Best Rotisseries & Roasters in 2020

Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid (Stainless Steel) Review:

We use the roaster in our restaurant for pork loins and corned beef briskets. We put the meat in it the night before and it slow cooks all night - nice and tender in the morning. The roaster we had before had a light by the temperature control which would show red until the roaster reached the desired temperature. I, for one, miss that feature but it's all in what you get use to.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid | 22 Qt, Stainless Steel Review:

I read many reviews, and would like to start by saying there certainly is a lot of confusion concerning these roasters. We bought this Oster 22 qt. because it cooks a larger quantity of food as compared to other 22 qt. roasters. I don't know if it's true, but that's what it says. We received it on time (2 days Prime shipping) and in excellent condition. I previously owned a roaster that burned two turkeys before I tossed it out, so I was reluctant to try again. My husband hunts, and kills a lot of wild pigs, so we have a ton of natural pork all the time. He wanted me to try to roast some of the pieces whole so he doesn't have to cut them down so much. He is meticulous about cleaning these animals, so the meat is always nice. We received the roaster yesterday, and roasted two large shoulders in it today. I washed and patted the meat dry, and then used a rub all over both pieces. I followed reviewers advice, and turned it down after the first hour. The recommendation was 350, which is where I started, and turned it down to about 280. It's a little hard to tell exactly on the dial, so I just guessed. The two shoulders were very large, and filled the pan, but not so high that it was touching the lid. I never peaked. The total cooking time was 4.5 hours, and the meat was falling off the bone. The pork is usually fairly moist, so I can only say that yes, it was moist, and very delicious. It was actually browned on top, so I think it might brown a turkey. I wanted to try it before Thanksgiving, so this was my trial run. So far, so good.
I would like to give this product five stars, but I'm 61 and have sadly watched products get cheaper and cheaper, and their life spans are much shorter than in my early years in the kitchen. I expect, and want better quality, but I'm not going to get it. Sad but true. This unit is lightweight, and yes, the pan did discolor after the first use. I did not burn or overheat the unit. It is cheaply built. the lid is aluminum. Don't believe otherwise. The inner pan is not finished on the rims, except where you grab it to pick it up. Yes, it can cut you if you are not careful. Wash carefully. The whole pan did not fit into my sink to wash it, but I was able to rest the two handles on the front and back part of the sink so that the well was completely inside the sink. I filled it with hot soapy water and soaked it, and then gently cleaned it. It is discolored. I expected that from the reviews. I can live with it. I don't like it.
One website said this unit is HEAVY. It is not. I wish it was. It is heavier than some, especially the Hamilton beach.
The roaster did smell, for about 10 minutes. No big deal. One word of advice, wipe off any prints or other debris before you use it, or they might bake on the outer finish. Don't know, just guessing since it gets hot. And not that hot either. Just hot. Don't touch it while it doing it's thing. Common sense.
I have a marble countertop, and there was NO heat under the unit.
Here's what frustrates me. It is more expensive to build a quality machine, but it would last a long time and we would not be tossing them into the heap so soon. How much garbage can this world stand? So, that's my complaint, but it's a very general complaint with so many products these days. I do not expect this roaster to last through 10 years of moderate use, and I do plan to use it fairly often. If there is one out there that will, I would love to know about it. However, this roaster did a nice job for Thanks Oster.

Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, White (RO180) Review:

Even though this roaster has a few minor details, over all I love it. I have outlined the good and the bad below.

1. Great for a second oven. This is especially nice during the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas). I can bake up to a twenty-pound turkey or two twelve-pound spiral cut hams in a single roaster.

2. Great for keeping food warm. During the holidays or any time when you have out of state relatives coming in, you can prepare food and have it warm when your guests arrive. My mom and dad come in from a distance of over 1000 miles and you never know for sure when they are going to arrive. This way I can fix some pork chops and allow them to simmer a little in the roaster. This way they have a warm home cooked meal waiting for them when they get in.

3. It's an extremely versatile kitchen appliance. I have baked turkeys and hams in it. In addition, I have fixed pot roasts, chicken, chili, and stew with amazing results.

4. It doesn't heat up the house as much as a conventional oven. During the summer time I occasionally get a craving for a roast or even a nice turkey. This way I can fix a nice hot meal and without a hot house. This saves me money on the AC bills. In fact, I bet you over the last five years I have save more than enough to pay for the unit.

5. Dependable...I have had my two roasters for five years now. In addition, I bought two for my mom and dad and all four are still working fine.

