Best Rear Facing Car Seat Mirrors in 2020

Baby Mirror for Car - Largest and Most Stable Backseat Mirror with Premium Matte Finish - Crystal Clear View of Infant in Rear Facing Car Seat - Safe, Secure and Shatterproof Review:

I have my grandson every day while his mom & dad work. We had eight months of transporting without any mirror. One day while driving my grandson began to scream as if he were hurt. I found a quiet place to pull over and get out and check him. I never did figure out what happened to make his scream but I vowed to get a mirror for my viewing of him. After researching for hours and hours, I decided on this one. My son has a mirror in his car and my DIL has one in her car and they seemed very nice but I thought they were just a tad bit small. I bought this one because of it's size and I've never doubted my decision.

This mirror is so easy to install (middle back headrest on a 2012 Prius V. It stays securely in place and can be easily angled for perfect vision of babe. My grandson LOVES his reflection and entertains himself by performing for himself in the mirror.

I highly recommend this mirror. Nice looking, large, doesn't obstruct vision out the back window, child is entertained by himself (he must think he is on TV) and I know what he is doing every second. Only con I can find ---- I have to remember to keep my eyes on the road ahead instead of enjoying watching his cutie face and his antics in the mirror.

Best thing EVER.

After having this mirror for months, I still love it and I feel it should be required when having a child in the back seat. I've seen too many news reports this summer of babies left in hot cars because parents didn't remember they were there. I see my grandson in the rear view mirror. His face is looking at me when I simply glance in my mirror. This mirror is so large I can't miss him.

Baby Car Mirror, DARVIQS Car Seat Mirror, Safely Monitor Infant Child in Rear Facing Car Seat, Wide View Shatterproof Adjustable Acrylic 360°for Backseat, Crash Tested and Certified for Safety Review:

I have a toddler who is still in a rear facing car seat and she would get fussy during car rides. Prior to getting this mirror, I was unable to see her while driving but since getting this, I am able to check on her while driving. She also loves to be able to see herself in the mirror. The price of this mirror compared with others was definitely awesome. I like that you can adjust the angle in many directions to get the perfect view of your child. If you have a rear facing child, I definitely recommend getting one of these.

Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat Black - Safely Monitor Infant Child in Rear Facing Car Seat,See Children or Pets in Backseat,Best Newborn Car Seat Accessories, Fully Assembled, Shatterproof Review:

Looks beautiful in the car and amazing quality! It was also very easy to install and is very maneuverable for getting . I used to need to turn to the back seat to observe my child, which is easy to cause an accident. But now with this mirror, it's nice and large and it's on a pivot head. Now I can angle it any way I need so I can actually see my child in the review mirror. I'm very happy with my purchase and would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with a child in a rear-facing car seat. 💗 💗

Baby Backseat Mirror for Car - View Infant in Rear Facing Car Seat - Newborn Safety with Secure Headrest Double-Strap - Essential Car Seat Accessories Review:

I would give this product ten stars if i could. These mirrors are large and sturdy and the swivel allows you to position it perfectly. The flat mirrors do not work.

My mom mentioned a couple weeks back that she was nervous driving the kids without being able to see them.

I had purchased one of these when my toddler was born (he is 2.5 now) and had been procrastinating placing the mirror in our new car. My husband bought two flat ones but these are dependent on positioning of the seat and move around so they were really ineffective. I brought out the so peep one (so easy to install) and ordered a second for the younger sibling.

Well not even a week into having them, while i was at work my mom was driving the kids home (also have a 10 mo old) she looked into the rearview and my toddler was turning red and he wasnt making a sound. She pulled over and turns out he had put a quarter in his mouth and it was obstructing his airway. She was able to get it dislodged and removed.

My kid could have suffocated and died before they made it home. This saved his life. Do not think twice about this product its worth every penny and more! Your kids life is priceless.

Shynerk Baby-0011 Baby car mirror Review:

This mirror is a godsend for keeping an eye on my toddler while she's in the back seat. On long car rides where she is likely to fall asleep, it's great to be able to see when she's still awake and we have to be quiet, or when she finally dozes off and my wife and I can talk again. There is also a huge sense of peace of mind in being able to keep an eye on her, especially as a first time parent.

The mirror itself is very well designed. The convex shape gives a very wide viewing range such that both me and my wife who is 8" shorter than me can use the mirror without having to adjust it. The mounting straps were easy to install, and the swivel head made it easy to adjust for the right positioning. We did find, however, that it was easiest to get the positioning right with two people. I would site in the driver's seat while my wife adjusted the positioning until it was just right. Otherwise you'd have to go by a sort of trial and error because the view you get while adjusting the mirror is not what you're going to see while sitting, so you get a little bit of an "adjust 5 degrees down, go sit in the seat to check, adjust 3 degrees up, repeat" situation.

