Best Preschool Kitchen Play in 2020

KidKraft 27pc Cookware Set - Pastel Review:

This little set is perfect for imaginative play. And, since it comes from kidcraft, you already expect the best. This product is no exception. The set is colorful, cute, durable, high quality, and is perfect for little hands. Not to mention, they're also to scale. Not only with each other, but the matching kidcraft kitchen as well. We got both this kitchenware set and the matching pastel kitchen for our daughters second birthday. She loves to "cook", so these were perfect. I've never eaten so much pretend food in my life lol. She will stand and play with these for hours. Even by themselves, they're a really great "toy". I put toy in quotation marks because I believe that things like this can really teach a child valuable lessons. Things that they'll have to implement later on in life, like cooking and washing dishes. And, maybe even learn to enjoy it (well, not so much the washing dishes part, because who enjoys that? Haha!). If you get this set, I'd also recommend getting them some play food. There are lots of great brands out there in both plastic and wood that meet several different price ranges and are different quantities. They're perfect for tossing in these little pots, pans and bowls! Overall, this is a wonderful teaching toy that they're sure to enjoy for years to come.

Green Toys Dish Set Review:

I absolutely LOVE Green Toys and this admiration has continued with the addition of this dish set. It's nice to know that it's recycled, can double for play and actual food and everything is the perfect size for my one-year-old.

We use these every meal and often for snacks so my son can learn how to use dishes without the risk of anything being broken or damaged (or anyone getting hurt!). He has responded amazingly well and at only 12-months-old, can be taken to a restaurant and allowed to use adult plates without hurdling them off the tables.

The forks aren't very sharp - which is what most parents would hope for when it comes to young toddlers so we typically substitute a metal one. The spoons are pretty shallow, which is fine for when we feed my son, but not for when he feeds himself. Regardless, it's nice to have safe cutlery to let him practice with.

The teacups are absolutely useless - I agree with other reviewers that tumblers would be more realistic, but they're a small company and I'm sure will figure out an economical way to add another mold in without us griping about prices. My son still gets a kick out of carting them around, nonetheless.

I've recommended this (and the company!) to many friends and haven't had anyone disappointed yet so :)

Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Pretend Play Tea Set (Pretend Play, Food-Safe Material, BPA-Free, Durable Construction, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds) Review:

My 2 year old daughter cannot put this set down. For the last 3 days she has obsessively played with the set. She has to take a nap with one of the cups and has to take some of the set into the bath. It is a gorgeous set and I already love the Melissa and Doug toys (their customer service is phenomenal BTW) and I was drawn to the set over others because the decorations are painted on- essential for my sticker peeling off obsessed child. The set is so much more beautiful than the pictures do it justice. This will be one of the few toys I probably save for life (for my kids' kids :-)) my daughter doesn't really "take care" of her toys yet since she just turned two, but with this set she has to have it all out together and everything in its place- she is definitely taking pride in this toy!

Green Toys Tea Set - BPA Free, Phthalates Free Play Toys for Gross Motor, Fine Skills Development. Kitchen Toys Review:

We have had this set going on 2 years. My girls are now 3 and 5 and we have used it for actual tea more times than can be counted. It still looks brand new. There isn't a mark anywhere on any of it that would show how old it is. We have the teapot with the wide lid and the spout coming from the base. Green toys should update their picture as I believe the picture shown is an older model. The lid on ours stays put, absolutely never falls off while pouring. If it is empty you can turn it upside down and the lid will stay attached. It doesn't leak. The cups are a very nice size for little girls to lay with and drink from. A lot of tea sets have cups so tiny it's ridiculous. These cups are the perfect size in my opinion. Big enough to be able to actually add cream and sugar to your tea, but not so big as to take away the joy little girls will have in refilling their cup a couple times per pot. The cups sit on the plates perfectly. The little spoons are darling. If there is ANYTHING I would change about this set, it would be to remove the little holes in the bottom of the sugar bowl. I have no idea why they put those there. It makes no sense at all. However I stuck a piece of packing tape on the bottom 2 years ago and I haven't had to replace it yet. So it really isn't an issue. We fill the bowl with sugar, we fill the creamer with cream or milk, and we put a tea bag and hot water in the teapot, get out some little cookies, and have a nice time. If I lost this set I would immediately buy another one. I wouldn't even look at anything else.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Steep & Serve Tea Set (Pretend Play, All-Wood Tea Service, Brightly Colored Tags, 12” H x 15” W x 3.5” L) Review:

My daughter has had this tea set for nearly a year now, and it is in excellent condition - colors are vibrant and each piece is fully in tact. Very well made, sturdy (has been thrown across the floor several times), and provides endless hours of entertainment and imagination! This set is made of wood (and string on the tea bags), and is an excellent substitute for those dinky plastic tea sets. The tiny spoons are cute and the tea bags themselves are fun - we've let her put beans/dry pasta/rocks/marbles in the cups and she has so much fun playing pretend. Awesome set, would definitely recommend.