6. Safer than an outdoor turkey cooker. I don't have to worry about a grease fire like I would with a turkey cooker.

7. Turkey is extremely moist. Because the bird is halfway submerged in juices it comes out very very moist and tender.

1. The cord is way to short. Without a proper extension cord you are guaranteed to have this cooker right up against the wall where it is plugged in. While it is still safer than an outdoor turkey cooker, one should seriously consider investing in a properly rated extension cord.

2. It takes up a lot of space when not in use. While it is a great space saver for cooking a turkey, it takes up a lot of space in our pantry. I have seriously considered storing it in our shed outside. However, I am not sure even with its dependability how it will handle the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

3. It's a real pain to clean. Unless you have an over sized sink this thing is frustrating to say the least to clean. I have found that I can just barely fit in the bottom of my dishwasher. But for best results I have to rinse it off using the sink sprayer and then place it in the dishwasher. In addition, I have to wash the different parts separately or they will not come clean. My friend actually uses his bathtub to wash his. I am not sure on the cleanliness of this method, but I guess you can try it.

4. My biggest pet peeve is that you have no idea when it's actually on or off. Then is no indicator light. The only way to tell is by the heat coming off the unit.

5. Unfortunately the outside gets hot to the touch. While it will not cause second or third degree burns, it can cause pain and a first-degree burn. Important safety note.....KEEP kids away from the unit.

Norpro 265 Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster with Infuser, 8.5 inches Review:

Wow! This makes a great roasted chicken with little effort. I bought this because America's Test Kitchen gave it high ratings. Best-tasting, fool-proof chicken I ever ate - truly! I had easy access to a lemon tree, so I squeezed juice to put in the infuser cup. Then, I rubbed the bird with olive oil and seasoned heavily with lemon pepper. It roasted in one hour in a convection oven. was so juicy and tender with crispy skin. I've made the same twice now, and both times were excellent.

I'm curious if it made the bird less fattening b/c a lot of the fat drained out and was caught by the infuser's pan. I recommend putting a cookie sheet or foil at the bottom of the oven in case the fat spills over from the infuser pan (although it didn't spill over for me, but it came close!).

Just as America's Test Kitchen says, it's very sturdy and not likely to tip over. I noticed that it also cleans up very easily. Although, next time I think I might oil up the infuser cylinder b/c the inside of the bird tends to stick to it a bit - making it hard to slip the bird off the cylinder without pulling off all that tender meat.

I liked this tool so much that I bought all three of my adult children one each as a Christmas present (along with a meat thermometer) and the two children that have used it so far, LOVE IT!

Also recommend having the crock pot handy to make chicken stock from the carcass. I just threw the carcass in the crock pot with salt water onion and celery and let it cook over night! Made great broth for cooking rice and making gravy.

Oster 20-Quart Roaster with Self-Basting, High-Dome Lid, Brushed Stainless Steel - CKSTRS20-SBHVW Review:

YES! Dinner for fifty. Single oven. This WAS the answer. Roasted two full pork tenderloins to browned, tender perfection, shredded, added sauce, pulled, voila! This particular model is a tom cat! Complete temperature control, high-dome lid, roasting rack included, enamel cooking surface. I could not be happier.

Nesco 4818-14 Classic Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, Porcelain Cookwell, Ivory Review:

This was the best thing I bought for myself in about twenty years. I can't imagine why I didn't think of it sooner!

At Thanksgiving, at Christmas, the feast c'est moi. I engineer the sit-down dinner for 6-10 people. I am disabled and walk with a cane, which means I have to plan it out like the Invasion of Normandy so that I can have rest breaks in between preparing the various dishes. And we have just the one convection oven.

I saw this classic roasting oven, just like the grannies of my youth often used, in a mail order catalog that targets senior citizens, and rips them off by charging about double what each item is worth. They wanted over a hundred dollars for this oven, so I did a web crawl to see if someone had it cheaper. And of course! Why didn't I think of amazon? I buy everything here! It was less than half what the scurrilous "other company" thought they would get from me.

Not only does this roaster free up the convection oven for cooking side dishes (or a second big meat item, for those of you who cook for a great big crowd), but the way it is built produces a really juicy turkey, not dried out like a lot of them. The only caveat is that you HAVE TO FOLLOW THE WRITTEN DIRECTIONS! This means that you need to take a whole separate day, when you have no important holiday tasks yet (I did mine around Veteran's Day) and run it for more or less the whole day...again, READ the instructions and BELIEVE them! It gets rid of any factory chemicals you would prefer your family not ingest, and it also gets it ready to be used for your holiday or other big-deal occasion.

