Best Recording Production Stations Software in 2020

Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition Mac/Windows Review:

So, after many years of using FL's pirated version (straight back to Fruity Loops days) to finally owning a full license, I can say the feeling is exhilarating. FL Studio, in my opinion, is the best DAW out there, because it caters to those who prefer the simpler pattern-based way of doing things, and with its new versions also welcomes those who come from a more conventional DAW background (Cubase, ProTools).

FL Studio really isn't the easiest DAW to learn (which DAW is?), but there are a ton of resources and training that anyone can access completely free of charge. Other than Ableton, I really don't think any of other DAW is as popular. Although it takes some learning, when you've learnt it, there's nothing you can't do in it; it really is that powerful.

The stock sounds are synths that come out of the box are more than decent, and range from stellar, to great, to blah. But it's more than enough to get your feet wet. To truly see the full potential of any DAW out there, I'd advise anyone to get some VST synths, instruments and mixing plugins. But right out of the box, Image-Line gives you all the tools for the job, and then some. Speaking of tools, I have to touch briefly on FL's most powerful tool; the Piano Roll, which is arguably the best piano roll of any DAW - it's extremely powerful and versatile.

What's best about Image Line and FL Studio is that it's the ONLY DAW on the market that gives you Lifetime Free Updates for the version you purchased! Yes, you heard never have to pay for an update to the version you purchased. So I really don't know why I took so long to purchase this.

My only con with this purchase is that I didn't receive the USB flash drive other users got. Instead, I only received the Getting Started manual and a serial license to register the product on Image-Line's site, which is good. But I was really hoping to have a physical product, for sentimental reasons. A black box just doesn't do it for me. But I suppose they stopped shipping this with the flash drive. If this was an error, I'd be happy if Image Line could send me the flash drive.

All in all though, this was an excellent purchase. If you're still on the fence about getting this, don't be - just buy it and start making the music you've always wanted to make!

Band-in-a-Box 2016 Audiophile Edition [Old Version, Win USB Hard Drive] Review:

Easy to download and use. Many options and styles to give you the sound, tempo and style you need for the best back up band for your specific needs.
A great product!

Image Line FL Studio Signature - Academic Edition Review:

Buying this program as the "Acedemic version" is an amazing way to save a lot of money. The box version is pretty empty as it only came with the flash drive containing the program and a starting manual. Which makes me question the existence of the boxed version. The flashdrive the program comes on it looks very cool as it has a leather flap going over the plug in with a magnet latching on to itself with "FL studio" engraved on the leather. But when I plugged in the flashdrive and booted it up it "recommended" me to just download the program off their website. Which really made me question again why the boxed version exists. But i was saving a large amount of money by buying this version so i'm not complaining. The program itself is wonderful and easy to understand for beginners. Overall this is a great buy for anyone looking to get into the creation of music.

Band-in-a-Box 2016 Pro [Old Version, Mac DVD-ROM] Review:

It was a gift and our friend just said last night, "I'm enjoying the hell out of Band in a Box". He is a USC Graduate in music and is returning to his first love now that he's in retirement after a career in public administration. BIAB makes compsing easy and fun! A nice step up from Garage Band which is great for beginners.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio Version 7 Review:

After reading your reviews particularly the negative one I decided to write this one on the basis of my experience with this product over the last month or so. I have used it on 2 computers the one is a Mac when I am using windows under Boot Camp with an Intel core Duo from last year and also as Sony with the double core; quad core so-called i7 low energy chip. I installed Camtasia with ease on both machines and I have used it extensively both editing video software as well as capturing PowerPoint slides. I would have to say that it is one of the most impressive pieces of software that I have had the pleasure of using. I cannot understand how things have gone so badly with a person with a negative review.

