that is most comfortable for you. They can be trimmed in length as well. I had to snip a few layers off for myself. Once I found a set that worked for me I tried them out. The first night I realized I was still facing the same way as when I fell asleep. So I asked my husband if I was snoring and why he didn't ask me to roll over. He said I was snoring very faintly and it wasn't anything that would make it hard for him to fall asleep. I also did get a great night of sleep that night. Usually I wake up atleast 3-4 times. I had only woken up once and it was already 5 in the morning meaning I had already slept through most of the night. So they may not have stopped all the snoring but they have definitely improved things.

Feeke Anti Snoring Chin Strap-Effective Snoring Solution and Anti Snoring Devices - Snoring Chin Strap - Stop Snoring Sleep Aid for Men and Women [Upgraded Version] (Black) Review:

I bought this product for my wife. She snores so hard that it wakes me up! It took some convincing but because when I usually make her turn or move when she's making all those noises, she figured that if I won't waking her up, it may end up being a win-win!

I'll tell you this... Her snoring has reduce significantly after 1 week. I know I've been sleeping better. I'm not going to tell you that it's all gone but truth is her snoring was bad. So it may depend on the level of snoring I guess. So far so good for us! I have been able to sleep! And she has slept better because I don't wake her up to move and change positions. And she says that it doesn't bother her at all when it's on.

I will post updates after a month or so if we see even better improvements!

I wanted to take a picture but she wouldn't let me! Hope this helps!

Snore Stopper Solution - Anti Snoring Nose Vents - Set of 4 Nasal Dilators - Natural Stop Snoring Devices - Reduce Snoring Review:

I will start off by saying I don’t typically snore unless I am exhausted or congested; I’m pretty consistently one or the other. I tried these and I woke up much more refreshed than I typically do! I can’t say if it helped snoring as no one was awake to tell me but better sleep it worth it to be.

Each packet contains 4 sizes so there is really a fit for everyone (and a great chance that more than one person in a household may be able to use them). These are soft, flexible and made with medical grade silicone. They are reusable and there are multiple ways to clean them (in the instructions contained in the box).

Compared to other (disposable) items I have seen these will save a ton of money in the long run.

It did smell a bit weird at first (kind of plastic like) but after just a few minutes I didn’t notice it anymore. And while I wouldn’t say I didn’t notice it at all while wearing it, it was not so distracting it took a bit to get over the feeling. Overall a very pleasant surprise.

Clear Passage Nasal Strips Extra Strength, Tan, 50 Count | Works Instantly to Improve Sleep, Reduce Snoring, Relieve Nasal Congestion Due to Colds & Allergies Review:

I am a heavy snorer, and my wife has wanted me to use nasal strips for years. I had tried various brands but without fail, I'd wake up after a few hours and it would no longer be stuck to my nose.

I first ordered the tan colored pack, and they work perfectly. Stays on through the night, and I'd imagine it would stay on the entire following day if I didn't take it off in the morning. My snoring is much more tolerable with them on.

I'd rate them a 5/5, except that my next order was the clear option, and I have the same issues I had with previous brands. I wake up and it has fallen off. There is definitely a difference in material between the tan and clear, but I'm surprised they even sell the clear, and market it as having the same strength. The clear do still last a bit longer than other brands, though.

If I could review them separately, the tan would be a 5/5, and the clear would be a 3/5 (or maybe 2/5).

