Best Powersports Neck Protection in 2022

Last update: November 28, 2022

Scoyco N02B Motorcycle Neck Brace Support Review:

This neck brace is a good piece of safety gear for the price. I borrowed a friend's and like using it, so I bought one for myself.A crucial piece of motorcycle safety gear that is often overlooked is neck protection. It will lessen the risk of a collarbone or neck break. The helmet frequently drives the wearer's torso to one side upon impact, breaking the collar bone. Someone I worked with crashed an ATV into a stone wall at 60 mph while driving under the influence of alcohol and without a helmet or other safety equipment. 15 years later, he's still using a wheelchair. Never take a risk; invest in and use safety gear.Never use a key to start a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. When you spend the rest of your days in a wheelchair or with brain damage and are unable to tell up from down, everyone will soon forget about you. So what if they label you a "Sissy"? Graveyards are crowded with irresponsible motorcycle drivers who disregard the need for protective clothing. Lightning strikes may be harmful. Consider safety!

eing Fashion Cute Car Steering Wheel Cover with Diamond Pearl Flower,Idea for Girls Women Ladies,Universal Size & Fit for Four Season - Black&White Flower Review:

I really like the steering wheel cover, but mine is missing the rose. Some people suggested that I not use the rose since it was in the way, but I wish I had it so I could choose for myself. My missing rose was brought to me to place on my steering wheel cove, and in exchange, the company offered me a free air freshener holder. Now that I have the steering wheel cover, armrest cover, phone storage box, and air freshener holder in the colors black and pink, I'm thrilled with how well the accessories match my brand-new CRV.

EVS Sports 112046-0109 R2 Race Collar (Black, Adult) Review:

Exactly what I want it to. It shields my neck and blends it well with my clothing. The idea that it would just be a piece of fabric with some cheap foam inside and a logo on top worried me the most. The foam is quite durable and just slightly deforms when a fair amount of effort is given (even my strongest squeeze, and I'm no tiny guy), does not greatly deform it. I have confidence that this brace will considerably reduce neck injuries in an accident. Additionally, it does not restrict head movement, and I frequently forget to wear it when I'm riding. On occasion, I have to touch it to make sure it hasn't flown away (on an unrelated note make sure you buckle it closed every time because once I forgot and only used the velcro part in the middle and did a hand check while I was driving 70mph down the freeway to find it was only hanging on to my neck because one of the hooked sides of it where it splits in the front managed to stay around my neck).

EVS RC2 Youth Race Collar Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor - Black/One Size Review:

Amazing product for my children. They struggle because holding up their helmets while riding causes your necks to grow sore. Used these during the course of the last weekend and they never once complained about having sore necks. They really request to wear them, which in my opinion says a lot. I would without a doubt advise others to utilize for their children.

EVS Sports WB01 Wrist Brace (Adult) Review:

A few years ago, I struck a little pothole while driving very slowly on some slick rock and not paying attention (searching for a trail opening). I jumped over the bars, breaking the fall with my outstretched hands (duh, I sustained a severe wrist sprain. I spent several days being forced off my bike by it. (It takes a lot of effort to ride a bike every day!) Finally felt well enough to mount again. The wrist was weak to the point that repeated injuries could be caused with little effort. So, after searching for any sort of wrist protector, I purchased these. They were successful! gave my wrist the necessary support to allow it to heal, albeit I still have some trouble with it due to the BAD sprain! When you initially put them on and tighten them down, they seem uncomfortable and somewhat constricting, but once you start hiking, you forget about them. Now, like my helmet, I almost never ride without them! I once lost a pair and left them on my bumper; that night, I ordered another set. I frequently overextend my capabilities and fail, but my wrist hasn't hurt since. (I am 60 years old.) Therefore, they are highly recommended as a tool for maintaining momentum!

EVS Sports R4 Race Collar (Black, Youth) Review:

reasonably priced and appears to work. This was purchased for my 9-year-old, who frequently rides MX tracks. No discomfort or movement restrictions are mentioned by my son. The invention appears to have a strong design that would lessen the likelihood that the user would suffer a collarbone fracture or a neck or spine injury. Its poor positional stability is the only reason I didn't give it five stars. The R4 Race Collar may glide up and back over time, allowing the front to move closer to the throat, and the strap system it comes with functions something like a loose bra. We use this collar in conjunction with a Fox Chest Protector, and I've made the decision to develop a more durable and reliable installation method. The collar would be kept from riding up by something like two straps at the front pulling down and snapping onto the abdomen region of his chest protector.Once more, my son doesn't complain, but every time he enters for a break, I find myself lowering myself at the front.

EVS RC3 Youth Race Collar MX/Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor - Black/One Size Review:

Before purchasing this, I noticed some unclear reviews, so I though I'd clear things up for potential buyers. This neck guard is being worn by my five-year-old. He stands 41" tall, weighs 36 lbs., and wears size 4t clothing. He is a small man. He is a fantastic fit for the youth size. He has range of motion and can move his head without the neck brace getting in the way while donning a youth medium helmet. Would strongly advise.