Best Projection Lamps in 2020

Professional Rear Projection TV Lamp with Enclosure, for Mitsubishi 915B441001 / 915B441A01 (Powered by Philips). Review:

The existing lamp had over 6060 hours of use. I believe the owners manual states that this lamp, that came with the TV, has a life span of 4000 to 6000 hours! While the TV was still viewable I did notice that the picture quality had degraded. The colors were not as vivid and the shadows or dark scenes had lost detail. TV, 73837, is over 5 years old.
Purchased this lamp 4 weeks ago and immediately notice better picture quality. Was able to change lamp setting back to "Energy Savings" and use the AV2 setting for picture. This is what my TV is first calibrated at! As far as I can tell this is an OEM bulb. The packaging even included a note about how to verify authenticity!
The only problem I had installing bulb was that one of the screws to secure lamp housing had fallen into hole below housing mounting place. No problem just used screw from old housing. Keeping old bulb just in case!
Bulb comes with a 1 year warranty and I purchased an additional 2 years at a low cost on about $8.00.
Extremely happy with purchase and results!

note: some of the Mitsubishi DLP sets use a different wattage bulb. Better verify what you need.

LOUTOC BL-FU310B Projector Lamp Bulb for OPTOMA EH500 X600 DH1017 DH1014 Lamp Bulb Replacement Review:

Countless bulbs in my 20 yrs of projectors, most of them are good. PRIOR to this one, I had a horrible one (if you want to search my reviews you can see that issue). This one, I was impressed the package was sealed, and when I went to install it, the housing fit perfect. The prior one, the socket with the electrical connections was off a little. This one FIT LIKE A GLOVE, that made me feel very, very good. ZERO hours on the counter so far, colors were bright and vivid at install. IF there are any issues, I'll update this.. or feel free to ask if you have any questions.

EWO'S ELP78 Lamp Bulb for Epson ELPLP78 PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 2000 730HD 725HD 600 VS230 VS330 VS335W EX3220 EX6220 EX7220 EX7230 EX7235 EX5220 V13H010L78 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb Review:

It has been delivered quickly and does brilliant jobs. I am very satisfied with the brightness. At very easy steps to install it,meanwhile that has been down so fast. The films are now again in bright and colored and contrasting images to watch. Definitely an alternative much more greater than the more expensive one I will buy in the local store.
In addition, I must really praise their descriptions,pictures in the pages. Hence were the most important guidance to us to know well with their product. With the true knowing details,purchase the bulb without any hesitation!!!!

EWO'S BL-FP190E/SP.8VH01GC01 Projector Lamp Bulb for Optoma HD141X HD26 GT1080 W316 DH1009 H182X S316 X316 GT1080darbee HD29darbee Lamp Bulb Replacement Review:

Purchased this unit for replacement in my Optoma HD-141X. Previous (manufacturer's) bulb had about 2000 hours on it when it finally decided to start dimming (see photo). Fortunately, I pulled it before the thing exploded.

Unit arrived in typical Chinese postal prep: Box completely obscured of any identifiers (black paper), and wrapped completely in cellophane tape. There was simply a label on the outside that identified the unit.

Unboxed the unit, and appeared to be clean and well prepared. There didn't appear to be any issues.

Since my unit was already mounted, I didn't feel the necessity of having to pull it down - just to change the bulb. Glad I didn't because changing it out was a breeze.

(1) With a Phillips-head screwdriver, loosen the screw (on the top/side of unit) to the cover/plate.
(2) Pull/Slide off cover plate to expose unit inside.
(3) Lift up lever/handle of internal lamp unit.
(4) Loosen self-retaining securing screw (black) found on top of lamp unit.
(5) Gently pull unit out of body of projector - this may require some slight wiggling to remove.
(6) Unplug unit from power source of projector.

Installation of new unit is done in reverse order. Entire process took about 5 minutes.

So far, the quality of the picture appears every bit as good as the original unit. Colors are bright and bold without any signs of flare or visual artifact. Due to the unit being new, I did not pull apart the housing to verify it was the same bulb.

