Best Screen Doors in 2020

Homearda Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass-New Upgraded Magnets & Strengthen Top Never Ripped-Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Weights in Bottom-Full Frame Magic Seal-Fits Door up to 36''x82'' Review:

I love this screen. We have a dog that beats it up pretty badly so I just buy a new one each year and replace the screen part. I haven't had to replace the Velcro that is attached to the doorway though, only the screen. Also, the screen is too wide for my door but I just pinch/cinch about 2" on both sides at the top and it still looks nice, as you can see from the photos. It's so nice because it keeps the bugs out as the dog and the kids run in and out and in and out and in and out... and there's no slamming of a screen door or accidentally leaving the door open. I hate dumb rules that interfere with fun and I refuse to nag at people so this is a great solution for our family.

Here's my method: My door is contoured so the adhesive doesn't work well. Using both the adhesive and gold tacks does the trick. I didn't put Velcro all around the door either. I used the Velcro for the top 1/3 of the door, all around the top, corners and sides, thinking that would take the majority of the pulling being that it is an anchor point. The lower 2/3 I cut it into 9" strips and stuck them with 10" gaps in between (like a dotted line). I also add more tacks when I get new screens but the first time around used them only on the edges to keep them from lifting and it sagged a little in some spots on the top but still worked all and held up.

You can see my dog in one of my photos. She is pretty big and runs at the screen full speed in/out of the back yard and the screen "anchors" in this location have held up for over two years. After lots of abuse from her scratching and jumping, it started looking tattered and the bottom magnets fell out. For the price, I just get a new one.

Magnetic Screen Door - Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out - Pet and Kid Friendly - Patent Pending Keep Open Feature - 38" x 83" - by Augo Review:

I have purchased many (and I mean many) magnetic screen doors all of which I have been disappointed with. I have several large dogs (100 ponds plus) and they are in and out all the time and none of the screen doors lasted even a month without something going wrong with it. So I was very surprised at this product right out of the box it look better and heavier duty than the previous screens I had purchased before. My dogs have not made any impact on this screen so far. Everything from the magnetics to the Velcro has held up with no wear at all. Screen is as good as when I pulled it out of the box. All the others that I have had would have the magnetics gone or screen tore by now. The magnetics are sewed into the screen (always had a problem with the others breaking off), the Velcro is also sewed in and not held by glue or tape. I also like that the Velcro is continuous not like some of the others I had that were only strips. I also like that the screen is one piece and not two which made it easier to install properly. The over all quality is great and would certainly recommend this product. In fact I was so pleased with how this screen is holding up that I purchased a second one. Great value for the money.

Update: over 7 months now and the screen has held up. No issues at all. Love it!

Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door with Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Door Size up to 37"x82" Max- Black Review:

We are in a temporary apartment for only 6 months, but wanted a pet door because the only place to fit our cat's litter box is out on our tiny, tiny balcony! This door is perfect. We wiped the doorway with rubbing acohol as suggested and then applied a layer of 2" blue painters tape (to protect the apartment's recent paint job). We wiped that with rubbing alcohol before mounting the new screen. We ended up putting the velcro on the side of the casing on one side and on the front of the casing on the other It works great! Our cat needed a lot of coaxing over a few days to get comfortable going under it instead of gently clawing at the screen when he saw us outside. The fiberglass mesh stood up to this gentle clawing with no damage (but I don't want to imply that cats can climb the screen without damaging it!). He used the outside litterbox last night (hurray!). We can now get rid of the temporary one inside.

I bought this as a cat door, but it is wonderful as a people door as well. It is sooo nice to be able to bring an armload of food and dishes to our balcony table without having to fumble for a door knob. And, now, with the weather so nice, we just prop the balcony door open all the time. It helps set up a gentle breeze through our apartment that makes air conditioning and fans unnecessary. The screen isn't bad looking either -- but too bad the bright blue tape kind of ruins the effect. We used the tape due to the temporary nature of our residence here.

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door - Fits Doors up to 38 x 82 Inches (Black) Review:

UPDATE: It's been 7 months since I got this and I'm still thrilled with it. It's gotten a bit faded from the sun beating down on it and I ended up using a staple gun to attach it more securely to the house, but it's still working great. One of the magnets fell out of the bottom, but I can easily sew it back in (non-sewers could probably use super glue).

It has taken so much abuse, between the hot midwest sun to the sub-freezing temps and three German Shepherds racing through it multiple times a day. I still highly recommend this for anyone wanting to keep bugs out of their house. It's such a practical alternative to a sliding screen door. I'd like to always have a screen door like this.