Sleep Strips by SomniFix - Advanced Gentle Mouth Tape for Better Nose Breathing, Improved Nighttime Sleeping, Less Mouth Breathing, and Instant Snoring Relief - Pack of 28 Review:

I never write reviews. I guess I don’t trust them. I really wonder about the people that have the time and energy to tell complete strangers how much they liked their sheets, toothpaste, jeans, etc. But here I am, writing a review for tape you use to keep your mouth closed. My friend told me about somnifix and when I saw her screen shot of the product, I laughed out loud. I thought it was a joke. It was only a few days earlier that I was telling her about my nighttime mouth-breathing issues that was threatening my co-sleeping habits with my husband and left me waking with a tongue so dry it was cracking. One look at the product and I said, “I guess I’ll never have sex again....” But I was desperate enough that I ordered a box. I applied the product and when my husband saw it, he laughed so hard he cried which only confirmed my suspicions about the aforementioned sexual activity. I have to admit that at first I thought I was suffocating since all that mouth breathing had convinced my brain that my nose couldn’t be relied upon to move air into my body. But eventually things worked out and now I cannot sleep without the product. My dentist is genuinely impressed that my mouth doesn’t look like a swollen war zone anymore and the hygienist doesn’t need to call in sick when I’m on the schedule for a cleaning. My loud nighttime breathing has lessened and The warmth of my bed has increased now that my husband doesn’t have to run for the hills. I even still have sex once in awhile although not with the somnifix on. It has got a looooong way to go before it becomes an aphrodisiac. So give them to all the teenagers and pick up a box for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

ZYPPAH Anti Snoring Hybrid Oral Appliance Mouthpiece Stop Snoring Sleep Aid Solution Snore Stopper Mouth Guard Device - Made in USA, FDA Cleared - Original Review:

I bought this appliance for a trip to Italy, where I was sharing a bed with my sister and didn't want to keep her awake with my bad snoring. It worked great. There were a few times that she would nudge me, and every time, the appliance had fallen out of my mouth. SO, yes, it might fall out of your mouth sometimes, but when it's in there, it seems to do a great job. I will purchase more of these. The strap on the back has broken, but the company just told me to stop using hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste for cleaning it. They are sending me their cleaning agent, along with a replacement today. I didn't know that I could not use the HO and the toothpaste cleaners. Company was great and I really recommend this product. Some people say that you have to keep your mouth shut, I don't know if mine is shut or not when I'm sleeping, but literally am not snoring when it's in. I have a snore app that records me, and the difference is huge for me. Highly recommend!

Clipple Silicone Magnetic Anti Snore Transparent Silicone Stop Snoring Device Silicone Nose Clip Tools Professional Relieve Snore Mini Comfortable Sleep Sleeping Aid for Men Women (2 pcs) Review:

I had seen ads on these and well I would not be looking if I didn't have a issue with snoring lol, at times I would drive the wife to the couch or myself I had read the reviews which right now are just getting started, but I was impressed hoping this would help my snoring and give my wife a peaceful sleep, but still being a little skeptical on this product, so I decided to order and try for myself, well I was surprised, it works great, my wife said I snore a little every so often with this in however it has cut it back more then I imagined, a lot better then the nose strips they stopped working, so if your husband or wife snores I would definitely recommend this, it will help give the other a peaceful sleep lol, it is definitely worth every penny. Highly recommend.

CHARMINER Silicone Magnetic Anti Snore Clip, Stop Snoring Nose Device Professional Sleeping Aid Relieve Snore for Men Women (2 pcs) Review:

This product is working out great for our family! My husband is 5’10” 165lb slim build not really athletic. I know that weight, health, and even jaw/mouth size can determine the hows and why people snore. But for us this product delivered.
My husband normally sounds like deforestation when sleeping. Often I would wake up with a migraine from the walls and tapestries rattling all night from his snoring. This devices has allowed him to not only stop/significantly reduce the sound of his snoring. But also wake up feeling more rested. We have enjoyed a sound proof nights but noting louder than “audible breathing” at best. I feel like that’s speaking volumes especially considering I’m pregnant and his blinking too loud can make me want to snap.

This item is very small and compact! It also has a case to keep it clean and out of the way. I would definitely recommend this item. I’m purchasing a few more, one to put in my husbands travel kit and extras to hand out to fellow wives suffering the through the nightly terrors of snoring. Best of luck! Enjoy your product! #HappyCustomer!