For those who are interested in the original bulb identification, it is an OSRAM P-VIP 190/0.8 E20.8

EWO'S LP88 Replacement Projector Lamp for Elplp88 Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2040 1040 2045 740HD 640 EX3240 EX7240 EX9200 EX5250 EX5240 VS240 VS345 VS340 97H 98H 99WH 955WH X27 Lamp Bulb Replacement Review:

My Epson bulb was changed 1 time prior to buy my second from EWO'S supply. My first replacement was a $119 item. It worked,but noticed the image was sometimes hard to see. The lady that helped me on line to understand what quality was in a bulb. The minute I turned the projector on,after replacing the new bulb,it was an immediate change,noticed in picture quality. Was definitely worth the extra money.
The children and my wife , both comment on how much difference there is after replacing the bulb. We are so happy with this product. The 3D really pops out.

EWO'S W1070 Lamp Bulb for Benq W1070 W1080st HT1075 HT1085st Projector Replacement Lamp Bulb, with Housing Review:

This was the second time the bulb in my BenQ W1080ST had died and I knew that I should replace not just the bulb, but the housing around it this time. After a move cross-country, the projector had been knocked around a bit and the bulb was the main victim.

Although I purchased a refurbished/returned bulb, I received everything I needed packed and cared for well (Cardboard box, Air packing, and bubble wrap). The package was very well taken care of for such a delicate item.

Install was very simple. Simply remove one screw to unseat the lid of the projector, loosen one screw on the bulb housing, and pull it out by the handle. Reverse these steps with the new bulb and you're all set!

The projector is nice and bright, providing an excellent picture once again. I am happy with the color reproduction. It doesn't seem that there are any issues at all. I'll definitely look here again the next time our bulb needs replacing.

XL-2400 - Lamp with Housing for Sony KDF-E50A10, KDF-E42A10, KDF-50E2000, KDF-E50A11E, KDF-55E2000, KDF-46E2000, KDF-E50A12U, KDF-50E2010, KDF-42E2000, KDF-E42A11E, KF-E42A10, KF-E50A10 TV's Review:

I saved $$$400 by purchasing this little guy. If you have compatible model TV and aren't sure if this is what isnwrong w upur tv, 99% bet this is yhe fix. I opened the slide door on side of my TV coinciding w these matching model #s, simply pull3d oit the out projector bulb, put this baby in till I heard/ felt it snap in place, closed side door, and my TV was fixed and am good to go for another 10 years... Im so glad I didn't throw my TV away and waste money on another one, when there was this option..
P.S. I am female who has never fixed any electronic a day in my life and this was made so easy to do and helps both my pocket and my confidence!!! Good job Sony for making TVs that can last way longer than most models today.. thank you a million times!!!!

Generic 915B403001 Mitsubishi WD-60737 TV Lamp Review:

Like someone said, had to take the safety screen off my old one and put on this one, not difficult. Additional reports of a strong burning plastic smell was there too. I turned it off right away, checked it and decided it just needed a burn in period. So I ran it for a bit, turned it off for awhile and did that several times to cycle it. The smell is no longer present unless you get right up next to it.

Also as others stated, it starts out dark, lightens up a little, goes dark then slowly lightens up to normal. Not like the more expensive $175 manufacture ones that seem to be instant, but for the price this will be just fine. Just in case, I ordered a $175 one for when this $20 one goes out. But at least this came to me in 2 days and not 2 weeks.

So far I'm satisfied and will update with how long this lamp lasts. I already replaced this lamp once before for $175 and that lasted 3 years after the original that came in the TV lasted 5 years.

Boryli 915B403001 Replacement Lamp for Mitsubishi WD-60735 WD-60737 WD-73737 WD-60C9 WD-65C9 WD-73735 WD-65735 WD-65737 WD-65837 WD-73C9 WD-73736 915B403001 TV Replacement Lamp Bulb with Housing Review:

Ordered this last week for my 65in DLP; last time I replaced the lamp was in Dec 2012 with this lamp ballast- six years. Same quality as units that cost 2-3X fact it the price is 40% less now- highly recommend. Same day shipping option for Prime for only $8 more...ordered around 7am; delivered before 7pm...takes less than 5 minutes to replace...even bought the 4Y warranty for $2...all in under $45 compared to 25X more for a new 65in that will most likely burn out in 5 years or less...that cannot be repaired for less than $50, same day w/o a technician!