Best RV Sewer Chemicals & Cleaners in 2020

Aqua-Kem RV holding tank treatment - Deodorant / Waste Digester / Detergent - 1 gallon - Thetford 28614 Review:

Buy all the "green" enzymes you want, but nothing–NOTHING– beats the formula in Aqua Kem. I have been RVing for over 33 years and have tried the "earth" friendly stuff without any acceptable success. As recently as two months ago I bought a competing tank deodorizer/waste digester at Walmart because I failed to keep watch on my Aqua-Kem supply and was leaving that very day to go camping. Big boo-boo! I used a whole gallon of it to keep the odors from driving us out of the coach. About four to six times more than I usually need with A-K.

I recommend you buy two gallons because the shipping was the same as for one. That's what I did. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the vendor. But they were great and I had it here in two days. They beat Camping World's price by about $5.00 after taxes and shipping were added on. Why drive 25 miles to CW when I can have it delivered to my door for less and not have spend gasoline?

Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Sunglow Scent (Pack of 10) Review:

We had an opportunity to use these in our RV on the weekend and found them easy to use and effective.

I have learned a better process from reading some of the user reviews for this and other competing products. I will now add one of these after dumping along with a gallon or two of water. The perfect time for us, is after dumping and when we do cleanup before returning the RV to our storage spot. The gosling about that happens on the short drive is great for dispersing the chemical and splashing it thoroughly around the black water tank.

I have become aware that odor can occur as a result of the tank drying out, so this makes more sense to me now as recently it was quite strong when picking up the trailer from storage (and it had been flushed before storage).

In general I find using the "Pak" easier than the liquid and the scent is fresh.

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment - 18 treatments Review:

This is the best stuff ever! I am so very grateful for the reviews customers leave, because I don't feel like I'm risking so much to try new things. We were really having a problem with odors in our new rv. Gross. Absolutely the worst smell one could imagine. I literally gagged. Especially after 3 days of family camping. Being new owners, we rely on recommendations for products or protocols. Most have been helpful, but others not so much, so hit or miss. And then I saw this review on a camper's website. I wasn't sure whether to trust a product with such a simple name, but so many people raved about it here and almost reluctantly, I thought, "oh, why not...try one more?" It was exhausting trying so many products and so much money flushed down the loo.

However, to my surprise, the very first time I used this and carefully following the simple directions on the label, after waiting for a couple of hours, I went back into the bathroom, flushed and what do you know? No smell whatsoever! None. Not even a chemical smell. All I could smell was the soap on the sink counter. Oh, what a relief! I'm back on the Amazon site now, buying another bottle! Actually, 2. Since we are full time rv'rs now, I have to order product whenever we'll be at a campsite long enough to get my mail. So, I'll be stocking up this time. Don't want to run out!

Don't waste money on those little green, purple, yellow packets. I tried all of them. None worked. And also, none broke up the waste. Now, when we flush out our tank, there's a pleasant sound of running liquids. No clogs. Oh, and no smells outside either. That was a nice bonus.

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment - 64 Treatments Review:

