Best Smartwatch Bands in 2020

Pack 3 Compatible with Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Soft Silicone Band Replacement for Apple iWatch Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1 Review:

Great quality for the price, and almost indiscernible from the authentic Apple band (the pink band in photo) that came with my watch. I love the wine-red and blue bands with the gold watch.

The only downside to these bands is that the material is slightly more staticky than authentic bands, so it attracts more dirt/dust/pet-hair and has to be wiped down with a wet cloth more often. Considering the price difference ($5 each compared to $50) I’d say the tiny bit of extra maintenance is well worth it.

VATI Sport Band Compatible for Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Soft Silicone Sport Strap Replacement Bands Compatible with 2018 iWatch Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1, Sport, Nike+, Edition Review:

 I have this band in all colors I love ❤️
•Closes Tight
•Colors are true to its picture
Very happy with buy :)

YANCH Compatible with for Apple Watch Band 38mm 42mm 40mm 44mm, Soft Silicone Sport Band Replacement Wrist Strap Compatible with for iWatch Series 5/4/3/2/1, Nike+,Sport,Edition Review:

I purchased this for the Apple Watch series 4, 40mm. When I received it I compared it to my husbands Apple brand, series 4, 40mm Apple Watch band. In the photos, the Apple band is black and the YANCH band is “pebble”. Both are similar in almost every way but I have listed the differences that I see. The Apple brand has labels on the inside of either end. One side says “40mm” and the other end says “M/L”. The YANCH brand has no labels on the band. Each piece of the YANCH band is the same length and width of the Apple brand but when the band is closed the YANCH band is slightly longer. The holes that allow for adjustment must be placed differently than the Apple band allowing for the longer length. The difference in length appears to be the same at the longest length setting and the smallest length setting. Please see the photos for clarification. Both bands appear to be very durable and are comfortable. They are both new so time will tell how well they will stand up to use. Lastly, the YANCH band is labeled for the 38mm Apple Watch. It does, however, fit the 40mm Watch perfectly.

EXCHAR Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm Breathable Soft Silicone Replacement Wristband Women and Man for iWatch Series 5 4 3 2 1 Nike+ All Various Styles S/M Blue White Review:

I bought this one along with ones by Admaster and OriBear. I’ve returned the Admaster ones due to the excessive movement at where the band attaches to the watch. The OriBear was a bit better but not as good as the Exchar. I kept that one due to the olive color. I have since ordered and received the black/red band and it fits great. I have the white/black one scheduled for delivery today and just ordered 2 more. The red/black and black/yellow. I’ve been able to buy five of these bands for less than the price of the official Apple band. While you can tell the difference between the official Apple band and these ones, the difference is not much.

If you were looking for the best unofficial Apple Watch band, these are the ones you want to buy

NUKELOLO Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch 38MM 40MM 42MM 44MM,Soft Silicone Replacement Strap Compatible for Apple Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1 Review:

I’ve been wearing this every day, all day for 2 months now doing everything while wearing it, basically. I have had no skin irritant issues on my sensitive skin. The band itself is strong and have experienced no issues with it staying on or in the quality of the band itself; it is still in perfect condition. I will absolutely be purchasing more colors.

YC YANCH Compatible for Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Soft Silicone Sport Band Replacement Wrist Strap Compatible for iWatch Apple Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1,Nike+,Sport,Edition, S/M M/L Size Review:

I have a couple of these bands for my super old Generation 1 Sport 38mm and I LOVE them. The original band was thick and not very flexible, and I thought that made it uncomfortable. I tried another brand of similar bands only to find they were kind of "Sticky" and that made them chaff my wrist... These are very flexible, light weight and smooth. I like this style because with all the holes, they don't make my wrist sweaty. All in all I couldn't be happier with the two of these I have purchased, and the yellow accents are kind of fun on this one!

Marge Plus Compatible with Apple Watch Band 42mm 44mm, Genuine Leather Replacement Band Compatible with Apple Watch Series 5 4 (44mm) Series 3 2 1 (42mm) Sport and Edition, Brown Review:

The band is really pretty and looks great. My only negative is that the band is big for those of us that have tiny wrists. On the smallest Sport band that comes with the Sport Apple Watch, I keep mine watch clasped on the second hole. So, with this band, the tightest hole was still too big. I will have to make an additional hole in this band to fit properly.

I wanted to edit my original review because I have received the most incredible customer support I've ever experienced. I originally gave this product 3-stars only because the band was too big and a smaller size wasn't offered. This company immediately contacted me asking how they can rectify the situation. They offered a refund or a replacement band of one of their sport, silicone bands. I replied back thanking them for their great customer support, but informed them I already made an additional hole in the band to make it fit my wrist. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND and still refunded my money for the original band (while still allowing me to keep it) and sent me a new sport, silicone band as well. This is exactly what incredible customer service looks like and more companies should take their lead.

YC YANCH Compatible with Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm with Case, Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Band with Apple Watch Screen Protector Compatible with iWatch Apple Watch Series 1/2/3/4 Review:

I love that the band came with a screen protector! I wanted a non-sporty looking watch band that I could wear for work or more formal events—and this band definitely met that goal! It’s easy to adjust and fits my wrist perfectly, with plenty of room for expansion if necessary; easy to adjust for both small and larger wrists—more than enough room if you have a bigot wrist like me!. It feels light and the gold color goes perfectly with my skin-tone, which was good since I didn’t want my watch to stand out too much and it makes it easier to match with almost anything I wear. This color is great for olive-skin or light tan-fair skinned people. The only thing that would have been nicer, is if the screen protector gold color matched the band color a little better—but close enough, for the price.