Don't yank the lid off to check it often. You don't need to baste, which I disbelieved the first time and didn't do myself any favors. But it's true. You don't need a turkey that has been injected with a bunch of grease, and you don't need to baste it. All you need to do is leave the lid on.

I chose to believe the recent studies that show stuffing a bird is risky, so I only know what happens when you put the turkey in there without anything inside it. If you want to stuff the bird first, READ the instructions! But for me, a big casserole dish full of separately-prepared stuffing made everyone happy. And my future daughter-in-law pronounced my bird to be the first turkey she had ever liked. High praise from an important source!

Giantex Electric Sausage Grill Hot Dog Grill Cooker 7 Rollers for 18 Hotdogs Stainless Steel Hot Dog Warmer Sausage Grilling Machine Sausage Roller Grill w/Cover, Commercial Grade 1200W Review:

I bought this to use at work for our 3rd of July block party. Everyone at work loved it. We used to always boil hot dogs but they tend to be flavorless that way. Everyone raved about how good this machine worked. Now my husband is bugging me to buy one for home. I don't think we need a 30 dog cooker for home but I will probably buy the 18 dog one for home.

BLACK+DECKER TO4314SSD WCR-076 Rotisserie Toaster Oven, 9X13, Silver Review:

I'm glad I read the reviews to see why this oven was rated so low. The common complaint was that the controls were confusing.... I decided to go with it anyway (living in Guatemala the other choices weren't what I wanted) and I'm glad I did and didn't settle on another due to higher ratings. Great oven. The temperature is dead on accurate with a good oven thermometer I own and it really isn't all that much of a mind blower to get perfect toast. Nice looking unit as well. If you're a total Luddite and still don't know how to use a microwave or set time on a VCR (shows my age) Then maybe you should pass on this, other wise if you've a normal IQ go get your self a really nice oven... and curl up with the instructions and a magnifying glass for 10 minutes. Nah. even a luddite should be able to figure out the controls. It's simple... one timer controls toast and the other timer controls every thing else and then there's a function knob that selects broil, convection, rotisserie and toast and you set it to toast and finally .. yup three things to remember, you set the temperature knob to toast. Iy would have been nice if they did this when you turned the timer knob for toast, but they didn't. Still no reason to pass on an excellent machine.
UPDATE.. now that we've been using this oven for a while I'd like to give it 10 stars. My wife who's an excellent cook loves it. We've just recently rotisseried 2 chickens in it and they came out just amazing. Just yesterday she commented that she'll never be without one of these devices again and I can't help but agree. So it took 65 years to get one but what a great convenience for two people cooking.

NutriChef Countertop Vertical Rotating Oven - Rotisserie Shawarma Machine, Kebob Machine, Stain Resistant & Energy Efficient W/ Heat Resistant Door, Includes Kebob Rack with 7 Skewers (PKRTVG34) Review:

I have cooked two things on this Nutrichef: a whole chicken and also a pork loin. The results are incredible! Super tender, very moist and fully cooked. Cooking was very easy. The trick is to make sure that you don't go over 5 pounds of meat on this specific device otherwise, you have to do more watching because of the drip pan overflowing and tying up the meat/bird. I had a 6 pound chicken that we got to fit but it was too big. It took a long time too cook (3 hours) but it was still delicious. The pork loin was just over 4 pounds, took less than 2 hours to cook and was fantastic.
I would highly recommend that you buy a Nutrichef Vertical Oven. I would also see if you can find one with a temperature adjustment too. My husband and I are convinced now that this was a really great investment in fast easy rotisserie cooking!

UPDATE Edit: it is now 12/27./2018 and this NutraChef Revolving table top Rotisserie just DIED. It was used very carefully and cleaned properly. We did not even use it every 2 weeks- and the storage was in plain site on a counter top, the tools provided with it were well cared for and while the machine started to get hot today when we had a small roast on the rotisserie (less than 2 pounds) , it died and while it would spindle would revolve the machine did not maintain any sort of heat. I am contacting Amazon warranty service to be able to see what can be done. I do believe that the machine owned by us for roughly 8 months and used probably 2x a month would die.

Pansaver Electric Roaster Oven Liners(Pack of 3) Review:

Wow! These make clean up a breeze. I’ve used my roaster oven so much that I was ready to toss a perfectly functioning roaster due to the decline of the finish. These are so convenient and there is very little mess to clean up. I won’t operate my roaster oven again without them.