Best Remote- & App-Controlled Figures & Robotic Toys in 2020

Really RAD Robots - Electronic Remote Control Robot with Voice Command - Built for Speed and Tricks - Turbo Bot Review:

The turbo robot is a cool toy. The recommended age is 5+ but I feel age 8+ will be able to fully enjoy it and know how to use all of its features. As the name implies it has a turbo boost switch that makes the toy go faster. The toy can spin and dance in which it rolls back and forth and plays music. You can record and playback messages. On explore mode turbo can avoid obstacles but if it crashes it knows and will respond to the crash by saying ouch. You can teach it 5 phrases. It seems to be pretty durable and looks like it can take a hit. It requires 6 AAA batteries 3 for the remote and 3 for the bot. Overall, I think its a cool and dynamic toy that can be enjoyable for kids and adults.

Toch RC Robot Toy, Programmable Smart Infrared Sensing Robot for Kids Birthday Gift Present, Blue Review:

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 I was most impressed by how clear the speaker sounds and the music it plays is modern EDM (electronic dance music). He's got a fun, friendly voice and an interesting accent (to me, I'm from the US). I think he's hilarious and the kiddo is laughs a lot when playing with it. The hand gestures work. The programmable feature will take a little practice to perfect but it's doable. Good price and I'd recommend.

Rainbrace Smart Robot Toys Remote Control Robot,RC Robot for Kids,Robotic for Boy Toys 4 5 7 8 9 12 Years Old Boys Girls Kids Christmas Birthday Gift Review:

This remote controlled and gesture sensing robot is amazing, and we are quite happy with our purchase. The quality of the material used in this toy robot is superior too with very nice finish. Operated continuously for well over an hour (and still going) on a single charge. Enough functions, with even some simple programming, to keep the kids interested. Good!

Sikaye RC Robot for Kids Intelligent Programmable Robot with Infrared Controller Toys, Dancing, Singing, Led Eyes, Gesture Sensing Robot Kit, Blue Review:

I bought this robot for my 5 year old grandson. We were all amazed at the things it does for the price. It's well designed, sturdy and a fun toy that doesn't get boring after 5 minutes of play. A few things I wasn't aware of about the toy are the science and good habits buttons on the remote (needs two AAA batteries) which have the robot tell the child facts about the solar system and good habits for life. When you turn the robot on he goes through a series of actions and if no one plays with him, after 30 seconds he says "Why is everyone ignoring me? This is lame." In 30 more seconds he says "system shutting down" or something on that order. I'd probably change the "lame" comment if I were programming the robot. I'm not sure if that's something that can be turned off in programming but it seems a little angsty and not something you really want to teach a 5 year old. The sensor that makes the robot go forward and backward with hand gestures works well and the robot responds pretty quickly. There is no plug for the USB charger for the robot, so if no one in the house has a USB power source, it might be a good idea to purchase one with the toy as well as 2 AAA batteries for the remote. It's a good deal and I would buy this again and probably will if the price doesn't keep on going up.

Kamigami Scarrax Robot Review:

When you get this model, there’s not much to it. The motor and the parts are light and you wonder if this is really worth the price. As you assemble it and play with it, you can see that a lot went into the design of this model and it brought big smile to my face. I plan to buy another one and present them to my grandsons at Christmas.
First off, it takes time to assemble the scorpion. You punch out the parts and use plastic rivets to keep the thing together. You need no tools to make this model, just some patience. It took me over 90 minutes to get the model built. I can probably put another one together in about an hour now that I know how the parts fit together.
Using the manual that is found in the app you download, you start your step by step procedure to assemble the ‘chassis’ first, and then the graphic overlay. The instructions are great, very easy to follow, and the parts fit correctly. I only had an issue with the rivets when I tried to fix the scorpion overlay onto the leg chassis. The rivets didn’t hold. I found a way to accomplish this (finally!), but it took me another 20 minutes to do that. The finished model is very cool. I would love to have this in my bedroom if I were a kid again. The legs move ingeniously and create a ‘scurry’ motion that is fun to watch, and a bit creepy.
When the model is finished, you charge it thru a USB port in the butt portion of the model. You can plug in to a wall recharger or your computer. A full charge will give about 30 minutes of play time, according to the manufacturer.
Using the downloaded app, you can make this model scurry around your carpet or floor (haven’t tried it outdoors yet). There are presets for making it dance (figure 8, square dance, disco), play tag, battle, or code the motions, lights and sound. It is easy to use the controls on the app to move the model around. It doesn’t have sensors to avoid obstacles or engage battle with another robot. You can play ‘tag’ with another opponent which I think would be fun. I love the different lights and the sounds (which emanate from your device, not the model).
The scorpion has moveable segments on the tail and claws that work manually, but are cool nonetheless. I can make the model do a nosedive or a tail spin. It is loads off fun. I’ll update this review when the grandkids give their reactions and input. I wish it were about $15 dollars cheaper, but can honestly say that this is not a cheaply made toy.

Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+ – Voice Activated – Navigates Objects – 5 Free Programming STEM Apps – Creating Confident Digital Citizens Review:

(Bought this for a 5 year old) Absolutely OUTSTANDING product. As both a creative lead and tech developer, my personal standards for these types of devices is quite high and this little thing has not only met every expectation and promise, but exceeded them. In a world flooded with mediocre (or outright horrible) iterations of educational scientific / tech / STEM toys, it is incredibly satisfying to land on a product so well designed and constructed in every aspect of its envelope. MAJOR props to the teams behind the Dash. I cannot recommend it enough, both my 5 year old and myself find the device challenging and fun to use; a very difficult thing to accomplish.

- Slick product design and very solid / sturdy construction.
- Powerful, smooth and responsive motors, will not get stuck on simple objects in its path and can truck over changes in terrain such (rugs clothing) with little effort. It can also avoid obstacles. Motors have a very smooth motion.
- Great battery life, and quick charging. I have not tested the full discharge, but you can easily get over an hour's worth of play-time out a partial charge (probably more).
- Nearly infinite configurability. I am simply blown away by the number of pre-defined nodes you can pull up and program into the system, as well as the simplicity of adding your own. the result is a ridiculously vast ability to configure different programs and interactions.
- FANTASTIC companion application, BRILLIANT UX/UI. I cannot overstate how incredibly well designed and implemented the robot and application are. The application It is one probably the best I have ever seen for a toy like this and easily the one thing that sets this above the rest. It is intuitive, responsive, and the education / tutoring progression section is phenomenal. My child has a blast going through the progression and enjoys the feel of the presentation. It does an excellent job of conveying basic and advanced principles and getting the user to not only execute those principles, but QA them.

- NO account sign up. NO user info. NO data tracking. In a world where every damned thing wants to siphon personal info through a sign up, subscription to a news letter, liking of a Facebook post, submission of a credit check and donation blood... for the honor of using it, this device has NONE of that nonsense. THANK YOU DASH!

- Price. I have seen a plethora of far inferior toys for double the cost (or more). This thing is a no-brainer at this price, especially when compared to the garbage out there.

- I had to struggle with a CON, so this really more of an improvement request. A better way to export / view the actual code which the application is running, so the user can see a comparison between the node layout and the code used to execute the commend. This is minor though, as the current structure does an EXCELLENT job of introducing programing concepts, workflows and troubleshooting.

Just get it. You will not at all be disappointed.

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy - Assorted Colors Review:

 Great for making lazy kitty move. It did crawl up in under a heating system on within first few minutes, luckily I could pull it out by the tail, so until I ca figure out how to bug prove the floor laundry basket will have to do. My cat gets bored with predictable movements really fast, this erratic thing is fantastic at waking up the the lil hunter inside of a fluff ball.
Update: So it was going strong first day, second day it had difficulty flipping back up and would get caught on it's own tail and buzz in circles. Third day (today) I've taken the tail off and it still doesn't really turn back up, and goes in small (about a foot) circles, when on the first day I've build boxed barricades to prevent it from wandering to the other side of the house. So I guess it's performance depends on the battery strength, don't really think it's the cat since she's still getting used to it and dashes off as soon as she touches it. Cat still bonkers for it, and drags it to me to turn it on.
If you have any questions or found this review useful, please let me know '

Remote Control Robot Dog Toy, Robots for kids, Rc Dog Robot Toys for Kids 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year olds and up, smart & Dancing Robot Toy, Imitates Animals mini Pet Dog Robot Review:

This is a really cute product that works surprisingly well. My 6-year-old really enjoys it. The toy is highly responsive to voice commands and the remote is easy to learn. My only complaint is that the rechargeable battery is in a compartment that screws shut (for child proofing, probably) and it is a little annoying. Otherwise, this is a nice toy that is worth the price.

FUN LITTLE TOYS Remote Control Spider Toy, 11.8 Inches Halloween Spider with Light and Sound, RC Spider Toy for Halloween Decorations, Party Favors, Party Supplies Review:

I had left a one star review: 1st toy I had received did not work at all, after trying 2 set of new (and tested) battery, checking polarity and cursing my bad luck like an aging spoiled brat. I considered it a loss, as I really don't have time for returns. Not the end of the world either. It's just a toy, right? I figured I would have to be content with a motionless cool looking spider skull sitting on my shelf, doomed to never freak out anyone. To my surprise, the Seller contacted me and let me know a new toy would be shipped to me free of charge, and that I didn't need to worry about returning the other one. Awesome customer service. New toy was shipped fast, arrived today, I installed batteries, pointed the remote at it after sliding the on button, and off it went, scurrying about with a blue glow on its dead face, nasty little spider legs moving quickly, and a satisfying robotic sound. It moves fast, it's very responsive , totally cool looking all around. Honestly, had the 2nd toy been a dud as well, I would have updated my review regardless. This kind of customer service is worth a whole lot more than the cost of the toy.

HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals 4.0 (Blacksmith and Biteforce) Toys for Kids, Fun Battle Bot Hex Bugs Black Smith and Bite Force Review:

I bought this for my grandson's birthday. From the moment he opened it one of the remotes would not work. We contacted Amazon and they had us try all kinds of things and it still won't work. They just gave us the email address of the manufacturer and hopefully they will replace the remote quickly. I'll update the review depending on how quickly and effectively the problem is resolved.
* Contacted the people at Hexbug and they were very quick to respond to my email. Offered to send a replacement remote control without a hitch. It is scheduled to arrive in 5-7 business days. As long as it arrives as promised, I am very pleased with the customer service. My grandson loves the toy.