Best Salad Plates in 2020

Delling Geometric 8 Oz Porcelain Ramekins/Dessert Bowls, Durable Creme Brulee Dishes for Baking, Dessert, Ice Cream, Snack, Souffle - Set of 6 - White Review:

I am very well pleased. These are beautiful and worked well in my electric pressure cooker. I have an 8 quart, which was able to accommodate 2 of these ramekin/bowls at a time. To give an idea of how much food one can hold, I combined 2 eggs, one slice of broken up cheese, a few grape tomatoes and a few bits of green onion. That left enough room for the food to expand as it cooked.
These arrived well packed in a box, each separated by foam dividers & foam wrapped all around, secured by tape. Shortly before or after these arrived (which was in 1-2 days), customer service sent me an e-book with dessert recipes. I have yet to try any of them, but I appreciate the tags added to each recipe that lets the would be cook know whether the recipe is appropriate for a diabetic, for example.
I haven't used these as just bowls yet, but, they'd be great if you wanted a small bowl of cereal, a snack, or if you wanted to have it hold dip for chips.
On a different matter, I contacted this seller's customer service after my purchase and they responded promptly and courteously. I would gladly do business with this seller again. Thanks so much!

Sweese 151.003 Porcelain Dessert Salad Plates - 7.8 Inch - Set of 6, Cool Assorted Colors Review:

Just cleaned out my kitchen and purchased all Sweese products. I am absolutely in love!! Most of the kitchen sets I looked at were a set of 4. I really wanted a bigger set but didnt really need the mugs that came with the sets. When I found the Sweese ones I liked that they came as a set of 6, which is perfect for our house. I also liked that I could pick and choose what items I wanted to buy and what size I wanted of those items. Everything arrived in perfect condition and was packed really good. Fast shipping too, I recieved my order in just one day.

My husband is really picky when it comes to kitchen products. He was pleasantly surprised and even told me to order a few more products. Currently have their butter dish in my shopping cart!

Le Tauci 4 Piece 8 Inch Ceramic Salad Plate Set, Brown Review:

I really love the design and size of this plate set! my boyfriend chose the color "Iron Brown", I didn't like it very much when I first saw the picture. but when I saw the plates, I really like it. This color is very elegant and fits the color of my cabinet. The quality of this set is also very good! The plates packaged very well and I believe they can prevent any damage during the shipping process. I even want to buy other color of this set and I definitely will recommend it to my other friends.

Dorotea Hand Painted Dinner Plate, 10.75-Inch, Set of 4, White/Gray Review:

I had been looking to replace my 14 year old dinnerware set, and instantly fell in love with the Dorotea set! I bought the platter, serving bowl, small plates, large plates, small bowls, and large bowls. They are beautiful! The only thing is that I wish the big bowls were a bit bigger (deeper, with 2-3x the volume). I'd love to have bowls that are the right size for something like noodle soup!

Bestone 6-Piece Porcelain Salad Plates, 8 Inch, Classic Round and White with Wide Rim, Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer, Oven Safe, BPA-Free for Everyday Use Review:

I don't know what I was expecting for the little money it cost for these, but I am impressed with the size of these plates, their durability and color. For special occasions, like holiday or other occasions & you have a lot of "side dishes" for olives, cranberry sauce, cream cheese filled celery sticks, stuffed mushrooms, rolls and other small goodies to go along with your meals, this plate is a real bonus. It's perfect size to put under a bowl of stews, soups, and pasta dishes. It's just the right size for serving lunch or a small breakfast. I use them all of the time! Great find. Great prices, Great product!

Melamine Salad Bowls - 6pcs Dinner Bowls Set for Cereal, Fruit, Dessert, 33oz, White Review:

I've been looking for quite a while for bowls to use for soup that would hold at least 30 ounces, and are relatively deep rather than wide and flat. These are those bowls -- they hold about 30 ounces of soup or whatever you want to eat, and they're almost as deep as they are wide. They almost match some ceramic bowls of the same dimensions that I've been breaking for several years now, thus the replacements. These melamine (plastic) bowls are pretty durable, they won't break if you drop them, and they really don't chip. They will scratch if you use a sharp enough implement. They are BPA-free and all that stuff designed to not poison you slowly, so they're safe to use for hot food. They have a "modern" styling, being just slightly oblong and having a sculpted rim. As a result they do stack nicely and they don't get stuck together when you try to wash them. They are dishwasher safe if you're so inclined. Make sure they don't come into contact with the dishwasher's heating element, a stovetop electric coil, or any other heating device because these bowls will char, even though they won't burn. I do use mine in the microwave to reheat cooked food, but I don't use them to cook in the microwave if the contents will reach a boiling temperature. They are marked on the bottom as being inappropritate for microwave use, but if all you're doing is reheating leftovers, they'll be fine. The best part of these bowls is the price -- 20 bucks got me six of them, as opposed to the 20 bucks apiece that I was looking at for stoneware bowls. For the money these have gotta be the best deep soup/cereal bowls that Amazon sells. As long as you're not a "microwave cook" I recommend you have a bunch of these for everyday use. If you're old enough to remember, in the '50's the major grocery chains like A&P sold these under the brand name "Boontonware". They probably aren't exactly the same as those indestructible plates we had when I was a teen, but that's what they remind me of because that's what I grew up with. They'll last forever.

French Bull 6" Appetizer Plate Set of 6 - Melamine Dinnerware - Platter, Dish, Serving, Collection - Fringe Review:

These little plates are so cute! Perfect for a little snack. In my family, we should probably just call them “toast plates” since my kids, for some reason, love toast! They are super lightweight, easy to clean, and stack nicely. Keep in mind they are made of melamine, so they are not for use in the microwave.
I really love them, and might get myself a second set.

Anchor Hocking 8-Inch Presence Glass Salad Plate, Set of 12, Clear - 842F Review:

I was worried that some of the plates would arrive damaged due to other reviews, but all of mine were in tact. A few have bubbles or other imperfections, but still serve their function just fine.

We have used these in the microwave and have not had any issues with cracks or breakage. Same applies to the dishwasher. We've had the plates for months and they have gone through many dishwasher cycles with no trouble.

Overall, I feel like these plates were a great deal.