I have been using captivate 5, the Adobe product and also Sony Vegas pro and surprisingly I must say that this is an extraordinary piece of excellent software. Even audio filters which I would not have expected, removed hiss and hum. It produced even an excellent warm sound on a much lower quality microphone then I would otherwise use. It is not often that I would have to say that I have been surprised by the excellence of a piece of software which is so easy to use and produces such a good level of product. When you look at many of the you Tube demonstrations you can clearly see that it is a widely used and conveniently used piece of software. I was surprised that it was even useful as video edit software. It captured readily all kinds of screen activity and has done for me well every task that has been set for it. I have also recently had a bad experience with a particular product but when one looks at the other outstanding reviews on that product I am sure that I had one that was a faulty product. In general I can say that this is an easy to use surprisingly superb piece of software that deals with the production of high-quality educational material and podcasts and easily integrates with the web and with our learning management systems.

I invested similar amount of time and effort into captivate 5 and must say that I found it a much more difficult product to use and struggled to find the benefits. We have a simple set of tasks way we produce PowerPoint-based videos and integrate them with videos and other screen captures we we demonstrate software. This product does exactly what we need to produce small web-based versions as well as much larger high-resolution videos for in-house use. Everything that you need is included and if you do need some extra bits and pieces of a sound and video type the partner provider of that material delivers an excellent product.

In summary I have found it to be high-quality stable product that has exceeded my expectations and operates perfectly on two different PC and a Mac system. I have tested the trial version on a Mac and also found that it works just as well. I would say do not be distracted by the singular negative experience as this is a widely used tool and it clearly a major mode of demonstration of software on you Tube. If you need to capture screenshots Snagit is used. I have it but have not yet tested it.

Statement of interest:

I have no financial interest in this product nor am I attach to the company or any of its subsidiaries in any way. I have had no sponsorship nor any encouragement to write this review. This review is simply written in the spirit of assisting others in making a decision about to purchase a product for the uses that I have defined and tested for above.Camtasia Studio Version 7Camtasia Studio Version 7

Camtasia Studio Version 7/Snagit Version 10 Bundle

Sony Creative Software ACID Music Studio 8.0 - 2011 [Old Version] Review:


Music Creator 6 [Download] Review:

This software is not as user friendly as say Audition or Audacity, but what it lacks in user friendliness it makes up for in free tutorials and features, as well as quality of recording.

I am a self-described hobbyist recorder. I record my guitar on my computer, using the guitar jack plugged into a mini plug, plugged into the sound card. One thing I noticed right away, as well as my friends and acquaintences who've checked out my new recordings using Music Creator 6, is that the heinous hiss of Audacity is a thing of the past. My tracks recorded using MC6 are a LOT clearer and cleaner, and the individual guitar notes can be heard a lot more clearly now.

What I would recommend is if you get this software, invest in watching some of the tutorials, no matter what your experience level. Also, if you record an instrument such as a guitar, there's a couple of tricks you'll want to know about.

The first tip is if you're like me, your guitar only records to the left half of the track. In MC6 it's a bit different to copy and paste it into the right half versus Audacity. In MC6, you'll convert the track to Mono first and then Bounce to Track and voila! Your left channel-only track is now a full stereo track!

The second tip I have for you is figuring out how to apply effects to your recorded track. Once I outline it for you it's going to make total sense, but being used to having to scroll through a bunch of menus it might not seem that easy. There's a box on the left hand side of the track view with "FX" at the top of it. Right-click inside the box, add effect, and select the VST or effect you want to apply. Don't worry if the waveform doesn't look any different, it will apply the effect and even give you a cool pop up box to customize the effect to your liking.

Third and final tip I have for you is this: This program DOES export to both .wav and .mp3 formats. I'm not sure about the Touch version, but the one I got (This one) DEFINITELY does export. Don't listen to the reviews that say they can't save their music. What you DO want to keep in mind though, is be careful if you have one track selected and you export your music. It will only export the selected track, versus Audacity where it automatically exports everything. What you'll want to make sure of is that you highlight all your recorded tracks before exporting - simple huh?

I'm barely skimming the tip of the iceberg with this software, and while I do not record music for profit, it's good to have a professional quality program to work with.

Definitely worth the price!