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House! Stir & Serve Cooking Utensils, Dishwasher Safe, Sturdy Stainless Steel and Wooden Construction, 7-Pieces, 8.5" H x 6" W x 3" L Review:

I was really impressed with these little kitchen tools. The seem really sturdy (almost like I could Cook with them). There are a little more pricey than some of the others on Amazon but they are well worth the xtra couple of dollars. I believe these are even stainless steel. Very happy with the quality of Meliss and Dough ( also have their pots & pans for my daughters play kitchen ), and wouldn't hesitate purchasing their toys again for my little one. Really cute to display in her little kitchen and it keeps her away from my whisk and spoons.

Peppa Pig Little Rooms Holiday Deco Playset Review:

This Peppa Pig Christmas set is so cute and festive! It arrived safely, in the box which I've included a picture of. All of the pieces were included, and each one was wrapped separately in a little plastic bag. There was a difference in the color and designs of each of the little Christmas gifts that I received, as compared to those that are originally shown in the product photos. I've also included pictures of all of the pieces that mine came with. This was my only disappointment, since the original presents that are shown in the product listing are more "Christmasy", than the ones that I received in my set. Nevertheless, everything is detailed so nicely, and well made. What's not to love about it? The little fireplace includes a switch on the back, and when turned on, it emits a really nice reddish/orange glow, that immitates a fire. For the price, this is wonderful. I plan on using it all as a birthday cake topper for my little girl's December birthday. Thank you!

Tea Party Gift Set- Includes Book, Tea Set, Hat, and Purse. Perfect Pretend Play for Toddlers and Little Girls Age 2 3 4 5 6 7 Years- My First Tea Party! Review:

Love the book but my granddaughter loves the hat and purse as well as the tea set. She and her grandfather dress and have high tea with the set daily. I’m about to order a second one for my other granddaughter. Suggestion different color hats and purses and put a clasp on the purse that will hold the tea pot and cups because they fit nicely in it. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Lucy Locket Woodland Animals Kids Tin Tea Set & Carry Case (14 Piece Tea Set for Kids) Review:

This is a wonderful toddler's tea set! For $21, it has excellent quality and superb attention to detail. There are 4 small plates, 4 even smaller tea saucers, 4 little teacups, 1 teapot and a tray to carry them all on. Everything is made of tin, so it's durable and will withstand falls and toddlers' hands. The colors and animals are great; vibrant and eye-catching. The carry case is made of hard construction board, so it's quite nice. The metal latch works well and the plastic handle seems strong. Kids could use this box to carry lots of different things inside; I see this case lasting a while, which is nice considering it's not made of tin.

The plates can hold a cookie; the teacups can hold about 2oz. of liquid. The cup handles are just big enough where a toddler can easily pick it up with fingers, but not really put a whole finger through that area. The teapot itself can hold about 4-5 teacups worth of liquid, so 8-10oz. The lid comes off, which seems necessary when you're pouring the tea as the inside pressure sorta creates a vacuum and doesn't allow the tea to flow easily. You can use hot or cold liquids, too. This is a wonderful teaching tool!

Our 2.5 yr. son received this tea set as he likes having tea parties. We were very impressed with this set, as it's very appropriate for a boy (colors and theme) and makes family time that much more fun. If you have a toddler (boy or girl) who enjoy tea time and you (as a parent) want something durable and usable, then I'd really recommend this set!

Play Pots and Pans Toys for Kids - Kitchen Playset Pretend Cookware Mini Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils Development Toys for Toddlers & Children Ages 3 Years and up Review:

I gave this pots & pan set, utenisils and potholder to my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it!! There is enough included in the set to utilize her play kitchen. The set is extremely durable, and having the bag to store all helps keep her play area organized and tidy. She just LOVES being a little cook. I would buy this again, and recommend anyone to do so also. Everything about it, price included is well worth it.