I will probably replace it with a new one next spring, but I'm so pleased with the quality and ease of use. It's definitely worth it!
I got this because the dogs love spending time outside, but now that it’s warming up, bugs will start trying to get inside. I just got this today, but so far, it’s done exactly what I want - lets the dogs freely go in & out & keeps sealed so bugs can’t get in.

It was very simple to install. I just used the tacks & stuck them in a few key places. I started by holding it up to get it aligned & placed the top center tack. It’s a little tough getting the tacks through the edge because it’s reinforced really well, so if you’re doing this method. It’s probably easiest to push the tacks through first. I did the top sides next, then worked down the side to the bottom making sure the center could still close. I got a couple in the bottom sides & it was solid. I was able to push the tacks in a bit, but used a hammer to finish the job. They’re pretty sturdy tacks.

We’ve got 3 German Shepherds and they were able to get in & our pretty easily & the screen closed pretty nicely behind them. I walked in & out several times carrying things and it didn’t get tugged too much & sealed after I’d walked through. We may even try replacing our sliding screen with this so we can open & close it.

This was exactly what I wanted, it’s working wonderfully so far and I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook&Loop Fits Door Size up to 36"x96" Max-Grey Review:

I live in an apt and wanted my dog to be able to go out on the balcony when we wanted so I thought - I'll get a doggy door for the sliding door. Then I remember how loud those little doors are and that I can't enjoy the nice weather because it's still glass on all sides. Not to mention they are about $200. Then I saw a commercial for the screen door and got on amazon to buy. I received it Wednesday and had it up in about 10 minutes. My dog went right through the mesh w/no problem and has been enjoying it for the last 2 days. Not to mention I get to enjoy the nice breeze w/out worrying about bugs getting inside. Best investment for my place and I can move it to another location when I move.

innotree 2019 Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door with 32 Magnets Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain, Fits Doors Up to 39"x82", Dogs Pets Friendly Door Screen, White Review:

Exactly as described. Seems durable enough. The adhesive is pretty strong but make sure you wipe the frame first. Also, be prepared for it to peel off paint when you ever want to remove this. The adhesive velcros to the screen around its edges (a roll of it comes and you cut it for the sides and top). Then you peel off the paper on the back of the velcro to reveal the super strong adhesive. I removed the top only first, got that secured to the top of my door, making sure it was centered, then I did one side and then the other, leaving the paper on one side until I was ready. It's strong adhesive and you don't want wind or twisting making it catch the screen. If the magnets dont connect at the bottom well enough, make the sides of the screen slightly come in towards the bottom (like 1/8" not even noticeable). It might peel up paint to redo so get it straight and not bowing outwarfs towards the bottom or the bottom magnets will be slightly apart. It came with a box of push pins so I put one on each corner, and then every two feet starting from the bottom.
So, good price, easy to install and looks good. You can see through it just fine but the mesh is tight enough that not even a gnat will get through. Happy I bought this

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook&Loop Fits Door Size up to 36"-82" Max Review:

Everyone compliments this screen door. We use it for the entrance into a high traffic back door in our garage area at the shop. The door leads into a production room and people are always going in and out of that door. To keep the flys out and still maintain a fairly open walkway, we used this screen door and it works like a charm. We've torn ours by dragging boxes and other equipment in and out of the door, things get snagged and pulled. I've been able to mend it temporarily but I plan on buying a replacement. After all... it's only $18 and we've definitely got our money out of it.

Make sure to install the top center higher than the sides. If you do this properly, the screen will shut perfectly every time. If you size this too small for your door... or "just cutting it", it may be too tight towards the top. We left the bottom few inches unsecured and this helped with some of the tension. If you have the room, leave a little slack on the sides and this should also help. Remember, the dimensions are the size of your opening, not your door frame. There are magnets every few inches on the screen which snap back together when you let the screen loose. It is NOT an impenetrable seal and a small insect could find its way through on accident. I think the perfect use for this screen door is for high traffic... not for casual use. If you don't go in and out a lot and just want a "cool" or "lazy" screen door, then this isn't for you. They may make more expensive ones which have a tighter seal and stretch a little more?? I don't know.. but I think the concept of these screens is perfect for someone who needs to enter and exit a lot or just occasionally needs hands free access for a BBQ or something.

