Best Pull Back Vehicles in 2020

Pull Back Original Dinosaur Cars 4-Pack Dino Cars Toys with Big Tire Wheel for 2-14 Year Old Boys Girls Creative Gifts for Kids Animal Vehicles for Kids Party Favors Review:

 These are cute little items. They are self-propelled once you pull them backwards. The wheels are plastic as is the mechanism that makes it go forward. These will not last forever but at 4 for $10 they are a great fun idea for the young dinosaur lover in your families. My kids had fun playing with them.

CHUCHIK Dinosaurs Pull Back Car Toy. New Model Dinosaur Toys Vehicles for Kids and Toddlers. Dino Cars Monster Trucks are a for Boys and Girls 2 3 4 5 6 Year Old (Red-Green) Review:

I have a 7-year old son with autism who loves cars but it's hard for him to find one that he's comfortable with. I've bought him many but he's very particular and the last ones I've bought him have been busts :(

I saw these which looked cool and weren't too expensive so decided to give them a try. They arrived while he was out of town but I had them ready on his table when he got back. When he saw them he was ecstatic! He immediately got down on the floor and started playing with them. It wasn't long before he figured out that if he pulled them back, they'd go forward on their own. When he learned that, he'd do it and start laughing hysterically which in turn made me laugh!

I am 110% happy with this purchase!

Construction Toys 4 Pack Set with Excavator, Bulldozer, Road Roller, Lift Truck Toys, Friction Powered Push and Go Toy Cars for Toddlers, Kids, 3,4,5,6 Year Old Boy, Girl, Sandbox Trucks Vehicles Review:

My 2 yr old little girl LOVES construction vehicles and I love encouraging her to play with whatever she's interested in. But gosh darn construction toys can be SO EXPENSIVE, unless they're the size of a matchbox. So when I saw these, I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad I did. They're the perfect size; not gargantuan, but not super miniscule. They seem kiiiiiiiind of flimsy, and I thought for sure she'd have broken one by now, BUT through all the falls down the stairs and launches across our living room, they're holding up just fine so far!!

KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back Car, Gift Pack for Kids (Official Car) Review:

My 4 yr old grandson, Hunter received these for his birthday and LOVES THEM! He plays w them on his town carpet. At one point in playing on the floor with him, we both started eyeing one car in particular. He said, "Nanna, sorry, but there's one I've never seen before. I don't like it." I looked at them all & silently hoped it was the one I LOVED. Yep - he gave me the VW Wagon!!! I promised him that I'd keep it safe for him, & when the day comes that he's blessed enough to see one of these classics from my childhood- I will give it back to him.
They are sturdy & very detailed. I like that these aren't your ordinary toy cars.

Construction Vehicles Pull Back Toy Cars Bulldoze Excavator Dump Truck Model Kit for Children Toddlers Kids Mini Engineering Toys Party Favors Cake Decorations Topper Easter Egg Filler Gift 9 Packs Review:

Initially, I purchaseed these trucks to place atop my son's construction themed cake. For that purpose, they worked really well, especially as they are quite small and there is a variety among the types of trucks within the pack.

Owning to the fact that there were quite a few of these trucks within the package, I gave some of them to my son to play with. Overall, he likes them. They wind up and zoom across the room, which is fun for him.

As far as I am concerned, there are only two negative aspects to these little trucks that warranted deducting a star. First, they break easily; the dump truck lost its parts within days of playing with them (not roughly either). Secondly, they don't zoom straight across the room; sometimes, they turn on their own, making it difficult for my son to track visually. He has vision loss, as do I, and we have a tough time with them at times. Kind of irritating when you're trying to keep track of these little things.

Yeonha Toys Pull Back Vehicles, 12 Pack Mini Assorted Construction Vehicles & Race Car Toy, Vehicles Truck Mini Car Toy for Kids Toddlers Boys Child, Pull Back & Go Car Toy Play Set Review:

My 2 year old is obsessed with cars, trucks and monster trucks. I keep a gift closet stocked with birthday party presents, Christmas, easter, treats for the kids etc. I have been looking for something to keep in there for my son that would motivate him to do some basic chores. These are prefect! They are small, so easy for him to hold. They are easy to use, just drag them back and let go. Best of all he LOVES them and I got 12 rewards out of the one set!

I also purchased another set of vehicles that I saw when purchasing these and some models he can build. The other vehicle set is neat because it has some different vehicles which he is excited to earn! When my niece and nephew were over I pulled out the model sets and gave each of them (along with my 2.5 and 5 year old) one to build and they enjoyed it! Best part was it keep them occupied at the table for a while!

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Toysmith Monster Bus, 5" Review:

So I read all the reviews and even ask questions about the tires myself. According to "customer service" the tires do not come off the wheels. As you can see from the picture they do indeed come off. I expected this though and went ahead with the purchase. I'll just have to take all the tires off after he gets the first one off. The size is perfect for little hands and the pull back action makes it fun to play back and forth. It rolls fine without pulling back too and rolls ok on carpets for the most part. The little door swings inward and there is a little lever on the bottom side of the bus to open and close it although the door is kinda "floppy" meaning the door opens and closes just by tilting the bus. The stop sign does NOT swing out. It would have been cute but probably better as I can see parts breaking on this. However. As my son LOVES anything with wheels and we have the 6 inch die casts from places like the grocery store and ace this one seems about the same quality and price wise at under 8. The monster truck aspect I think is gonna make it a little more prone to breakage because it's just A little thin bar that connects the wheels, but for now my kid is in school bus heaven, and this has earned 4 stars because of his excitement and smiles. He is autistic and that counts for a lot. I'll be ordering a backup probably though. It this breaks with the first week I'll update...

Pull Back Cars, Toys for 3 4-5 Year Old Boys Girls, WINONE 12 Pack Kids Toys Vehicles and Racing Cars for Easter Egg Filler,, Party Favors for Kids, Birthday Party Supplies Presents Review:

I bought these for my boy's 2 year old birthday. I wanted them to put on the cake and for him to have them to play with afterwards. I love these cars. They are the perfect size for him. You can pull them back and they go really fast. Some even turn a little loop. They are so cute. Even my older boys 11 and 13 years old played with them. I will probably purchase these again as a gift.

Pull Back Dinosaur Cars, Pawaca 4-Pack Dino Cars Toys with Big Tire Wheel for 3-14 Year Old Boys Girls Creative Gifts for Kids Review:

Purchased these for my 2.5 year old nephew, who is obsessed with dinosaurs and cars. This product was the perfect combo! After reading the reviews, the small size was expected. As a comparison, they are about the same size as the fisher price little people wheelies. They are adorable. My nephew's eyes lit up the moment he got them, and put them to good use immediately. Even my 7 year old thought they were pretty cool. I'd say they were a hit! I definitely would recommend for any dino-lover.