Jolly Jumper Driver's Baby Mirror Review:

I had another mirror that we really loved that was easy to adjust at almost any angle because there was a ball mechanism that was between the mirror and the headrest of the seat where it was attached. I am still a fan of that one for little bitty babies as it's also a larger mirror, but once my littlest hit 18 months he started pulling at it each time we got into and out of the seat, and then he started kicking it as soon as he could reach it with his feet and inevitably, it broke. This mirror is awesome for the price. I love that it fits flush to the seat so there's no moving this and adjusting on accident by little boy. He's actually stopped trying, which in and of itself is a "win." So for anyone with an active toddler who is still back-facing, I say go forth and purchase!

Britax Back Seat Mirror Review:

Easy to install
VERY simple to adjust
Shows a lot of back seat

Can't use seat where it's placed without taking it off headrest
If headrest is in tall position it can block view out the back window when looking through rear-view mirror
It can be easy to lose focus on driving because you can look at your cute little one instead

Thoughts: I love being able to glance in the rear-view mirror and see my little one! So reassuring. I did have to adjust the headrest down so that the back window isn't blocked when I look out the rear-view mirror; I had noticed that it was hard to see cars behind me on that side of the car which is SUPER dangerous. So now I have it adjusted so that I can't see the mirror when looking in my rear-view mirror normally; I instead have tot sit up a little further to look at my little one. A very small adjustment to keep us both safer on the road.

COZY GREENS Baby Car Mirror | Most Stable | View Infant in Rear Facing Seat | 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee | Shatterproof & Crash Tested | Best Newborn Safety| Backseat Mirror for Back Seat Review:

If you're researching which mirror is best for your baby...STOP. You've landed on the best. Seriously. Order it now. Maybe two or three. Let me share why I'm obsessed with our Cozy Green Mirrors (yes, plural - I loved the first so much I purchased a second for my husbands truck as well).

1. You won't find a clearer mirror. I've thrown away both mirrors I received at a baby shower after I found this one. They were so blurry and distorted!!! I thought to myself, surely this can't be all there is to baby mirrors? I was right because Cozy Greens shows the clearest image EVER. It's like I'm staring at my baby girl with my own eyes. No exaggeration. It's also pretty wide compared to others I've had.

2. There's not another mirror I can find that swivels to the exact position you'd like, then locks in place. It's extremely secure to my headrest, so I'm not worried about it falling on baby. I love the lock feature cause I'm bad about hitting the mirror when I wrestle to lock my daughter in her car seat. Never fails! Also love the fact that it can be vertical or horizontal. Super sturdy!!! It's simple to install/move, but I just bought multiple cause, well, you get it by now.

3. This mirror came with a convenient first aid pack. How clever?! Again, no other mirror will come with this special "extra". It's fully loaded with anything you may need. It also came with a cleaning cloth for the mirror, which I store in the first aid kit. Just so thought out. Everything you need!!

4. So I've already admitted to being obsessed and purchasing two for my family vehicles. But now I'm ready to purchase another for some baby shower gifts I have coming up. I promise you the parents will thank you a hundred times!

Munchkin Brica Firefly Baby In-Sight Car Mirror, Crash Tested and Shatter Resistant Review:

I had the previous model for my daughter but the remote broke. Since the previous model couldn't be used without the remote I upgraded to this current model.

-It keeps my kids happy. They love the lights and music! (They each have a mirror.)
-This newer model works without the remote! Huge bonus over the previous model!
-The batteries it came with are still working 4 months later!
-The mirror is fun and soothing for babies who hate the car or the dark.
-It helps me keep my sanity intact on car rides.

-If you have 2 or more in your car the remote will work for both however it will turn both on even if you don't want it both on and they will play slightly out of sync which will make you feel like you're loosing your mind
-This newer model is harder to position and harder to stay in position. I'm not sure what they changed between the two models but my first older version never shifted and theses shift often.
-You can't turn on JUST the lights or JUST the music it's both or nothing. In the day you don't need the lights so it seems like a waste.

Over all these were a great buy and well worth the money!

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant with Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Fully Assembled, Crash Tested and Certified Review:

 I love how this one secures to the seat and is adjustable once secured! It is very well built, the mirror has a swivel so that you can maneuver the mirror to your exact liking. And the locking straps adjust easily and provide firm placement on the headrest, so it doesn't move over time. The price is really reasonable, too.