Best Screwpull Levers in 2020

Wine Opener - Manual Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Set - Screwpull Levers with Foil Cutter Cork with Gift Box-Rosegold Review:

 You’ll never use another wine opener again after this! It makes the wine opening process simple, and painless! The wine opener feels so luxurious, it’s beautiful and has a nice weight to it! It comes with a plastic cork that has a pressurized tab to keep your wine fresh after you’ve opened it! It also comes with a flask you can put into the bottle to pour the perfect amount into your cup effortlessly. The color is a beautiful copper rose gold metal with a glossy finish. This would be so amazing for an anniversary or Christmas gift! It’s definitely worth the price! It also comes with an extra cork screw. When you life the handle to take out the cork it’s so satisfying and simple!

GoBetter [Pack of 2] Wine Foil Cutter, 4 Stainless Blades Foil Remover for Wine Bottles - Removes Foil Top Effortlessly - Gift Box Package for Wine Lovers (Black) Review:

Five Stars for the "GO BETTER" Wine Foil Cutter from here - after trying several others' brands that turned out to be as poorly-made/flimsy as the
(round) one that came with our "Houdini" rabbit-style wine bottle opener kit, I'd nearly given up hope that there was a quality version foil-cutter made
or available anywhere, but other reviews for the "GO BETTER" cutter made me give it a try - and I'm glad I did - because it REALLY DOES DO A
SUPERIOR JOB of cutting the bottle's foil, and in just ONE rotation of the tool ! ! ! . . . I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for
a quality wine foil cutter, either for themselves or as a gift - you won't regret your purchase - Thank You, GO BETTER !

Keissco Compact Wine opener Stainless Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Foil Cutter Review:

For 30 bucks it appears to be as good or better quality than others (like the Rabbit, which has lots of cheapo plastic). However, "stainless steel" is a bit misleading. From what I can tell this is a polished, chrome-plated base metal. This is evident, for example, in the uneven finish on the threads of the top cap that you remove to replace the screw. It has more heft than a plastic Rabbit, and appears a bit more durable, but the overall quality is commensurate with price. This comes with a nice presentation box, the kind where you feel guilty tossing it but never really need it. I would prefer storing this item loose in a drawer or on a shelf than trying to preserve the box.

Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener | Foil Cutter | Amazingly Simple Wine Opener Air Pressure Wine Opener | Wine Pump Easy Cork Remover Corkscrew | Screw Out Tool | Great For Wine Lovers Review:

I make my own wine and have many, many corked bottles. I have many cork removers of all kinds and sizes. Some are complicated devices and some are more simple and I never thought I would be amazed until I actually used this wine bottle cork remover from Wine Ziz. It is the MOST simple device I have ever used and it removed my bottle cork in mere seconds without no more than 5 pumps of the handle. Simply Amazing. The satisfaction of hearing that extremly loud “Pop” when the cork comes out of the bottle all by its self (no pulling, no screwing of a corkscrew) is extremely satisfying. I hate to say this, but its almost makes me ashamed to use my expensive cork removers now that I have this 12 dollar one. I will be giving these as gifts for sure.

Wine Foil Cutter [3 Pack] GECKOG Wine Bottle Opener Set, Black Review:

 I received the wine opener after 3 days with free shipping. It came with a premium black box. Inside there is the opener with a step-by-step instruction card.This wine opener is amazing! It looks like a high-tech gadget also a work of art. I've used it several times because drinking is part of my life now. I've tried all kinds of wine openers, yet this opener gave me the best experience on the first try. It opened a bottle perfectly! The cork was pulled out completely instead of be broken or bended, that’s so satisfying. But you also need a trick, do not push the screw into the cork too quickly. This opener has some magical mechanism which requires significant less strength, it’s a great gift for your loved one. Most important thing is that seller gave me all the accessories I may need. I'm planning to buy another for my coworker as a gift for his birthday.

WTIANQI Wine Bottle Opener Set Rabbit Corkscrew Gift Box Stylish Screwpull Lever Wine kitchen decor with foil cutter extra spiral worm and vacuum pump&stopper Review:

 The product I got is consistent with the one in the picture. The bottle opener is smooth to use and I am satisfied with the product I bought online for the first time

Houdini Vertical Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral (Metallic Red) Review:

So easy to use! and makes a great gift too! I got mine as a gift few years ago and it finally broke but I did not hesitate to replace with the same brand wine opener. It is really amazingly easy to use - I don't know why you would bother with the old school ones after using this. Highly recommend!

Rabbit Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, Black - W6004N Review:

I love drinking wine, however, I save my money for wine and will use regular house-hold cork screws to open the bottles. As long as the cork doesn't break, I was happy with the cheap cork screws.

My friend kept talking about the Rabbit, and she too had the same mentality as I did. So when it came to buying her a birthday present, I thought that this gift would suit her great, because I knew she would not but one herself. She was super happy when she opened her present and tried it out straight away. When it came time to open the second bottle, I tired out her gift and well, that was the end of getting by using cheap cork screw openers for me!

The ease of opening a bottle of wine was shocking! No more holding the bottle between your knees or struggling to get the cork out with breaking it. It is worth using the foil cutter which is shaped like an oversized bottle cap because it will make your Rabbit last longer. Just fit it over the top of the bottle, squeeze, and turn to cut the foil off the bottle. Then it's Rabbit time! Position the corkscrew opener on top of the bottle of wine, pull the lever back, then push it forward so that the screw goes into the cork (whether it is a true cork or plastic), and then pull back the lever to pull up the cork. To get the cork out of the cork screw, hold the two Rabbit handles together, pull back the lever and push it forward. Very easy, great if you do not have a lot of strength, and it makes a lovely noise, just like the noise the bartenders make when opening a bottle of wine at your favorite wine bar!

I have bought the Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew set for myself, and many people as present.

I hope that you have found my opinion to be helpful with your decision process to purchase this item. If this is the case, and where Amazon asks if this review helpful, please click "yes". Thank you!

Wine Opener Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener Foil Cutter Simpler Air Pressure Wine Opener Easy Remover Tool Cork Screw Out Tool Wine Accessories Review:

It works smoothly and easily. Insert, pump a few times and the cork pops out. Pull the clear plastic ring and the corks comes off the "spike". Except for the spike, it's all plastic so I can't begin to guess how long it will stay functional. Hopefully, quite a while. The foil cutter that came with it broke on the first use, so useless. But the pump, very cool.