Best Radar Detectors in 2020

ESCORT IX Laser Radar Detector - Auto Learn Protection, Extreme Long Range, Bluetooth, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live Review:

Been using this thing for well over a year now (wanted to wait before reviewing it since the amount of time you use it is a big factor — I'd ignore any reviews that don't stipulate being used for at least a few months). Here are the main highlights, in no particular order:

1. No tickets yet. *knock on wood* This thing has saved my butt at least once a month since purchasing it. I'm not a crazy-fast driver but I do like to go 10-12 over on rural highways when nobody's around, and there are a fair number of police patrolling even these areas.

2. No physical issues, no need to return it for service as stated in reviews of this and similar models. I think this happens when there are firmware updates earlier in the product's life cycle. So stuff ends up on store shelves somewhere for a year or more (and in not a fully working state), people buy it and then have a worse experience than someone who bought a model that just came off the line a month ago (i.e. has newer firmware / the bugs worked out of it.)

3. You can set the mode to match the radar settings mostly commonly used in your area, and if there are a lot of false "K-band" alarms in your area you can set to "LowK" which will not omit the strength of police radars but will ignore weaker signals in that band from banks and other sources. Mute button on charger base easy to use without taking eyes off road, once you know where to reach (i.e. after the first couple uses). Have to use this a couple times a trip as the memory doesn't always work (see below).

4. The range is fantastic regardless of mode. There are spots where the police cruiser is a mile or more away, and with hills between us (or a bend in the road) — no line of sight — and the alarm sounds well in advance of the cruiser having line of sight. It's like clockwork on rural highways. Get an alarm, watch it for 3-5 seconds to see if signal slowly increases, if it does slow down, wait for cruiser to pass. 15-20 seconds later there's the police, either driving by or parked off the road.

The only major flaw is that the "mute memory" which you use to skip areas where you know the alarm will always be tripped, does not work well. It ties into GPS somehow, but I've noticed the couple times I've saved locations during an alarm (both while driving and while stopped at a light), tend to "drift" over time. Like two weeks later the mute location will kick in a 500-1000 feet early, then go off as you actually pass the spot where you intended it to mute. It's annoying but I've learned to live with it with liberal use of the Mute button in this one spot. Small price to pay for not getting a ticket.

Around here the choices are get stuck behind Buick-driving grandpas or farmer Bob, all of whom think the speed limit is just a little too fast and regularly drive 40 in 50 zones, and be late to work or other venues... speed without this device and once a year get saddled with a $120 ticket that stays on your record for 3 years (regardless of whether you're 8 over or 18 over)... or get this, drive a reasonable speed and get no tickets. Easy choice, with all due respect to Buick owners and old farmers everywhere.

-1 Star for that, otherwise works great. Highly recommended.

Uniden R3DSP R3 Dsp Extremely Long-Range Radar Detector/Laser Detector with GPS Review:

This is my first radar detector I'm a delivery driver and it is amazing it has already saved me from two tickets within the first week. It's quiet about 90% of the time the false alerts that I do get is mainly from automatic door openers but it works great right out the box plugged and without changing the settings. on the road very few cars sensors can set this off and I mean barely any . I haven't updated the unit yet. a State Trooper (VA) pulled up behind me and he didn't notice or detect it but the detector spotted him cars away from behind. I love that it has a display setting called Dark mode really makes it that less visible. The fact that it's undetectable so far is extremely beneficial. Also it's quick to disconnect from the mount that's a great Plus! push button slide off. The more stealthy mount that comes with it barely supports

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS Review:

In a nutshell, the Uniden gets an A+, the Rad450 a B+. Of course the uniden is twice as expensive so it should be better. But The RAD450 performed quite admirable for it's price. It is not quite as sensative as the uniden facing forward. For cops coming from the behind, the uniden definitely seems more effective. It takes awhile to figure out what is the best settings for these units. Both of their directions are decent but could be better. If you want to just set it and forget it use #5 for the uniden and #6 for the RAD450.

