Best Ring Mold Cake Pans in 2020

Plating Forms Stainless Steel Ring Mold Sets (4 Count) (2.75" x 2" (4 PK)) Review:

Yes, food should taste great but it should also be pleasing to the eye. These stainless steel ring molds work great in the oven, on the stove, and with cold recipes. They clean up in the dishwasher with no problem. My husband uses them for eggs, making them the perfect size for muffins. I use them for seafood salads and forming brioche buns. The possibilities are endless. These can make anyone a gourmet chef in their own kitchen.

Ateco 4950 Round Food Molding Set, 2.75 by 2.1-Inches High, 4-Piece Set Includes 2 Rings, Fitted Press & Transfer Plate Review:

I regularly use these molds to make a variety of different raw, dehydrated veggie burger patties, mushroom-oat burgers and falafels. Along with a measured food disher, these work beautifully to produce consistently sized patties time and time again. If you lightly coat the inside of the rings and bottom of the plunger with coconut oil, even the stickiest mixtures will slide out with ease. I clean them up and re-coat them with oil once or twice when making 12-18 patties to put in the dehydrator and it takes very little time to fly through the process. I also periodically use these molds to make raw, vegan cheesecakes and other frozen layered deserts, and they work every bit as well. I'd love to have a set in a smaller size for individual serving-sized desserts, as well.

IMO, these Ateco Ring Molds are a lifesaver when making a lot of raw, plant-based dishes and desserts, like I do. They are a must-have in our vegan kitchen and I couldn't imagine being without them.

ChefLand 10-Pc. Nonstick Bakeware Set |Premium Baking Sheets, Baking Pans, Roasting Pan, Pizza Pan, Crisper Pan, Cake Pans & More | Durable Carbon Steel Baking Set | Prime Housewarming & Wedding Gift Review:

My daughter is a natural born gourmet chef. She could not afford quality bakeware so I got these for her as a gift. Great quality without going to the local restaurant supply store and so much less expensive. They are worth every penny and then some. I wish I had found these sooner when she was still living nearby. Oh the baked goods I have missed I can only imagine.

Gobel 2480-4 Aspic Gelatin Molds, Set of 4, Tinned Steel Review:

I bought this pan to use as a Timbale pan. For baking WITH a Bain Marie this pan is fine. However, it isn't nearly as heavy as some of the French tinned models and I would not recommend using it on it's own. It is a good pan for a non-baked item, light and a nice shape. But,for baking without a water bath, I would recommend a heavier version.

( NOTE- This is not sold as being a Timbale pan, but it is the classic Timbale shape.)

Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Fluted Cake Pan, 10-inch Review:

This is truly non-stick as is all the Calphalon I own. You just need to treat it with some TLC and not use metal utensils. I've never regretted purchasing any of it. But this bundt cake pan is awesome. Let your cake cool for 10 mins before turning onto a plate and it will come out clean as a whistle. Wish I could have said that with other so called non stick bake ware.

Paderno World Cuisine 10 1/4 Inch by 2 1/2 Inch Non-stick Savarin Mold Review:

Having moved several months ago, much of my specialty baking and cooking gear remains in storage in San Diego. However, with the 2013 holidays upon us, I NEEDED this mold, so jumped on line to Amazon to see if I could find something even close in size to that which was required. My need was not to make a savarin this time, but rather my daughter's request for an old family recipe for holiday yam ring (quite rich), which must be made in a ring mold. I was concerned that the sides would not be high enough, but need not have worried, because the entire recipe contents fit exactly as needed in the mold AND unmolded without any difficulty whatsoever.

I will definitely consider purchasing from this manufacturer again: metal, coating and finishing all of finest quality.

Pancake Mould maker, 2 pack Upgrade 14 Cavity Nonstick Silicone Baking Round Mold Egg Rings Muffin Pancake Mould Heart, Dishwasher Safe Review:

These are super cool to have to entice your kids to eat better food options because not only can they be used for pancakes, but eggs, and eggs with hidden veggies inside! These are the only two foods I have made as of yet, primarily bc I only remember them at breakfast time, but I'm sure you can get creative with some other alternatives. My only tip I care to share after some disappointment in my first use is to GREASE THE MOLDS!!! BUTTER, OIL, ANYTHING.. but i can't stress that enough, because if you don't you will have one heck of a time cleaning these, let alone pulling out a halfway decent heart. The upside is, a half decrepit heart pancake still tastes just as good!

12 Cups Mini Cheesecake Pan, springform Pan,bundt cake pan-Flower Shape Review:

I ordered these mini cheesecake pans to supplement those I had purchased at a local kitchen supply store. The price was very reasonable in comparison to what I had paid for those purchased locally, however, they are lighter in weight and the cup dimensions are slightly smaller that my more expensive pans. used both sets to make 11 dozen mini cheesecakes for a company Christmas party, and all of the cheesecakes turned out great. So, if you're a serious cheesecake baker, I would probably recommend the heavier weight and more expensive pans, but if you are just interested in occasional cheesecake baking, these should work fine for the price.