Best Shower Flow Control Valves in 2020

Sumnacon™ G1/2" Full Brass Shower Head Flow Control and Shut OFF Valve for Shower Head, Hand Shower, or Bidet Sprayer etc Review:

Fantastic shut off valve! We have an RV and use a shut off valve for the shower to shut the water off while soaping down. Conserving water when dry camping is a must, but it is always wise to conserve water in the RV. Our good valve broke and we purchased another valve from Ace hardware. Well, that was a piece of junk for it did not shut off but let a large stream of water through. I knew that Amazon would have a good product so I read all the reviews and people commented that it really worked. We are in a campground in Key Largo and with the 2 day shipping the valve arrived (Amazon's message to my phone was "its here!!") and we immediately installed it. Well it works like a champ. The water is shut off COMPLETELY! I like the lever action that pushes instead of turns. I love it and once again Amazon came to the rescue and solved my problem!!!

Water Flow Control Valve, Angle Simple Brass Water Pressure Regulator Bathroom Shut Off Valve Turn Off Water Switch Reduce Water Decive for Showerhead Hose Bidet Sprayer Brushed Nickel Review:


Start/stop or speed up/slow down water flow. No dripping when off (in the closed position), and no noticable loss in water pressure that sprays out.

A great water saver while lathering up with soap. No more resetting the cold/hot water mixture at the main tap (which was extremely annoying and time consuming), and no more running out of hot water while showering because I let the water run the whole time from start to finish (a race to see if I could rinse off before the water got cold :) ).

I installed this device at the bottom of my handheld sprayer for quick and easy access whether showering or using the handheld sprayer to clean miscellaneous items in the bathtub.

I didn't even know this type of item existed until a few days ago. Boy o boy, what a big difference it makes. It works great. I will get a second one for the other bathroom.

Job well done Andle Simple, job well done indeed.

PIH Shower Volume Control Valve, Shut-Off One Piece Copper Brass Made, 1/2'' Standard Connection, Chrome Polished Review:

This was one of the least expensive of this kind when sorted by price and I was a little worried, but this is so nice! All metal, works so smoothly, love it to keep the water trickling but can shut completely off if you want. Why waste the water when you're soaping up, or brushing your teeth, or if you don't need as much water when you're shaving. So easy to install on the hose at the showerhead. Buy one for each shower/bathroom!

Moen T8370CBN Commercial M-Dura Posi-Temp Valve Control Trim Kit without Valve, Classic Brushed Nickel Review:

This kit works great if you have a posi-temp shower valve. I was updating all my old shower fixtures and wanted nickle finish with a metal handle. This fit great and it looks/feels so much better than my old plastic handle that it replaced. I don't think its mentioned anywhere but you will need a T15 and T25 Torx driver for the screws that are supplied in the kit, see my pictures.

Before installing this kit i had bought a Danco Universal Trim Kit for Moen (only option at the big box store near my home) and it was a complete waste of my time. The metal handle wobbled like crazy and fitting required me to cut a larger opening in my tile wall...needless to say buy this Genuine Moen product from Amazon you will be way better off! The handle on this kit is rock solid as you would expect. 2 day prime shipping at this price was great as well!

KES Shower Head Shut-Off Valve Brass with Metal Handle Polished Chrome K1140B3 Review:

Our old plastic shower selector broke so I decided to try and put together a more robust system. I kept the regular head and hose from the old shower. I installed the MINGOR SOLID BRASS Square Shape 3-Way Diverter All 1/2" IPS Shower System Replacement Part, Polished Chrome then added KES BRASS Shower Flow Control Valve Water Pressure Reducing Controller Hand Held Sprayer Head Supply Shut Off Stop Switch Universal Replacement Part, SOLID BRASS Handle Polished Chrome, K1140B3 to each line. Since the handheld head was shot, I purchased the Aqua Elegante High Flow Handheld Shower Head - Great Water Pressure In Hand Held Showerhead - Chrome. I used the suction cup version of Shower Head Holder,Gaoyu Bathroom Adjustable Super Powerful Vacuum Suction Cup Waterproof Shower Head Adapter Wall Mounted - NO TOOLS REQUIRED to hold the handheld shower.

So far, I'm thrilled with the setup.

One note, since I installed the flow control valves, I needed to remove the flow reducing orifices in each shower head to have good pressure.