The "quite ride" for the uniden works with the GPS speed. on the unit No sound below a certain speed. This works perfectly for
filtering out useless parking lot and stop light false alerts. Because the uniden can also mute specific locations it is even more versatile for filtering falsie's. I did not use this in any of my tests. Because the RAD450 doesn't have GPS, it's "quite ride" works differently. An audio will sound for a few seconds (2 or 3 beeps) then go silent. If it doesn't have a 30-40 second space between alerts, it will remain silent even if it gets a new alert (it will always display the alert). This works quite well for parking lots since you are getting many multiple alerts rapidly. Yet, this shouldn't be a problem while driving highway or city. In the driving test below I had all kinds of falsie's on the old radar including the blind spot radars used on cars. While following a Chevy equinox on the highway, my old unit cycled on and off continuously while behind this car. Both the uniden and RAD450 were totally silent. They didn't register any alerts. Other cars caused the same thing in my old unit but I couldn't identify which
car was the source. The other 2 units remained silent.

I was fortunate that the day of testing, Cops were everywhere so I got good data. I didn't get the actual distance on the city speeding trap, but both the Uniden and RAD450 were equal distances and gave enough warning to slow down. The old unit gave maybe enough warning. In summary,
the uniden is a terrific unit. Spending anymore I think is a waste of money. If you can't afford the $250 price tag, the RAD450 is a pretty good unit and option. Anything cheaper than the RAD450 will most likely behave just like my old 7000 which is rendered useless due to falsie's.
Also, as an aside note, the "intellimute" option on the RAD450 does not work on a 2004 Lexus rx330. Supposedly, the unit can tell the RPM of the engine through voltage spikes in the electrical system. My guess is that it won't be able to read most cars so don't count on this as a useful filter option. Regardless,The RAD450 works well enough for the price. So, I am keeping both; The uniden for my main car, and the RAD450 for my second car. I should be well protected in both less all those annoying falsies! Hope this review helps. (see test data below)

Big Box parking lot test driving around in a circle.

1) Uniden DFR7:
Saved muted Locations: none
25 mph quiet mode on.
All filters on.
K set to wide.
Ka set to narrow.
# of beeps: 0

2) Cobra Rad450:
All Filters on
Quiet ride off.
# of Beeps:
Sensitivity @ Max: 158
Sensetivity @ Med: 52
Sensetivity @ Low: 10

3) Cobra Rad450:
All Filters on
Quiet ride on
# of Beeps:
Sensitivity @ Max: 6
Sensetivity @ Low: 2

4) Cobra EDS7000:
# of Beeps: 132

Number of Falsie's and Beeps Driving 90 mi. (suberbs/highway)
* note each falsie produces multiple beeps

5) Uniden DFR7:
Saved muted Locations: none
25 mph quiet mode on.
All filters on.
K set to narrow.
Ka set to narrow.
Falsie: 1
Total # of Falsie beeps:3
True Alert: 3 of 3
Highway distance to cop:
Week alert: 1.4 mi
Full alert: 0.8 mi

6) Cobra Rad450:
All Filters on
Quiet ride on
Sensitivity @ Max:
Falsie: 4
Total # of Falsie beeps: 8
True Alert: 3 of 3
Highway distance to cop:
Week Alert: none
Full Alert: 0.8 mi

7) old Cobra EDS7000:
Falsie: 43
Total # of Falsie beeps: 482
True alert: 2 of 3 (yep missed one)
Highway distance to cop:
Week alert: none
Full alert: 0.5 mi

Uniden DFR8 Super Long Range Laser and Radar Detection, Advanced K/KA Band Filter, Voice Notifications, Ultra-bright Multi-Colored OLED Display Review:

Purchased this little beauty a few months ago, as my daily commute is about 70% highway, and 30% city. The false alerts are far and few between, and 9/10 times, it will beat the Waze Navigation app notification of, "Police reported ahead". It looks extremely crisp and sleek mounted to the windshield, and with so many color and audio options, you cannot go wrong. On the highway, I have anywhere from .5 to .7 miles of a heads up. No doubt about it- this radar detector does everything it promises, and will most definitely save you from annoying tickets, and well as increases to your insurance premium.

