Best Sanding Sponges in 2020

Sanding Sponge,Coarse & Fine Sanding Blocks in 40/60/80/120 Grit for Brush Pots, Polishing Wood and Metal,Washable and Reusable.(8 Pcs) Review:

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 Item works great. Made wood really soft and smooth to the touch. Came with 8 sponges. Easy to use and grip. Packaging was great as well. Will purchase again.

WELLGO 6 Pack Sanding Sponges,Coarse & Fine Sanding Blocks in 60/80/100/120/180/220 Grit Assortment- Great for Pot Brush Pan Brush Sponge Brush Glasses Sanding Wood Sanding Metal Sanding Review:

I just used these this past weekend for a youth service project where we built benches for the local elementary schools. The benches were built out of wood and had some pretty rough spots. I like that this set came with so many different levels of sanding so if a bench needed finish work we had the smoother grit, but if one needed to be really sanded down we had some of the higher grit. They're really easy to hold and held up really well. In fact, I still have some left, which surprised me because of the amount of finish sanding that needed to be done. Excellent product to keep on hand if you're doing furniture refinishing or building!

3M 907NA Small Area Sanding Sponge, 3.75 in by 2.625 in by 1 in, Extra Fine/Fine Review:

Having used the coarser versions of this product I knew what to expect in terms of shape, design, and usage.

However, while this is listed as "Extra Fine / Fine", the actual rating of it is very dependant on your project.

For sanding raw wood, like smoothing out lumber, this is great. But for sanding between finishes this is not nearly fine enough.

I do wish that 3M would put a grit number on this product for it to be more informative. I went and purchased a "3M Sandblaster Sanding Sponge, 320 Grit" for my project after discovering how coarse this was. You can find that product on Amazon here: 3M SandBlaster 21916-320 Between Coats Sanding Sponges, Fine 320

That said, I do not intend to return this product. While it will not work for my current project, it will without a doubt come in handy for future projects. Plus, it is always good to have sanding tools of various grits on hand.

Wet Dry Sanding Sponge, Coarse/Medium/Fine 6 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment,36/60/80/120/180/220,Washable and Reusable,12 Pack Review:

These Sanding Pads performed as expected. I like this particular 12 pack because it had the different grits and what made me purchase this over another offering for a similar price. But depending on what you are doing maybe you need all one grit.
These seem to last as long as others I have used and 12 items for for 10 bucks is a good deal and if you have ever gone to one of the large home stores you know how much you can pay for just one pad.
Overall these are a good product at a good price.

Sanding Sponge,Coarse/Medium/Fine/Superfine 4 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment,Washable and Reusable. Review:

There were a few areas in the living room that were spackled some time ago and we were waiting for the 'right time' to do it given the horrible amount of white, fine dust that sanding spackle creates. Spackle dust gets on everything and we knew we had to cover everything or move everything to another room before tackling the job. These sponges are fantastic; wetting them and squeezing most of the water out before going at it really reduced the amount of dust to almost nothing! When they get all 'chalked up' just rinse and use again. Very durable, I like that they come in multiple grades. These sponges saved us a lot of time. Very handy product.

Imachine Tamiya Sanding Sponge Sheet 4-Type(#400,#600,#1000,#1500) Set Review:

I really like these for sanding curved surfaces like figure models. You get an awesome finish and you just let the sand paper do the work and go from 400 to 1500. I only wish they had a 220 in the group as I require that to sand down the epoxy putty I use.

I'm giving this a 4 because they only give you sand paper on one side, which I find kind of cheap on their part given the price....

12 Pack Sanding Sponge,Sackorange Coarse/Medium/Fine/Superfine 6 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment,Washable and Reusable Review:

I don't buy sanding blocks all that often as I don't sand all that much, but these seem as good as any I've ever purchased and at a much better price! The coarsest ones did shed some grit on my project, didn't notice any from the others. I did wash a couple of them when they had a lot of dry paint stuck to them and it definitely extended their life, though they are definitely not terribly long-lived but that seems normal. 4 sides are sandpaper, I did wish that the other 2 could be used for sanding once or twice but again, that seems typical. Overall, good variety of grits and good value, would definitely buy again!

8 Pack Sanding Sponge,Sackorange Coarse/Medium 4 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment,Washable and Reusable Review:

I used these for redoing our bathroom vanity in a distressed look using Vaseline and these course grain sanding sponges to remove the top layer of paint. I found them easy to hold and maneuver, and effective in removing paint where I was looking to do so. My only complaints are that they do leave extreme ridges due to their coarseness and it’s difficult to get into small areas with them, but I’ll simply go over the areas I used them with a fine-grit sand-paper and be finished. They are great for DIY projects around the house!

3M Sanding Sponge, Fine/Medium, 3.75-Inch by 2.625-Inch by 1-Inch, 3-Pack - 908NA-3P-CC Review:

I use this product for crafts, scrapbooking, small furniture refinishing and many other hobbies. These are a very nice sized sponge with different strengths of sand paper-like sides on it. It is easy to hold and doesn't fall apart like sand paper. It seems to make a lot less dust. I keep one in my tool box, my crafting drawer next to my work table and with my scrapbooking supplies. It's really nice for sanding coredinaions cardstock. (its a cardstock with a different color in the middle of the piece of cardstock) I have used this product for years and its really nice not to have to get my sander out for smaller jobs.

M-jump 8 Pack Single Sanding Sponge, Coarse/Medium 4 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment,Washable and Reusable Review:

These are wonderful sanding sponges. The different sanding block styles makes for excellent usage on different projects. The angle edges are great for hard to get to areas, corners and underneath, etc... They wash up nicely and are ready to use again. Unlike sand paper when the surface gets worn down, well your done with the sheet. Can be used wet or dry. Would purchase again.