KES Shut Off Valve Brass Shower Head Valve with Handle Lever G1/2 Water Flow Control Valve Regulator Chrome, K1140B-CH Review:

I got a new showerhead, and the flow limiter inside the showerhead didn't play well with the water pressure in my house (the shower head was whining and sputtering), so I removed it. The resulting water pressure was very high, which was nice, but a waste of water and no good for kids or dogs.

I ordered this which is great for adjusting the flow and I can shut it off for when I'm shampooing my dogs.

Some of the negative reviews complain of leaking. For me, I found the key to be a moderate amount of teflon tape (not included) and not overtightening. If you overtighten, you will force the rubber washer into the male end of whatever you're screwing in, which renders it useless. You don't need a wrench, don't need a grip of steel... just hand tighten until it's snug up against the washer.

The first time I installed it, I put it between the shower pipe and the hose for my shower head attachment. It worked fine, but the folks who plumbed my house must be giants, because the shower head pipe is awkward to reach for this average-height woman. Then I realized that I could put it between the hose and the actual showerhead, making it much more convenient to access.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBXHF MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve Body for Shower Faucet Trim Kits Review:

Having my bathroom tub converted to a walk-in shower. So, I had to get a new valve and trim kit. I chose the Delta R10000-UNBXHF because it does not have the tub spout. The other R10000 model has the tub spout that can be capped off, but no need for this and wanted to avoid any potential leaks. My other option was a Moen valve, but all their valve have a tub spout. Anyways, the plumber was able to easily install this R10000 valve and even ran a three day pressure test to make sure of no leaks. All was fine, no leaks.

However, one thing you need to be aware of. The plumber installed the valve (without the permanent cartridge). I think he left in the test plug for pressure testing purposes. But after he left that day. I had noticed that I did not have any hot water throughout the house. Thinking that my water heater went bad, I called a repair tech ($95.00) and he said the water heater was working just fine. He then looked at the shower valve and immediately said "that's your problem". There was "cross-flow", meaning that the cold water was mixing in with the hot water due to the cartridge not being installed. Later on, the plumber came back to finish the job and acknowledged that "cross-flow" would occur with the way he had the valve setup for pressure testing. With the permanent cartridge now installed, now have hot water again. Cross-flow is expected without the cartridge. There is a note about this in the Q&A section.

BTW: I am using this valve with the Delta Lahara 17 Dual Function trim kit.

Shower Valve, Aomasi Brass Constructed Shut Off Valve Gate Flow Rate Regulator Water Pressure Controller Universal Shower Head Hose Switch with Lever Handle Chrome Review:

 Bought this for my toddler’s bath time. We have a 2 handle faucet and a hand shower. Sometimes we shut off the water to give him time to soak in the bath and play, but when it comes time to turn the water back on it takes awhile to adjust the handles to the right temperature again. This on/off switch solves that hassle! It screws on easily, comes with a rubber washer to prevent leaks. The chrome finish matches my existing hardware perfectly. The switch is easy to adjust with the flick of a thumb.
The only thing is I do not yet know if you can rely on the switch to completely shut off water when not in use. I would still turn the handles shut to be safe.

Shower Valve, Aomasi Brass Construction Water Flow Restrictor High Pressure Controller Universal Handheld Shower Hose Bidet Sprayer Switch with Lever Handle Brushed Nickel Review:

I like a long shower, but hate wasting water. Our new house did not have pressure control valves on any of the faucets controls, so showers had to be rushed to save water for the next person's use. I considered replacing the shower head in my master bath (which was expensive, and which I really like) with one of the water saver models, but after experimenting with one in the guest bath, I discovered the flow control to be awkwardly placed and difficult to adjust with the water running. Not so with this valve: this handy little gadget was super easy to install, and it smoothly and easily adjusts the water flow while the water is running. Excellent value.

Water Saving Shower head with Push Button Flow Control and Shut Off, Chrome Plated Brass Review:

I purchased my shower head about 35 years for about $10. (My family and friends bought me all kinds of fancy ones, I didn’t like any of them.) I fell in love with this one. Ever few years I will take it apart and clean it and put it back together and keep using it for more years. After 35 years the “O” rings on the slide shot off switch died, I have been looking for several months for a new one, (in stores) thank god I finely found one. It’s still only $10