Best Powersports Tool Sets in 2022

Last update: December 23, 2022

Motion Pro 08-0127 Heavy Duty Spring Hook Review:

I wanted a tool that could stretch the thick spring connecting my riding mower's mowing deck to it. Vice-grips were simply not effective. Other spring hooks on Amazon didn't seem to be up to the task, however I could be mistaken as my judgment was solely based on images. The weld at the handle was my only worry with this one (again, based on the picture), since I was unsure whether it would withstand my weight. After getting the product, I was relieved to discover that the 10-inch shaft is really welded at TWO spots in the handle—first at the point shown in the picture and then at another location on the handle's other side that is NOT shown in the picture. The hollow, cylindrical shaft completely encircles the handle. I'll try to include a photo of my own to demonstrate the second weld. Any worries about the hook losing its shape or the welds failing after using it for its intended purpose have vanished. It also proved to be helpful for removing cotter pins that were difficult to access. No matter how big or small the endeavor, this will be helpful.10 inch reach for difficult-to-reach areas. I mostly only saw shorter people.When pulling hard, a cylindrical grip is easy on the fingertips.Handle texture improves grip.Strong enough hook and handle to support my whole weight being thrown into it (disclaimer: perhaps not everyone's weight!).Seems like it was built well.Cons: This spring hook may cost more than others, but it should last a lifetime.

PP3078 Tool UTV Primary Drive Clutch Puller for Many Polaris Models 1985-2016 – Replaces OEM 2870506 – Made of Heat-Treated Quality Steel Review:

Good quality and affordable price. Using this to remove the drive cluth from my 2003 Polaris Trailblazer 400 was hassle-free. I cleaned the clutch's internal threads. The tool's threads were lubricated by applying a small amount of grease to the tool's end. I then threaded the tool in slowly with my fingertips until it bottomed out. I tried to remove the clutch using a wrench on the tool but was unsuccessful so I did as a mechanic advised and used an impact wrench. The clutch immediately fell off after a few trigger pulls at a torque of roughly half.

Carburetors Carbon Dirt Jet Remove Cleaner, FineGood 13 Cleaning Wires Set + 10 Cleaning Needles + 5 Nylon Brushes Tool Kit for Motorcycle ATV Moped Welder Carb Review:

Since there were no reviews and I believed I required both the brushes and the wire set, I was a little hesitant to buy this set. I swear it had gas in the bowls from when Jesus rode the bike through the desert when I was repairing a set of carbs on a 1981 Virago 750. I wasn't sure I would make any progress because it was so filthy and gunked up. I was able to use the brushes in this set to pursue through the emulsion tube and other jets and tubes, and the brushes never bent or broke. The carbs came out immaculate in the end because I took care to swirl the brush as I was putting it through to prevent the bristles from getting snagged.I didn't actually use the set of "braided" wires that came with the brushes because they were all too big for the narrow openings of motorbike carburetors. However, the folding case wire set was quite useful! All of the wires in the set are solid wires with a small amount of "ridging" carved into them near the wire's end; this proved useful for clearing out 37 years' worth of gunk. These became very useful to me as well; they are useful for chasing through jets and air jets, among other things.

UTV Primary Drive Clutch Puller Tool for Most Polaris Models 1985-2016 OE# 2870506 PP3078 15-878 30260 Durable Heat-Treated Quality Steel Clutch Remover Review:

I had my reservations that this would be another soft metal Chinese imitation that failed, yet it succeeded. It was a little difficult to pull the clutch on a 2000 Polaris Trail Boss, but the tool performed as promised. The reinstallation will be easier the next time I need to remove the clutch because I used anti-seize compound.

Zipper Rescue Zipper Repair Kits – The Original Zipper Repair Kit, Made in America Since 1993 (Moto) Review:

With Zipper Rescue, I experienced some of the most exceptional customer service I've ever encountered. For such a cheap device that helped me save a ton of money and time, I am still in awe with the amount of assistance that was given and how quickly. Since the grass catcher bag for my lawn mower is no longer manufactured, I really wanted to repair the zipper on the previous one but I don't know much about zippers. After conducting a web search, I discovered this product on Amazon and placed an order. I was unaware that nylon requires a different kind of zipper slider than other sorts of zippers, but the small kit came with some decent instructions, and their website also has some how-to videos. I first struggled to make it work, so I sent an email through the website about 9:00 pm in the hopes of receiving some feedback or recommendations. That evening, the business's owner really replied to my email. I sent a picture, he responded through email later that evening, I measured the number of teeth in an inch, and very quickly he helped me determine exactly what I needed to get that evening. It was successful, my bag is fixed, grass is no longer getting into my pool, and there is no need to buy a brand-new mower only to have a functioning grass bag.

KiWAV Cable Lube Luber Lubricator Lubricant tool for Motorcycle Scooter Bike Review:

Functions as promised. I had no problems lubricating the speedO and clutch cables. The diameters of these wires varied greatly. When you apply pressure, there will inevitably be some leaking, but I was astonished by how little it did. I conducted some research and decided on this one based on price. Some unfavorable comments about Cable pressure lubers in general gave me pause. I was worried because I had never used one before. My worry turned out to be unfounded. If anyone finds that information useful, my application was a 2003 Honda Shadow VLX CD. I can see how this may function on nearly any wire, though. Just read the other reviews and be aware that in order to get the lube where you want it, you must get the small red tube from the lube can through the sealing grommet on the outside and then also through the inside rubber sheath. To put it another way, make sure you fully insert it and push it in until you reach the cord inside. If not, you will either receive spray in return or nothing will happen at all.