I've had to travel for decades for my type of work (energy industry) never had any problems until my recent purchase of a 1 yr old 5th wheel. Unit is like brand new. Obviously the previous owner failed to dump properly and had some build up. So I thought I'd share what worked for me in this situation and try to help others.
From the MSDS (material safety data sheet) Happy Campers consists of Zinc salts and unnamed minerals. Worked extremely well for me in regards to cleaning up the black tank. Using product as specified. They also make an extreme cleaner for really serious problems.
To keep your black tank and sensors working perfectly.... Here is what works like a champ for me, and maybe it will help you.
Understand that water is your best friend for holding tanks. Just common sense follows. Each time after I dump my tanks, I take a common 5 gallon bucket and fill almost full with water. Then take 5-6 ounces of Dawn dishwashing liquid mix into. If Hard water is a problem in the area that you are at.. Add A cup of Calgon water softener. If unavailable use old fashion Borax. Pour straight into the toilet. To start your "new" tank. This only takes a few minutes and you are giving your tank a head start. The dishwashing liquid and Calgon keeps the tank walls slick and sensors clean and reading properly. Mix the Happy Camper in the bowl with water and flush and your ready to go!
For a heavily sedimented tank this may take 2-3 regular cycles of dumping to clean your sensors and clean your tanks. Happy Campers product truly does virtually liquefy all solid waste and toilet tissue. I personally have never used a holding tank product that works so well. This simple method that I'm writing has worked perfectly for myself and many many others that I known and is not just a wishful thinking type deal... I promise you. It only takes 1 time of black tank problems for folks to get real interested in holding tank maintenance! Lol
1. Dump only when tanks are 2/3 or more full. I try to get mine s full as possible by adding pure old tap water if necessary before dumping. The more water will certainly always help move any sediments.
2. There has been zero odors of any kind using this method.
3. You can use any brand of toilet tissue you like using these instructions. It truly liquefys everything!
4. Has worked for myself and friends in all temperatures below zero and 110+ climates.
5. I think you'll be quite happy with the results and please pass it on to other RVers if you get the chance.
6. Sensors make take few cycles to begin reading properly and to be clean enough to read properly, but it will happen. I hope my experiences help a few folks out there. Have a good day.

Walex PPRVLAV Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Lavender Breeze (Pack of 10) Review:

Received mine in the mail only days after ordering. I also ordered the pine scent because I wanted to compare. I can only get the blue ‘fresh scent locally’ but wanted something different and maybe even more effective.

The green pine packs don’t smell like pine to me. But the lavender scent,, VERY lavender! And it’s a pretty correct and true to scent smell. Not a chemically wierd smell with a scent added to mask the chemicals. (Like the pine, IMO.

No more stinky pipes in my horse trailer!! The lavender is very strong smelling just FYI, if you open up the pack to treat grey tank pipes like I did. Just incase the funk I was smelling was partially from there. (I ran out of the blue stuff from the RV supply store, and treatment was very needed). What an improvement.

Now, I won’t have to be embarrassed if someone needs to come in and use my shower or toilet this weekend at the poker ride!

Camco TST Lemon Scent RV Grey Water Odor Control, Stops Sink Trap Odors, For Use In Drains, Sink Traps and Waste Vents, Treats up to 16 - 40 Gallon Holding Tanks (64 Ounce Bottle) - 40256 Review:

There is not enough dancing and singing in the whole world to express the relief that getting rid of that odder causes! We had no idea that the sink needed to be treated as well as the toilet. We were putting the pellets in the black tank but just leaving the grey tanks open. Then one day it happened. The smell that killed Tokyo! Stomach wrenching, migraine causing fumes that make you never want to go near an RV again. We tried closing the grey tank and putting the pellets down. That only cut the fumes slightly. Then I found this product. We have a 40 gallon tank which only calls for 4 ounces. However I doubled it the first two times an BANG BABY! The smell was almost completely gone after first use and gone after second. Now I just do 4 ounces each time. I love our RV again.

Walex BOI-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins, Alpine Fresh Scent (10 count) Review:

Excellent product. I highly recommend it. Manages oder well and turns everything to liquid for draining, with out chemicals that cannot be removed in the sewage treatment process. We initially had minor odor issues, but have realized that with any cleaner all fans sucking out air from the camper will suck out air form the toilet into the camper. We also realized that the Thetford toiled provides a helpful sealing action when flushing. So in addition to using this or any product: turn off all of the out take fans and close the lid when flushing. I

It seems to work well for 5 to seven days, the maximum I wait before emptying the tank. If temperatures are 95 and above for several days you may want to use Porta-Pak a chemical based produce.

Finally, a note on the use of bio-pad and cleaning agents: Bleach based products and many other chemical based products will kill the enzyme that is the basis of this product. I use Green Works and this seems to be friendly enough. I use other products to clean the toilet just before I dump. I suspect that some to the less positive reviews may relate to this issue. If you are not going to use "chemical" bast agents you have to use similar cleaners.