ChargerCity Super Suction Sticky Windshield Suction Cup Mount for Escort MAX 360 MAX360 MAX2 MAX 2 Radar Detector (NOT FOR MAX360C w/MAGNETIC connection) Review:

I use this GPS mount on my cruiser. So far it has performed very well. Installation was a bit of a pain in my case because of my windshield and my choice of mounting location. On any bike without such obstructions installation would be a breeze. It was do-able, just tested my patients a bit. Included rubber shims allow a secure connection to the handlebar that does not slip. I deducted one star because the "ball" that the GPS cradle fits on seems just a bit undersized compared to the windshield mount that came with my RoadMate. This allows the unit to flex more freely than it should and I've noticed that it needs periodic adjustment from time to time, especially if the road is rough. This is also a bit of an issue if you remove your GPS, as I do, when parking your motorcycle. You have to hold the mount with one hand and remove the GPS with the other. With that exception the mount has worked flawlessly for me and I don't worry about losing the unit while riding. I recommend this product as an inexpensive (compared to other brands)way to mount your Magellan RoadMate to your motorcycle.

UNIDEN R7 Extreme Long Range Laser/Radar Detector, Built-in GPS w/Real-Time Alerts, Dual-Antennas Front & Rear w/Directional Arrows, Voice Alerts, Red Light Camera, Speed Camera Alerts, OLED Display Review:

First off delete Scotts scam review as he doesn't know what he's talking about!!
Mounted in 2017 Golf R, received the R7 April 18 and have used since then and replaced a Escort Max 360 which I loved.
I-5 in Fife Washington is getting hammered by WSP too slow everyone down to 50 and so far have had 5-6 bogeys every morning at 4am for 2 weeks. Scott I have been hit every morning by KA band by 3-6 hits by half a mile easy and no laser is being used by WSP in cars but motorcycle cops use laser almost all the time so watch for them, usually on the way home. Through the Fife area 1 mile before or after set cruise control to 50 and do not speed through this area, EVER!! In two weeks I have been paced from behind going North in this area twice and one cop had his radar on and got him really early with the rear radar as he nailed the truck behind me doing 70 coming up on me doing 65----close but I new he was back there so I was slowing from 75 from just a minute before. One day hit by Laser with R7 but luckily had adaptive cruise set at 65 and had no hit on detector but saw cop point gun at me and switch to others behind me so be careful with laser detection.
KA about the same so far as Max 360 but K band is far superior with R7 and people will tell you no K band really in WA but so far 3 hits from WSP and one in Kent Wa with all cops with radar on full time and picked them up so far I thought all were Hondas or GMC, nope. Falsing so far is about same as Max 360 new software update helped a little on Hondas but trip to Oregon this weekend still picking them up but they need to be really close.
Trip to Oregon on Thursday mostly quiet especially in Oregon, creepy did 200 miles no cops and even drove all the way around Mount Hood but nothing! No cops, nothing? Hit 120 once or twice maybe not saying I did but had fun and hope no hidden cameras like they use in Oregon but the locals speed quite a bit.
Now on the way back to WA going N at about 7am just past Vancouver WA got a K band from the rear in and out with nobody behind for about 1 mile just a small pack that was following a pack I was in doing 75. First thought was a false from a car or something but detector didn't quit alerting and it was getting stronger so my spidey sense didn't feel right so I set cruise again to 70. Finally saw a car come through the pack from behind with led lights wasn't sure what it was and I was losing the pack I was in because I cut 5 mph just to be safe. Guess what a WSP dark grey Dodge went full K band at a mile back once his pack cleared and he went into the slow lane and hit the beans and caught me in a couple of seconds with detector screaming K band all the way and it was only set at 60% K band!! Wife was impressed the detector had him about 5 minutes before and we agreed the detector just paid for itself because earlier we were going quite a bit faster!!!
Had one more rear encounter going N at Chehalis WA and picked it up again early with full on K band going into a 70mph zone to 60mph zone so after last encounter set cruise to 60. Guess what another silver dodge WSP doing about 80 from behind hunting for in front speeders, f --- jerks!! Once again wife was watching detector like a Hawk and was amazed how early the R7 was alerting us on K band.
Sorry for long review but Scott You Are Wrong!! In two weeks the R7 probably saved me from a couple of tickets at just a bit over.
Max 360 is really good and I like some of its features but its K band range doesn't come close to the R7, I think its over filtered, K band is still out there guys!
Arrows are a must as I have had several detectors without them but I will never go back to no Arrows.
The R7 switches from front to side to rear faster than the Max 360 but not a deal breaker but so far very impressed with R7!!!
Need more time with the R7 but Max 360 currently has saved me over the last year at least 10 times but one ticket on Lidar that was my fault because I didn't react fast enough as it actually gave me a enough time but I was too busy ignoring it.
Thanks to Vortex but be careful of band segmentation as I had several readings outside of segmentation on both bands and I don't want to go to court to argue these readings. I run wide on all K and KA bands just to be safe and the R7 still has great range.
Lots of K and KA over the last Year so don't believe Scott the lazy cops use RADAR not Lidar!!!
Oh and the County Cops coming at you in the oncoming lanes almost always have their RADAR on!
Good luck and if you don't have a RADAR detector don't go over 5mph over speed limit or you will get a Ticket!!