I think if you buy this with the idea that it is going to be "invisible" when going through it.. then you should probably just keep your money. You may have to adjust a little to the way you walk through the doorway... you may have small little gaps here and there where a bug could possibly get in... but think about it... do you really think an insect is smart enough to find the small gap on your screen door?? Don't forget, it's a screen door, the whole thing is open airflow and to a bug, the whole thing is, open... they don't see that tiny gap the way we do. It's not like a moth is going to land on the screen and say, "Hmmm, now where is that crack I can easily sneak through..."

The last thing I need to mention is that because a fly may hang out on the screen, thinking he can get through... you may accidentally let one through as you are entering as they either become entrapped in your path or accidentally are let in when you flap the screen open.

Upgrade Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors up to 70 x 79-Inch, Mkicesky French Door Mesh Curtain, with Full Frame Hook&Loop, Keep Bugs Out - Black Review:

It was easy to put up however I wish I would have taken more time to align the Velcro and put it up evenly. The seam is in the middle and since my double doors are just one door, it’s a bit of a hassle for tall folks going in and out. Definitely have to duck since the seam is at the edge of the door frame. However, it still works great if there isn’t a ton of tall human traffic in and out. My dog is constantly wanting to go in and out and this way, I can just leave the door open and he can come and go as he pleases without letting flies and bees into the house.

It only took him a few tries to get it... first very apprehensively but now he goes through it at full speed. Granted he’s 70 pounds so he could go through a regular screen with ease. The 15 pound dog that visits was much harder to train but she still manages to get under it if she needs to come inside.

I was worried about losing the view but this screen is a very fine mesh that looks great!

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door Openings up to 34 x 82-Inch Max Review:

Once summer started, we wanted our doors open to let the breeze in. But after letting a bug inside, and failing to catch it, then waking up the next morning with bug bites on my face (Ewww I know), I knew we needed a screen - but didn't want a clunky metal one especially since we're renting this apartment. I know a lot of the reviews on here are "sponsored" which is annoying... but I still bought it so I guess they worked lol.. This screen works very well, the magnets seem to attract each other and 8 out of 10 times I walk through my door, they snap together automatically. I wish I'd measured because it BARELY fits our front door horizontally and it's too long (height wise). To fix the smaller width problem, we stuck it to the inner frame and it fits, but it's a little taught in the width department and annoys me sometimes. It's still much too long, so it doesn't snap back together every single time, but we just push it out with one hand and give it a helping hand to snap together. The picture attached shows the front door screen from the inside - you can see the bottom is a little long on the outside but it really hasn't bothered us and bugs don't get in on the bottom anyways. I guess if you had dogs and kids constantly going in and out it might be annoying because the flaps on the bottom hinder the auto-close, but I think you could also alter the bottom to shorten it. It fits our back door perfectly, both height and width, and that one snaps together 10 out of 10 times. Bugs don't get in through either screen, and it stays put in the wind (our neighbor has one that doesn't have Velcro down the outsides, and theirs flaps around a lot. There are a lot of magnets in this one with no gaps at all. Overall, I like it because it's light and sturdy, but make sure you measure. We are so happy now that we can get a cross breeze every night through our house without worrying about mosquitoes!

Magic Mesh New and Improved Hands Free Magnetic Screen Fits Doors Up to, 83” x 39”, Black Review:

I ordered this because my children can't seem to figure out how to close the sliding door. I have four kids, and now that it is summer there is a pretty constant rotation coming in and out. This seemed like a possible fix to the issue, as it would keep the bugs out but make it possible for the kids to come and go without me needing to constantly remind them to shut the door.

Functionally, this has been great so far for our family! It allows the kids and the dog to walk through easily, then the magnets ensure that it closes automatically. Installation was really simple, and the directions included are very clear. I removed the screen door from the sliding door and installed this on the outside of the door, and it is the perfect width and length. Between the magnets there are small gaps, but none big enough that we have had any bugs come in yet. It definitely simplifies summer play and removes my concerns about a gaping door,

The only thing I haven't been thrilled with is that the mesh stitching is frayed in the center (where the magnets are located) making a constant supply of loose strings in the center of the door. I have been able to just pull them off without it seeming to detract from the effectiveness of the screen, but it causes a lot of drama when everyone thinks they have a spiderweb on their shoulder after walking through the door! Eventually I anticipate the door losing enough threads that it will start to cause issues with the structural integrity, but so far that hasn't been a problem and I have seven kids (my own and their friends), myself, and a dog that are using it constantly.