Most additives on the market will reduce the odor associated with raw sewage, but none willl make it smell like a bed of flowers. This product does a great job and it will not have to be removed during sewage treatment. (In most cases they are not removed, just diluted.) Nor will it harm septic systems.

(A final note: When talking with manufactures about sented products they note that the scents are for the customers when they open the package. The scents are totally lost when the product is sent into the tank.)

Valterra Pure Power Blue Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator - 128-Ounce Bottle Review:

My main has a slight 'belly'. There's always about a gallon of water that doesn't drain. A plumber scoped it and showed me. Due to the 'belly', debris tends to collect and build until the main completely clogs. At that point the main has to be augured. This happened once per year or so. Tearing into the foundation to fix this or re-routing would cost tens of thousands of dollars. This may become necessary at some point but until then, the slightly sagging main isn't causing any other problems.

A plumber recommended using an enzyme product. I bought his at over 40 dollars/gallon and then switched to this. I use 4 ounces flushed down a toilet at the furthest point from my outside clean-outs. I do this about twice a month and at night so the product has at least 6 hours to do it's work. Note that this is a maintenance product. If your drain is completely clogged, it will have to be augured or a dedicated and probably lye based drain opener will have to be used. I also switched to Scotts Rapid Dissolve TP. It's now almost three years (update, 07/03/2019: 5+ years and counting, knock on wood) since I've had to have the main augured.

Fantastic maintenance product for preventing larger problems. My only gripe is the scent. It would be great to have an unscented version. Once flushed however, the scent does not find it's way into the house. If it did, this would be indicative of another problem so in that respect, it's great for finding certain kinds of leaks. It's also safe to use and environmentally friendly. Very happy and loyal customer.

Camco TST Orange 30 Pack Ultra-Concentrated Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins, Formaldehyde Free, Breaks Down Waste and Tissue, Septic Tank Safe, 30-Pack (41183) Review:

I’ve been using different holding tank treatments from liquids to packs and the other packs lately haven’t been as successful. Someone at the Campground I’m at suggested I try these. I’m a true believer now!! Breaks down solids and paper best of all I’ve tries so far. Odour control is ok but I have to admit I have to use a “different pack” in hot temperatures to control the odour but still use these for waste breakdown.

Learning fast why the name Camco is so superior to the “seasoned campers”. Because it’s a company that produces products that work great!!

Unique RV Digest-IT Holding Tank Treatment - 32 oz. Liquid - Review:

Just got done with my first dump after using RV digest-it. The dump went off without a hitch and the tank completely emptied. I bought this product because when we bought the travel trailer it came to us with a full black tank that wasn't completely emptying (thanks a lot dealership). I had to wand the tank to break things down and get moving. After doing that and dumping, getting most of the tank empty, I bought some of this to break down whatever was remaining, and with intent to use regularly thereafter. For odor elimination and solids/ paper break down- Works as advertised! Odor, was greatly reduced but not completely eliminated, at least not on the first day of our camp trip. the second day it got better, the third day it was pretty much gone. After a three day trip and some "fresh" deposits in the tank, paper completely broke down in literally a 3-4 hours and solids completely liquified. dump emptied completely. I have clear hose adapters to monitor the dump. Gross? yes, but I am done playing the "black tank/dump hose surprise" game. I guess you can use whatever paper you want, but after having gone through a blocked dump hose experience once before (not while using this product), it is just not something I am willing to take a chance on. I am pleased with this product and will keep using it. I hope that with regular use the odors will be reduced even more, and now while not pleasant, they are completely tolerable. Use plenty of water in you tank think 2 to 1 ratio or more of water to solids and an RV specific T.P. We are using the Scott brand paper which is just fine for our needs and breaks down quickly. follow the directions on the bottle and it is sure fire. Love this product!