Coiled Power Cord for Beltronics / Escort / V1 Radar Detectors Review:

I have the Beltronics Rx65. It is about 2 years old. The radar cord from Beltronics broke and I needed a replacement. After ordering a replacement from Beltronics, the replacement cord broke 2 months into its use. The beltronics cord keeps coming apart where the cord meets the peice that connects into my cig lighter port. I ordered this cord after reading reviews on it. This cord seems built better then the replacement cord I got from Beltronics and its half of the price of Beltronics. No, it does not have the mute button like the Beltronics one did but I could care less as long as it works good and doesn't break. This one has done great so far. It works great for my radar detector. Like I said for a cheap cord, this product is built really good. Shipping was crazy fast and I will be back to update my review after my 2 months is up to see if it lasted longer then Beltronics replacement cords. If your looking for a good replacement cord, this is it.

ESCORT MAX360 - Laser Radar Detector, GPS for Fewer False Alerts, Lightning Fast Response, Directional Alerts, Dual Antenna Front and Rear, Bluetooth, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live! Review:

I have owned this unit for a while. Under the old firmware it was very chatty with BSM alerts, then they released the new IVT firmware update(s). These updates did a great job reducing the BSM alerts, however it caused the unit to lock up randomly. However, they released another version to address this lock up and so far so good! The unit does an amazing job filtering false K band BSM alerts which is important these days. The arrows are key to know if the threat is behind or in front of so you can adjust as needed.

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector with Dsp (High-Intensity Red Display) Review:

Don't waste money on anything priced less than this. I have owned numerous radar detectors and have gone cheap a time or two and I was most pleased with the Passport 8500 several years ago, and this model works as well as my older 8500 model. I just returned from a long road trip after having this for almost a month now and it performed perfectly. Several mile advance notice for both K and KA radar. I had a speed trap set up by Fl Hwy Patrol a few weeks ago and I was the lead car going over a bridge in which they were on the other side with a radar gun set up and with no cars in front of me I still received about a 1/4 mile notice and avoided a major trap location. It paid for itself that day and this past trip was all free heads ups. DONT fall from hype from cheaper detectors and stick with Passport/Escort or Valentine and maybe Belltronics. The others just don't deliver like this does. I felt 100% covered at 90 miles per hour and it makes driving longer distances so much less stressful looking for hiding cops. Thanks

Radar Detector with LED Display for Cars, Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System City/Highway Mode 360 Degree Detection Radar Detectors FCC Certificate (LD) Review:

So let me start off by saying that I drive very defensively because so many people don't pay attention or just plain don't know how to drive. Although I really wanted this product to be able to be more aware of surrounding because I recently stated a lawsuit and feel that I'm now a target of harassment, so this is my defense in a sense. I use cruise control, so they'll have to find a reason. Lol Wouldn't put it past them though, they illegally towed my husband's truck and I spent a whole day getting it back. Anyway, the radar detector works great and was easy to set up. I know they are near before I see them, which is funny to me cause I've got an eye for them. I come from a family of cops, so I've got nothing against them, just the corrupt ones.